⛄ Tyrone = Optics Cuck ⛄

⛄ Tyrone = Optics Cuck ⛄

The White Genocide Party.

The White Genocide Party.

We all the same and equal” – Trichinella Johnson, spokes-“person” for Moms Demand Action Against Whiteness.

2015 – Donald Trump is Hitler
2016 – Donald Trump is President
2017 – Donald Trump is Playing 3D Chess
2018 – Donald Trump is a Cuck
2019 – Donald Trump has never existed it’s all in your imagination influenced by the Illuminati racist u need to EXPAND URMIND N SHIEET
2020 – Tyrone Trump is President

A while back there was a “pyramid of fash” of sorts which attempted to classify levels of “wokeness”. At the bottom-most level you had something like “basic bitch dems r real racist” and at the top you had “shitlord”.

Very gay, very autist. I approve of both gayness and homosexuality .

Something along these lines:

Tier 0 – Tyrone Trump
Tier 1 – Fourth Reich
Tier 2 – White Nationalist
Tier 3 – Race realist “normie”
Tier 4 – Civicuck Nat
Tier 5 – Muh Western Civilization (built by Africans)
Tier 6 – (((Breitbart))) audience
Tier 7 – Hannity/Dems R Real Racist

This pyramid of fash is interesting in that it’s both pervasive of the Alt-Right movement, like an unconscious blueprint, and simultaneously revealing of the issues that plague it most.

For instance – in addition to the borders between some categories being somewhat porous – not all distinctions are important.

Politically and culturally, the we can simplify this eight level pyramid into two groups: cucks (tiers 7 to 4) and realists (3 to 0).

White is Racist.

White is Racist.

One of the common complaints against the Alt-Right, one that I’m far from the only one in formulating, is that it engages in intellectual masturbation.

Variation A of WN is wrong, the truth is with B. Belief C is inherently cucked, you need to accept (the) D in your life. Just read any Alt-Right publication and you’ll come across that line of thought.

In relation to the pyramid of fash, these seemingly counterproductive behaviors can be explained by the leaders of various factions attempting to proselytize their audience. But their audience isn’t, usually, from the base of the pyramid. Rather, they are attempting to turn a tier 3 into a tier 2, or a tier 2 into a tier 1.

That line of thinking leads to a severe misallocation of resources, as not only does the audience get smaller as you move up the pyramid (surface of a triangle, 2nd grade geometrics), it also diminishes the efforts to proselytize to the much larger base of the pyramid. “Normies”. The people that matter due to their mass.

Fuck racism.

Fuck racism.

Tiers 3 to 0 are basically the same when it comes to culture and politics. They vote the same and have the same talking points, with different levels of “edge” and abrasiveness.

Same with tiers 7 to 4.

It would be best if the “movement” stopped trying to hierarchize its adherents via meaningless distinctions and instead adopt a much simpler dichotomy: cucks and realists.

Deny race? You’re a cuck.

That you literally masturbate to your daughter’s sex tape with refugees is implied, but it’s also not important.

Likewise, that some racist faggot denies the truth of Xenu getting blowjobs from active volcanos – while it does hint at severe homosexuality – is irrelevant.

In the words of Trichinella Johnson, “we all the same and EQUAL“.

Dicks out.

🍹 Dead People are Racist 🍹

🍹 Dead People are Racist 🍹

Dead racists are people.

Dead racists are people.

One day there was a nigger who was born on a Sunday so he went to Walmart to buy Dora the Explorer the complete 1488 DVDs collector edition director’s cut showing the voice actors frantically masturbating on the tits of a dead beaner cunt on heroin withdrawal while touching each other’s dicks like flamboyant homosexuals. The nigger thought it was stupid so he went to KFC and shot himself in the dick and became first lady.

The end.

Tyrone’s Law #1: Most people are stupid people.
Tyrone’s Law #2: Stupid people say stupid shiet.
Tyrone’s Law #3: As the volume of shiet increases, so does the probability of encountering stupid shiet.
Tyrone’s Law #4: Michelle Obama is a tranny. Hawt 💗
Tyrone’s Law #5: I hate Asians.

White Feminism.

White Feminism.

The ‘Alt-Right’ likes to write shiet. And not just write shiet like y’all do when you write an appeal to the DA when you inevitably contravene your gf sister’s restrainer order, they write shiet like their goal is to break your fingers from scrolling through their shiet. And how can you finger your gf sister without fingers???? You can’t, fuckers, and now you ruined even incest because of your big mouths and inability to organize and articulate your thoughts in a coherent manner – WHY CAN’T YOU BE SHORT AND OVER QUICKLY LIKE TYRONE????

Likewise, anti-Whites circumvent their inherent stupidity by being short to the point of everything coming out of their mouths / keyboards resembling slogans for the very multinational corporations for which they involuntarily become the useful idiots.

As per Tyrone’s third law of shiet, as the volume of shiet they produce increases so does the difficulty in maintaining the illusion of a functional neo-cortex.

Thus, to succeed at anything in life, you must be like the Tyrone. Short, half-flaccid and over before they can realize what’s happening and before dad can find the shotgun amidst his collection of homosexual pornography featuring Paul Ryan.

Why are you so scared of your short dick? Embrace it. 6-year-olds don’t have a frame of reference anyway.

Practical Applications

YOLO n sheeit.

YOLO n sheeit.

‘Anti-racism’ is anti-White, but pretends not to be.

The more shiet ‘anti-racists’ say, the more likely for the true nature of anti-racism to be revealed. At the very least, the more shiet they say the more ammunition they give the opposition. That’s the dual-edge of deception.

Tyrone’s Law #6: When answering the talking points of the Multikult, force it to expand beyond implicit anti-Whiteness.

The goal here isn’t so much to ‘debunk’ the theories. The format of heavily-repeated talking points renders them difficult to refute without going into long diatribes which will inevitably put the would-be refuter in the defensive position (gay).

Instead, use Tyrone’s phallic to turn the tables of the anti-White narrative. Phallic = phrasal + magic btw, I don’t know why the readership of this blog is so obsessed with muhdik.

Examples for slow people (which itself is antithetical to Fourth Reich sexuality, let it be known).

Example #1 – “Murkan Values/Traditions”

Anti-Whites:Immigration is who we are! Being against immigration is incompatible with our American values and traditions!“.

Cuckboi:We are a nation of laws, and those that break our laws… it’s not okay, okay? It’s like someone breaks into Starbucks, like, oh my god… it’s illegal you know? That’s why we should oppose illegal immigration. Even some legal immigrants like my husbands and the people that fuck my daughters agree“.

Fourth Reich adept:Didn’t we rule that our traditions and values were racist and obsolete when we [gay marriage/gun rights/abortion/world police/Iraq/Barack Obama/ended slavery]? Why you trying to drag us back to a time of hate and bigotry?“.

Example #2 – “The Poor”

Anti-Whites:Mitt Romney racist rich dude that hates the poor and immigrants. Fucking nazi only likes white CEOs and corporations“.

Cuckboi:Tax cuts benefit everyone, including the immigrants that fuck my daughters after church. Do you know what we pay in condom taxes? It’s very hard to afford protecting my daughters from the inherent risks of gang bangs with minority gentlemen, who often cannot afford condoms themselves because of socialism and Obamacare, and – OH MY GOD I DID A RACISM, I’M SO SORRY PAUL RYAN PLEASE DON’T DISAVOW ME LIKE DAVID DUKE“.

Fourth Reich adept with High IQ:Why do anti-Whites pretend to care about the poor when they support immigration?“.

Example #3 – “Slavery”

Anti-Whites:White people enslaved Africans. And don’t give me that crap about ‘it happened a long time ago’ because African-Americans are still suffering the consequences of this white supremacist society today“.

Cuckboi:It was the DEMOCRATS that enslaved African-Americans. All the more reasons for minorities to escape the Democratic plantation and come fuck my daughters like Doctor Reverend Martin Luther King envisioned“.

Fourth Reich adept with Huge Dick and High IQ:If White are liable for the behavior of their ancestors, then so are Blacks. How many Whites were killed during slave riots and the civil war?“.

Example #4 – “White Privilege”

Anti-Whites:White people benefit from undeserved privilege in this racist and white supremacist society!“.

Cuckboi:What about Asian-Americans, the model minorities? Certainly they are not without flaws, as they don’t fuck my daughters with as much ‘vigor’ as other, more virile ethnic groups, but they achieve as much if not more than whites in academics and professional fields, and for that we anti-racist conservatives should be PROUD“.

Fourth Reich adept with Huge Dick, High IQ, a harem of underage… basically Tyrone:White privilege comes with White responsibility, the type of responsibility ‘minorities’ have repeatedly shown they don’t possess each time they [violent crime/riot/obamaphone/welfare]“.

Invert the cause -> effect relation of the victim narrative.

In each case you don’t really refute the points (yet), you just force the fags & cucks to over-explain their positions.

It makes the anti-racist = anti-White relation much clearer, and therefore much simpler to expose.

Dick Cheney out.

🕐 Depacification #1: Principles 🕐

🕐 Depacification #1: Principles 🕐

Tyrone J. Trump, your God.

Tyrone J. Trump.

Niggas always asking me to expand on the concept of Multikult vs Subkult that I introduce previously, so here goes.

A four-part series on Tyrone’s Depacification Doctrine, starting with core principles.

The concept of Depacification can be explained as a three-step solution to the Multikult’s infestation of public consciousness.

1. Attack a Subkult (subculture) through the lens of multiculturalism/tolerance/diversity (= anti-Whiteness).
2. Provide the attacked with a pro-White verbal framework.
3. Insure that the pro-White framework is used in lieu of typical rebuttal to the points made by the accuser.

The goal is to have the members of the selected Subkult:

1. Turn on the Multikult through feeling attacked by it – achieved by (1).
2. Use the language of the Fourth Reich – achieved by (2).
3. Become conditioned to view the Multikult vs Subkult conflict, and all subsequent “anti-racism”, through a racial prism – achieved by (3).

There’s going to be a core set of principles in any Depacification campaign.

Since this series is about vulgarization, everything will be streamlined into the most condensed and accessible form possible.

We making dis shiet formulaic to the extreme nigga, we the McDonald’s of intellectual subversion.

Depacification Principles

As you might have noticed, these types of campaigns work best while controlling both (elements from) the attacking and defending parties. We’ll call the former “niggaz” and the latter “fams”.

Tyrone Trump, rule 63.

Tyrone Trump, rule 63.

Niggaz be like:

1. Identify a Subkult
2. Create a trigger
3. Attack via Multikult
4. Make Whiteness the focus
5. Downplay common rebuttals
6. Declare all Subkult guilty
7. Build anti-White rhetoric
8. Establish link with radicalism
9. Introduce the allegation of malice/intent
10. Follow with the accusation of hypocrisy
11. Personalize the attack

Fams be like:

1. Dramatize the scope of attacks
2. Mock the accusations
3. Typecast the accuser
4. Highlight anti-Whiteness
5. Counter-establish link with radicalism
6. Introduce JQ
7. Frame as attack against Whites
8. Anti-racist = Anti-White

Depacification Demonstration

Let’s use the case of #Metalgate to demonstrate the principles of Depacification.

First on the Niggaz side.

❗ Niggaz’ Offensive ❗

The best example I could find is also the one I used on the Multikult vs Subkult post. Not being very original in my research but it still demonstrates almost every principle.

Here’s the original: http://www.metalious.com/emperor/in-the-nightside-eclipse/racist.

1. Identify a Subkult

Pretty easy, as this was provided by anti-Whites themselves. Another example of the Fash being helped rather than hindered by anti-White hysteria.

Heavy metal music and the “metal community” were thus chosen a target of the Multikult’s wrath.

Anything too White is a prime target for Depacification.

2. Create a trigger

This is important as it gives both credibility to the offensive and the counter-offensive, where it could otherwise be dismissed as mere hysteria.

The trigger in this case are various racially intolerant comments made by some bands, and a few band names (“Zyklon-B”, etc). Doesn’t have to be very elaborate, as almost anything can justify being attacked as “racist”.

3. Attack via Multikult

The thesis is that the Subkult is guilty of wrong-think.

In our case, “metalheads” are guilty of racism, nazism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, and worst of all “anti-semitism”.

If you consider Multikulturalism as a coalition of various subcultures, it’s akin to saying SubKult #671 is revoked from being “on the right side of history” (= part of the coalition) because wrong-think (= because racism = because White).

That’s the rationale behind saying “X has a Nazi/Racism/Bigot Problem that Needs to be Addressed”.

4. Make Whiteness the focus

At the end of the day, the goal of the offensive is to say “X is irredeemably bad because racist because White”.

But first, niggaz must blur the line between the Whiteness and the trigger (why the Subkult is attacked) so that the defendants have to simultaneously deal with the “legitimate” charges of “hate” and the more fanatical White = Racist leitmotiv.

This can be done in a number of ways, the most basic being the one used in our example – only its done in reverse order.

The author starts by attacking Whites as such “just look at who shows up to attend black metal concerts: all racist white males” and blends that accusation with the more alarming murder of a fag.

Depacification is, in many ways, just the interplay between anecdotal events and ethnic hate against White people.

Members of the Subkult get confused and don’t know how to defend against both simultaneous attacks.

5. Downplay common rebuttals

In the original Multikult vs Subkult post, I identify five categories of responses, one of which being “we’re not racist”/”Dems r REAL racists”, subsequently labelled D. Either for Dickless or because the others are A, B, C and E.

What needs to be avoided at all cost is: “sure, X has a problem with racism/nazism/bigotry, but it’s just like everything else, and it’s unfair to label the whole community for the actions of a few“.

Not only does it deflect the accusations, it also reinforces the Multikult narrative.

Anticipating this type of answer, as well as other factual rebuttals, is primordial.

One way to do it is to label any factual and/or logical response as an attempt to “minimize” hate/racism/nazism, and go on with Holocaust hysteria. Cucks are conditions to STFU during Holocaust hysteria so use that to your advantage.

In our example, the author mocks the “a few bad apples” trope and even accuses those promoting it of being crypto-nazis themselves. Why else would they minimize racism?

6. Declare all Subkult guilty

The trigger introduces a specific event that serves as a moral justification for the offensive, but alone it won’t do much unless it’s the entire Subkult that gets dragged into the conflict.

“Star Wars is racist” vs “Star Wars and its fans are racist”.

In our example, “as I’ve proven time and time again that all black metal bands are racist” subtly does the job. The point is reiterated at the end of the review.

7. Build anti-White rhetoric

Now that the confusion is at its climax around whether the attacks are against the cause of the trigger, the Subkult itself or White people in general, it’s time to hammer the anti-White rhetoric.

At its core, it boils down to White = racist and racist = White.

The rest is just adornment.

8. Establish link with radicalism

If something is White, it is racist. And if it’s racist, it’s also nazi, skinhead, and probably engaged in paramilitary terrorism like they show in Hollywood.

Dylann Roof may not have been influenced by Taylor Swift’s music, but he could have been.

Mostly for sensationalism, but it also serves a more insidious and subversive purpose.

The reason for these exaggerations is to demonstrate to the Subkult that to play the Multikult’s game while being White is to live with a sword of Damocles above one’s head.

No matter how much you adhere to its values, if you’re White you’re still only one step away from the “radical extremist nazis”.

9. Introduce the allegation of malice/intent

Not only are the members of the Subkult part of a racist community (in addition to being racist themselves), they are also engaged in a conspiracy to hide that nauseating racism from public scrutiny.

As Tyrone Rubio said, “they know exactly what they are doing”.

It’s not that Taylor Swift is a racist while her fans are dupes. Her fans know exactly what kind of 1488 monster she is, that’s why they like her.

Case in point, “The evidence proving the racism, fascism and anti-semitism of these bands is so obvious that the only possible reason for metal fans to overlook them is not ignorance but intentional malice“.

10. Follow with the accusation of hypocrisy

Always accuse the opponent of what you are doing.

Doing so moves the accusation away from “X is racist” towards “those who deny X is racist aren’t mistaken, they are hypocrites“.

This is important because it preemptively attacks those who would seek to deny the facts related to the trigger, and forces them to confront the less factual ones dealing with Whiteness.

It’s near impossible to claim “X didn’t say/mean/imply Y” without fulfilling the hypocritical fan stereotype.

11. Personalize the attack

The nail in the coffin, and mostly a technique to force the target away from rational thought and into tribal reaction.

Also implies the notion that only those who are Y would ever consent to being part of community X. There’s no other explanation that doesn’t reek of hypocrisy.

You listen to Emperor? That means YOU, personally, are a racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist white supremacist“.

❗ Fams’ Defense ❗

The comments on the review posted above are pretty good, but the simplest and most concise example would be the following: https://newblackmetal.wordpress.com/2018/10/06/who-hates-black-metal/.

1. Dramatize the scope of attacks

A lot of people react in a tribal fashion when their subculture is attacked, but some don’t. Usually those not seriously involved with said subculture.

Dramatizing the scope and extent of the attacks against the Subkult is a way to widen the net even further, for those who managed to evade being hooked on the first harvest.

In the example, they were labelled “attacks against the entire metal genre” and linked to prior “terrorist acts at black metal concerts”.

2. Mock the accusations

The goal of the “defense” is obviously not to defend anything, but to manipulate the audience into using Fourth Reich language (White, anti-White, White Genocide, etc).

With that stated, it would appear suspicious for a response not to address any of the points made by the accusation.

Which is why it’s a good practice to start by mocking the attacks, implying they – and by extend, any accusation of “racism” – are unworthy of answer.

3. Typecast the accuser

To make the attack/response dynamic relevant not just to specific subcultures but to the larger White Genocide project, the accuser must be cast as a proponent of said genocide.

See the second paragraph.

4. Highlight anti-Whiteness

“They hate White people”, etc.

Bring the anti-Whiteness to consciousness.

5. Counter-establish link with radicalism

who literally advocates for the genocide of Palestinians, as well as the murder of ‘nazi’ black metal musicians“.

6. Introduce JQ

Self-explanatory, “a certain site run by two jews, including one openly zionist and anti-White specimen“.

7. Frame as attack against Whites

Reaffirm the attacks are directed towards Whites, as Whites, and not just against the Subkult or members thereof.

8. Anti-racist = Anti-White

The conclusion, which explains the attacks against the Subkult in context of anti-White politics.

As always, dicks out.

🎃 Tyrone’s Depacification 🎃

🎃 Tyrone’s Depacification 🎃

The White Genocide Party.

The White Genocide Party.

Y’all too obsessed with converting people to the Fash, forgetting the immortal words of Tyrone Woods “I hope they learn some things that will help their golf game grow“. That’s the most important message anyone can give to the Alt-Right, because honestly they suck at golf and that’s an embarrassment to the Fash itself.

The Democratic party is actively anti-White. Approximately 50% of the US population – including about 30% of Whites – vote Democrat. It doesn’t follow that 50% of the US population is actively anti-White.

They aren’t actively anti-White but they use the verbal framework of those who are, making them de facto anti-Whites.

That’s an important concept because the Alt-Right is too obsessed with converting “normies” to join their cult, and not nearly obsessed enough with turning them into our bitches useful idiots.

Read about controlling the language here.

So how is that realized?

Russia is racist.

Russia is racist.

Through Tyrone’s depacification.

“Normies” aren’t really pro-Multikult as much as they are pacified by modern society, we need to return to feudalism so we can have sex with trannies and farm animals, deus vulva, etc… other people have written more extensively about these subjects and how they relate to the Fash.

But they come to the wrong conclusions insofar as they refuse to play the hand they’re dealt, opting instead for a phantasmagorical return of monarchy/Hitler/Jesus/the Black-Eyed Peas.

Here’s my alternative.

Tyrone’s Depacification: attacking whatever makes “normies” pacified to the Multikult through the lens of the Multikult itself.

Credit where credit is due, #Gaymergate showed the way well before I even started blogging.

In theory, having an entire subculture built around “gaming” – a consumerist lifestyle, the ultimate capitulation to capitalo/individualist values – is great for the Multikult. But its adherents overextended themselves and started attacking gamers because “racism” and thus alienating them from the larger Multikult coalition.

The model can be repeated ad infinitum, use the Multikult’s own values to attack various Subkults (subcultures) to turn them into useful idiots. See the guide to Subkulturalism, probably the only worthwhile post I ever wrote for this blog.

The Failure of #Gaymergate

A few points worth repeating.

#Gaymergate never gained any traction because they failed to apply the Tyrone Doctrine.

1. They didn’t paint their opponents as radical extremists, merely “social justice warriors” – as opposed to anti-Whites.
2. They didn’t define themselves as something larger than the opposition, merely as “gamers” – as opposed to, you know, “White”.
3. They didn’t follow the A/B/C/E reaction that I detailed in the Subkult guide. In fact, they focused on the painfully ineffective D response which is the one that is intentionally omitted from the debate as it’s counterproductive.

These three errors come from lack of proper verbal framework, which is why the Tyrone has to step in to guide y’all fashy infidel peons to the light of Muhammad Tyrone Christ Buddha-Light.

The Success of #Metalgate

A more successful example would be the one I used on the Subkulturalism guide, where various metal bands were – and still are – attacked by jews/the Multikult as “racist”.

The similarities between the “anti-racist” metal hysteria and that of #Gaymergate, which happened a few years before these bands started being attacked by the usual/same suspects, has led to the emergence of the name #Metalgate, courtesy I believe of the Death Metal Underground site.

Where #Metalgate differs from #Gaymergate is that they were, in fact, quite successful in alienating “normies” from the Multikult, in ways #Gaymergate never was, not to mention with much less resources, media exposure and manpower.

Thermopylae vs anti-Wei campaigns of the Three Kingdoms.

#Metalgate did in fact apply some – not all – elements of the Tyrone Doctrine.

1. They immediately counter-attacked, and not just against the accusation but against those formulating it – counter accusing them of hate (not some abstract “social justice” ideology). Some kamikazes even broke the taboo and used the term “anti-White”.
2. A few were content with playing defense and being “metalheads”, but many define themselves and the target of the Multikult’s attacks as White. See this post where the author even uses the “implicitly White” concept – taken, I believe, from über-Führer Kevin MacDonald himself.
3. Some went even further and added a dimension of hypocrisy by questioning the double-standard between anti-White hysteria and the absolute silence of these “anti-racists” over the Palestinian genocide. See this post for a good sniping at zionism. Blogger ICAReviews called the Israelo-Palestinian conflict the thin-wedge of jewish anti-Whiteness for a good reason: mentioning it works.

These three points alone explain the difference of success between the two “scandals”, and two attempts at depacification – ironically launched by the Multikult itself rather than the Fash.

The Conclusion

#Gaymergate is universally seen as a crushing defeat in which gaymers only managed to ridicule themselves and look even more fringe than before the conflict, whereas #Metalgate – to the extend that it was mediatized – managed to inflict severe casualties upon the Multikult by going for the jugular: the Mantra (anti-racist = anti-White), the “jews hate White people” truism, and the Israelo-Palestinian double-standard of “anti-racists”.

Yeah but it only worked within the gamer/metal subculture, it won’t translate into anything on a larger political scale“.

Maybe, maybe not.

But the LANGUAGE and VERBAL FRAMEWORKS used: “White”, “anti-White”, “zionist”, “jew”, “European people” and their permutations – i.e. “jewish terrorists” or “anti-White radical extremists” – will stay within public consciousness.

All in the name of depacification.

As always, dicks out.

🍉 Tyrone Republican 🍉

🍉 Tyrone Republican 🍉

Not all immigrants are bad, some are just borderline retarded.

Not all immigrants are bad, some are just borderline retarded.


Some bitch axed me if I wuz kang a “Rockefeller Republican”. I told the cunt that I’m a big dick Republican n shiet.

It makes sense cuz democrats are the real racists, they want to keep me on the plantation and I often step on my dick while trying to pick cotton. Cuz it’s big lol. The dick not the cotton.

Everyone on the internets want to know if I’m red or blue.

Nigga, I’m purple #grapedrank n shiet.

I'm not your "bro". I beat Hitler at RapeLay.

I’m not your “bro”. I beat Hitler at RapeLay.

So anyway I was boning the cunt pictured left while completely intoxicated to the point of boning the cunt pictured left while com-fuck?

So I was having fried chicken + interracial anal beaner demolition + excited delirium due to child molestation, head trauma and PCP and I had a revelation.

Yakub is White.

It is the truth and it has set me free from the shackles of heteronormative speleology.

Anyway, we need a new term to attack moderate Democrats like Pelosi, Warren, Biden.

The anti-White equivalent of “cuck”.

Voter ID prevents Russian interference.

Voter ID prevents Russian interference.

Pelosi = Jeb, (Mystery Meat Goddess) Ocasio-Cortez = Trump.

Trump is also mystery meat but he went in too hard on E110 food coloring.


Something like “Donald Trump Democrats“.

It’s not enough to be a Democrat, you have to endorse White Genocide too.

“Moderate” anti-White = Donald Trump Democrat.

Fashy anti-White who talks about gulags and white privilege = the future.

Read: What is a “Donald Trump Democrat”?

Dicks out.