The Walking Dems

The Walking Dems

Tyrone J. Trump, your God.

Tyrone J. Trump, your God.

One lost, ten recovered” is an old epigram from medieval France which basically means that for every one item you lose, you can gain ten of equivalent or superior value.

It’s often applied to cunts for some obscure reason.

As I’m writing this, the smartest of the Democrats are looking for an excuse to drop the more extremist elements of their party (Ocasio Cortez, Maxine Waters, Tom Perez and other non-White histrions) without alienating their increasingly radicalized base.

Another adage from another Frenchman “Never interrupt an enemy while he’s making a mistake“.

So obviously the Alt-Lite, which may as well be called (((Alt-Lite))), and the remnants of the Alt-Right are now siding with the “moderate” anti-Whites, supposedly to “teach that sheboon Waters a lesson”.

The future of the fash.

“Based” Paul Ryan taking a stand against racist Islam.

If you didn’t balk at the concept of “moderate” anti-Whiteness, congratulations, you deserve to be associated with the (((Alt-Lite))) alongside Cernovich, Shapiro, Laura Loomer and Pamela Geller.

All of whom are jewish, and all of whom are “moderately” anti-White.

Excluding of providing an excuse for the exclusion of Waters and Cortez from mainstream politics is stupid, for reasons exposed in one of my first posts: The White Supremacy of the Future Will Call Themselves Anti-Racists.

Tyrone’s law: Anyone publicly attacking Waters and Cortez is anti-White. No exceptions.

There’s a very counter-productive tendency in Alt-Right groups which consists in wanting to show the other side who’s boss. Maybe you were “triggered” by some mystery meat Puerto Rican insulting you on live TV while extolling the genetic superiority of her mid-80 IQ brethren. If that’s the case, you’re being stupid. Stop what you’re doing and read the second adage – the Napoleon one – again.

Not all immigrants are bad, some are just borderline retarded.

Queen Fash, deal with it.

In addition to being stupid, I’d also point out that you’d be a hypocrite for getting upset over Waters/Cortez/Perez because the jew Bernard “Ben Yehuda” Sanders has said infinitely worse about White people during his campaign and you all kept your mouths shut because “muh anti-semitism“… which WAS the correct strategy, as Sanders’ prolonged campaign ended up fragmenting Clinton’s coalition.

Ocasio Cortez is just a low(er) IQ Barack Obama without the political connections.

Gay transition…

It has been known, and predicted, for a long time that the Democrats are losing the White vote.

Naturally, the Democratic Establishment, most of the mainstream media and the (((Alt-Lite))) is blaming this phenomenon on the “radical Left” (i.e. people like Cortez, Waters, Keith Ellison, etc.) via the #WalkAway meme.

They want the face of the Democratic Party to be Biden, Hillary or Warren.

We want it to be Cortez, Waters and hopefully someday Oprah Winfrey or the Black actress that played in Ghostbusters.

They want to blame #WalkAway on “radicals”, we want to blame it on moderates.

Luckily, while they are somewhat coordinated in their approach, they are also not very smart so hijacking the Democratic Party in the name of non-White fascism will be just as easy as co-opting the late GOP for the Fourth Reich.

The answer, as you may have guessed, lies in the first proverb.

Tyrone’s Project for a New Pan-American Century

(also called the Reverse Sailer Strategy)

If the 2016 campaign has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t rely on the white vote anymore. Not only are whites in the process of becoming a rightfully despised and politically isolated minority, they have also shown that they will always choose to protect their privileges over doing what right for our communities. It’s time to choose the future, it’s time to choose people of color.


The problem with [Moderate]’s campaign is that (s)he’s trying to be a Donald Trump-lite. But white people, as they have consistently showed us over the course of the last elections, will always prefer the original to the imitation. What we need isn’t another compromise with Trump/the GOP, what we need is a new vision for our party. At some point, “we are the future” has to be more than a slogan – it has to stand for something. It has to mean that we are willing to invest in minorities.


Everyone says that Donald Trump’s campaign has brought out the worst of the white vote… but that’s not true, it was always there. There’s nothing new about racist white people voting for Trump. They voted for Trump in the same way they voted for Romney, and McCain before that. Racist white people were as surprised as anyone when their candidate, Donald Trump, won the general election. What has changed is that people of color and minorities, the fastest growing demographic in the USA, no longer vote as enthusiastically or as consistently for our candidates. That is something [Moderate] has refused to address or even acknowledge, which is why (s)he will lose… and yet this election doesn’t have to be a 2016-part-II. [Radical] can bring out the minority vote as much, if not more, than Barack Obama could in 2008.


The problem with [Moderate]’s campaign is that it has no chance of winning against the emboldened Republicans. [Moderate] is focusing on a demographic we can’t win – white people – while ignoring the much more progressive, politically stable, not to mention expanding, demographic that we need to win – the minority vote.


Is [Moderate] a Donald Trump plant? The question deserves to be asked. The path to victory is pretty clear: appeal to disenfranchised minorities. And yet what is [Moderate] doing? Ignoring minorities while playing second fiddle to Donald Trump’s white populist base. The Democratic Party, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since 2004.


What happens when you ignore the minority vote for the sake of “party unity”? Ask Al Gore. Ask John Kerry. Ask Hillary Clinton (twice). Ask [Moderate] in a few months, when (s)he loses to Donald Trump/[generic Republican] because (s)he followed the losing strategy of ignoring the minority vote while focusing on the lost cause of flyover country.


Why are we making the same mistakes over and over again? Even the other side knows better than that, and they showed it when they said NO to their moderate candidate (Jeb Bush) and voted for the radical one (Donald Trump). You can only fight fire with fire. It should be our turn to say NO to the fallacy of “moderation” and embrace our values, those of [Radical]’s campaign, but instead we continue down the same path that brought us Donald Trump. It’s a sad day for our party, and our country, if [Moderate] wins the primary/seat/election.


Simply put, a vote for [Moderate] is a vote for Trump. Not only are their positions virtually indistinguishable from one another, but [Moderate] is only popular among those who already vote for Trump… white people. And the reason (s)he is popular is because they KNOW that (s)he will lose to him, badly, like Hillary Clinton in 2016.

 Covert Sexual Supremacy 

Covert Sexual Supremacy 

Overt and Covert Supremacy.

Overt and Covert White Supremacy.


This is a concept I’ve been eager to write about for a long time, probably since I started this blog, but I wanted to be sure that the SJW crowd had officialized the terminology to avoid pointless revisions that could tarnish this moment of absolute ideological subversion of anti-White politics.

It took them long enough, but anti-White finally realized that racism is not just an insult your hurl at wrong-thinking White people, it’s a spectrum.

As you all know, if anti-racist is a code word for anti-White, the corollary is that “racist” is just a code word for White.

Now you can prove it using your own anti-White rhetoric, and watch normies realize all by themselves that diversity is, indeed, about chasing down every last White person… into the open arms of the Fourth Reich. Like floss to a meme.

Tyrone Trump, rule 63.

Tyrone Trump, rule 63.

But it gets better… You can now hierarchize the gravity of racism based on your own interpretation of the Overt/Covert spectrum.

Anti-Whites say that “Neon Nazis” are the archetypal racial evil, and the most dangerous enemy of holy diversity.

Not true. Neon Nazis may be the most extreme, the most radical, the most fanatic, but they’re aren’t the most dangerous racial evil… because they are straightforward about their racism.

Thanks to these anti-White retards who put “lynching” and “racist mascots” on the same spectrum, there is now a direct link and PC-approved nexus between the most stereotypical WW2 propaganda caricature and basic bitch SWPL All Lives Matter.

As I always say: “You must think with your dick before you rape with your mind“. And indeed, now is the time to transpose my sexual depravity into the penultimate cultural perversion of SJW dogma.

Because the reality is that, whatever Hollywood told you about the KKK and other overt White Supremacists, the real danger comes from the covert side.

Colonialism, Slavery, Auschwitz, Smallpox blankets? They all pale in comparison to Eurocentric curricula.

Anyone talking about pro-Whites being racists is obviously engaged in racism themselves.

Let Shontavia J. Bonobo explain…

To those “white allies” who believe that denouncing Donald Drumpff and the KKK is enough… how stupid do you think we are? EVERYONE KNOWS Drumpff and the KKK are racist, which is why it’s perfectly innocuous to talk about it. The real racism, the one that has been damaging the lives of People of Color at the hands of white colonialists since time immemorial, is the one not being discussed. It’s all the so called “progressives” who “celebrate diversity” with one hand while stabbing People of Color in the back with the other. It’s all the white women who “talk the talk” about rejecting white supremacy, only to vote the Donald Drumpff the moment they can get a better deal from the other side. It’s all these “white allies” who won’t SHUT UP AND LISTEN to People of Color and Minorities, and instead insist on showcasing their “tolerant” opinions by silencing Women of Color and Minorities.

Donald Drumpff is obviously a racist, he may even be the most racist person in Amerikkka today. But he’s not the one who normalized racism and xenophobia. He’s only the bow of the ship, not the motor. He’s the spearhead, not the one actually holding and using the spear.

Multiculturalism, 1965-2018.
May you rest in piece.

The anti-White moral compass has been permanently jammed by the intrusion of a titanic phallic instrument in its ideological vagina, so violently was it raped that it will forever point to the Reich, making it useless for ordinary virtue signaling and political navigation purposes.

Dicks out.

 Fascism as a Form of Proto-Phallic Warfare 

Fascism as a Form of Proto-Phallic Warfare 

Phallic War Now.

Phallic War Now.

Most of the sheeit I write about deals with political and cultural tactics – see here and here – or even techniques – see here – but there is little about principles and strategies on this blog.

It has been posited that White suffer from less ethnocentrism in comparison to other races, some would even claim that Whites are less tribal in nature.

While I can agree with the first premise, the latter is more problematic.

Whites are very tribal, the problem is that their tribal identity is steered away from nationalism into counterproductive idiocy.

Call a black man a nigger, call a men’s right activist (MRA) or a feminist (SHIT) a loser who can’t get laid… same reaction.

Same reaction not just from the person insulted, which would be understandable in any context, but also from the rest of the “community”. A collective insult, something that should only be possible when a member of a tribe is insulted by an outsider.

It’s problematic because while Niggerdom is a real nation/tribe, neither MRA nor feminism are anything more than abstract ideological piss that wouldn’t exist if not for White people’s lack of tribal bladder control.

What are the other “tribes” competing against nationalism?

  • religion (Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, magic soil)
  • political ideology (left, right, conservative, liberal, libertarian)
  • sex and sexual identity (women, men, faggots)
  • class (rich, middle class, blue-collar, white-collar)
  • ethnic culture (Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, Anglophone)
  • consumerism (fashion, sub-cultures, fandom, consumer products)
  • hobbies (gamers, PUA, sport fans, gun culture)

Basically, anything than can be used as a substitute tribal identity.

Tyrone Trump, rule 63.

Tyrone Trump, rule 63.

R.I.S.C.C.C.H. for short, although some categories can appear redundant.

You’ll notice that aside from sex and arguably class, they are all absolutely artificial and both socially constructed as well as socially policed.

I think it was Bob Whitaker that called them wordists.

Another telling sign is that when an artificial tribe is formed, the official ‘enemy’ is also cast in a parallel artificial group.

  • Catholic <-> Protestants / Freemasons
  • Hispanic <-> Anglo
  • Middle-Eastern <-> Occidental
  • Gamers <-> Journalists (as in actual journalists, not a euphemism for YKW)
  • Conservative <-> Progressives

It’s particularly visible amongst the traditional Catholics, who list all the problems caused or exacerbated by the presence of jews in White countries, only to blame… Freemasons, the Illuminati or the Enlightenment. You see the same dynamic with Islamic fundamentalists – but not with Arab nationalists – who go on about ‘zionists’, ‘imperialists’, sometimes ‘neocons’ but very rarely jews.

I’m sure part of it is intentional misdirection, as many others have speculated.

But you never see a coalition of ‘Conservatives/Liberals/Gays/Women against Arabs/Blacks/Yellow/Whites’.

A fake tribe needs a fake enemy.

So what’s the solution?

The (Final) Solution

The solution is to join the Church of Scientology, a wonderful place where you can get laid and eat peanut butter.

Other than that you can use the Tyrone Doctrine, it was made for alienating (White) people from their various subcultures after all.

Just throw them out unceremoniously. “X has no place for racist White males“, etc, y’all know the Tyrone drill by now.

I seriously believe that once all fake tribes are dismantled, everyone will just go back to being a fascistic personality disorder and having a racist.

Faux tribalism is the flood bank preventing the rise of the New Aryan Order.

Some perspective.

In fact, since the organic collectivism of race, tribe, and family are all but forbidden, we see the emergence of the most toxic individualism/collectivism of all: consumerism. Humans are social creatures by nature, so we see laughably artificial tribes forming around such trivialities as music styles, fashion, films, and cringe-worthy fandom based on TV cartoons such as anime.

Libertarianism, Individualism, Collectivism, and Anime


The cult of individualism is killing us. Think of a biological allegory. A higher mammal is made up of a complex system of specialized cells. No cell is an individual.

An individual cell cant be anything more than an ameba. Reading the comments from gamers on the SocialMatter Gamergate article was revealing the self-described gamers all insisted they were individuals and their cultures were defined by consumer products the video games they played and various artificial cultures they were involved in that were defined by consumer products.

Not a work from any of them about spouses or children or parents nothing organic to their social life. It was all MEDIATED by consumer products and identities based on consumer products.

Not coincidentally, they all were insistent that race, sex, nonbinary gender, orientation didnt matter.

It hardly needs to be pointed out how utterly shallow such an existence and culture really is. A culture based around staring at blinking lights and twitching fingers in an electronic feedback loop.

Mark Yuray: Doing Social Conservatism Right

As always, stay fashy.

Dicks out.

 Fifth Base Politics 

Fifth Base Politics 

Fifth Base Politics.

Fifth Base Politics.

Gay Cuck #1 – Why are you calling me a gay cuck? Don’t you know that cuck is the preferred insult of neo-nazis and other white supremacist bigots?

Gay Cuck #2 – What’s wrong with being a gay cuck? I’m PROUD of being a gay cuck.

Gay Cuck #3 – I don’t know if pride factors into the equation, but I certainly feel a distinctive homoerotic rush for passive interracial anal when I talk about tolerance and white privilege.

Gay Cuck #4 – Yeah, when I post BLM images on Facebook it feels like I’m getting anally ravaged by tall and muscular Black men, something I’m too afraid to try in real life because of HIV.

Gay Cuck #5 – Are you a fucking nazi??? It’s racist as shit to talk about Black men and HIV!

The White Genocide Party.

The White Genocide Party.

Gay Cuck #4 – I can’t be racist… I’m a gay cuck, dude.

Gay Cuck #2 – Yeah, you’re the nazi since you’re anti-cuck. Also you talked about shit and Black men in the same sentence.

Gay Cuck #5 – Of course I’m racist, I’m a white privileged male who enjoys getting creampied by my two Mexican nephews. But I was making the point that you’re just as racist and bigoted as me, as you’re also a white male and apparently use your political and sexual orientations to oppress minorities with talk of HIV and nauseating stereotypes about musculature and anal sex. If I’m a bigot – and I am, to my great anguish – then so are you.

Gay Cuck #4 – Yeah, but I’m a gay cuck.

Gay Cuck #3 – OH SNAP! You got served better than your Mexican nephews.

Tyrone Trump – Hitler was a hermaphrodite dolphin.

Gay Cuck #2 – Yeah, go back crying to the crypto-fascists of All Lives Matter (*vomits*) if you can’t handle arguments based on REASON and LOGIC.

Gay Cuck #6 – Lol, reason and logic are the weapons of white heteronormative oppression. FIGHT WHITE POWER!!!

Gay Cuck #5 – Look, I was just making the point that being a gay cuck doesn’t absolve us of the sins of our forebears – holocaust, slavery, genocide and the racial oppression of minorities everywhere – and that our anti-fascistic sexual practices don’t give us the right to oppress People of Color by talking about HIV.

Gay Cuck #6 – Why didn’t you capitalize Holocaust, you fucking NAZI!!! I’m calling the police.

Gay Cuck #7 – Yeah, it seems that our community is being infiltrated by Alt-Right racists and anti-Semites. Gay Cuck #5 – if indeed you are a gay cuck, which I doubt – you might want to get in touch with your lawyer as I’m archiving this chat and will be sharing everything that you’ve said here with the authorities. Gay cucks or not, we all have to answer to Anne Frank for our crimes, and there is no greater crime than anti-Semitism.

Tyrone Trump – It says so right here. From the Book of Revelations: “With tail fins and a long snout, like a porpoise, and two mammary slits on each side of the cock, he was descended of the Dragon, the Ancient Serpent, and when he spoke it was in the voice of the Devil. He had swam to the Abyss, where they worshiped neither the beast or its image, and decapitated the sodomized Lord for a thousand years while his father, the F羹hrer […]”

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.

Gay Cuck #2 – Also, number five, you’re clearly the only one engaging in hate facts here. Why is having HIV somehow “bad” or “dirty”? That’s akin to condemning an entire race as both those adjectives… a small step from Hitler’s final solution, which I’m sure you admire. I am PROUD to have contracted HIV from interracial anal sex, as every self-respecting anti-racist should be!

Gay Cuck #6 – I masturbate to Michelle Obama in the hope of contracting HIV.

Gay Cuck #7 – Anti-Semitism, homophobia… why are you even here Gay Cuck #5? Don’t you have a KKK rally to attend to you inbred redneck fascist?

Gay Cuck #5 – Are you literally retarded or did you really not notice that it was NUMBER FOUR, not I, who spoke negatively of HIV? I agree that it’s deeply racist and nauseating to criticize HIV, which is what I pointed out, and incidentally I’m now the one getting called a nazi and a racist. I’m about to cry.

Tyrone Trump – “[…] while his father, the F羹hrer, ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge while pouring pistachio ice cream in the cunt of a nine-year-old Latina harlot singing Kumbaya”.

Gay Cuck #4 – LOL… what a liar. You never said that criticizing HIV was disgusting, you said that conflating HIV with Black men was disgusting. That only proves YOUR racism since you think that having HIV is somehow detrimental, which is the opposite of what tolerance means.

Gay Cuck #2 – He’s a fascistic nazi and obviously is in the wrong place, can someone please ban him?

Black Bitchez need to STFU about their weaves n sheeit.

Black Bitchez need to STFU about their weaves n sheeit.

Gay Cuck #7 – Gay Cuck #5 this is your last warning, we do not tolerate ableism in this community. For your information, both of my adopted African sons have down syndrome and give better blowjobs than my dead sister.

Tyrone Trump – Btw, who are you and why are you on my blog?

Gay Cuck #3 – I’m a gay cuck.

Gay Cuck #7 – We’re all gay cucks, except Gay Cuck #5 who’s an Alt-Right Nazi. Who the fuck are you?

Tyrone Trump – I’m Tyrone, the Big Nigger.

Gay Cuck #6 – I’m gay for Africa.

Tyrone Trump – Which one of you is Paul Ryan?

Gay Cuck #2 – 井

That’s how I imagine the Vermont senate.

But imagine if this was the Vermont senate, and anti-Whites were really this open about their love for the BBC.

Somehow, anti-Whiteness as a class symbol would lose a lot of its prestige.

Fourth Reich, Fifth base… different principles, same sensations.

Dicks out.

 Ku Flux Clan 

Ku Flux Clan 

Ku Flux Clan.

Ku Flux Clan.

As was noted elsewhere on this blog, the defining element of White anti-Whiteness is the tendency to bet on every side, as long as the return on investment is positive.

The payout in roulette is usually 35x so betting everywhere (or at all) is stupid, but if the rate was 50x it would be stupid NOT to use that strategy.

Similarly, White anti-Whites will be ‘WN’ just long enough to guarantee their personal comfort before going back to the most caricatural forms of anti-racist (i.e. anti-White) virtue signalling.

They get both:

1) the more tangible benefits of White Nationalism (segregation, micro-tribalism, etc)
2) the more abstract benefits of being ‘against waycism’ (status, faux elitism, etc)

Nobody does oven like HFC.

Nobody does oven like HFC.

The most evident stereotype is, as the Brits call them, caviar socialists living in gated communities and complaining about the ‘waycism’ and ‘insecurities’ of those bigots who actually have experienced diversity (i.e. White Genocide).

They will only be White nationalists long enough to defend their territory, and likewise will be ‘anti-racists’ as long as their interests aren’t personally involved.

Territory here has a wider meaning than just neighborhood, gated communities or even physical area – any group, tribe or ideology they aspire to can be considered territory (=> gamergate, Taylor Swift, etc).

This strategy will continue as long as the return on investment is a net positive, in others words as long as the payout rate is superior to 37x/38x.

The purpose of the Tyrone Doctrine is to artificially lower the rate, invalidating the aforementioned strategy and forcing ‘normies’ to pick a side – which nine times out of ten will be WN, because concrete concerns usually beat abstract ideologies when they are in conflict with one another.

Taylor Swift, a racist White feminist.

Taylor Swift, a racist White feminist.

How is it done? Simply by attacking SWPL ‘territories’ from ‘the Left’ – i.e. accusing them of racism in the most obnoxious way possible.

The goal of the Tyrone Doctrine is to transform the dual advantage of White anti-Whites into a double penance.

Currently: Anti-Whites can be neither pro-White nor anti-White yet reap the benefits of both, while bearing zero of their liabilities.

With the Tyrone Doctrine: To not be pro-White is to be anti-White in the eyes of the pro-Whites, and vice-versa (to not be anti-White is to be a KKKNaziHitler, etc).

While everyone is masturbating to Hitler, Goebbels, Evola and C矇line, the truth way laid bare much more recently by George W. Bush himself: “You’re either with us or with the terrorists“.

The ‘opposite’ – a complementary force actually – of the Tyrone Doctrine is what we could call the W Doctrine (for Walker or Whitaker).

And somewhere in the middle you have the F Doctrine (for Faggot or Flaming Faggot or Richard Fpenfer), which is 100% normie territory.

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.

The goal of course is polarization, T and W to the exclusion of F.

There are too many WNs anyway, I can’t remember their names and don’t care enough to learn anything about them.

What we need are more T and W disruption of ‘normal’ sub-culturalism.

Example with game.

F Doctrine: Basic bitch game… about game. And nothing else. RSD, most ‘PUA’ material. Basic bitch normie land.

W Doctrine: Heartiste, Return of Kings, etc.

T Doctrine: Obnoxious fat anti-racist feminist (probably jewish) claiming that ALL game – particularly F – is another Hololost, and that all White males deserve to be castrated, mutilated or put to death ‘for the children’.

There’s also another category, the D Doctrine (for Daddy or BigDik): the retarded negro who wants to jizz all over dem wyte wiminz. But he’s irrelevant, except for comic relief.

In any system which includes all three categories, W and T will be complementary at the expense of F… aka polarization, aka sheeit I’ve written about forever.

The symbiotic nature of W and D is pretty evident and constitutes the basics of pseudo-political ‘outrage porn’ clickbait, but it’s even more efficient when taken outside the strict confines of the political arena.

Example with movies reviews.

F Doctrine: Basic bitch commentary, “great performance by Christian Bale in a beautiful, brutal and flawed incarnation of muh dick“, burn this sheeeit with Zyklon-B.

T Doctrine: No review, mostly ad hominems against the fans of the movie/genre or anyone not possessing the proper opinions. “Straight out of Mein Kampff“, “an apology of fascism, White privilege and hate“, etc… the more retarded the better.

W Doctrine: Mostly reactionary, offering a counterpoint to T. “You won’t believe what this fat cunt sheboon feminists […]“, “Anti-white jews attack The Dark Knight“, “So now Christian Bale is Hitler according to jews“.

Etc, etc.

Also I’m a gay cuck and sex with marsupials is trad.

That’s how the game is played.

Dicks out.