🕋 Can’t Stone the Tyrone! 🕋

🕋 Can’t Stone the Tyrone! 🕋

Fourth Reich Genocide.

Fourth Reich Genocide.

…or where the Alt-Right fails.

What is (((Neo-Conservatism)))?

Neo-Conservatives are (((Eritrean))) marxists who switched allegiance from Democrat to Republican and thus found their way in the Bush administration.

They were anti-White and pro-Israel advocates who became… even more anti-White and pro-Israel.

The only change was the justification for their policy: instead of free love and tolerance it became about the (((War on Terror))) and the propagation of democracy.

This happened because the Republican party never objected to the inclusion of these obviously foreign elements whose interests were diametrically opposed to those of its White voting base.

They were all about “expanding their ranks” and proving how “not WAYCISS” they were at any cost.

Hitler's Fried Ovens.

Hitler’s Fried Ovens.

The Alt-Right should learn from the mistakes of its predecessor.

The current political approach of White Nationalists seems to be to try and recruit as many “normies” as possible.

That’s acceptable.

I even detailed the best tactics to employ in a previous post.

But his alone isn’t a viable strategy.

White Nationalists ask: “How can we get regular conservatives and liberals to openly embrace pro-White policies?“.

That will not happen, as I explain in one of my first posts.

It’s akin to wondering when Warren Buffett will stop cucking to the poor and openly embrace pro-rich rhetoric… NEVER.

Buffett benefits both from his wealth and by his virtue signalling about “caring for the poor”.

Barack Ebola the Neo-Nazi KKK Muslim.

Barack Ebola the Neo-Nazi KKK Muslim.

He is playing on both teams.

He is guaranteed to win whatever happens.

Why would he choose to limit himself to one side when he can be on both?

The same assessment also applies to “normie” conservatives and (especially) liberals.

They benefit both from their White privilege and from their anti-racist signalling.

They aren’t interested in what you’re selling because they already have it, and without the inconveniences of ostracism, media persecutions and whatever else baggage comes with being a “White Supremacist”.

Warren Buffett isn’t interested in lowering capital gains taxes because he isn’t paying any.

Same with contards/libshits, they aren’t interested in your pro-White politics because they’re already benefiting from them on a smaller scale.

Their choice is between social status and ostracism.

The Alt-Right is trying its best to try and lessen the stigma associated with being pro-White.

Will it work?

The Tyrone Doctrine.

The Tyrone Doctrine.

Did Warren Buffet ever admit that he’s a Leftist purely out of personal interest and his ties to the Democratic party have little to do with socialist ideology?

Face it, you’re never going to mainstream White Nationalism.

The anti-White power structure rests on four pillars: the media, academia, the executive and the judiciary.

Together they maintain homeostasis.

If one of the four pillars starts straying (i.e. Trump’s executive), the other three will rapidly bring it back into the fold.

You would need to take control of all four at the same time. Sound feasible?

So what’s the solution?

Enter the Tyrone Doctrine.

Instead of making pro-White politics less repulsive to the average normie, polarize the political discourse.

  • 2000: People didn’t vote for GWB because they liked him, they voted for him because they didn’t want another four years of Clinton 2.0.
  • 2008: (White) people didn’t vote for Obama because they liked him/her/it, they voted for him/her/it because they didn’t want another four years of GWB 2.0 (and because “race relations“).
  • 2016: People (mostly) didn’t vote for Trump because they liked him, they voted for him because they didn’t want another four years of Obama/Clinton 2.0.
  • 2022: The faggots of Vermont, Pittsburgh and Portland won’t vote for Richard Spencer because “muh White identity“, they’ll vote for him because Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom 2.0.

Fourth Reich Supremacy.

Dicks out.

😈 Getting Raped to Fight the Patriarchy 😈

😈 Getting Raped to Fight the Patriarchy 😈

Adolf Hitler was a Liberal WAYCISS!

Adolf Hitler was a Liberal WAYCISS!

So there was another epidemic of White women being raped by excessively lascivious MINOs somewhere in the USA.


I couldn’t even tell you where it happened or who was involved (it wasn’t yours truly, for once).

What’s more interesting is the reaction to this event from the Leftist crowd.

Every one of their arguments can be summarized as such.

White racists don’t really care about White women being raped. They are only offended because minorities are taking what they perceive as their property!!!!

By virtue of Poe’s Law, I can’t tell if the Left has gotten even dumber than most thought possible or if the Alt-Right has finally started following the Tyrone Doctrine.

According to these retards, White women are supposedly viewed as property by their owners (White racist KKK bigots).

So the solution is to emancipate themselves by having sex with MINOs.

But here is where I, Tyrone J. Trump, Worldwide Führer and Grand Imperial Propaganda Minister of the Fourth Reich, must use my Simian privilege to interject.

My Rape is my Privilege.

My Rape is my Privilege.

What makes you believe you are REALLY combating White privilege and the patriarchy?

The very concept of consent is built on the exploitation of minorities and women of color.

There is no “consent” in India or Africa.

You are just a cultural White supremacist, imposing your morals on people of color.

No means no” means no MINOs.

How dare you use your WHITE PRIVILEGE to (sexually) silence the PEOPLE OF COLOR who BUILT THIS COUNTRY???

There is only one solution for White women… atone for the sins of your ancestors by being gang-raped by 35 niggers, 27 arabs, 4 asians and 2 dogs everyday for the rest of your live.

It’s not rape because you provoked them with your racism, white privilege and cultural appropriation.

Also HIV is racist because it’s predominant among nigs but race is a social construct anyway so STFU white trash racist KKK nazi.

"Rape" is a Social Construct.

“Rape” is a Social Construct.


That makes you a racist White supremacist.

Welcome to the Alt-Right.

Dicks out.

Once you go Nigger 💩 you get Trigger 🤔

Once you go Nigger 💩 you get Trigger 🤔

Who is Tyrone J. Trump?

Who is Tyrone J. Trump?

By popular demand, my exclusive interview with your mother.

Honorable Tyrone J. Trump, describe yourself in a few words.


What type of message are you trying to convey with your writings?

First by it’s style, a kind of incomprehensible blizzard of theological ramblings strewn with macrophallic ego trips and hallucinogenic Fourth Reich proselytism, my works begets intelligence, stealth, sadism and supremacy.

In one paragraph I am a nigger living on welfare in Arizona, in another I become the son of Donald Trump and Harambe rescued from the Cincinnati Zoo by Habitat for Humanity and Joseph Goebbels.

Frequently, I am the token Simian representative of Aryan Supremacy, while at times I endorse the role of Shontavia Johnson, social science professor at Baltimore university, pursuing the work of Malcolm X by denouncing the abhorrent racism and misogyny of Taylor Swift.

The style is just as important as the substance.

In occupied territory, what matters isn’t the insignia you wear on your uniform.

Tyrone J. Trump, Hate Incarnate.

Tyrone J. Trump, Hate Incarnate.

What is your relation to National Socialism and your thoughts on 1933-1945 Germany?

The Fourth Reich title should be an indicator.

To make matters even clearer, I am not nor have I ever been a “Nazi”.

I am not socialist nor am I nationalist.

Nor am I a “confederate” (Philadelphia bitches), an “identitarian”, a “reactionary”, nor do I defend any form of egalitarian ideology.

Had I been born prior to WW2, I would have gladly joined the Wehrmacht (or more likely the Abwehr) and made the official Holohoax story seem like a Disney romance.

As I was born only a few years before the start of the century, that’s impossible and any fantasies about SS troops marching on DC are nothing more than Hollywood LARP.

And yes, I am 100% Aryan from head to my overdeveloped phallus (it always amuses me to see tanned brachycephals unironically call me a nigger or a degenerate on the Internetz).

When I use Nazi symbols and imagery, it’s precisely that: symbols and imagery.

The logos of all things hostile to the post-WW2 (temporary) triumph of faggotry, masochistic tolerance, anomic imbecility,  and the religions of human rights and cosmopolitan equality.

“Nazism” is the perfect anti-symbol of the dominant ideologies.

You call yourself “serial goatfucker” on your blog. What is your opinion on pre-marital stoning?

Obscure question about the muslim world?

Without going into unnecessary diatribes about inter-religious conflicts, Islam is good.

As the White masses become increasingly niggerized they adopt the mental faculties and superstitions of their (once) inferior colored counterparts.

Muslims will believe anything as long as it’s presented as “Islamic”, just as christcucks now believe anything so long as “JeeBush said so” (i.e. christian zionism).

Islam is one of the three pillars of Fourth Reich theocracy.

The Fourth Reich Holy Trinity.

The Fourth Reich Holy Trinity.

While White Nationalists are debating the sexuality of Pepe and its relation to the abolition movement, muslims are decapitating infidels, stoning whores, throwing faggots from rooftops and firing rockets at (((colonists))).

Haloufa akbar.

What are your opinions the the alt right and the progress it has made in the last few years?

Who was more influential to the National Socialist anthem, Goebbels or Horst Wessel?

The Alt-Right is obsessed with numbers.

How do we convert more people, etc.

They only see masses as soldiers, be they military or electoral.

I asked a simple question in one of my first posts.

When does blogging, trolling and tweeting translate into actual political action?

When will alt-right leaders decide that they are satisfied with the number of adherents?

In other words, when do we reach critical mass? At 40%? 60%? 99% of the electorate?

You know those numbers are unattainable, not least because of the demographic shift brought by the (((anti-racists))) and their enablers.

So the manufactured need to reach mass consensus amongst not just the movement but the electorate at large becomes the justification for more pro-White inactivism.

I have yet to receive an answer.

The Alt-Right crowd is, ironically, filled with ex-Leftists.

As such they bring their herd mentality, group-think, personality cult and superstition into right-wing politics.

Instead of idolizing MLK they worship Donald Trump.

Instead of hating “white wayciss” they hate coloreds.

Instead of seeing a KKK/Koch brother conspiracy at every corner they impute the CIA/(((George Soros))) with the responsibility for every event imaginable.

They never rejected the Leftist religion, they merely swapped its icons for more edgy ones.

It’s not so different than when blacks claim to be the “true israelites” or that JeeBush was a watermelon-American.

You can’t build a political movement around “muh huwhite wominz fukked by dindu“.

I don’t care about recruiting voters, I want those capable of taking over institutions, hijacking culture and controlling the narrative.

Hitler didn’t rise to power through proselytism but through targeted propaganda and subversion.

You wrote about converting normies to pro-White and race realist politics. Can you briefly expand on those points?

Again, I’m not into recruitment or conversion.

I’m not a very good “White Nationalist” as I detest most of what composes the White race.

I’m the ultimate anti-human Führer, much closer to Dirlewanger than Uncle Adolf.

The only difference between myself and nihilist serial killers is that I don’t hate all things equally.

I’ll provide an illustration through an article on Aryan Skynet, How stereotypes begin.

We had a real scary one. It was an incredible story, and, initially, when the press called and stuff, they were skeptical – “What do you mean, she got grabbed off the street? What do you mean?”

There was a woman in her early twenties waiting for the bus at Chicago and Halsted, she was coming home from a friend’s, about eleven at night. A car pulled up, three guys got out and grabbed her, brought her into the car – one sexually assaulted her in the car – then they brought her over to an abandoned apartment in one of the projects. And then she was gang-raped by about thirty-five people.

I mean, the way she described it, it was really humiliating. They had her on a couch and they were selling her like for a dollar and cigarettes and stuff. The weird part about it was there were real young boys participating; they were making comments about her vagina, that it looked like a cat or something, like they had never seen one before. And one guy would put his penis in her mouth and another one would be putting his hand in her vagina – and laughing it up at the same time. And there would be a constant – dozens of people in the apartment – in and out, in and out.

What was really strange about it, I mean, other than all the usual horror involved, was that there were so many participants. And it was a thing where the word was getting around the entire building – “Go down to Apartment 304” – and all the younger kids in the building were in there watching, and the older guys would throw them out, and they had to come up with money.

The kicker is they bring her outside and they slit her wrists. We found the blood. I don’t know what that was supposed to do – scare her? Kill her? The cuts on her wrist didn’t turn out to be exceptionally deep.

Arrests were made on it, but we couldn’t get all of them. She couldn’t identify all of them.

Here’s the real terror of it. It was some time later when we talked to her again. She said she couldn’t walk down the street, because every time she’d see a black guy, she’d think that was one of the guys who raped her – because there were so many, because she couldn’t ID them. She was sitting in the office one time; I didn’t recognize her, because she had dyed her hair. So they wouldn’t recognize her.

I don’t even like to think about that one.

This summarizes the state of the White race today.

Her problem wasn’t being “gang-raped by about thirty-five people”, her problem was that the gang-rape might make her WAYCISS.

What are you trying to gain by converting people like that?

If a gang-rape didn’t wake her up, do you really believe your super-edgy FBI statistics will?

Do we even want them?

My policy on having normies join the “Movement”: leave the door open, with strings attached.

You also wrote about infiltrating and controlling the Left, something that too few White Nationalist leaders are willing to discuss.

Taylor Swift is the symbol of hate.

Taylor Swift is the symbol of hate.

Take any presidential election map.

That is reality.

It’s not going to change substantially, save for demographic shifts (and those work against us, not in our favor).

I’ll repeat my previous question, worded slightly differently.

If black riots, beaner invasions, (((Wall Street))) usury, MINO criminality and open anti-White advocacy from mainstream politicians doesn’t wake up America, what will?

Your edgy FBI statistics?

Your dank frog memes?

Your dissertation on Filipino tribalism?

As Firepower would say: America isn’t asleep, it’s stupid.

You don’t “wake up” stupid.

You don’t convince or persuade stupid.

Stupid doesn’t respond to logical constructs such as factual treatises.

Stupid responds to stimuli.

And how do you apply stimuli?

Through black bloc, antifa and muzzies.

I detect a hint of Nietzschean nihilism in your philosophical aesthetics. What writers have influenced you?

I doubt you’ll find many similarities between Nietzsche and the Apex Simian Sexual Supremacist Tyrone J. Trump.

I wouldn’t burn his work like I would do to many other, but I find most of his theses unimpressive and recycled from Stoicism (the original, not the post-modern bastardization).

For the writers who have influenced me…

God tier: Gómez Dávila.

Tier I: Goebbels.

Tier II: Jefferson, Baudelaire, Hitler, Degrelle, Marillier, Gobineau.

Contemporary: Kevin McDonald, Hervé Ryssen, Thomas Sowell.

What’s your opinion on the so-called alt lite?

I hold the unorthodox view that the Alt-Lite is a net positive for White Nationalism.

They serve the dual-purpose of normalizing slightly pro-White, albeit implicitly, policies and providing an ideological cover for advancing our agenda.

Let Gavin McInnes and his yellow fever brood be the mystery meat shields of White Supremacy.

Much better to attack them from the Left in the most ridiculous and unappealing fashion than to evict them from right-wing politics.

Purging the “Movement” of Alt-Lite faggots runs the risk of reviving the Left/Right cleavage that we finally rendered obsolete.

White Feminism, Fourth Reich Propaganda.

White Feminism, Fourth Reich Propaganda.

What do you think of the state of the USA and particularly its image in the world?

The reality is that the rest of the world knows little about America.

In the age of information, people’s knowledge of other cultures is ludicrously limited to whatever TV documentaries for cognitively impaired children are willing to show.

Only strictly racial stereotypes are frowned upon.

America thereby becomes the land of redneck mass shooters, Japan the land of effeminate and asexual anime fappers (or was that the DailyStormer?), Russia the land of inebriated anarchists and Italy the land of cigar smoking criminal syndicates.

Amongst the right-wing segments of these populations, often more informed about the realities of the world, America is in many ways the scarecrow of the wtesern hemisphere: the type of homeless faggot that you would show your kids telling them “this is what you’ll become if you don’t do well in school“.

Sweden is rapidly climbing the echelons, but America will remain for long the barometer of stupid.

Do you believe in a revival? Or has society sunk too low?

À la Red Dawn? No.

Today’s Brandons and Justins are incapable of any form of disruption, even with the entire media apparatus (not to mention the judicial institutions) on their side as evidenced by the pathetic OWS failure.

Has society sunk too low?

Apparently not low enough.

Survival and reproduction are the two most fundamental and somatic necessities of the human species.

Porn or some other factor has apparently nullified the need for reproduction in light of every 30 year old virgin voting for Hillary and whoring for the system.

The true Alt-Right, Racist and H-H-Hateful.

The true Alt-Right, Racist and H-H-Hateful.

What’s left is the need for survival, and it will take nothing less than mass starvation for Justin and Jared to recover their biological instincts.

This is what White Supremacists should target.

But even when their fridges are empty, will they be prepared?

For the majority of American fagboiz, in addition to the absence of military knowledge, discipline and intellect, there is a notable lack of fascination for guns, bombs, knives, combat, gore and big rigs, which are found not just in our ghetto-Americans but also in Slav hooligans, south asian drug dealers and muzzie peace warriors.

Murkans lack not just the technique and faculties but most of all the character: vicious.

That’s why PeterPanzers and their dreams of Red Dawn or just LARP faggots.

Solace won’t come from a (((Hollywood))) showdown between the forces of Good and Sauron’s evil army.

It will come from giving the One Ring to Saruman and letting him deal with Sauron, then stabbing whoever survives in the back.

White Supremacy need to be less of a political movement and more of a cult and a secret society.

You’re either with us or with the multiKultists“.

Fourth Reich Subversion.

White Nationalism wallows too much in fantasies of a lost past.

It’s nice to dream of vikings and crusades, nostalgia is as good as any motive, but always remember the immortal words of Tyrone J. Trump: “tradition is what’s left when you lost everything else“.

White Supremacists must regain a taste for true power: fucking the (((establishment))) with more than just clever memes on Twitter, living in castles and penthouses, driving luxury rigs rather than faggot Jap sedans, infiltrating opposition groups instead of parading in mock historical reconstitutions.

What movies do you like?

Josef Mengele’s sex tape in Poland.

I detest movies, I only listen to true SEWER music.

This will turn anyone into a rabid genocidal White Supremacist.

Nigger Nazi.

Nigger Nazi.

The alt right scene seems to have witnessed a mutation in the current years by moving further and further away from the traditional canons of right-wing politics and into strictly identitarian territory. What is your opinion on this transformation?

I’ll start by saying that I’m right-wing.

I have always been right-wing, even before I was a White Supremacist, insofar as right-wing being defined as: a centralized (totalitarian) authority, observance of nature’s laws, belief in hierarchy, anti-egalitarianism, militarism and social Darwinism.

With that said, being pro-White and against everything of aforementioned aren’t incompatible.

You can be a humanist social worker and still be pro-White.

It just makes you a pro-White faggot, which is tolerable.

I see the emancipation of pro-White policies from the limited political spectrum of the Left/Right dichotomy as a positive: this is a cultural, societal and civilizational conflict before a political one.

Pro-White advocacy needs to become less of a political issue and more of a societal condition.

That’s why Sam Hyde, PewDiePie, Varg Vikernes and arguably Evalion are efficient.

You talk about a “Fourth Reich” in many of your writings. Can you briefly describe the concept of Fourth Reich and its origins?

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

I’ll start with the origins: a three second brainstorming.

The concept and signification are much more important than the name.

Many White Nationalists are fixated on this idea of being dissident “truth warriors”, wanted by the government for their infamous white genocide tweets.

It all feels niggerish to me.

Even their methods mirror those of niggers: get as many adherents possible, organize a march / protest, demand the system / Donald Trump grant them “equal rights”…

They brag about how they’ve been banned from Twitter as Dontavius brags that he spent three years in jail.

They constantly pay lip service to their “White Heritage”… we wuz Kangz in Europe / the Motherland.

Here’s a suggestion: instead of fellating yourselves for your superior Aryan intellect, use said intellect to do something other than ape the most inefficient tactics of bonobo-Americans and their (((handlers))).

The Fourth Reich is about controlling society.

Both Left and Right, both pro-White and anti-White.

The details of this principle are detailed in depths here and elsewhere on this blog.

The main strategy is a two-pronged attack.

On one side, make anti-White politics unsustainable and unappealing to everyday Whites.

On the other, facilitate the transition between moderate to civic nationalist, from civic nationalist to White Nationalist, from White Nationalist to White Supremacist.

It’s about seeing White Supremacy as a gang, a cult, a secret society… in other words a hierarchical structure opposed to the egalitarian fabric of political parties.

The Fourth Reich is closer to the Church of Scientology than to the American Freedom Party.

We want power.

Not approval, not voters, not readership.

Dicks out.

The Future of White Nationalism is Gay

The Future of White Nationalism is Gay

Hitler was a Woman!

Hitler was a Woman!

Adolf Hitler was right when he identified the opponents of the NSDAP: the reds and the reactionaries.

The modern-day Alt-Right, and the White Nationalist movement at large, also has its reds and reactionaries.

The reds are just faggots.

The reactionaries are a variation of said faggots in that they exist for the sole purpose of doing the exact opposite of whatever the faggots are doing.

Mirroring the faggots. Symmetrical faggotry (i.e. also faggots).

The don’t win by being the “other side” of an issue, you win by playing both sides.

Transgenderism is one of those issues that the Alt-Right believes it needs to oppose.

In a sane society, men dressing up as women to use little girls’ bathrooms should be institutionalized!” say the reactionaries.

But do you live in a sane society?

Or in a multiKult melting pot that decriminalized bestiality (interracial marriage) over half a century ago?

Why does the Right feel the need to draw a moral line in the sand, when it already knows that such line will be crossed as easily and ostentatiously as every other ideological barrier in the past?

Instead of complaining about every contingent of the multiKult, start exploiting one faction to attack another.

Transgenderism is a natural weapon against feminism.

Feminism works by giving social and economic privileges to women, in addition top exonerating them from any form of societal responsibility, on the sole basis of their possessing a vagina.

Transgenderism redefines “woman” by removing the vagina requirement.

From biological reality to social identity.

Some women have dicks.

Some women have dicks.

That’s right bitchboi.

Some women have dicks.

Some faggots like pussy.

Some muslims eat pork.

Some niggers are blond.

Some neo-nazi KKK racists vote Hillary.

Fourth Reich Supremacy.

Dicks out.

Radicalizing the Colored Left through Taylor Swift

Radicalizing the Colored Left through Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the symbol of hate.

Taylor Swift is the symbol of hate.

Left and Right are somewhat similar factions in their organization, and yet are psychologically very different in their approach to group cohesion.

The Right is about reflection, individualism and social engineering (whether liberal or conservative), whereas the Left is mainly centered around ideological homogeneity, group think and conformism (pensée unique).

It follows that the methods to neutralize both sides differ.

The strategy to politically castrate the Right is not to divide it, but rather to drown it with options and fragment it into a myriad of divergent factions, each with its set of priorities (i.e. every single issue movement ever).

Likewise, the strategy to castrate the Left is not to fragment it, nor to divide it per say, but to purge its various bases from the coalition.

The Left is much like a religion.

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

Centralized, top-down, Manichean and requiring a common dogma to federate its various factions.

Taylor Swiftism is beautifully subversive because it directly attacks a normalized, and by extension, efficient wing of the anti-White coalition with a much less mainstream and prevailing bloc.

The lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq destroyed the credibility of Bush, the (((neo-cohens))), and those affiliated with them.

Taylor Swiftism does that to the mainstream anti-White culture.

It works by exploiting the evergrowing redvendications of the more sectarian segments of the cultural Left to attack the dual privilege of anti-White Whites.

Taylor Swiftism shows White liberals that being anti-White is no longer enough.

To be accepted by the non-White party, you must be… non-White.

So much cannon fodder for the Fourth Reich.

Dicks out.