Politics + Hate = Consumerism + Gate

Politics + Hate = Consumerism + Gate

Tyrone J. Trump, dead?

Tyrone J. Trump, dead?

It is with grate sadness that I, Shontavia J. Trump, must inform you that my husband Tyrone was found deceased in the toilets of a KFC before they even give me my fried chicken. Now they axe me to write a statement for the popo but I is too stupid to spell Shontavia, deceased or KFC.

Yeah no, flack it, clever/funny/racist introductions are so 2018.

For as I long as I had this blog, I’ve been a big proponent of getting the pro-White message outside of the political arena and into the social and cultural world.

I never really followed the news, and since my last post I had completely disconnected out of boredom for faux angtsy political diatribes about “he gun take are guns” or “he gun take are immigrants“.

"Diversity" means no White people.

“Diversity” means no White people.

I don’t know, nor do I care, if Donald Trump has had Mexican babies cremated (like the progressive Hitler), issued an amnesty for illegal immigrants (like the conservative Reagan), got a blowjob in the oval office from a big-nosed jewess (would that be incest?), handed over the International Space Station to Putin (so he build Nazi death stars to match the nazi death camps), done all of the above, or simply been impeached for his incompetence.

I seriously don’t know. It’s not virtue-signalling, it just shows the limits of political power – I guess it could be classified as “hard power” relative to the media and entertainment industries – when dealing with pro-White/anti-White issues.

Politics are almost meaningless in the current year.

What matters is culture. The “White Genocide” meme and the “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White” talking points are A+, and mentioning the anti-White <=> anti-Palestinian connection makes it A++. And doing everything Tyrone says makes it A+++, but that’s only because of affirmative actions.

This post is about consumerism, sub-cultures, multiculturalism and group psychology.

Hipster Racist writes:

Whether we like it or not, we Northern Europeans are not “racist” – not “tribal” – like most other humans. It’s a twist of our cognition evolved through millions of years in harsh winter climates. We need an overarching “moral system” to define our ingroup and outgroup, and we engage in “altruistic punishment” when an ingroup member violates that moral system. When our moral system breaks down, we revert back to our individualism and can’t cooperate.

Hence, in America, when a white guy can’t take the anti-white “political correctness” anymore, he reverts to “libertarianism” and denounces “collectivism.” Hence, in Northern Ireland, two white ethnic groups, virtually indistinguishable to outsiders, were locked in a pitched battle divided by barely-conflicting “moral systems.” Hence, the Scottish independence party wants to secede from Great Britain and form an independent Scotland … so they can import more “diversity” via mass non-white immigration.


We only became “white” when we discovered “blacks.” Dixie had the most white solidarity because they were surrounded by blacks. Our “moral system” is no longer Christianity – and it’s no longer “liberalism” and “progressivism” either. It’s now anti-white globalist imperialism and the moral system is proselytized by the electronic mass media which is controlled by anti-white ethnic Ashkenazi Jews who are vastly more racist and tribal than us.

Which is why “white nationalism” is all but illegal on social media, because we pro-whites are extremely successful at convincing our fellow whites to reject anti-white globalist imperialism preached by anti-white ethnic Ashkenazi Jews via the electronic mass media.

– source: The Green Handshake; or, How Brother Gaddafi Smacked an Uppity British Prostitute Who Smacked Him Right Back

I’ll play Devil’s advocate and contest the part I emphasized, specifically that the new “moral system” is strictly anti-White.

White = BAD, Immigrant = GOOD.

White = BAD, Immigrant = GOOD.

I would agree that we are post-Christian, post-liberal and certainly post-progressive. Perhaps also post-capitalist, depending on how you define capitalism (a word never properly define IMO, not even by its jewish creator) – the entertainment and advertisement industries are growing exponentially, and thus the “trade” of capital is increasingly indirect, and often more complex that a two party exchange like was common a century ago.

But this modern form of post-capitalism has led to consumerism, and the combination of consumerism and lack of tribal identity – with social and sometimes even legal repression directed towards White racial fraternity – has led to the emergence of sub-cultures – what I called “sub-culturalism” a while back.

To be more specific, I would say that the lack of tribal identity has left a void that Whites are trying to fill with ideology: first religion, then politics, now consumer identity.

So in the political sphere alone, yes, the new “moral system” of the masses is whatever the jewish media says.

But in the social, cultural and sometimes economic fields, it’s a different story precisely because of sub-culturalism, and the ingroup / outgroup relationship is a bit different from the “White = Bad, Color = Good” that dominates the political debate.

Important to note: sub-culturalism = consumerism + lack of tribal identity. Blacks, Arabs and Asians can be “gamers”, but they can’t be Gamers – as in #Gamergate – because most would never trade their racial identities for something as ephemeral as consumer culture.

Likewise and more generally, there are many jewish homosexuals, even “LGBT” militants, and Black “feminists”, and Mestizo “environmentalists”, etc… but it’s pretty clear once you scratch a bit under the surface that these various causes are often just camouflage for identity politics – the cause conceals and sometimes complements, but never replaces, the underlying racial brotherhood. But a White person who defines himself as an “LGBT” advocate? That’s a different story.

Back to mercantile sub-culturalism.

Whether it’s because of Northern European “pathological altruism” – see the work of Kevin MacDonald – or because Whites are the most virulently targeted by multiculturalism’s craziest fanatics – ex. “is your baby racist?” – or a combination of both, Whites can and do trade their racial identity for a consumer identity, just as they once traded their racial identity for a religious identity, or a political identity, etc.

To summarize, I would agree with the quote in bold but only in the context of political partisanship.

In Politics

In politics, the White “moral system” becomes the race towards sentimental and hypocritical mock compassion – histrionic outrage at “offensive jokes” while bombing the Middle-East or crying for Mexican babies while turning a blind eye to Gaza – and telescopic charity towards refugees at the expense of, for example, urban homelessness, the synthetic opioid crisis, killers clowns, etc.

In doing so, new tribal identities are formed: the “us” – tolerant, compassionate, loving, etc. – vs the “them” – the hateful, the bigoted, the extremists, the Nazis.

Which brings us to the infamous concept of supremacy. The “us” is always superior to the “them”, and that pleases the members of the “us” while reaffirming the dogmas of individualism – they are part of the superior tribe X, and by choice at that, so they are doubly superior to the “sheep” that watch Fox News/CNN.

Something to note is that this system is very authoritarian in a “top-down” fashion, and there is very little room for divergence. You can’t be 75% “us”, as former-progressives getting swarmed by the Multikult for decade old emails can attest.

In Culture

In social, cultural and perhaps economic matters, the “White moral” system isn’t as simple as with politics.

Sub-culturalism dictates that the new tribal identities are formed organically, and completely artificially, around shared hobbies or interests. That, perhaps even more so than with politics, has the benefit of signalling the adherent’s individualism.

And as with politics, the subject gets to feel “superior” to outsiders – ex. gamers are “superior” to frat boys, fans of foreign films are “superior” to indiscriminate blockbuster viewers, vegans are of course “superior” to meat eaters, etc.

Where they differ – aside from the former being authoritarian/top-down and the latter being organic, quasi-anarchistic – is that since the social/sub-cultural groups aren’t political in nature, what constitutes their “us” isn’t necessarily related to the precepts of anti-White identity politics. And we all know the ladder tolerates no dissent (I can’t remember the blogger who came up with the term “convergence”).

For example, the “anime fan” sub-culture has tacit rules of what constitutes an “us” or ingroup, and a “them” or outgroup. But these rules aren’t likely to be political in nature, they’d probably be about appreciation of trend A, disdain for trend B, dress codes, jargon, etc. The result is one can be 1) a pro-White anime fan, 2) an anti-White anime fan, or 3) a TRUE anime fan who “doesn’t care about politics” – the latter having completely abandoned his racial identity and opted to define himself solely through his hobby.

The Hashtag-Gate

What happens when two of these groups clash? Hashtag-Gate.

You know: #Gamergate, #Metalgate, #Marvelgate, #FIFAgate, #Star(wars)gate, #Niggate, #IbrokeTaylorSwiftsgateswhenshewastwelve, etc.

Sub-culture A has its own rules and mores, and the mainstream (the multikult) comes in unilaterally demanding they do more for “minorities, people of color and immigrants” under the threat of creating a anti-racist scandal and slandering them as “nazis”.

Sure, the initial reaction by the members of targeted sub-culture will be some pointless “I have a Black friend” or “Dems R Real Raciss” circle-jerk, but once they start feeling the pressure of the multikult machine – not the most efficient monster, but what it lacks in efficacy it makes up for in relentlessness and impunity – they will grow resentful of anti-Whites.

From there, it’s very easy to covertly inoculate the unwary members of said sub-culture with pro-White talking points. How much better off would the pro-White movement be if #Gamergate, to name only the most consequential (for now) of the scandals, had been co-opted by the then emerging Alt-Right – or better, the Bob Whitaker / White Genocide Mantra crowd – rather than Breitbart, Fox News and the very worst of the CivNats (civic nationalism, particularly in such a racially diverse country as the USA, is another form of sub-culturalism).

Consumerism + Lack of tribal identity = Sub-culturalism
Sub-culturalism + Politics = X-gate conflict
X-gate conflict + pro-White talking points = Victory

Every new hashtag-gate, whether genuine or manufactured, is an opportunity to spread pro-White gospel. Culturally. That means outside of the political echo chamber (there was a study done a while back on conservative and liberal twitter users, and it was found that they almost never interacted with each other -> the definition of an echo chamber).

The Manufactured Crisis

I.e. how to create a Hashtag-gate.

I’ve written a lot about that in the past, but the short version is:

1) find something where a lot of White congregate (not necessarily physically)
2) call it racist
3) hint at “all White people are racist”, more or less overtly depending on the target audience
4) (optional) have someone else use pro-White talking points like “anti-racist is a code word for anti-White”
5) (optional) bomb Israel

Dassit. Example:

Taylor Swift fan: My daughters love Taylor Swift and I have to admit it’s the one CD that they have, that I love to play in the car. Taylor Swift is a very talented, and very sensible young lady, with a wonderful, positive message to young girls. Listen to the words of her song “Fifteen”. Those are words I want my girls to remember someday when they are fourteen and fifteen and are trying to figure their lives out!
COINTYRONEPRO #1: ^ Your white privilege is showing. What a surprise that you also like Taylor Shit, the embodiment of white privilege and institutional racism in America. You, and Taylor Shit, talk about being “fifteen” but do you know how many Minorities and People of Color are killed before reaching that age by racist police officers, white supremacist and the KKK? No, then I suggest you either shut up and LISTEN when Minorities are speaking, or simply kill yourself.
COINTYRONEPRO #2: Wow. Overreacting much? Someone mentions they like Taylor Swift and you tell them to kill themselves? For liking Taylor Swift? Or for being White? It seems that your ‘anti-racism’ is just ethnic bigotry towards White people. Are you perhaps Jewish? That would explain you being so neurotically anti-White, and so vulgar towards someone expressing his/her opinion in a cordial manner.
COINTYRONEPRO #1: (optional) Fuck off racist nazi, I shit on Palestine.

Rules for Genitals: it doesn’t need to be coherent as long as it is militant. See the comments of this thread.

White Supremacy is racist.

White Supremacy is racist.

The goals of this variation on the Tyrone Doctrine are two-fold: 1) to expose anti-Whites as the hateful neurotic authoritarians they are 2) to get pro-White talking points out of the political sphere and into the cultural realm, by any means necessary.

There’s little point in engaging some who calls himself “BaruchGoldsteinWasRight” and makes gulag and white phosphorus jokes. In fact, with all the partisanship, confirmation bias, paid provocateurs and drama surrounding the political scene, even the most well-crafted propaganda – i.e. Whitaker – will fall on deaf ears.

The tools are already there, all that’s needed is to start using them properly: culturally, not politically.

Back to hibernation.

⛄ Tyrone = Optics Cuck ⛄

⛄ Tyrone = Optics Cuck ⛄

The White Genocide Party.

The White Genocide Party.

We all the same and equal” – Trichinella Johnson, spokes-“person” for Moms Demand Action Against Whiteness.

2015 – Donald Trump is Hitler
2016 – Donald Trump is President
2017 – Donald Trump is Playing 3D Chess
2018 – Donald Trump is a Cuck
2019 – Donald Trump has never existed it’s all in your imagination influenced by the Illuminati racist u need to EXPAND URMIND N SHIEET
2020 – Tyrone Trump is President

A while back there was a “pyramid of fash” of sorts which attempted to classify levels of “wokeness”. At the bottom-most level you had something like “basic bitch dems r real racist” and at the top you had “shitlord”.

Very gay, very autist. I approve of both gayness and homosexuality .

Something along these lines:

Tier 0 – Tyrone Trump
Tier 1 – Fourth Reich
Tier 2 – White Nationalist
Tier 3 – Race realist “normie”
Tier 4 – Civicuck Nat
Tier 5 – Muh Western Civilization (built by Africans)
Tier 6 – (((Breitbart))) audience
Tier 7 – Hannity/Dems R Real Racist

This pyramid of fash is interesting in that it’s both pervasive of the Alt-Right movement, like an unconscious blueprint, and simultaneously revealing of the issues that plague it most.

For instance – in addition to the borders between some categories being somewhat porous – not all distinctions are important.

Politically and culturally, the we can simplify this eight level pyramid into two groups: cucks (tiers 7 to 4) and realists (3 to 0).

White is Racist.

White is Racist.

One of the common complaints against the Alt-Right, one that I’m far from the only one in formulating, is that it engages in intellectual masturbation.

Variation A of WN is wrong, the truth is with B. Belief C is inherently cucked, you need to accept (the) D in your life. Just read any Alt-Right publication and you’ll come across that line of thought.

In relation to the pyramid of fash, these seemingly counterproductive behaviors can be explained by the leaders of various factions attempting to proselytize their audience. But their audience isn’t, usually, from the base of the pyramid. Rather, they are attempting to turn a tier 3 into a tier 2, or a tier 2 into a tier 1.

That line of thinking leads to a severe misallocation of resources, as not only does the audience get smaller as you move up the pyramid (surface of a triangle, 2nd grade geometrics), it also diminishes the efforts to proselytize to the much larger base of the pyramid. “Normies”. The people that matter due to their mass.

Fuck racism.

Fuck racism.

Tiers 3 to 0 are basically the same when it comes to culture and politics. They vote the same and have the same talking points, with different levels of “edge” and abrasiveness.

Same with tiers 7 to 4.

It would be best if the “movement” stopped trying to hierarchize its adherents via meaningless distinctions and instead adopt a much simpler dichotomy: cucks and realists.

Deny race? You’re a cuck.

That you literally masturbate to your daughter’s sex tape with refugees is implied, but it’s also not important.

Likewise, that some racist faggot denies the truth of Xenu getting blowjobs from active volcanos – while it does hint at severe homosexuality – is irrelevant.

In the words of Trichinella Johnson, “we all the same and EQUAL“.

Dicks out.

🎃 Tyrone’s Depacification 🎃

🎃 Tyrone’s Depacification 🎃

The White Genocide Party.

The White Genocide Party.

Y’all too obsessed with converting people to the Fash, forgetting the immortal words of Tyrone Woods “I hope they learn some things that will help their golf game grow“. That’s the most important message anyone can give to the Alt-Right, because honestly they suck at golf and that’s an embarrassment to the Fash itself.

The Democratic party is actively anti-White. Approximately 50% of the US population – including about 30% of Whites – vote Democrat. It doesn’t follow that 50% of the US population is actively anti-White.

They aren’t actively anti-White but they use the verbal framework of those who are, making them de facto anti-Whites.

That’s an important concept because the Alt-Right is too obsessed with converting “normies” to join their cult, and not nearly obsessed enough with turning them into our bitches useful idiots.

Read about controlling the language here.

So how is that realized?

Russia is racist.

Russia is racist.

Through Tyrone’s depacification.

“Normies” aren’t really pro-Multikult as much as they are pacified by modern society, we need to return to feudalism so we can have sex with trannies and farm animals, deus vulva, etc… other people have written more extensively about these subjects and how they relate to the Fash.

But they come to the wrong conclusions insofar as they refuse to play the hand they’re dealt, opting instead for a phantasmagorical return of monarchy/Hitler/Jesus/the Black-Eyed Peas.

Here’s my alternative.

Tyrone’s Depacification: attacking whatever makes “normies” pacified to the Multikult through the lens of the Multikult itself.

Credit where credit is due, #Gaymergate showed the way well before I even started blogging.

In theory, having an entire subculture built around “gaming” – a consumerist lifestyle, the ultimate capitulation to capitalo/individualist values – is great for the Multikult. But its adherents overextended themselves and started attacking gamers because “racism” and thus alienating them from the larger Multikult coalition.

The model can be repeated ad infinitum, use the Multikult’s own values to attack various Subkults (subcultures) to turn them into useful idiots. See the guide to Subkulturalism, probably the only worthwhile post I ever wrote for this blog.

The Failure of #Gaymergate

A few points worth repeating.

#Gaymergate never gained any traction because they failed to apply the Tyrone Doctrine.

1. They didn’t paint their opponents as radical extremists, merely “social justice warriors” – as opposed to anti-Whites.
2. They didn’t define themselves as something larger than the opposition, merely as “gamers” – as opposed to, you know, “White”.
3. They didn’t follow the A/B/C/E reaction that I detailed in the Subkult guide. In fact, they focused on the painfully ineffective D response which is the one that is intentionally omitted from the debate as it’s counterproductive.

These three errors come from lack of proper verbal framework, which is why the Tyrone has to step in to guide y’all fashy infidel peons to the light of Muhammad Tyrone Christ Buddha-Light.

The Success of #Metalgate

A more successful example would be the one I used on the Subkulturalism guide, where various metal bands were – and still are – attacked by jews/the Multikult as “racist”.

The similarities between the “anti-racist” metal hysteria and that of #Gaymergate, which happened a few years before these bands started being attacked by the usual/same suspects, has led to the emergence of the name #Metalgate, courtesy I believe of the Death Metal Underground site.

Where #Metalgate differs from #Gaymergate is that they were, in fact, quite successful in alienating “normies” from the Multikult, in ways #Gaymergate never was, not to mention with much less resources, media exposure and manpower.

Thermopylae vs anti-Wei campaigns of the Three Kingdoms.

#Metalgate did in fact apply some – not all – elements of the Tyrone Doctrine.

1. They immediately counter-attacked, and not just against the accusation but against those formulating it – counter accusing them of hate (not some abstract “social justice” ideology). Some kamikazes even broke the taboo and used the term “anti-White”.
2. A few were content with playing defense and being “metalheads”, but many define themselves and the target of the Multikult’s attacks as White. See this post where the author even uses the “implicitly White” concept – taken, I believe, from über-Führer Kevin MacDonald himself.
3. Some went even further and added a dimension of hypocrisy by questioning the double-standard between anti-White hysteria and the absolute silence of these “anti-racists” over the Palestinian genocide. See this post for a good sniping at zionism. Blogger ICAReviews called the Israelo-Palestinian conflict the thin-wedge of jewish anti-Whiteness for a good reason: mentioning it works.

These three points alone explain the difference of success between the two “scandals”, and two attempts at depacification – ironically launched by the Multikult itself rather than the Fash.

The Conclusion

#Gaymergate is universally seen as a crushing defeat in which gaymers only managed to ridicule themselves and look even more fringe than before the conflict, whereas #Metalgate – to the extend that it was mediatized – managed to inflict severe casualties upon the Multikult by going for the jugular: the Mantra (anti-racist = anti-White), the “jews hate White people” truism, and the Israelo-Palestinian double-standard of “anti-racists”.

Yeah but it only worked within the gamer/metal subculture, it won’t translate into anything on a larger political scale“.

Maybe, maybe not.

But the LANGUAGE and VERBAL FRAMEWORKS used: “White”, “anti-White”, “zionist”, “jew”, “European people” and their permutations – i.e. “jewish terrorists” or “anti-White radical extremists” – will stay within public consciousness.

All in the name of depacification.

As always, dicks out.

🥝 (In)Glory(ous) Pigeonhole 88 🥝

🥝 (In)Glory(ous) Pigeonhole 88 🥝

Tyrone is a Big Nigger. If you mock my fash, you taste the BBC.

Tyrone is a Big Nigger. If you mock my fash, you taste the BBC.

Decompartmentalization = Wakanda + niggers + chill + Hitler.

Everyone talks about implicit vs explicit Whiteness.

But no one talks about the more important dichotomy, implicit vs explicit anti-Whiteness.

Anti-whiteness can only remain implicit – thus acceptable – by the process of compartmentalization.

It’s not that we hate White people, it’s those Racist/KKK/Republican/Christian/Redneck/Wrongthink nazis.

You can find equivalent fallacious distinctions with others forms of “anti-X” schemes.

  • Blacks vs Ghetto nigs
  • Fags vs LGBT militants
  • Liberals vs SJWs
  • Muslims vs Tuurhrists
  • Immigrants vs Illegals
  • White vs ‘Racist’
  • Pedophiles vs Tyrone
Tyrone's BBC besieged by ur mom. Don't mad.

Tyrone’s BBC besieged by ur mom. Don’t mad.

What makes it fallacious is that attacks on the more extreme latter groups are very often thinly veiled hits against the former.

Thus the saying: “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White“.

So how do we weaponize this concept for God, Country and the Fash?

As stated in the Controlling the Language post and elsewhere on this blog, one must first simplify the Fash to reach the turrorism prone feeble-minded.

Decompartimentalization / Reverse Pigeonholing.

Take any indirect condemnation of Whiteness and replace any specific mention of implicit White identity with… explicit Whiteness.

Dat shiet isn’t hard to find, just copy and rewrite your favorite CNN shietpost.

White SJWs have a short shelf life. They get cannibalized by the very multiKult they champion. Perhaps one day they will learn that their “diversity” does not include them.


An Open Letter to Dying White Racists


I know, you think you’ve taken “your” country back with this election – and of course you have always thought it was yours for the taking, because that’s what you old racist bigots were bred to believe – but you are wrong.

It is math.

Not even advanced math. Just simple, basic, like 3rd grade math.

The kind of math that proves how your kind – mostly older white folks beholden to an absurd, inaccurate, nostalgic fantasy of what America used to be like – are dying.

Soon to be dead, in fact. And that’s good.

Racism is the cancer destroying Humanity.


An Open Letter to Dying White People


I know, you think you’ve taken “your” communities back with your bullshit white privilege – and of course you have always thought it was yours for the taking, because that’s what you white supremacist nazis are bred to believe – but you are wrong.

It is math.

Not even advanced math. Just simple, basic, like 3rd grade math.

The kind of math that proves how your kind – white folks who believe that talking about “tolerance” is the same as practicing it – are a dying breed.

Soon to be dead, in fact. And that’s good.

Whiteness is the cancer destroying Humanity.

Anything either too meticulous or which could possibly be tied to a specific group/ideology/current/event is made as general as possible.

Fasces delenda est.

I’d say fuck racism, but we all know I mean fuck White people.

And that’s exactly what I’ll do, if by White people you mean specifically unde-

Dicks out.

The Walking Dems

The Walking Dems

Tyrone J. Trump, your God.

Tyrone J. Trump, your God.

One lost, ten recovered” is an old epigram from medieval France which basically means that for every one item you lose, you can gain ten of equivalent or superior value.

It’s often applied to cunts for some obscure reason.

As I’m writing this, the smartest of the Democrats are looking for an excuse to drop the more extremist elements of their party (Ocasio Cortez, Maxine Waters, Tom Perez and other non-White histrions) without alienating their increasingly radicalized base.

Another adage from another Frenchman “Never interrupt an enemy while he’s making a mistake“.

So obviously the Alt-Lite, which may as well be called (((Alt-Lite))), and the remnants of the Alt-Right are now siding with the “moderate” anti-Whites, supposedly to “teach that sheboon Waters a lesson”.

The future of the fash.

“Based” Paul Ryan taking a stand against racist Islam.

If you didn’t balk at the concept of “moderate” anti-Whiteness, congratulations, you deserve to be associated with the (((Alt-Lite))) alongside Cernovich, Shapiro, Laura Loomer and Pamela Geller.

All of whom are jewish, and all of whom are “moderately” anti-White.

Excluding of providing an excuse for the exclusion of Waters and Cortez from mainstream politics is stupid, for reasons exposed in one of my first posts: The White Supremacy of the Future Will Call Themselves Anti-Racists.

Tyrone’s law: Anyone publicly attacking Waters and Cortez is anti-White. No exceptions.

There’s a very counter-productive tendency in Alt-Right groups which consists in wanting to show the other side who’s boss. Maybe you were “triggered” by some mystery meat Puerto Rican insulting you on live TV while extolling the genetic superiority of her mid-80 IQ brethren. If that’s the case, you’re being stupid. Stop what you’re doing and read the second adage – the Napoleon one – again.

Not all immigrants are bad, some are just borderline retarded.

Queen Fash, deal with it.

In addition to being stupid, I’d also point out that you’d be a hypocrite for getting upset over Waters/Cortez/Perez because the jew Bernard “Ben Yehuda” Sanders has said infinitely worse about White people during his campaign and you all kept your mouths shut because “muh anti-semitism“… which WAS the correct strategy, as Sanders’ prolonged campaign ended up fragmenting Clinton’s coalition.

Ocasio Cortez is just a low(er) IQ Barack Obama without the political connections.

Gay transition…

It has been known, and predicted, for a long time that the Democrats are losing the White vote.

Naturally, the Democratic Establishment, most of the mainstream media and the (((Alt-Lite))) is blaming this phenomenon on the “radical Left” (i.e. people like Cortez, Waters, Keith Ellison, etc.) via the #WalkAway meme.

They want the face of the Democratic Party to be Biden, Hillary or Warren.

We want it to be Cortez, Waters and hopefully someday Oprah Winfrey or the Black actress that played in Ghostbusters.

They want to blame #WalkAway on “radicals”, we want to blame it on moderates.

Luckily, while they are somewhat coordinated in their approach, they are also not very smart so hijacking the Democratic Party in the name of non-White fascism will be just as easy as co-opting the late GOP for the Fourth Reich.

The answer, as you may have guessed, lies in the first proverb.

Tyrone’s Project for a New Pan-American Century

(also called the Reverse Sailer Strategy)

If the 2016 campaign has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t rely on the white vote anymore. Not only are whites in the process of becoming a rightfully despised and politically isolated minority, they have also shown that they will always choose to protect their privileges over doing what right for our communities. It’s time to choose the future, it’s time to choose people of color.


The problem with [Moderate]’s campaign is that (s)he’s trying to be a Donald Trump-lite. But white people, as they have consistently showed us over the course of the last elections, will always prefer the original to the imitation. What we need isn’t another compromise with Trump/the GOP, what we need is a new vision for our party. At some point, “we are the future” has to be more than a slogan – it has to stand for something. It has to mean that we are willing to invest in minorities.


Everyone says that Donald Trump’s campaign has brought out the worst of the white vote… but that’s not true, it was always there. There’s nothing new about racist white people voting for Trump. They voted for Trump in the same way they voted for Romney, and McCain before that. Racist white people were as surprised as anyone when their candidate, Donald Trump, won the general election. What has changed is that people of color and minorities, the fastest growing demographic in the USA, no longer vote as enthusiastically or as consistently for our candidates. That is something [Moderate] has refused to address or even acknowledge, which is why (s)he will lose… and yet this election doesn’t have to be a 2016-part-II. [Radical] can bring out the minority vote as much, if not more, than Barack Obama could in 2008.


The problem with [Moderate]’s campaign is that it has no chance of winning against the emboldened Republicans. [Moderate] is focusing on a demographic we can’t win – white people – while ignoring the much more progressive, politically stable, not to mention expanding, demographic that we need to win – the minority vote.


Is [Moderate] a Donald Trump plant? The question deserves to be asked. The path to victory is pretty clear: appeal to disenfranchised minorities. And yet what is [Moderate] doing? Ignoring minorities while playing second fiddle to Donald Trump’s white populist base. The Democratic Party, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since 2004.


What happens when you ignore the minority vote for the sake of “party unity”? Ask Al Gore. Ask John Kerry. Ask Hillary Clinton (twice). Ask [Moderate] in a few months, when (s)he loses to Donald Trump/[generic Republican] because (s)he followed the losing strategy of ignoring the minority vote while focusing on the lost cause of flyover country.


Why are we making the same mistakes over and over again? Even the other side knows better than that, and they showed it when they said NO to their moderate candidate (Jeb Bush) and voted for the radical one (Donald Trump). You can only fight fire with fire. It should be our turn to say NO to the fallacy of “moderation” and embrace our values, those of [Radical]’s campaign, but instead we continue down the same path that brought us Donald Trump. It’s a sad day for our party, and our country, if [Moderate] wins the primary/seat/election.


Simply put, a vote for [Moderate] is a vote for Trump. Not only are their positions virtually indistinguishable from one another, but [Moderate] is only popular among those who already vote for Trump… white people. And the reason (s)he is popular is because they KNOW that (s)he will lose to him, badly, like Hillary Clinton in 2016.