🐳 Alpha & Beta Niggers 🐳

🐳 Alpha & Beta Niggers 🐳

"An American Tradition".

Alpha & Beta Faggots.

I can’t take anyone who places faith in the alpha & beta model seriously.

It’s retarded, assumes human social interactions are as simple and one-dimensional as those of wolves (in captivity) and is basically everything you would expect from delusional PUA LARPers.

As with many aspects of modern “game”, once you scratch a little beneath the surface you quickly discover that it has very little to do with getting cunt and a lot to do with phantasmagorical macho self-masturbation.

Let’s begin the rektal demolition.

I started by documenting myself on what PUA tards consider alpha & beta behavior.

I even torrented an ebook promising to turn me into an “Alpha Predator” (bitch I already a Simian super-predator) and get me pussy that noob betas can only dream of.


Rather than an actual guide, the ebook is merely a list of 21 steps to becoming an “Alpha Predator”.

First observation: Out of the 21 steps, only 5 (maybe 6) are about cunts. The rest is fantasy LARPing.

Here is point 5.

V. Eye contact of a real alpha male.

Eye contact should be one of the first things you concentrate on when you begin acquiring game skills.


Never break eye contact first. Never look down from an opponent. If you must look away, always look up or sideways.

You mean mad dogging?

Is point 6 about dodging bullets?

The author (Carlos something) even uses the word “opponent” to describe an hypothetical person he will likely never meet.

This is grade A delusion bordering on mental illness.

“Alpha Maleness” isn’t about cunt

There is only one kek.

Alpha Nigger Predator.

PUAs love to use the lure of pussy to get an audience, but as I said there’s almost nothing about actual pussy in their content.

Instead it’s a panegyris to their fictional interpretation of imaginary social dominance from the safety of their mom’s basement.

Never look down, take up more space, don’t respond immediately when called, never apologize, make people wait, don’t ask for permission, take what you want…

He even suggests cutting in lane and using a special “alpha” handshake at some point.

There’s literally nothing that can help you get cunt.

“Alpha Maleness” is about violating social conventions.

Social conventions

Tyrone, Housni and "Princess".

This is actual game.

Call me a beta pussy or whatever, but my intuition says the über-PUA author doesn’t actually apply any of these in his (non-fictional) life.

Transgressing taboos won’t get you laid with hot cunts, it will only get you removed from where said cunts congregate.

You’ll be left like the PUA Tyler Durden who has to pretend he’s banging the gentry of Los Angeles when he’s really just filming his hometown in Montana, dressed in UNICEF African Aid, while occasionally getting laid with the average 7/10 tourist.

Alpha / Beta is just feelgood masturbation.

It’s not about females, it’s about mocking other males in the most juvenile and irrational way possible.

You thought Hillary Clinton’s supporters were retarded?

Check out the PUA crowd.


Notice that no one ever attributed these qualities to them.

For instance, I doubt anyone who ever looked at Tyler Durden could honestly define him as either masculine or cool.

This is how THEY choose to see themselves.

There is no benchmark, no barometer and, since it’s mostly virtual LARPing, no reality check.

Also, how different is any of that from MSNBC?

Us = tolerant, progressive, educated. Them = ignorant, backwards, bigoted.

Different cultures

Neon Nigger Nazis.

Check out my peacocking.

The thing about mad dogging and infringing on other people’s space… it isn’t dominant in itself.

What makes it dominant is the risk associated.

If I were to go out tomorrow in Kensington or southwest Phillie and “AMOG” someone by staring them down or ostentatiously cutting them in line, which I won’t do and neither will your beloved PUAs, that would be “dominant” not because of the physical act but because of the danger involved in these acts.

It’s the CULTURE that defines what is and is not an act of dominance.

In some places, passing too close behind someone was a dominance display.

Yet, it’s perfectly normal and barely noticed in Disneyland.

White Feminism KILLS!

White Feminism KILLS!

Otherwhere, social dominance is measured by how close to someone you can spit. Mouth, not dick. I guess you could technically spit on the person for maximum points, but it makes it harder for him to pretend he didn’t notice.

These are not subtle displays.

All these acts, when taken out of their proper social context, will not make you “dominant”.

They will make you look like a clown, just like Tyler Durden when he tries to “AMOG” homeless people by screaming at them in his videos.

The social cultures frequented by 6.0-7.5/10 cunts, what most PUAs pull according to their own videos, have different signals for dominance and submission.

Not spit distance or response temporal delay, usually they are more subtle.

Luxury items, clothing, social group, car brand, etc…

So the PUAs fail on both counts: both in identifying the signals of dominance intrinsic to the culture they belong to and in displaying these (non-identified) signals.

“Beta” is a Slur

If he can Nazi, so can you!

If he can Nazi, so can you!

I talked about “alphas”, now lets talk about their counterpart: “betas”.

And that’s exactly what they are, a counterpart.

“Beta” is just a slur used by PUAs against other men, there is literally no coherent or persistent definition.

They talk a lot about pussy, but PUA is stricto sensu a male-to-male dick measuring contest.

Whatever qualities is ascribed to an “alpha”, the “betas” (everyone else) will automatically be guilty of the opposite.

The MSNBC example I used earlier is still relevant.

It doesn’t matter that Donald Trump isn’t a “homophobe”, in any sense of the word.

  • homophilia = good
  • Donald Trump = bad
  • bad = opposite of good
  • => Trump (bad) = opposite of homophilia (good) = homophobe (bad)

PUAs have their own (retarded) variation:

  • confident/masculine/fecal incontinent = good
  • beta = bad
  • bad = opposite of good
  • => betas (bad) = opposite of confident/masculine/fecal incontinent (good) = pussy/metrosexual/rectal virginity (bad)

Orwell’s 2 minutes of hate meet Spike Lee’s stereotypical negro delusions.

Beta just means whatever alpha is not, and even alpha is never properly defined so it’s up to any and everyone to make up their own definitions as they go.

Alpha > Beta > You

Fifty Lampshades of Zyklon. A Tyrone Production.

Fifty Lampshades of Zyklon-G.

Alpha and beta are just imaginary distinctions from barely coherent wolf studies applied to humans.

So when PUAs finally noticed that their house of cards was falling apart, namely because people started noticing the incoherence and incongruities in their model, something they would have noticed much earlier had they known anything about what they profess to teach (i.e. social interactions), what did they do?

They simply patched it by adding even more retarded categories.

To just Alpha & Beta they started adding Omega, Delta, Gamma and what not.

I even suggested Smegma, specifically for Tyler Durden.

Neither Omega, Delta, Gamma or any of the other social roles have any basis in ethology or animal behavioral ecology.

This is once again the PUA clown brigade trying to patch their broken model with completely fabricated pseudo-scientific absurdities that have no link to reality, much less serious zoological studies.

PUAs certainly have a thing for fantasy LARP.

So not only do they make up their own terminology as they go (it’s Greek so it must be serious!), they also mar and misuse existing albeit retarded scientific concepts.

For instance.

  • if a man approaches a woman offering her to buy her drinks, he becomes a “Beta Orbiter“.
  • if he grabs her by the hair, he instead becomes a “Alpha Male Other Guy“. (emphasis on “other guy”, implying the narrator is himself an alpha male… who decided that?)
Ultimate Cuck Compilation - Volume 1488.

Ultimate Cuck Compilation – Volume 1488.

A cunt and a man who happen to be at the same place at the same time are not a group.

For there to be a dominant and a/several submissive(s) positions, there needs to be a group.

A man that randomly approaches a cunt is not Alpha or Beta anything.

The entire premise is retarded.

The alpha and beta dichotomy is just there to provide moral sanction to transgressing social codes in the most impotent and risible ways imaginable, such as having Tyler Durden scream like a cunt at a fat homeless nigger smoking a cigar in Venice or having “Alex” steal a cheeseburger from McDonald’s.

Cheeseburger AMOG

A word about the Cheeseburger incident.

There’s a video of “Alex” (also from RSD) stealing a cheeseburger from McDonald’s.

It’s not even funny like the pranks involving soft drinks thrown on the waitresses, it’s just Alex taking a cheeseburger from the serving racks while his friends are laughing retardedly behind the camera.

Usually I would be the one to demonstrate, via my monumental genius and propensity for sarcasm, but this time we’ll do something different: you, retarded reader, will be the one to showcase Alex’s faggotry and that of the entire PUA clown brigade.

How, you ask?

I will ask a question and you will provide and answer.

  • Detroit, MI
  • Moss Side, Salford, UK
  • Val Fourré, Mantes-la-Jolie, Yvelines, France
  • Chester, PA
  • Étang-Noir, Molenbeek, BE
  • Jefferson, Rockford, IL
  • Hamilton Heights, West St. Louis, MO
  • Droixhe, Liège, BE
  • Cherry Hill, South Bal., MA
  • Sweden

You answered Chester too?

I was so sure it was Chester 😔

Tyrone’s REKTAL Disembodiment

Internet gangsters.

Internet gangsters.

The first part of this post was about establishing context.

This is where Tyrone’s R.E.K.T.A.L.A.B.U.S.E. begins.

As you may have noticed, The PUA alpha fetish is nothing but an excrescence of the Internet macho fantasy.

In the real world, literally no one grabs cunts by their hair while staring down their boyfriends, ostentatiously takes peoples possessions (felony), cuts people in lane or bothers with a “secret alpha handshake” to establish dominance over someone they don’t even know.

The last part is unfortunately true.

In the “Alpha Predator” guide, the author urges his readers to learn the “secret alpha handshake” otherwise “it WILL be used against you“.

It takes a certain kind of asperger retard to attribute malice to a handshake.

The secret? Don’t let go first.

You can be the most alpha of the pride parade. You might even get to ride the tank.

Why is Pepe circumcised?

Why is Pepe circumcised?

But fantasies often have an unconscious connection to reality.

Out of curiosity, I began to ponder the possible causes of their obsessional delusions with misunderstood leadership.

Specifically, I asked myself where these types of retarded dominance displays are employed.

Even in prison it’s usually a lot more covert and deniable (like “accidentally” using someone’s sink).

In elite management?

Perhaps a CEO towards a regional manager, but even then it’s usually more subtle.

I literally know of no social strata or culture that could potentially tolerate trisomic “alphaness” as practiced fantasized about by PUAs.

And then, after re-reading all these noobs pretending to be master at social manipulation from their transgender mother’s basement, it finally dawned upon me.

Schoolyard Virilism for Maladjusted Faggots

I was vindicated in the sense that alphaness had indeed nothing to do with getting cunt, something anyone with a brain could have noticed at their first encounter with the PUA crowd.

But alphaness isn’t even about dominance either.

Let’s go back to what behaviors PUAs define as “alpha”:

  • stare down passerby
  • take up more space
  • don’t respond when called
  • never apologize
  • make people wait
  • don’t ask for permission
  • take what you want
  • grab cunts by the hair
  • “secret handshake”

You get it?

This isn’t an alpha male checklist, this is a description of Demetrius, their elementary school tormentor.

PUA is merely an excuse for them to attempt to exorcise the childhood trauma of having Demetrius steal their lunch money for 6 years.

Who else grabs women by the hair in public, “makes people wait” and commits larceny with no regard for witnesses if not Demetrius in fourth grade?

The “secret handshake” should have been a dead giveaway.

They are extrapolating from their childhood abuse.

The retards leading the blind back to the school where they were sodomized by their special ed teacher.

The Reality

Paul Ryan, "An American Tradition".

Paul Ryan, “An American Tradition”.

The concept of Alpha & Beta applied to human social interactions is retarded.

What does exist are leaders and followers.

But being faggots, the PUA clowns get everything wrong.

There isn’t some subtle battle for dominance involving secret handshakes and mad dogging your geriatric wife.

Leadership isn’t something you take, it’s granted.


The followers (beta) GRANT the leader (alpha) his “privilege”.

Moreover, leadership is situation-dependent.

A leader (alpha) in one situation will be a follower (beta) in another. By his own volition.

That’s why “Alpha Lifestyle” is such a laughable fantasy.

A special message to Tyler Durden and the PUA clowns.

Get it, faggots?

Get it, faggots?

We saw your Instagram and Youtube videos.

No one is impressed.

I know they say fake it til you make it, but at some point you have to make it.

You would most likely be the laughing stock of actual Pick-Up Artists if they only knew that you existed.

They don’t, so enjoy your respite.

I know you still suffer deep down inside from what Demetrius did to you.

I know how he made you feel “feminine”.

Last Time Anal, an Adult Comedy.

Demetrius and Tyler’s wife.

I know how you wake up crying at night, the tears and perspiration on your face subtly reminding you of the much more glutinous liquid you received on that day.

I know how he destroyed your precious, how he turned it from a ring to a bracelet to a necklace to a seatbelt.

I know how you spill Fanta on your $2 jeans each time you see African-American children playing, even when you weren’t drinking Fanta.

I know you think no one understands you, how society looks past you, like you don’t exist, like your suffering amounts to nothing.

I know how you feel when you look into the eyes of others, those who don’t understand your pain, those who blame you, who say you should have dressed more modestly.

I know how your parents couldn’t afford to buy you more modest clothes, how you want to get back at society for humiliating you, again and again.

I know about the feelings of hatred, of bitterness, of vengeance that linger in your head, how badly you want to punish these hot bitches, to make them feel the same pain you felt.

But they’re not hot bitches, Tyler.

They’re simply average females trying to blow off steam on a Friday after a week of taking order at a McDonald’s Drive-In.

You can stop stealing cheeseburgers now, Demetrius is gone.

He’s gone Tyler, let go of the past.

Demetrius died, he was fatally shot in Febuary 2012.

He is gone now.

Tyler, do you remember when he died?

What did you feel?

Pain? Anger? Relief?

Tyler, do you remember the trial?

Demetrius Martin was shot by your wife.

Before the operation.

She went by a different name, back then.

She couldn’t take your constant crying.

She felt she had to act.

The jury understood.

Your wife was acquitted, Tyler.

What did you feel?


Were you guilty that she was acquitted for second-degree murder?

Or because you actually enjoyed it more when you were taken by Demetrius than when you had to fuck your wife with two boxes of Viagra?

Would you prefer if Demetrius were still alive, still caressing you like he used to?

That’s too bad.

But look on the bright side, you still have scar tissue from where he touched you.

Or is that what you fear?

That Demetrius will continue to torment you even in death?

He can only hurt you if you let him.

Some people are a part of your history, not your destiny.

You can let go, Tyler.

I know it’s hard.

Free yourself from this burden, Tyler.

You can do it.

I know you can.

A brighter future awaits you.

One in which you no longer need to pretend you’re a character from the book of a homosexual.

You a free, Tyler.

You can become a woman now.

It’s legal.

You’re already halfway there.

Demetrius can’t hurt you anymore.




Dicks out.

🐱 Covert Politicization 🐱

🐱 Covert Politicization 🐱

Tyrone's Covert Politicization Course.

Tyrone’s Covert Politicization Course.

Too many chalky devils gentrifying my Alt-Right.

We gun havdo da nasty on dem momaz n sheeit.

This was originally supposed to be included in the Penishat post (check out the link if you don’t know why the penishat will revolutionize modern R.E.K.T.A.L. contraceptives) but I decided it deserved a safe space of its own.

Welcome to Tyrone’s covert politicization course.

Most people have something to sell.

Sometimes niggers, usually their opinions.

For example: 2154 is the album of the year.

These opinions are often proselytic in nature: “Agree with me senpai!“.

Fact: Most Niggers are Black.

Fact: Most Niggers are Black.

But humans are ingenious niggers, so they filter out unwanted information through a process of conscious discrimination… in other words, judgement.

Since conflicting opinions are particularly common in political spheres, its associated propaganda rapidly devolves into a simianesque bidding war.

But Tyrone is more than a mere supernatural Simian.

Tyrone is your God and you will worship him with both hands and your tonsils woman!

Thus, God Tyrone devised a better method of persuasion: covert suggestion.

Don’t resist it, you already fell victim to its Afromystical powers twice.


  • what will revolutionize modern R.E.K.T.A.L. contraceptives?
  • what is the album of the year?

Implemented within the political sphere, mass covert suggestion becomes covert politicization.

It works by hijacking the assumption of normality.

🐱‍ It works because the element suggested differs from the identified primary topic.

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.

This is a Neon Nazi blog.

About politics.

My suggestions were about contraceptives and music.

You are consciously prepared for me trying to deceive, lie or otherwise manipulate you on matters related to politics (identified primary topic).

You won’t filter my opinions as effectively when I sidetrack you with seemingly unrelated assertions.

Think IV drip chamber.

If we were in an actual interactive community, the effect would be compounded by the fear of ostracism over a perceived yet peripheral dissent.

Imposed conformity.

🐱‍ The Alt-Right is full of Neon Nazis doing movie / gaming / music reviews or offering lifestyle, religious or nutritional advice.

The Alt-Right 101.

The Alt-Right 101.

The Alt-Right is inherently obsessed with talking with itself.

An internal dialogue that could go on forever… in fact, it does if you consider that Stormfront is older than most of its members.

When one topic of conversation is depleted they quickly move onto the next.

That’s cool but it’s also pretty much useless when it comes to mass propaganda.

We don’t need more Neon Nazis doing X reviews.

We need X reviewers “accidentally” having controversial opinions.

IV drip chamber.

The Alt-Right is obsessed with being edgy.

But they won’t be edgy as long as they remain a closed door circle-jerk.

🐱‍ Don’t write FOR the Alt-Right ABOUT normie society.

🐱‍ Write FOR the normies WITH Alt-Right talking points.

Intravenous red pilling (one of my first posts faggots… notice how much more civilized I am now, I just call you faggots instead of pussy shitskin faggot whores I hope you die of HIV).

Are you ready to mutilate your microkok in the name of Djihzus?

Dicks out.

The Penishat 🎩

The Penishat 🎩

Womens R Kunts.

Womens R Kunts.


I am the most genius idea nigger of the entire African-American continent.

I call it… the Men’s March.

Every member of the Alt-Right, Alt-Lite and neo-Confederate “Niggers 4 Abolition of Humanity” caucus must join forces to march on Washington DC while wearing a penishat.

The penishat is a device of my invention which permits the bearer to possess both a face and a phallus at the same time and anatomical location, much like Mike Enoch’s esteemed wife.

Let your dick be h(e)ard with Tyrone’s most racist contraption…

The penishat, yours for $14.88 on Tuesdays.

Black man, I must admit the truth.

The penishat is but a distraction.

Only the sharpest minds will have noted the true element of retardation contained within my shitpost.

If you haven’t suffered a neurological spasms compelling you to regurgitate, in a sexually suggestive fashion, your fruity-flavored cheetos at the sight of a “Men’s March” you’re not the sharpest crack pipe in the welfare office.

And that’s the problem with the Alt-Right: not very black, not very bright, not very sharp.

You can take the African out of the Jungle...

You can take the African out of the Jungle…

I, on the other hand, am Sauron the Black Nigger of the KKK.

You seem to like the Lord of the Rings so read careful.

The One Ring.

What does it do besides making you invisible? Nothing.

To “rule them all” is about as meaningful as making “your dick h(e)ard” with my penishat.

A literal cargo cult.

Humans are incapable of telling the difference between power and the illusion of power.

The Fourth Reich is about true power while the Alt-Right is complacent in chasing chimaeras.

Hence the Fourth Reich succeeds where the Alt-Right fails.

Cunt protests, antifa, black riots and hysterical monosomic feminists are illusions of power.

Let the cunts march, they are insignificant and can easily be corrected by Muhammad forgetting a pressure cooker in his pussybackpack.

The normalization of cultural anti-Whiteness is actual power.

Feminism is for niggers, cunts and racists.

Feminism is for niggers, cunts and racists.

The assumption of normality is the actual heart of the anti-White coalition.

Clickbait followed by anti-White mantras.

From “Top 10 Funniest Cat Fails” to “10 Times Immigrants Saved American Lives“.

This is what the Alt-Right should be addressing.

Not some diabetic cunt protester screeching about White privilege.

Not that Vogue is teaching teens sodomy.

Not that the pussyhat is jewish.

Not that Vatican II is an assault against European civilization.

Alas, the Alt-Right is full of cunts, cucks and faggots.

It’s up to you niggers to do the White man’s work.

Dicks out.

📝 Neo-Zoanthoid Nigger Dogmas 📝

📝 Neo-Zoanthoid Nigger Dogmas 📝

Why is Pepe circumcised?

Why is Pepe circumcised?

Every civilization, society, culture, sub-culture or group has its taboos.

The Alt-Right is no exception despite its best efforts to portray itself as edgy and iconoclastic.

These taboos are mostly retarded yet unchallenged dogmas that anyone with a room temperature IQ can correctly identify as risible.

Luckily, it usually only takes one nigger to challenge those assumptions for them to expediently vanish.

A few of such quasi-religious precepts have already been quite easily refuted.

Homos, weed, porn, white knighting, booze, libertarianism and Waffen SS LARPing were all commended and embraced until some slightly less retarded nigger eventually points out the obvious.

Unfortunately the rhythm is much too slow so once again I, Tyrone J. Trump, the Simian BBC-Predator, will have to do the White man’s work by exposing why you’re all stupid and married to your grandmothers.

Read carefully, niggers…

I will crush the dogmas of the Alt-Right under the girth of my epic phallus.

1. Hate

Neon Nigger Nazis.

Neon Nigger Nazis.

WNs are obsessed with “hate“.

I am constantly told by practitioners of the anti-nigger arts that “hate is good“, “it’s okay to hate” or that I should “let the hate flow” (yes, from Star Wars).


It just feels like yet another justification for the Alt-Right’s patented inaction… “but it’s ok because I HATE“.

Hate is retarded and counter-productive.

Our minds are designed to reason inductively.

Hatred shuts down our capacity for judgement and discernment by inserting an emotional response in the reasoning process.

It might work for anti-Whites, habituated to compensate their lack of cognitive capabilities with numbers, but anti-intellectual aversion parties sound cuntish and aren’t a winning strategy anyway.

Hating is for losers.

Ted Bundy did more damage to cunts than your MGTOW homos.

Humans are judged by their actions.

2. Cunts

Taylor Swift, a racist White feminist.

Taylor Swift, a racist White feminist.

Some WN claim that women are human.

Not really.

Women are instruments.

Not even tools or objects.

An object can have multiple functions, women have one.

They don’t even deserve that I waste time on their sex.

But some of the males that claim to hate cunts sound cuntish themselves.

He who fights cunts should look to it that he himself does not become a cunt. And if you piss long into a cunt, the cunt also pisses into you” – Tyrone J. Nietzsche.

Makes sense.

It’s often other cunts that hate cunts the most.

Both cunts and anti-cunts should be raped by niggers.

3. Egalitarianism

Kristen Stewart is a Neon Nazi.

Kristen Stewart is a Neon Nazi.

I am constantly told that I should worship blue-collar homos.

According to the Alt-Right, the apex of human achievement is a plumber commuting seven days a week and fucking one (singular) obese quadriplegic over-aged ex-feminist cunt who calls my grandmother “kiddo“.

And that’s the best case scenario, others would demand I worship some full retard in medieval chain-mail impotently flailing his sword at imaginary negroes on the Internet (oops, that was your plasma screen… better work extra hours fixing faucets so Eleonore can watch Sex and the City on Netflix) and growing tomatoes in his trailer park. “Blood and soil“.

I piss on the middle-class, the “poor” (if there’s even such a thing in Welfamerica), blue-collars and other average retards.

You fellate Da Vinci, Edison and the Wrights yet all you can manage is beaner-level manutention.

You masturbate Bob the Builder with one hand and Donald Trump with the other.

Effete, incoherent and complacent in the perceived “manliness” of being a $7 whore.

At least niggers don’t work.

Economic and social egalitarianism breed racial egalitarianism.

If the only explanations for economic and social disparities are “greed” and exploitation, it follows that the only explanations for racial and biological disparities are privilege and exploitation.

4. Pseudo-medieval morality

Paul Ryan, "An American Tradition".

Paul Ryan, “An American Tradition”.

Do you live in Ohio yet include quasi-cathartic rants about what you spell “honour” in all your interventions?

Do you frequently interrupt my mockeries of cunts being raped, tortured and/or mutilated by niggers to DEMAND that I, an Internet persona, avenge the damsel’s “honour” by dueling to death against a Youtube nigger?

Do you, after I finally cede to your incessant whining about saving cunts and offer you a potential solution, immediately decry me as a “dishonourable infidel” and publicly doubt my European heritage?

Then you might be are a rectally prolapsed faggot and should kill yourself slowly.

You can’t even LARP credibly or coherently about the Middle-Ages so you just make up fantasies as you go on, or at the very least you extrapolate from an insignificant concept (chivalric ethos) that barely impacted its history.

Fifty Lampshades of Zyklon. A Tyrone Production.

Fifty Lampshades of Zyklon. A Tyrone Production.

Chivalry applied to knights and governed their relations to the Church and its subjects (i.e. other knights).

It had literally nothing to do with dueling Saracens in the desert and neither does White advocacy in the current year.

Why do obviously homosexual (just look at their historically inaccurate yet completely LGBBCTQ+ friendly depictions of medieval armor, most notably the completely useless “slim” helmet) LARPers constantly exhibit their ridiculous moral fantasies and command everyone else to abide by them?

You’re not “blood and soil” because you can’t stay on your soil, your Ebola ideology only spreads by infection.

Henry Bouquet and his smallpox sodomy of Injuns faggots are more European than your Lord of the Rings v. Compton reenactments.

Get rid of moral faggotry.

Cut the 0.9 with birth control pills, cunts don’t deserve detergent.

Also, from the actual Code of Chivalry.

Thou shalt love the country in which thou wast born.

So stop saying “honour“.

5. Niggers and MINOs

Muffugah I still not gay niggarz.

Muffugah I still not gay niggarz.

The day of the rope is coming, amirite?

Go fuck yourself and your ropes.

The Alt-Right is obsessed with niggers and other MINOs, it’s like watching a reality TV show about retarded African semi-chimps.

Trayvon has HIV, Jerome went prison gay, Jamal hates the popo…

Juan impregnated his niece, Carlos fucked the baby, they all got deported (jk, José works for ICE)…

Even the dumbest libtard of Vermont knows about “those people”, which explains why they live in Vermont rather than next to diversity.

Nobody needs a KKKFC Grand Pigeon or your ultra-edgy FBI statistics to “avoid the groid” as you like to say.

Liberals were avoiding the groid since before you were born.

It was jew-York City, not Houston or Kansas City, that implemented Stop & Frisk.

Maybe that fact is worth more consideration than an endless diatribe on Shaquilla putting her 17th child in a dishwasher.

White people know about Trayvon, Arash and José.

They may not know about Haim, Jonathan and Gad importing them.

Forget the nigs, they aren’t going anywhere until you deal with the ENTIRE multiKult apparatus.

Starting at the top.

6. White babies

Baby Hitler was a Nigger and a Nazi.

Baby Hitler was a Nigger and a Nazi.

White babies should be gassed and sodomized.

The monomaniac fixation by some on the Alt-Right with increasing “White” birthrates at all cost is further proof of the degeneration of White nationalism into multiKult niggerism.

Niggers have 50 chilluns so we must have 51!

Monkey see, Nazi do.

You’re not even giving birth you’re just watching your pig wife shit out plastic bottles, manure, dead cats, cardboard boxes and other shit she shoves in her cunt when you can’t please her with your barely visible circumcised microcock.

You just assume they’re babies because you’re so retarded that’s what you looked like when you were born.

What’s White, hairless and pisses razors?

Your daughter’s cunt after I give her syphilis.

7. Islamophobia

The True Arab-Right.

The True Arab-Right.

Islamophobia is retarded and doesn’t work.

Wherever politicians tried to make “Islam” the focal point of their campaign, it failed.

Be it Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders or Norbert Hofer.

Even trump suffered from being portrayed as an Islamophobe.

People can understand getting rid of beaners, pakis, shitskins, even niggers.

But neo-cohen Islamophobia is never about deporting anyone, it’s always gratuitous provocation against Muslims in the vein of the “Draw Muhammad” vulgarities affectionated by (((Pamela Geller))) and her tribe.

Anti-Muslim propaganda doesn’t work, much less when trannies and faggots are used as arguments to demonize Islam and it’s adherents.

Leave it to neo-cohens.

8. Homos

Tyrone is the new KKK.

Tyrone is the new KKK.

The Alt-Right seems to have a love/hate relationship with faggots.

I don’t love them nor do I hate them, but I do wish to see at least a few thrown from rooftops.

For entertainment.

Hence why we shouldn’t demonize Islam (see above).

However homos do serve the strategic purpose of spreading STDs both amongst themselves and to women called Yaelle or Saloma.

So 50% will be thrown from the Reichstag and the other half will attend Yeshivas.

9. Mudsharks

Kristen Stewart and Dylann Roof. Two Nazis.

Kristen Stewart and Dylann Roof. Two Nazis.

The Alt-Right seems to rabidly detest mudsharks for reasons I can’t seem to fully comprehend.

Are they jealous?

Mudsharks are usually the most racist cunts you will ever find.

It’s just that they hate themselves as much as they hate niggers, sometimes more, so instead of the KKK they go KFC.

If they get impregnated and the father leaves the cunt, which happens, the GMO child will often be abused well into his teens.

Kristen Stewart and Donald Trump.

Kristen Stewart and Donald Trump.

How many of you hardcore Neon Nazis are dedicated enough to waste your life psychologically abusing shitskin babies?

Mudsharks are, of course, no longer part of the White race.

They are “honorary” once they drive their mudchild to commit suicide, either by razor, cop, crack or fellow shitskin.

And even those who do feel attraction to non-Whites should be commended: they remove that particular strain of mental illness from our gene pool.

The Alt-Right should be much more concerned with racist anti-Whites, those who consciously promote a lifestyle inconsistent with the one they choose for themselves.

Forget the occasional cunt that falls on Jamal’s cock.

The spawn will be ripe to blow up a Syna-pse.

10. Machism

Tyrone's Banana Face Mask.

Tyrone’s Banana Face Mask.

Some of you niggers make met so wet (💗💗💗) when you mention how you manfully take on AN ENTIRE CARGO of niggers armed only with your GIGANTIC PHALLUS and your faith in our LORD AND SAVIOR DONALD TRUMP!!!!

Forget those niggers anon, come ravish me instead 💗💗💗.

Give it to me anon 💗💗💗, tell me more about how you don’t take shit from niggers on the Internet.

Some of you are so obsessed with Internet posturing that you forget we already have a benchmark to measure efficiency without resorting to phallus measuring: results.

If you don’t have the Dick, don’t talk about condoms.

If it doesn’t result in an FBI investigation, don’t mention how you stared down a barrio with the EYES OF A KKK GRAND TIGER.

And if it does that’s all the more reason to shut up.

In short, stop posturing.

That’s what animals do when raped in captivity.

Don’t finger me human, I’m a dangerous Internet predator“.

Dicks out.

Once you go Nigger 💩 you get Trigger 🤔

Once you go Nigger 💩 you get Trigger 🤔

Who is Tyrone J. Trump?

Who is Tyrone J. Trump?

By popular demand, my exclusive interview with your mother.

Honorable Tyrone J. Trump, describe yourself in a few words.


What type of message are you trying to convey with your writings?

First by it’s style, a kind of incomprehensible blizzard of theological ramblings strewn with macrophallic ego trips and hallucinogenic Fourth Reich proselytism, my works begets intelligence, stealth, sadism and supremacy.

In one paragraph I am a nigger living on welfare in Arizona, in another I become the son of Donald Trump and Harambe rescued from the Cincinnati Zoo by Habitat for Humanity and Joseph Goebbels.

Frequently, I am the token Simian representative of Aryan Supremacy, while at times I endorse the role of Shontavia Johnson, social science professor at Baltimore university, pursuing the work of Malcolm X by denouncing the abhorrent racism and misogyny of Taylor Swift.

The style is just as important as the substance.

In occupied territory, what matters isn’t the insignia you wear on your uniform.

Tyrone J. Trump, Hate Incarnate.

Tyrone J. Trump, Hate Incarnate.

What is your relation to National Socialism and your thoughts on 1933-1945 Germany?

The Fourth Reich title should be an indicator.

To make matters even clearer, I am not nor have I ever been a “Nazi”.

I am not socialist nor am I nationalist.

Nor am I a “confederate” (Philadelphia bitches), an “identitarian”, a “reactionary”, nor do I defend any form of egalitarian ideology.

Had I been born prior to WW2, I would have gladly joined the Wehrmacht (or more likely the Abwehr) and made the official Holohoax story seem like a Disney romance.

As I was born only a few years before the start of the century, that’s impossible and any fantasies about SS troops marching on DC are nothing more than Hollywood LARP.

And yes, I am 100% Aryan from head to my overdeveloped phallus (it always amuses me to see tanned brachycephals unironically call me a nigger or a degenerate on the Internetz).

When I use Nazi symbols and imagery, it’s precisely that: symbols and imagery.

The logos of all things hostile to the post-WW2 (temporary) triumph of faggotry, masochistic tolerance, anomic imbecility,  and the religions of human rights and cosmopolitan equality.

“Nazism” is the perfect anti-symbol of the dominant ideologies.

You call yourself “serial goatfucker” on your blog. What is your opinion on pre-marital stoning?

Obscure question about the muslim world?

Without going into unnecessary diatribes about inter-religious conflicts, Islam is good.

As the White masses become increasingly niggerized they adopt the mental faculties and superstitions of their (once) inferior colored counterparts.

Muslims will believe anything as long as it’s presented as “Islamic”, just as christcucks now believe anything so long as “JeeBush said so” (i.e. christian zionism).

Islam is one of the three pillars of Fourth Reich theocracy.

The Fourth Reich Holy Trinity.

The Fourth Reich Holy Trinity.

While White Nationalists are debating the sexuality of Pepe and its relation to the abolition movement, muslims are decapitating infidels, stoning whores, throwing faggots from rooftops and firing rockets at (((colonists))).

Haloufa akbar.

What are your opinions the the alt right and the progress it has made in the last few years?

Who was more influential to the National Socialist anthem, Goebbels or Horst Wessel?

The Alt-Right is obsessed with numbers.

How do we convert more people, etc.

They only see masses as soldiers, be they military or electoral.

I asked a simple question in one of my first posts.

When does blogging, trolling and tweeting translate into actual political action?

When will alt-right leaders decide that they are satisfied with the number of adherents?

In other words, when do we reach critical mass? At 40%? 60%? 99% of the electorate?

You know those numbers are unattainable, not least because of the demographic shift brought by the (((anti-racists))) and their enablers.

So the manufactured need to reach mass consensus amongst not just the movement but the electorate at large becomes the justification for more pro-White inactivism.

I have yet to receive an answer.

The Alt-Right crowd is, ironically, filled with ex-Leftists.

As such they bring their herd mentality, group-think, personality cult and superstition into right-wing politics.

Instead of idolizing MLK they worship Donald Trump.

Instead of hating “white wayciss” they hate coloreds.

Instead of seeing a KKK/Koch brother conspiracy at every corner they impute the CIA/(((George Soros))) with the responsibility for every event imaginable.

They never rejected the Leftist religion, they merely swapped its icons for more edgy ones.

It’s not so different than when blacks claim to be the “true israelites” or that JeeBush was a watermelon-American.

You can’t build a political movement around “muh huwhite wominz fukked by dindu“.

I don’t care about recruiting voters, I want those capable of taking over institutions, hijacking culture and controlling the narrative.

Hitler didn’t rise to power through proselytism but through targeted propaganda and subversion.

You wrote about converting normies to pro-White and race realist politics. Can you briefly expand on those points?

Again, I’m not into recruitment or conversion.

I’m not a very good “White Nationalist” as I detest most of what composes the White race.

I’m the ultimate anti-human Führer, much closer to Dirlewanger than Uncle Adolf.

The only difference between myself and nihilist serial killers is that I don’t hate all things equally.

I’ll provide an illustration through an article on Aryan Skynet, How stereotypes begin.

We had a real scary one. It was an incredible story, and, initially, when the press called and stuff, they were skeptical – “What do you mean, she got grabbed off the street? What do you mean?”

There was a woman in her early twenties waiting for the bus at Chicago and Halsted, she was coming home from a friend’s, about eleven at night. A car pulled up, three guys got out and grabbed her, brought her into the car – one sexually assaulted her in the car – then they brought her over to an abandoned apartment in one of the projects. And then she was gang-raped by about thirty-five people.

I mean, the way she described it, it was really humiliating. They had her on a couch and they were selling her like for a dollar and cigarettes and stuff. The weird part about it was there were real young boys participating; they were making comments about her vagina, that it looked like a cat or something, like they had never seen one before. And one guy would put his penis in her mouth and another one would be putting his hand in her vagina – and laughing it up at the same time. And there would be a constant – dozens of people in the apartment – in and out, in and out.

What was really strange about it, I mean, other than all the usual horror involved, was that there were so many participants. And it was a thing where the word was getting around the entire building – “Go down to Apartment 304” – and all the younger kids in the building were in there watching, and the older guys would throw them out, and they had to come up with money.

The kicker is they bring her outside and they slit her wrists. We found the blood. I don’t know what that was supposed to do – scare her? Kill her? The cuts on her wrist didn’t turn out to be exceptionally deep.

Arrests were made on it, but we couldn’t get all of them. She couldn’t identify all of them.

Here’s the real terror of it. It was some time later when we talked to her again. She said she couldn’t walk down the street, because every time she’d see a black guy, she’d think that was one of the guys who raped her – because there were so many, because she couldn’t ID them. She was sitting in the office one time; I didn’t recognize her, because she had dyed her hair. So they wouldn’t recognize her.

I don’t even like to think about that one.

This summarizes the state of the White race today.

Her problem wasn’t being “gang-raped by about thirty-five people”, her problem was that the gang-rape might make her WAYCISS.

What are you trying to gain by converting people like that?

If a gang-rape didn’t wake her up, do you really believe your super-edgy FBI statistics will?

Do we even want them?

My policy on having normies join the “Movement”: leave the door open, with strings attached.

You also wrote about infiltrating and controlling the Left, something that too few White Nationalist leaders are willing to discuss.

Taylor Swift is the symbol of hate.

Taylor Swift is the symbol of hate.

Take any presidential election map.

That is reality.

It’s not going to change substantially, save for demographic shifts (and those work against us, not in our favor).

I’ll repeat my previous question, worded slightly differently.

If black riots, beaner invasions, (((Wall Street))) usury, MINO criminality and open anti-White advocacy from mainstream politicians doesn’t wake up America, what will?

Your edgy FBI statistics?

Your dank frog memes?

Your dissertation on Filipino tribalism?

As Firepower would say: America isn’t asleep, it’s stupid.

You don’t “wake up” stupid.

You don’t convince or persuade stupid.

Stupid doesn’t respond to logical constructs such as factual treatises.

Stupid responds to stimuli.

And how do you apply stimuli?

Through black bloc, antifa and muzzies.

I detect a hint of Nietzschean nihilism in your philosophical aesthetics. What writers have influenced you?

I doubt you’ll find many similarities between Nietzsche and the Apex Simian Sexual Supremacist Tyrone J. Trump.

I wouldn’t burn his work like I would do to many other, but I find most of his theses unimpressive and recycled from Stoicism (the original, not the post-modern bastardization).

For the writers who have influenced me…

God tier: Gómez Dávila.

Tier I: Goebbels.

Tier II: Jefferson, Baudelaire, Hitler, Degrelle, Marillier, Gobineau.

Contemporary: Kevin McDonald, Hervé Ryssen, Thomas Sowell.

What’s your opinion on the so-called alt lite?

I hold the unorthodox view that the Alt-Lite is a net positive for White Nationalism.

They serve the dual-purpose of normalizing slightly pro-White, albeit implicitly, policies and providing an ideological cover for advancing our agenda.

Let Gavin McInnes and his yellow fever brood be the mystery meat shields of White Supremacy.

Much better to attack them from the Left in the most ridiculous and unappealing fashion than to evict them from right-wing politics.

Purging the “Movement” of Alt-Lite faggots runs the risk of reviving the Left/Right cleavage that we finally rendered obsolete.

White Feminism, Fourth Reich Propaganda.

White Feminism, Fourth Reich Propaganda.

What do you think of the state of the USA and particularly its image in the world?

The reality is that the rest of the world knows little about America.

In the age of information, people’s knowledge of other cultures is ludicrously limited to whatever TV documentaries for cognitively impaired children are willing to show.

Only strictly racial stereotypes are frowned upon.

America thereby becomes the land of redneck mass shooters, Japan the land of effeminate and asexual anime fappers (or was that the DailyStormer?), Russia the land of inebriated anarchists and Italy the land of cigar smoking criminal syndicates.

Amongst the right-wing segments of these populations, often more informed about the realities of the world, America is in many ways the scarecrow of the wtesern hemisphere: the type of homeless faggot that you would show your kids telling them “this is what you’ll become if you don’t do well in school“.

Sweden is rapidly climbing the echelons, but America will remain for long the barometer of stupid.

Do you believe in a revival? Or has society sunk too low?

À la Red Dawn? No.

Today’s Brandons and Justins are incapable of any form of disruption, even with the entire media apparatus (not to mention the judicial institutions) on their side as evidenced by the pathetic OWS failure.

Has society sunk too low?

Apparently not low enough.

Survival and reproduction are the two most fundamental and somatic necessities of the human species.

Porn or some other factor has apparently nullified the need for reproduction in light of every 30 year old virgin voting for Hillary and whoring for the system.

The true Alt-Right, Racist and H-H-Hateful.

The true Alt-Right, Racist and H-H-Hateful.

What’s left is the need for survival, and it will take nothing less than mass starvation for Justin and Jared to recover their biological instincts.

This is what White Supremacists should target.

But even when their fridges are empty, will they be prepared?

For the majority of American fagboiz, in addition to the absence of military knowledge, discipline and intellect, there is a notable lack of fascination for guns, bombs, knives, combat, gore and big rigs, which are found not just in our ghetto-Americans but also in Slav hooligans, south asian drug dealers and muzzie peace warriors.

Murkans lack not just the technique and faculties but most of all the character: vicious.

That’s why PeterPanzers and their dreams of Red Dawn or just LARP faggots.

Solace won’t come from a (((Hollywood))) showdown between the forces of Good and Sauron’s evil army.

It will come from giving the One Ring to Saruman and letting him deal with Sauron, then stabbing whoever survives in the back.

White Supremacy need to be less of a political movement and more of a cult and a secret society.

You’re either with us or with the multiKultists“.

Fourth Reich Subversion.

White Nationalism wallows too much in fantasies of a lost past.

It’s nice to dream of vikings and crusades, nostalgia is as good as any motive, but always remember the immortal words of Tyrone J. Trump: “tradition is what’s left when you lost everything else“.

White Supremacists must regain a taste for true power: fucking the (((establishment))) with more than just clever memes on Twitter, living in castles and penthouses, driving luxury rigs rather than faggot Jap sedans, infiltrating opposition groups instead of parading in mock historical reconstitutions.

What movies do you like?

Josef Mengele’s sex tape in Poland.

I detest movies, I only listen to true SEWER music.

This will turn anyone into a rabid genocidal White Supremacist.

Nigger Nazi.

Nigger Nazi.

The alt right scene seems to have witnessed a mutation in the current years by moving further and further away from the traditional canons of right-wing politics and into strictly identitarian territory. What is your opinion on this transformation?

I’ll start by saying that I’m right-wing.

I have always been right-wing, even before I was a White Supremacist, insofar as right-wing being defined as: a centralized (totalitarian) authority, observance of nature’s laws, belief in hierarchy, anti-egalitarianism, militarism and social Darwinism.

With that said, being pro-White and against everything of aforementioned aren’t incompatible.

You can be a humanist social worker and still be pro-White.

It just makes you a pro-White faggot, which is tolerable.

I see the emancipation of pro-White policies from the limited political spectrum of the Left/Right dichotomy as a positive: this is a cultural, societal and civilizational conflict before a political one.

Pro-White advocacy needs to become less of a political issue and more of a societal condition.

That’s why Sam Hyde, PewDiePie, Varg Vikernes and arguably Evalion are efficient.

You talk about a “Fourth Reich” in many of your writings. Can you briefly describe the concept of Fourth Reich and its origins?

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

I’ll start with the origins: a three second brainstorming.

The concept and signification are much more important than the name.

Many White Nationalists are fixated on this idea of being dissident “truth warriors”, wanted by the government for their infamous white genocide tweets.

It all feels niggerish to me.

Even their methods mirror those of niggers: get as many adherents possible, organize a march / protest, demand the system / Donald Trump grant them “equal rights”…

They brag about how they’ve been banned from Twitter as Dontavius brags that he spent three years in jail.

They constantly pay lip service to their “White Heritage”… we wuz Kangz in Europe / the Motherland.

Here’s a suggestion: instead of fellating yourselves for your superior Aryan intellect, use said intellect to do something other than ape the most inefficient tactics of bonobo-Americans and their (((handlers))).

The Fourth Reich is about controlling society.

Both Left and Right, both pro-White and anti-White.

The details of this principle are detailed in depths here and elsewhere on this blog.

The main strategy is a two-pronged attack.

On one side, make anti-White politics unsustainable and unappealing to everyday Whites.

On the other, facilitate the transition between moderate to civic nationalist, from civic nationalist to White Nationalist, from White Nationalist to White Supremacist.

It’s about seeing White Supremacy as a gang, a cult, a secret society… in other words a hierarchical structure opposed to the egalitarian fabric of political parties.

The Fourth Reich is closer to the Church of Scientology than to the American Freedom Party.

We want power.

Not approval, not voters, not readership.

Dicks out.