πŸ”Š Fifth Base Politics πŸ”Š

πŸ”Š Fifth Base Politics πŸ”Š

Fifth Base Politics.

Fifth Base Politics.

Gay Cuck #1 – Why are you calling me a gay cuck? Don’t you know that cuck is the preferred insult of neo-nazis and other white supremacist bigots?

Gay Cuck #2 – What’s wrong with being a gay cuck? I’m PROUD of being a gay cuck.

Gay Cuck #3 – I don’t know if pride factors into the equation, but I certainly feel a distinctive homoerotic rush for passive interracial anal when I talk about tolerance and white privilege.

Gay Cuck #4 – Yeah, when I post BLM images on Facebook it feels like I’m getting anally ravaged by tall and muscular Black men, something I’m too afraid to try in real life because of HIV.

Gay Cuck #5 – Are you a fucking nazi??? It’s racist as shit to talk about Black men and HIV!

The White Genocide Party.

The White Genocide Party.

Gay Cuck #4 – I can’t be racist… I’m a gay cuck, dude.

Gay Cuck #2 – Yeah, you’re the nazi since you’re anti-cuck. Also you talked about shit and Black men in the same sentence.

Gay Cuck #5 – Of course I’m racist, I’m a white privileged male who enjoys getting creampied by my two Mexican nephews. But I was making the point that you’re just as racist and bigoted as me, as you’re also a white male and apparently use your political and sexual orientations to oppress minorities with talk of HIV and nauseating stereotypes about musculature and anal sex. If I’m a bigot – and I am, to my great anguish – then so are you.

Gay Cuck #4 – Yeah, but I’m a gay cuck.

Gay Cuck #3 – OH SNAP! You got served better than your Mexican nephews.

Tyrone Trump – Hitler was a hermaphrodite dolphin.

Gay Cuck #2 – Yeah, go back crying to the crypto-fascists of All Lives Matter (*vomits*) if you can’t handle arguments based on REASON and LOGIC.

Gay Cuck #6 – Lol, reason and logic are the weapons of white heteronormative oppression. FIGHT WHITE POWER!!!

Gay Cuck #5 – Look, I was just making the point that being a gay cuck doesn’t absolve us of the sins of our forebears – holocaust, slavery, genocide and the racial oppression of minorities everywhere – and that our anti-fascistic sexual practices don’t give us the right to oppress People of Color by talking about HIV.

Gay Cuck #6 – Why didn’t you capitalize Holocaust, you fucking NAZI!!! I’m calling the police.

Gay Cuck #7 – Yeah, it seems that our community is being infiltrated by Alt-Right racists and anti-Semites. Gay Cuck #5 – if indeed you are a gay cuck, which I doubt – you might want to get in touch with your lawyer as I’m archiving this chat and will be sharing everything that you’ve said here with the authorities. Gay cucks or not, we all have to answer to Anne Frank for our crimes, and there is no greater crime than anti-Semitism.

Tyrone Trump – It says so right here. From the Book of Revelations: “With tail fins and a long snout, like a porpoise, and two mammary slits on each side of the cock, he was descended of the Dragon, the Ancient Serpent, and when he spoke it was in the voice of the Devil. He had swam to the Abyss, where they worshiped neither the beast or its image, and decapitated the sodomized Lord for a thousand years while his father, the FΓΌhrer […]”

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.

Gay Cuck #2 – Also, number five, you’re clearly the only one engaging in hate facts here. Why is having HIV somehow “bad” or “dirty”? That’s akin to condemning an entire race as both those adjectives… a small step from Hitler’s final solution, which I’m sure you admire. I am PROUD to have contracted HIV from interracial anal sex, as every self-respecting anti-racist should be!

Gay Cuck #6 – I masturbate to Michelle Obama in the hope of contracting HIV.

Gay Cuck #7 – Anti-Semitism, homophobia… why are you even here Gay Cuck #5? Don’t you have a KKK rally to attend to you inbred redneck fascist?

Gay Cuck #5 – Are you literally retarded or did you really not notice that it was NUMBER FOUR, not I, who spoke negatively of HIV? I agree that it’s deeply racist and nauseating to criticize HIV, which is what I pointed out, and incidentally I’m now the one getting called a nazi and a racist. I’m about to cry.

Tyrone Trump – “[…] while his father, the FΓΌhrer, ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge while pouring pistachio ice cream in the cunt of a nine-year-old Latina harlot singing Kumbaya”.

Gay Cuck #4 – LOL… what a liar. You never said that criticizing HIV was disgusting, you said that conflating HIV with Black men was disgusting. That only proves YOUR racism since you think that having HIV is somehow detrimental, which is the opposite of what tolerance means.

Gay Cuck #2 – He’s a fascistic nazi and obviously is in the wrong place, can someone please ban him?

Black Bitchez need to STFU about their weaves n sheeit.

Black Bitchez need to STFU about their weaves n sheeit.

Gay Cuck #7 – Gay Cuck #5 this is your last warning, we do not tolerate ableism in this community. For your information, both of my adopted African sons have down syndrome and give better blowjobs than my dead sister.

Tyrone Trump – Btw, who are you and why are you on my blog?

Gay Cuck #3 – I’m a gay cuck.

Gay Cuck #7 – We’re all gay cucks, except Gay Cuck #5 who’s an Alt-Right Nazi. Who the fuck are you?

Tyrone Trump – I’m Tyrone, the Big Nigger.

Gay Cuck #6 – I’m gay for Africa.

Tyrone Trump – Which one of you is Paul Ryan?

Gay Cuck #2 – 🀫

That’s how I imagine the Vermont senate.

But imagine if this was the Vermont senate, and anti-Whites were really this open about their love for the BBC.

Somehow, anti-Whiteness as a class symbol would lose a lot of its prestige.

Fourth Reich, Fifth base… different principles, same sensations.

Dicks out.

πŸŽ„ Radicalizing Sub-Cultures πŸŽ„

πŸŽ„ Radicalizing Sub-Cultures πŸŽ„

The White Genocide Party.

The White Genocide Party.


It’s SubKult vs MultiKult.

What are YOU doing to overthrow the regime of hate, fascism and bigotry that has come to define the modern Western world?

Are you taking the fight to Neon Nazis, White supremacists, conservatives, bigots, fascists and other White people?

If racism is a product of diversity and diversity is a product of “anti-racist” policies, then it follows that fashitry is a result of exposure to institutionalized anti-racism.

Therefore, by the powers of the Fourth Reich, we will inoculate the cucks with anti-racism beyond the point of saturation… against both their knowledge and consent.

Like we do to their sisters.

Extremism is infectious, the masses are only as moderate as their dominant culture – or subculture – permits.

And as you know, the Fash is most vibrant when the political discourse is most radicalized.

Radicalize the Cucks!

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

As national, i.e. racial, identity is stigmatized and denounced, the cucks turn to flamboyant homosexuality in the form of subculturalism to evade the passionate languor of institutionalized diversity.

Subcultures are thus more than a microcosm, they are both a component and an influencer of the mainstream culture.

Etymologically, the words “cult” and “culture” both stem from the latin colere – to cultivate.

True enough, most subcultures operate like cults and can thus be cultivated… by Hitlerian phallic psyops.

The parallels are numerous:

  • deified icons
  • religious taboos
  • enforced groupthink
  • ostracism of dissent
  • loaded terminology & group-specific jargon
  • implied elitism vis-Γ -vis “mainstream” society (denigration of “normies”, etc.)
  • intentional differentiation in the scale of values

These features can be exploited for the Fash.

Exploiting Normalized Cuckoldry

Anti-racism is the battering ram of the Fash.

Want some enrichment? Guaranteed to make you more VIBRANT!

Want some enrichment? Guaranteed to make you more VIBRANT!

In the same way that the gates of mainstream culture were shattered by the anti-racist dogma, so too can those of various subcultures.

The difference is that cucks had an escape route from mainstream culture.

Their emotional attachment and identity investment in their subcultures is what prevents “White flight” from being an option.

Think about it: something as retarded as “gamergate” saw a larger manifestation of anti-PC sentiment than any amount of non-White immigration has ever achieved.

Stupid? Massively.

Fourth Reich Genocide.

Fourth Reich Genocide.

But you can consider “gamergate” like a prototype for the Fourth Reich. It happened because the rules of effective anti-Whiteness/anti-Patriarchy were violated, they jettisoned the concept of inter-cult symbiosis.

Anti-Racism itself is a cult, what prevents conflict between (((it))) and the various subcultures on which it attempts to impose its dogma is a form of symbiosis, and a non-aggression pact.

Anti-White jews and other subversives aren’t particularly bright, so they don’t understand why the blowback happened… thus are bound to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

We can accelerate that by exploiting what makes anti-racism fail.

The message to White cucks: nowhere is safe from rabid anti-Whiteness.

Tyrone’s Radikkkal BBC

Who is Tyrone J. Trump?

Who is Tyrone J. Trump?

At its simplest form, the goal is SubKult vs MultiKult.

Identify a subculture, problematize it, demand repentance.

The problem is that the cucks who populate whatever subculture are usually invested both in the SubKult and the MultiKult, will want to preserve the symbiotic relation between the two and will therefore have a built-in defense mechanism to mitigate the effects of an anti-racist crusade.

Usually in the form of disproving the accusation and/or deflecting.

A more advanced methodology would be to attack the icons and attempt to superimpose anti-racist values over those of the SubKult.

But that’s not fashy enough for the Fourth Reich.

We wuz Hitlerz n sheeit.

Manipulating the Reaktion

You’re all Fourth Reich operatives by now, so I trust that producing purposefully ineffective anti-racist propaganda is well within your abilities.

What’s more important than the attack itself is the reaction to the attack, so that’s what we’ll focus on.

🎁🎁🎁 Look at the comments on this propaganda hit-piece: http://www.metalious.com/emperor/in-the-nightside-eclipse/racist 🎁🎁🎁

We can identify five main types of response to the accusation of racism.

  • Yeah, racism is cool (A).
  • Fuck off anti-racists (B).
  • You’re right, they are racist (C).
  • They’re not racist (D).
  • White people must die (E).

What is beneficial for the Fash: A, B, C and E.

What is harmful for the Fash: D.

C implies “… and I hate them now 😦” btw, so it’s different from A and B in that regard. It’s perhaps the most efficient of all response types for our cause, I’ll get into that in a moment.

The goal is then to remove D.

If you’re applying these principles on your own properties, which I recommend you do, just moderate/delete/edit any D-type comment/answer/post.

If not then target any D-type dissent with ostracism and derision (“Oh, so you know a Black person?“, etc).

Let’s expand on these four (minus D) classifications of responses.

I will provide examples of their application from either the Metalious page itself or from elsewhere.

A – The Unabashed Racist

The Chad, the spearhead, the goal.

A God amongst cucks.

This is what all fascistic niggas should aspire to.

A-1. Example

The fact that the journalist who wrote this article thinks his opinion matters is funny because he is actually worthless. Black metal is from Western Europe, ie it is WHITE, apparently you don’t know history about anything to write such a shit article and make it about anti-racist social justice. You should take a hot shower after you drink a gallon of tequilla and cut yourself.

– Stan S

Score: 7/10.


  • ties the SubKult (“Black Metal“) to race (“Western Europe“/”WHITE“)
  • attacks anti-racism as such (“anti-racist social justice” is close enough)
  • treats the author/medium as the face of anti-racism
  • minimizes andΒ devalues the accusation of racism
  • humiliates proponents of the MultiKult (“worthless“, “don’t know history“, “shit article“)
  • it’s pretty edgy


  • downplays the MultiKult vs SubKult aspect

This is a pretty good case of A.

My only point of contention is that the MK vs SK clash is minimized when he writes “[…] and make it about anti-racist social justice“.

The “make” is what ends up costing him two to three points, as it implies a possibility of cooperation between MK and SK if only the author didn’t “make” conflict.

The goal is the opposite, to convey the inevitability of a clash between MK and SK, with MK as the aggressor: “to write such a shit article about anti-racism” would be preferred.

Finally, portraying the author or the medium as the face of anti-racism is important.

“An anti-racist vs SK” implies that there are different varieties of anti-racism, some of which potentially sympathetic to SK.

We want “Anti-racism vs SK”, with no room for nuance.

A-2. Guidelines

Use A sporadically, as an overabundance of open racism will trigger psychological blocks in the uninitiated.

The goal is not to paint SK as a group of racists, although that is the accusation, the goal is to pit SK against MK.

Also, since White Nationalism – incarnated by A – is the end target, care should be taken as to not portray A-type stakeholders as fringe, marginal or otherwise unpopular within the group.

For lulz, the runner-up was this.

Well, this AIDS-ridden bitch with its gaping anus is quite astute. A lot of black metal artists are racist, bigoted and homophobic. What are niggers, fags, kikes, feminists, hipsters and other humanoid garbage doing listening to black metal anyway? Fuck off! Black metal is not some safe space for you pieces of shit. Go suck on a fucking exhaust pipe. BTW “Zyklon” means “Cyclone” in German. It has nothing to do with the gas, which supposedly was used to exterminate six gorillian judens in the Holohoax.

– Piotr Sudyka

B – The Unfettered Cuckkiller

The Brad, the heavyweight, the WMD.

May or may not be a racist, left to the reader’s discretion.

This ambiguity permits him to be more aggressive on beneficiaries of rhinoplasty and other anti-racists.

B-1. Example

The author Antifa666 has defended the “right” of Israel to ethnically cleanse Palestinians in violation of human rights (see his review about Satyricon http://www.metalious.com/satyricon/satyricon/racist).

So clearly he doesn’t have a problem with “racism”.

His problem is with White, North-Western European people (hence all the black metal bands he calls “racist”).

– Devlin

Score: 9/10.


  • raises the rhinoplasty question
  • AR-cw-AW (Anti-Racist code word Anti-White)
  • links the two together

That’s pretty much the only job of B, rektal abuse on anti-racist fags.

B-2. Guidelines

The purpose of B is to depicts MK as an infectious disease that will spread, inevitably, to SK and demand repentance because “too White therefore too racist“.

B can also highlight the hypocrisy of the anti-White narrative, and even raise the rhinoplasty question, but those are secondary goals.

B facilitates the belief that SK will be targeted by MK,Β  belief that will force cucks to defend against MK.

See this slightly more elaborate demonstration of B.

hahahahahah is this fucking serious? I ask because this is the way ALL liberal jews act like, Fucking over the top autism. but for sure this is obvs troll bait. this shit had me fucking dying from start to finish.

– Hipster Black Metal, thereby disproving Piotr (above)

C – The Unhinge Cuckhold

The Sad, the lightweight, the Lubio.

This is the most efficient type of response as it attests of behavioral modification following the accusation of racism.

While the first two responses are just answers to a perceived attack, C-type reactions show that the stakeholder has been affected by the revelation and will adjust his behavior.

Mostly, it shows that SK will lose to MK… and that scares the cucks.

C-1. Example


– Tyrone Trump


Honestly I think the “SJW”, as you incel losers call them, are right on this one. When you play a video game featuring a white protagonist, you are perpetuating the completely fallacious dichotomy between the white savior, in other words the “benevolent authoritarian”, and the “low-IQ nigger” as you rednecks would say, carrier of both syphilis and HPV. […] In short, you are perpetuating white supremacy… whether you want it or not.

– Tyrone Trump

C-2. Guidelines

There is no such thing as overreaction when dealing with the KKK.

I was sick to my stomach when I discovered that Taylor Swift voted for Trump“, every permutation of “literally shaking“, etc.

I guess this is what being raped feels like” is both edgy and offensive to cunts.

What’s important is for C to place the values of MK above those of SK.

Ain’t no legend unless it sucks the dick of an African.

E – The Anti-White


The anti-White just confirms the points made by the author, and those made by A and B incidentally, by re-affirming that anti-racist = anti-White.

He has the means to be more extreme than the author / medium / support of the attack.

E-1. Example

you are a racist, a fascist and an antisemite. congratulations. “apparently you don’t know history” please, the only history you know is what you watch on FOX NEWS the antisemitic russian propaganda outlet

– Jonathan Glucksman

Score: 9/10


  • retarded
  • jewish name & obsessed with anti-semitism
  • openly hostile to both Whites and SK
  • calls everyone racist and thus dilutes the meaning
  • weak and ineffective mischaracterizations (Fox News on a Metal site)
E-2. Guidelines

It doesn’t matter if the masses agree with your points or not as long as the conflict is framed as MK vs SK, and behind that, MK vs White people.

Adjust between more or less hysterical/retarded/jewish according to your needs and SK-specific requisites.

Conclusion of the Fash

Paul Ryan, "An American Tradition".

Paul Ryan, “An American Tradition”.


Anti-racism sexually assaults subculture.

Five groups of reactions: A, B, C, D, E.

Remove D.

C reinforces the attack on the subculture.

E shows that behind MK vs SK is MK vs White.

A and B offer a possibility of defense, but only by adopting the language of White Nationalists.

Thus it becomes Whites vs MK.

D could theoretically offer a way to defend SK against MK without resorting to pro-White propaganda, in other words using only the frame of reference of SK, which is why it is removed.

In logical operator terms, D = Β¬ and A/B = βŠ₯.

Response MK -> SK MK -> W SK -> MK W -> MK

Now you too can be fascistic like Adolf Hitler.

You can radicalize the most retarded groups to fight for the Fourth Reich and White Supremacy: gamers, metalheads, Taylor Swift fans, PUAs, astrologists, parents of autistic children, people who watch cat videos on Youtube, vegan fags, nofappers, your mom, cannabis growers, people who grow cassava and think it’s cannabis, suicidal emos, shoegazers, fans of slasher movies, PokΓ©mon sexual fetishists, Star Wars fags, Republicans and other cucks.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a special needs metalhead banging his head against a Synagogue… forever.

– Tyrone Orwell

As always, stay fascistic.

Dicks out.

πŸ” Contextual Nigger Prejudice πŸ”

πŸ” Contextual Nigger Prejudice πŸ”

Anti-Nigger is a code word for Nigger.

Anti-Nigger is a code word for Nigger.

Question: Why do white males constantly impose their undeserved privilege on Women of Color and Vibrant Minorities?

Republicuck: Racism and sexism are abhorrent! Only the Constitutionβ„’ guarantees equal rights and freedom for women and minorities!

Alt-Right: Only the Patriarchyβ„’ can save the lost lambs of the female race from the savage fangs of the sub-congoloid migrant rapist!

Fourth Reich: I’ll have to ask one.

Since the dawn of time, strength is within the consensus.

Mass is a component of Force (F=ma), so according to Ebonic Afro-physics masses are also a component of force.

Soon it will change, as the Fourth Reich resurrects Adolf Hitler, King of Zulus and undisputed Heir to the Throne of Madagascar, so he can personally whip all yo black asses back on the sauerkraut plantation.

But for now I have to deal with yall insolent niggas so listen closely.

Tyrone’s FREE Pedosexual Education Course – $14.88/m

Diversity is a code word for White Supremacy.

Diversity is a code word for White Supremacy.

When presented with sheeit/facts you don’t like (“It’s okay to punch a Nazi“), you can attack the content (“Muh freedumb speech“) or the context (“Yeah those white nazi republicans/christians/bystanders need to die“).

One is retarded while the other seeks to marginalize the targeted ideas and move their proponents away from the political discourse, thus manipulating the consensus.

They say “White”, do they mean the color, the ethnicity or dat bitch over there watching cat videos on Youtube?

They say “Tolerance”, do they mean the act, the habit or Rotterdam?

Which is more important?

What they mean or what the audience hears?

Question: When did you stop beating your (fat & jewish) wife?

Republicuck: I would never lay a hand on my wife, her bull or my adopted Vietnamese children! In fact, I refuse to eat alone with a female unless she is my wife and I can smell AFRICA!

Alt-Right: After reading the ineffable red-pilling work of the eminent Julius Evola!

Fourth Reich: We not married.

As always, stay fashy.

Dicks out.

Trojan Tyronism πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Trojan Tyronism πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Ultimate Cuck Compilation - Volume 1488.

Ultimate Cuck Compilation – Volume 1488.


The world is a dangerous place.

Did a boomercuck go on a shooting rampage at your workplace?

Did a Mexican jihadi detonate his tacobomb inside your grandmother?

Did a pack of rabid niggers sodomize your wife in front of her bull?


You wanted your “diversity”, now enjoy it it in silence.

This will become the slogan of the Fourth Reich.

WNs are always posturing about how they are against pretty much everything.

Rape, degeneracy, terrorism, niggers, TV, sex with children, suicide, drugs, abortion, faggots, niggers, Trayvon’s vibrator, feminism, people with uneven teeth (your mother), people with uneven teeth who can’t give blowjobs (also), retards, Islam, boomers, school shooters, Richard Spencer’s anal circumference, 50 Cent, Christianity and niggers.

Occasionally israel and anti-Whiteness, but not too loud cuz Mike Enoch’s wife would stop giving out rimjobs.

So now we have a far-left (radical anti-Whites) and a far-right (anti-everything Whites), a very beneficial arrangement for normy cucks since they get to counter-signal both, pose as moderates (meaning slightly less anti-White than Netanyahu) and not get involved in pro-White advocacy.

In the Fourth Reich things are a bit different.

Raped by a nig?

Family killed by a terromuzz?

Fired for a politically incorrect joke?

Assaulted by (((antifa)))?

Well that sucks. But since I didn’t vote for anti-White multiculturalism I don’t really see how that has anything to do with me. You wanted your “diversity”, now enjoy it in silence and let us adults talk about MY LITTLE PONY THE FUCKING MOVIE OMG!!!!!

As always, stay fashy.

Dicks out.

πŸ”ž Leveraging Homofaggotry Against the Patriarchy πŸ”ž

πŸ”ž Leveraging Homofaggotry Against the Patriarchy πŸ”ž

Legalize Love.

Legalize Love.


A pillar of the multikult, alongside zionism, feminism, anti-racism and your mother.

Ironically, it’s the colored who are most opposed to homos, although they don’t go around calling it “degenerate faggotry from Satan“.

Except maybe the muslims.

So how does the multiKult, I mean the patriarchy, circumvent this issue?

By abstractification.

Suddenly, “LGBT rights” aren’t about homos sodomizing each other while moaning “give it to me, Muhammad” but about an oppressed minority being persecuted by the racist White male.

Retards like Rick Santorum reinforce that paradigm.

LGBTP, it's time to #LegalizeLove.

LGBTP, it’s time to #LegalizeLove.

It places faggots as yet another interchangeable minority group, thereby muddying the water (get it? muddying?).

Tyrone prolapses the narrative (get it? prolapse?).

U a male? U vote for dem homocrats?

Nigga, u gay.

The multiKult wants to make it about “gay rights“.

Tyrone says: YOU are the gay we is talking about.

Endorsing the multiKult means you are, personally, a part of its worse constituents (homos).

You’re straight but you support the gay rights party “out of tolerance“?


I mean, don’t we all support White supremacists in the name of “freedom of speech“?

Obviously, none of us actually ESPOUSE that hateful and bigoted ideology.

It’s just cuz we tolerant n sheeit.

If “free speech” is a code word for “nazi” then it follows thatLGBT rights” is a code word for “I like it rough.

A homocrat = a faggot.

This will:

  1. alienate young liberal white males (or what’s left of them) from the multiKult narrative
  2. force them to choose between sand/niggers/tacos and faggots

So, since we’re all avowed anti-racists here…

Who wants to break the ice and talk about his first time double anal?

Dicks out (or in).