(In)Glory(ous) Pigeonhole 88 

(In)Glory(ous) Pigeonhole 88 

Tyrone is a Big Nigger. If you mock my fash, you taste the BBC.

Tyrone is a Big Nigger. If you mock my fash, you taste the BBC.

Decompartmentalization = Wakanda + niggers + chill + Hitler.

Everyone talks about implicit vs explicit Whiteness.

But no one talks about the more important dichotomy, implicit vs explicit anti-Whiteness.

Anti-whiteness can only remain implicit – thus acceptable – by the process of compartmentalization.

It’s not that we hate White people, it’s those Racist/KKK/Republican/Christian/Redneck/Wrongthink nazis.

You can find equivalent fallacious distinctions with others forms of “anti-X” schemes.

  • Blacks vs Ghetto nigs
  • Fags vs LGBT militants
  • Liberals vs SJWs
  • Muslims vs Tuurhrists
  • Immigrants vs Illegals
  • White vs ‘Racist’
  • Pedophiles vs Tyrone
Tyrone's BBC besieged by ur mom. Don't mad.

Tyrone’s BBC besieged by ur mom. Don’t mad.

What makes it fallacious is that attacks on the more extreme latter groups are very often thinly veiled hits against the former.

Thus the saying: “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White“.

So how do we weaponize this concept for God, Country and the Fash?

As stated in the Controlling the Language post and elsewhere on this blog, one must first simplify the Fash to reach the turrorism prone feeble-minded.

Decompartimentalization / Reverse Pigeonholing.

Take any indirect condemnation of Whiteness and replace any specific mention of implicit White identity with… explicit Whiteness.

Dat shiet isn’t hard to find, just copy and rewrite your favorite CNN shietpost.

White SJWs have a short shelf life. They get cannibalized by the very multiKult they champion. Perhaps one day they will learn that their “diversity” does not include them.


An Open Letter to Dying White Racists


I know, you think you’ve taken “your” country back with this election – and of course you have always thought it was yours for the taking, because that’s what you old racist bigots were bred to believe – but you are wrong.

It is math.

Not even advanced math. Just simple, basic, like 3rd grade math.

The kind of math that proves how your kind – mostly older white folks beholden to an absurd, inaccurate, nostalgic fantasy of what America used to be like – are dying.

Soon to be dead, in fact. And that’s good.

Racism is the cancer destroying Humanity.


An Open Letter to Dying White People


I know, you think you’ve taken “your” communities back with your bullshit white privilege – and of course you have always thought it was yours for the taking, because that’s what you white supremacist nazis are bred to believe – but you are wrong.

It is math.

Not even advanced math. Just simple, basic, like 3rd grade math.

The kind of math that proves how your kind – white folks who believe that talking about “tolerance” is the same as practicing it – are a dying breed.

Soon to be dead, in fact. And that’s good.

Whiteness is the cancer destroying Humanity.

Anything either too meticulous or which could possibly be tied to a specific group/ideology/current/event is made as general as possible.

Fasces delenda est.

I’d say fuck racism, but we all know I mean fuck White people.

And that’s exactly what I’ll do, if by White people you mean specifically unde-

Dicks out.

The Walking Dems

The Walking Dems

Tyrone J. Trump, your God.

Tyrone J. Trump, your God.

One lost, ten recovered” is an old epigram from medieval France which basically means that for every one item you lose, you can gain ten of equivalent or superior value.

It’s often applied to cunts for some obscure reason.

As I’m writing this, the smartest of the Democrats are looking for an excuse to drop the more extremist elements of their party (Ocasio Cortez, Maxine Waters, Tom Perez and other non-White histrions) without alienating their increasingly radicalized base.

Another adage from another Frenchman “Never interrupt an enemy while he’s making a mistake“.

So obviously the Alt-Lite, which may as well be called (((Alt-Lite))), and the remnants of the Alt-Right are now siding with the “moderate” anti-Whites, supposedly to “teach that sheboon Waters a lesson”.

The future of the fash.

“Based” Paul Ryan taking a stand against racist Islam.

If you didn’t balk at the concept of “moderate” anti-Whiteness, congratulations, you deserve to be associated with the (((Alt-Lite))) alongside Cernovich, Shapiro, Laura Loomer and Pamela Geller.

All of whom are jewish, and all of whom are “moderately” anti-White.

Excluding of providing an excuse for the exclusion of Waters and Cortez from mainstream politics is stupid, for reasons exposed in one of my first posts: The White Supremacy of the Future Will Call Themselves Anti-Racists.

Tyrone’s law: Anyone publicly attacking Waters and Cortez is anti-White. No exceptions.

There’s a very counter-productive tendency in Alt-Right groups which consists in wanting to show the other side who’s boss. Maybe you were “triggered” by some mystery meat Puerto Rican insulting you on live TV while extolling the genetic superiority of her mid-80 IQ brethren. If that’s the case, you’re being stupid. Stop what you’re doing and read the second adage – the Napoleon one – again.

Not all immigrants are bad, some are just borderline retarded.

Queen Fash, deal with it.

In addition to being stupid, I’d also point out that you’d be a hypocrite for getting upset over Waters/Cortez/Perez because the jew Bernard “Ben Yehuda” Sanders has said infinitely worse about White people during his campaign and you all kept your mouths shut because “muh anti-semitism“… which WAS the correct strategy, as Sanders’ prolonged campaign ended up fragmenting Clinton’s coalition.

Ocasio Cortez is just a low(er) IQ Barack Obama without the political connections.

Gay transition…

It has been known, and predicted, for a long time that the Democrats are losing the White vote.

Naturally, the Democratic Establishment, most of the mainstream media and the (((Alt-Lite))) is blaming this phenomenon on the “radical Left” (i.e. people like Cortez, Waters, Keith Ellison, etc.) via the #WalkAway meme.

They want the face of the Democratic Party to be Biden, Hillary or Warren.

We want it to be Cortez, Waters and hopefully someday Oprah Winfrey or the Black actress that played in Ghostbusters.

They want to blame #WalkAway on “radicals”, we want to blame it on moderates.

Luckily, while they are somewhat coordinated in their approach, they are also not very smart so hijacking the Democratic Party in the name of non-White fascism will be just as easy as co-opting the late GOP for the Fourth Reich.

The answer, as you may have guessed, lies in the first proverb.

Tyrone’s Project for a New Pan-American Century

(also called the Reverse Sailer Strategy)

If the 2016 campaign has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t rely on the white vote anymore. Not only are whites in the process of becoming a rightfully despised and politically isolated minority, they have also shown that they will always choose to protect their privileges over doing what right for our communities. It’s time to choose the future, it’s time to choose people of color.


The problem with [Moderate]’s campaign is that (s)he’s trying to be a Donald Trump-lite. But white people, as they have consistently showed us over the course of the last elections, will always prefer the original to the imitation. What we need isn’t another compromise with Trump/the GOP, what we need is a new vision for our party. At some point, “we are the future” has to be more than a slogan – it has to stand for something. It has to mean that we are willing to invest in minorities.


Everyone says that Donald Trump’s campaign has brought out the worst of the white vote… but that’s not true, it was always there. There’s nothing new about racist white people voting for Trump. They voted for Trump in the same way they voted for Romney, and McCain before that. Racist white people were as surprised as anyone when their candidate, Donald Trump, won the general election. What has changed is that people of color and minorities, the fastest growing demographic in the USA, no longer vote as enthusiastically or as consistently for our candidates. That is something [Moderate] has refused to address or even acknowledge, which is why (s)he will lose… and yet this election doesn’t have to be a 2016-part-II. [Radical] can bring out the minority vote as much, if not more, than Barack Obama could in 2008.


The problem with [Moderate]’s campaign is that it has no chance of winning against the emboldened Republicans. [Moderate] is focusing on a demographic we can’t win – white people – while ignoring the much more progressive, politically stable, not to mention expanding, demographic that we need to win – the minority vote.


Is [Moderate] a Donald Trump plant? The question deserves to be asked. The path to victory is pretty clear: appeal to disenfranchised minorities. And yet what is [Moderate] doing? Ignoring minorities while playing second fiddle to Donald Trump’s white populist base. The Democratic Party, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since 2004.


What happens when you ignore the minority vote for the sake of “party unity”? Ask Al Gore. Ask John Kerry. Ask Hillary Clinton (twice). Ask [Moderate] in a few months, when (s)he loses to Donald Trump/[generic Republican] because (s)he followed the losing strategy of ignoring the minority vote while focusing on the lost cause of flyover country.


Why are we making the same mistakes over and over again? Even the other side knows better than that, and they showed it when they said NO to their moderate candidate (Jeb Bush) and voted for the radical one (Donald Trump). You can only fight fire with fire. It should be our turn to say NO to the fallacy of “moderation” and embrace our values, those of [Radical]’s campaign, but instead we continue down the same path that brought us Donald Trump. It’s a sad day for our party, and our country, if [Moderate] wins the primary/seat/election.


Simply put, a vote for [Moderate] is a vote for Trump. Not only are their positions virtually indistinguishable from one another, but [Moderate] is only popular among those who already vote for Trump… white people. And the reason (s)he is popular is because they KNOW that (s)he will lose to him, badly, like Hillary Clinton in 2016.

 Controlling the Language 

Controlling the Language 

Tyrone Trump, rule 63.

Tyrone Trump, rule 63.

Simplify the Fash.

Only through simplicity can one understand the brilliance of the Fourth Reich.

What is simple is complex and therefore worthy of Tyrone’s acknowledgment but only if said simplicity isn’t counterbalanced by degenerate psychological tropes such as “nuance”, “content” and “monogamy”.

The (Abridged) Tyrone Doctrine: Raising the social and professional costs of being anti-White while simultaneously lowering those of being pro-White.

If you’re a cunt and a nigger, you’re name is probably Latrisha.

But that’s a good thing because if you write Latrisha backwards it spells Ashley, and I’m sexual attracted to any girl with the name Ashley.

To any male too, probably.

F-F-For reasons that have nothing to do with National Socialism.

Tyrone J. Trump, your God.

Tyrone J. Trump, your God.

Black people (the superior race) follow the path of the fried chicken, but mere humans follow the path of least resistance through the hymen of Ashley the preteen cunt.

Though if she’s called Ashley, I’d still smash her even if she’s post-teen (what a disgusting word, I hope it never appears on this blog again).


Now is the time to take control of the narrative.

You must think with your dick before you rape with your mind” – Tyrone J. Trump.

As I said, humans follow the path of least resistance so all that’s needed is to provide the verbal framework for them to defend “their” positions in a way that benefits the Reich.

When attacked, most Whites will follow a predictable yet erratic pattern: dems r real racists, muh white iq, black crime, africans never built any civilization…

Idem for anti-Whites.

In the Radicalizing Subcultures post, I cover the five possible responses to the accusation of “X is Racist“.

2 are pro-White, 2 are anti-White, 1 is neutral which is why it’s removed.

The Life of Tyrone.

The Life of Tyrone.

The way to win is to exploit the reactionary tendency of the attacked by circumventing the default attack/analysis/response pattern via the injection of pre-formatted talking points and mantras, thus exploiting natural human intellectual laziness to shape the narrative constructed through open ideological conflict or consensus.

See https://antifa666.wordpress.com for many examples.

Remove the neutrals (those who seek to make it not about race), and provide the language for the pro-White and anti-White sides.

It’s much better for us if both sides use our language, our soundbites, our concepts, our logos, our arguments, our assumptions, our principles and our theses rather than to let them improvise and, worse case scenario, reach an unforeseen compromise that goes against the interests of the Reich.

My dick is big but I fuck with my dick” – Tyrone de Musset.

Stop being Pavlov’s dogs, and start being Pavlov’s Michael Vick (a Based Black Man if there ever was one).

"Muh Dik", 1934.

“Muh Dik”, 1934.

The only difference a cuckservative and a Neon Nazi is the mental map they use to oppose “the Left”.

The only difference between a progressive and an antifa is, likewise, the mental map they use to oppose “the Right”.

But that mental maps is born from a verbal framework, i.e. Language.

The ‘feels’ precede the thought.

The chimpout precedes the banana.

And they will only ever develop their own if they fail to find a satisfactory verbal framework through rhetorical mimicry.

To educate the young is not to familiarize them with their times, but to make them ignore them as long as possible” – Nicol獺s G籀mez D獺vila.

Tyrone Tip: whenever I quote something without claiming kinship, pay attention.

Dicks out.

 Dethroning the Kangz 

Dethroning the Kangz 

"Diversity" means no White people.

“Diversity” means no White people.

I just got (humiliatingly) rejected by a 15-year-old cunt #Pray4Tyrone.

Also, that Anglin dude just stole my Neon Nazi concept. I did initiate hostilities by claiming credit for his Nazi Taylor Swift memes, although Jared Taylor Swift was also one of its co-originators and left uncredited by both, and for exposing him as Kristen Stewart. You rip what you plow.

So what’s the point of this post you ask?

The point is that my balls are massive like the exoplanetary moons of WASP-104b orbiting around my dick’s natural gravitational pull.

WASP-104b is in fact a very black planet.

You may not like it, but this is what peak Fash looks like.

You may not accept it, but this is what peak Fash looks like.

Not only is it black, it is described as having an “unusually large diameter” and “12.5 times the mass of Earth“.

Clearly, Wypipo been stealing our shiet again.

Also muh dick got considerably harder at the mention of Kristen Stewart.

If there’s something us based Black Men can’t resist, it’s a dyke with a sexualized chicken haircut.

Yes, I was a homo-incel, then I was a cuck, then I transcended erectile dysfunction to DETHRONE THE KANGZ.

I repeat, I have dethroned the Kangz, there are no more Kangz but me lest I dethrone myself but I’m not a homo mastorbatur so I am still Kang do you understand?

Read this, faggots… https://antifa666.wordpress.com/2018/06/27/talking-about-white-genocide-is-racist/.

The concept – “refuting” the White Genocide mantra by confirming it, is good.

But the execution is still lacking a certain… Tyrone factor.

Like “not fried” chicken, which is chicken which is gross.

Or like the equally repulsive “consensual sex” degeneracy I see on PUA blogs.

So I hereby commence Operation Dethrone the Kangz.

Refute the Mantra or other Alt-Right talking points in the most Tyronish way.

The current version gets a 7/10, pretty average ladies step up your game.

The winner gets a watermelon.

Dicks out.

PS: I lied about being ‘rejected’, obviously, so this post is both shorter and dumber thanAnglin usual. In the immor(t)al words on Tyrone Pedro Lopez, “there’s no pussy like preteen watermelon”.

I say watermelon in case I need to come back to the USA. Where the age of consent is, like, 16.

16 FFS. I don’t even have sixteen fingers so how am I supposed to count that shiet?

Even muh dik doesn’t measure 16 miles, it’s closer to something like 12-14 depending on if you’re talking miles or nautical.

New rules for the Reich: “Born before President Barry? Back to eHarmony”.

“Lived through W? Might as well be a jew”.

“Remember the Black-Eyed-Peas? Go fuck your… car keys”.

Dicks really out.


 Tyrone’s Ghetto 

Tyrone’s Ghetto 

The White Genocide Party.

The White Genocide Party.

Africa = HIV + Animism.

Alt-Right = Africa + Privilege.

Many in the Alt-Right want to be part of a “movement”, read some Internet and/or real life syndicate with goals, codes, a structure and hierarchy.

That’s good.

They also want it visible, rigid and OFFICIAL.

That’s gay.

Colin Liddel, an ex-Spencer associate who has since then become a rather ardent critic of the golden sh- boy accused Andrew Anglin of attempting to marginalize the Alt-Right into a (((Hollywood Nazi))) ghetto.

I would take the statement further and claim that any effort to overtly define ourselves is a de facto ghettoization, albeit much less severe than the GTKRWN abrasive diarrhea of the h4Rdc0r3 Peter Panzer crowd.

The power of the SJW cult is that they DON’T openly declare their aims and affiliations.

Taylor Swift proves she isn't racist.

Taylor Swift proves she isn’t racist.

All political speech is ghetto, because – particularly in modern Weimarica – all political speech is partisan, and all partisanship triggers psychological blocks.

CNN is, to the average “normie”, just another news channel.

Their propagandists don’t brag about being part of a network owned and operated by an anti-White radical and ultra-zionist jew (Jeff Zucker).

The average HuffPo cunt who writes about the horrors of deporting illegal aliens doesn’t admit that she hates White people because she’s fat and asian and most AIDS-ridden NYC crackhead hobbos have dumped her to have sex with Jamal Hussein Khan the amazing Bangladeshi trap.

SJW anti-Whiteness isn’t just a political platform, in fact its stricto sensu political scope is rather limited. It’s a cultural mindset foremost, one that unfortunately transcends political ghettos.

White Feminism, Fourth Reich Propaganda.

White Feminism, Fourth Reich Propaganda.

As Tyrone Jun-Fan said: “Be formless, shapeless – like water“.

So as of today, I officially disavow all forms of discernible and categorizable political activism, movements, groups, associations and parties – with the exception of the White Genocide Party, doing God’s work by eliminating White racists/people – and instead inaugurate Tyrone’s ghetto.

Tyrone’s ghetto is a ghetto.

For Africans.

In Africa.

But unfortunately, as with all things from Africa… it doesn’t stay in Africa.

Tyrone’s ghetto combines the White man’s insalubrious Internet autism, the Black man’s subhuman libido, the Arab man’s religious moral indignation over theological dissent and pathological denial of transgression, and the Asian man’s, huh… whatever.

And of course, the point is that no one will ever admit to being part of Tyrone’s ghetto.

Because to admit to being part of Tyrone’s ghetto is to disprove the existence of Tyrone’s ghetto.

Also, the shame of conceding your lust for the Big Black Pole.

Accept Tyrone’s ghetto in your heart and the truth will set you free.

Tyrone’s ghetto is everywhere and nowhere, Tyrone’s ghetto exists as the invisible vessel of White supremacy, Tyrone’s ghetto is self-actualized Afro-consciousness in the age of the soy latte.

Tyrone’s ghetto conquers the battlefield of sixth-generation warfare with ideological flying pyramids.

Nothing can stand in the way of Tyrone’s ghetto, because all that stands must eventually sit.

We wuz kangz.

Dicks out.