㊙️ The Protocols of the Niggers of Tyrone ㊙️

㊙️ The Protocols of the Niggers of Tyrone ㊙️

Niggers Must Unite Against the Faggot Menace.

Niggers Must Unite Against the Faggot Menace.

Look at the image to the left.

What do you see?

WHAT do you SEE???

Obviously, based White Hispanic Orange Nigger God Emperor POTUS of all Niggerdom is channeling the powers of ISISauron and his armies of orcish goatfuckers from the shrine of King Abdullah Théoden of Saudi Rohan.

Within the help of the seven Islamic Palantíri and several rectally prolapsed sacrificial goats, the Fellowship of the Cube declares total war on mystery meat slut whore vegan faggot woman Ariana Grande in Manchester.

Also, resurrecting Adolf Hitler and purging Mecca of infidel slut fag vegan camel blowjob comprehensive niggers.

Don’t mess with the Cube.

Also in the news, some White Hispanic Neo-Nazi went on a vehicular rampage in New York city killing one and injuring 22.

Special Needs Nazis.

Special Needs Nazis.

They call him “White Hispanic” but at this point he might as well be Asian with such a weak body count in one of Israel America’s most densely populated cities.

I hesitate between the Honorary Aryan medal or the Dishonorary Asian discharge.

At any rate, he gets a new car for his service in the Fourth Reich motorized forces.

The Alt-Right isn’t that much different from every other political organization, it wants to appeal to the largest number of constituents.

Their strategy is to turn pro-White advocacy into the best possible option for everyday Whites (normies).

The Fourth Reich strategy is to make it the only option.

Naturally, at each non-white terror attack or crime spree, the Alt-Right goes out of its way to supplicate themselves into the mainstream: “our policies could have prevented that“, “look at the dead bodies“, “will you listen to us now?“… or my favorite, “the day or the ROPE is coming niggers!!!!“.

Bitch is dying for da Big Blak Kokkk. I mean she already dead lol.

Bitch is dying for da Big Blak Kokkk. I mean she already dead lol.

Not only has that never worked, it also provides libtards with the necessary catharsis to alleviate their cognitive dissonance without realigning their worldview.

The issue is no longer about “non-White kills X innocents” but “wayciss KKK nazis exploit the deaths of X innocents to spread their hateful ideology“.

I will suggest an alternative.

Instead of rushing to the defense of those who never asked for it nor implied they had any desire to hear (pre or posthumously) your political opinions, do the opposite.

The answer to Richard Rojas (the “White Hispanic” driver) is not to get into an endless debate about his race.

㊙️ Yes, LEAs will label anything and everything as “White”, in some cases even inflatable-lipped niggers.

It’s pretty common knowledge already.

㊙️ Yes, the media won’t report the race of the attacker unless he’s White.

And…? Even the Alt-Lite knows this.

㊙️ Yes, when a White (or “White”) commits a crime it becomes the fault of every White that ever lived. The reverse doesn’t apply, that would be wayciss.


Penetrated by the Fourth Reich.

Penetrated by the Fourth Reich.

The answer to Richard Rojas was to turn the entire situation into a big joke by mockingly revering his “Whiteness”.

Claim he had poster of Hitler in his car.

Invent a story about his latina slut/niece (there is no distinction between the two in mestizo culture 😆) leaving him for da Big Blakkkk Kokkk.

Derision kills Zion.

White privilege fagz, don’t h8 your betters.

The Tyrone Protocols

The entire “White Left” is reminiscent of a pseudo-rebellious teenfag who hates his parents but nonetheless goes back crying to his prostitute mother at each sign of conflict.

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

The Alt-Right is the prostitute mother.

It’s not that libtards don’t have skin in the game, it’s that they have skin on both sides.

Spread betting.

They have the racial/identitarian privilege of being White, and the social/institutional privilege of being “anti-racist”.

Whichever side wins, they profit.

All the Alt-Right does when they unconditionally defend “all Whites everywhere against Islamic barbary” or some similar nonsense is to reinforce the teenfag complex.

No matter how much I oppose them, harass them, denounce them or call for violence against their adherents, the Alt-Right will always accept me because of my skin color.

That’s why you lose.

Dealing with Feminists. Propaganda Poster to be shared with MINOs.

Dealing with Feminists. Propaganda Poster to be shared with MINOs.

You’re not a car dealer trying to get some midlife millenialcuck to buy your stolen Escalade with fake plastic rims.

The alternative for normies is not to go see another car dealer, it’s what you call White Genocide (which you stylize White GeNOcide for some a[u-r]tistic reason).

Don’t waste time trying to make pro-White advocacy the best option, make it the only option.

White anti-Whites take their Whiteness for granted.

AntiFa is basically the “Kill all Whites expect us” party.

The Fourth Reich is the “We pick the targets” party.

Only when White anti-Whites are completely isolated, both politically, culturally and physically, can the Alt-Right shatter the “progressive” wing of the rainbow alliance.


Through Ethnotherapy.

LOL wayciss Nazi ROFL.

LOL wayciss Nazi ROFL.

Read the above text as many times as you need.

That is the future.

㊙️ “You’re either with us or with the Nazis” – George “NaziKiller” Bush.

㊙️ “I’m a nationalist and a globalist” – Donald J. Trump.

㊙️ “I’m a Fascist and an anti-Fascist” – Tyrone J. Trump.

Dicks out.

💣 The Nigger Coalition 💣

💣 The Nigger Coalition 💣

Diversity is a code word for White Supremacy.

Diversity is a code word for White Supremacy.

Niggarz be at it again.

I take five minutes to fug dem bitchz watermelons and the Alt-Right is protesting against some other facet of the MultiKult, this time courtesy of Richard Spencer in Virginia.

They couldn’t save the demographics of the State, can they prevent its history from being replaced too?

In the next episode, Mike Enoch builds his financial empire by selling counterfeit Chinese tacos to mentally impaired mystery meat construction workers in Dubai.

But who is Sue Anglin, the alcoholic sister of a notorious White Nationalist, and what is her relation to Sergei Pedikov, a mysterious Ukranian diplomat allegedly involved in Pizzagate and cocaine smuggling through the KFC underground FEMA camps under Walmart?

To be fair, not of skin but of perusal, the KKK Torch March was for once an interesting performance.

"First money, then power, then Zyklon" - Tony Goebbels.

“First money, then power, then Zyklon” – Tony Goebbels.

The demonstration avoided the presentational hazard that often accompany such movements.

The message itself was clear: You will not replace us.

But that is the problem with Alt-Right politics… everything is reduced to the pro-White/anti-White prism.

It’s not bad in itself, and it’s certainly a net positive for the pro-White/Alt-Right/Fourth Reich wing to have an open advocate.

Much better than the archaic and overplayed Left/Right dichotomy.

But realistically, the goal is not to be another insignificant voice in the ocean of racial identitarian movements.

The much maligned “Deep State” laughs at both Black Panthers and Green Frogboiz alike.

If elections were held tomorrow between Richard Spencer and Obama’s homosexual pastor he might achieve a double-digit score. If pastor butt-Jesus dies of AIDS before election day.

The goal of the Fourth Reich is complete control over cultural, social, legislative, political and military organizations. In that order.

That can only be achieved through total subversion of every narrative.

Enter the 💣 Nigger Coalition 💣.

Most fags normies cucks people non-niggarz have a quite simplistic view.

Multiculturalism is rape culture, the patriarchy and your grandmother.

Multiculturalism is rape culture, the patriarchy and your grandmother.

When presented with two ostentatiously diverging viewpoints they unconsciously give credence to both and assume the norm to be somewhere between the two.

The problem lies both with the faulty reasoning and the inherent subjectivity of the political spectrum.

Capitalism vs Communism? The truth must be somewhere between the two. Democratic (((Socialo-Banksterism))) is the future!

Homo-HIV vs regular sexual intercourse? Dog fucking seems like a judicious choice.

Flat Earth vs Roundfagz? Bitch, the Earth is a cube.

So naturally, when you have the following scenario.

  • Democrats: No nations, no borders!
  • Republicans: We are a Nation of Immigrants™ but we must only accept those who speak English (or like cheeseburgers)!

The “moderate” position becomes.

  • Centrists: We are a Nation of No Borders but we must only accept those who speak at least one language! Those sign-niggers can fuck themselves back to Muteland! No pasarán!
My Rape is my Privilege.

My Rape is my Privilege.

What was a criminal offense 20 years ago is Far-Left today.

What was Far-Left 20 years ago is Mainstream Left today.

What was Mainstream Left 20 years ago is Mainstream Right today.

What was Mainstream Right 20 years ago is Far-Right today.

What was Far-Right 20 years ago is a criminal offense today.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t go full circle… or does it?

Enter the 💣 Nigger Coalition 💣.

Fourth Reich Market Segmentation

  • Alt-Right: Immigrants can never be assimilated to our civilization. They are not American. To be American is to be White. “Post-White America” is Post-America.
  • Alt-Left: Immigration is a tool of the corporations. Immigrants drive down wages and exploit the welfare system. “Tolerance” is a weapon of the capitalists.

And what does the Alt-Center position (cuck) become? I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

  • Pro-White: jews are the intellectual and financial core of anti-Whiteness.
  • Pro-Black: jews were the slave traders of yesterday, and the negrophobes of today (Dieudonné & all).
  • Pro-Arab: It’s not “White Supremacists” bombing Syria and genociding Palestinians, it’s jews.
  • Pro-Beaner: jews hate Hispanics, to them we are just “whites with a different culture”.

Get it, niggarz?

  • Pro-Christian: Hollywood is a christianophobic conglomerate run by jews.
  • Pro-Muslim: The MultiKult is incompatible with Islam. “Radical Islam” is a code word for Islam. To them, the only “good muslim” is a “Westernized muslim” who accepts homosexuality, feminism, “freedom of speech” and apostasy.
  • Atheist: The fantasized Hollywood  “Christian theocracy” doesn’t exist anymore. And where its values remain they do so under other avatars, such as “tolerance”, “equality” or “human rights”. The true theocracy is the MultiKult religion of which anti-racism is the sacred cow.

Fourth Reich sodomy.

Appeal to the resentment of the masses.

It doesn’t matter if Spencer’s torch-wielding acolytes are secret KKK worshiping neon nazi or your typical boomercuck. What matters are their numbers.

And what about anti-White ideological fanatics, you ask?

Gas chambers are so 1976 (birth of the term “Shoah”).

In the Fourth Reich we call it…


🤔 Deconstructing Sodomo-Zionist Semitic Ethnopsychology 🤔

🤔 Deconstructing Sodomo-Zionist Semitic Ethnopsychology 🤔

Professor Tyrone J. Danald Sheeeit shows no mercy to ZOG or the KKK.

Professor Tyrone J. Danald Sheeeit shows no mercy to ZOG or the KKK.

Disclaimer: I don’t write dis sheeeit fo yall niggerz to indulge in your favorite pastime, namely frenetic mental masturbation followed by ego gratification at the feeling of superiority provided by my intellectual genocide of an entire ethnic group (6 million, if I’m not mistaken). I write dis sheeit to “dispel [sic] with da fikshun” and provide WNs with a broader and more accurate understanding of a (((certain issue))).

After each novel (((cohencidence))) in which a Lampshade gets outed after professing advice to his “fellow White brethren”, the neo-conservative/pro-Israel/anti-djihad faction of the Dissident Right undertakes the task to explain to their (White) audience why “not every Jew is like that“, “a few bad apples“, “jews are victims of antisemitic muslims!!!” and the eternal “the Israelo-Western alliance is the logical solution to the rAdiKKKaL iSLaM problem!!!“.

Reverend Professor Doctor Tyrone J. King Jr.

Reverend Professor Doctor Tyrone J. King Jr.

The Alt-Right rightfully objects, but they too suffers from the same misunderstanding of the jewish problem.

They rationalize jewish behavior as a result of either greed (it’s not), political subversion (it’s not), Alex Jones style NWO conspiracy (it’s not), kabalesque atavistic adherence to the Talmud (it’s not).

It’s not even related to their alienation from traditional societies, their hatred of non-jews and Whites in particular or even their tribalism and ethnocentrism, although these are certainly important factors.

It has everything to do with the way the jewish mind processes and interprets information.

I highly recommend you to take any article published on a jewish site and simply read the comments.

Pay close attention to the reaction any mention of Whites/Nazis/Christians (as we’ll see, these terms are interchangeable).

A boundless obsession of jews and the Alt-Right.

A boundless obsession of jews and the Alt-Right.

One such article was published at the height of the Richard Spencer “Nazi Salute” conspiracy.

The post was something about Spencer’s comments about Zionism, where he drew parallels between a certain ethnostate in Occupied Palestine and his own vision of a segregated America or something.

The content of the article itself wasn’t that interesting, a simple exercise in rehearsing the typical hasbara talking point without even attempting to refute Spencer’s claims, but the comments proved to be a great example of not only jewish hypocrisy, which is well discussed in Alt-Right circles, but also jewish histrionics and schizophrenia, which are more obscure phenomenons.

Want some enrichment? Guaranteed to make you more VIBRANT!

Want some enrichment? Guaranteed to make you more VIBRANT!

The reactions this simple equivalence made by Spencer, which was meant to be rather tongue-in-cheek more so than politically factual, triggered among the jewish readership are particularly revealing: insults, death threats, apology of terrorism, apology of the Gulags, calls to curtail freedom of speech in America and of course, the continual, immutable, everlasting monomaniac fixation on Anne Frank and the HollyCost™.

We’re not talking about a few marginalized posters but an absolute, furious consensus.

I invite you to try the experience and see for yourself how the (((chosen people))) speak of their perceived enemies, I say “perceived” because there was no explicit hostility in what Spencer said, when they are not extolling “love”, “tolerance”, “compassion” and the values of the multiKult on mainstream media outlets.

Trigger Nigger. Nazi.

Trigger Nigger. Nazi.

These were not the profiles of a few marginalized ultra-orthodox rabbis either, no more than they were particularly inclined to Zionism beyond the fact that they were presumably frequent commenters on a pro-Israeli site.

Likewise, they were certainly not “elite jews” like Soros or Kushner, a caste White Nationalists rightfully disparage, but whom I have never ceased repeating are only an infinitesimal part of the larger jewish problem.

Amongst the commenters, you will not find a single Goldman Sachs banker, a single payot toting Hasid Rabbi or a single Israeli military officer.

What you will find are “everyday jews”, with approximate spelling and lacking grammar proficiency, who are either lawyers, accountants, social workers, sometimes professors at American universities if their Facebook profiles are to be believed.

If asked publicly, many would identify as atheists, progressives and liberals.

This is not “hypocrisy” in the sense White people understand it.

Psychosodomy of the judeo-Semitic Subject

The key factor in appreciating the jewish problem is the understanding that Semites, and particularly jews, have a vastly different conception of truth and reality.

To the jew, the narrative is reality.

Case in point.

Nazis, Christians and Fascists Everywhere

Kristen Stewart and Dylann Roof. Two Nazis.

Kristen Stewart and Dylann Roof. Two Nazis.

You see that constantly in hate crime hoaxes, where the tribes gets even more hysterical at disbelievers (infidels) than at the perpetrators.

For people of most races, to lie would be to go against reality. To claim as real something imaginary.

For jews, to lie would be to go against the narrative. To disbelieve what jewry says.

The “it was real in my head” meme is not just a means for comedy, it accurately describes jewish psychology.

So does the “everyone is a Nazi” meme.

Taylor Swift. Also a Nazi.

Taylor Swift. Also a Nazi.

When they call someone a fascist/Nazi/racist/antisemite/Christian, they are not accusing them of adhering to a particular political affiliation or practicing a specific religion.

Jews use the terms Nazi/fascist/Christian/antisemite to describe something “not jewish“, or more accurately something “bad for jews“.

Hence, they will call Golden Dawn a “Nazi party” despite it being named after Metaxás because in essence it’s “bad for jews“. Same methodology for the Front National who touts their love for De Gaulle at every opportunity they get. It’s Nazi/Christian/antisemitic because “bad for jews“.

If you contest their assessment, you too become “bad for jews“… a Nazi.

It’s not about whether or not they believe there is a secret Nazi inside every White person, the term Nazi has no meaning for jews except to designate something “not jewish” or “bad for jews“.

Nasser was bad for jews, Hussein was bad for jews, Qaddafi was bad for jews, Ahmadinejad is bad for jews… Trump, Putin, Assad, Le Pen, Farage are seen as bad for jews…

Guess which one of these figures has not been called “the next Hitler“? None.

The HollyCost™ as a Religious Doctrine

Many in the Alt-Right have taken to calling jews “pathological liars“.

It’s not an accurate descriptor in that the pathology lies not in what they say, but in what they believe, and more importantly in how they believe it.

Kristen Stewart iz da KKK.

Kristen Stewart iz da KKK.

Do jews actually believe that 6 million people died in gas chambers before being cremated only then to be buried, exhumed, electrocuted, brought back to life, tortured and finally re-executed by drowning and decapitation?

Some say yes, many say no.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter to jews.

To jews, the HollyCost™ isn’t a historical event guided by laws of physics and available to historical scrutiny. To jews, the HollyCost™ is the narrative.

The point of contention isn’t whether it could or couldn’t have happened, it isn’t even the iconoclasm of “neo-Nazis” attacking the primordial myth of their secular religion. What infuriates them is that someone, somewhere, doesn’t believe something a jew said.

The Case of the “pro-White” jew

You also see it with ostensibly “pro-White jews”, whether public figures such as Nathanael Kappner or not.

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

The first thing they do when they become “pro-White”, or at least anti-jew, is to claim that anyone who ever existed was a jew or a crypto-jew. Washington, Lincoln, Nixon, Bush, Obama, Trump, Merkel, Trayvon Martin, Gladstone, Robespierre, every homosexual ever, the Democrats, the Republicans, the UN, NATO, protesters, the girlfriend who dumped you in seventh grade and even the boss that fired you… because why else would he fire you, if not because he was a jew?

See the pattern of thinking?

For the regular “pro-jew jew” (99.99% of jewry), GOOD is jew and BAD is Nazi.

For the “pro-White jew” (00.01% of jewry), GOOD becomes Nazi, or at least White, and BAD is therefore… jew.

The True KKK Konspiracy Revealed!

The True KKK Konspiracy Revealed! Hitler was a Nazi!

What is or is not a “Nazi” or a “jew“is irrelevant, in fact jews can’t explain themselves what it means to be a jew.

We racists can: it’s biological. They can’t.

Anne Frank makes it even more obvious in her (or her father’s) diary.

Germans aren’t called German, Nazi,  bigots, racists, Christians, antisemites or any of the otherwise interchangeable terms, they are simply called… “the Enemy“.

Ellie Wiesel Redeemed & Uncucked

One particular jew came very close to realizing this obvious fact, that Europeans and jews process information differently and therefore have incompatible conceptions of reality.

His name is quite infamous in the Alt-Right, Ellie Wiesel.

This story happened before he became a HollyCost™ hustler.

After WW2 Ellie moved to Paris and served as a tourist guide for his brethren whenever they decided to visit “the Enemy”.

See for yourselves.

Miriam asks me for explanations on Paris, and I gladly provide them. No effort required. I improvise with an audacity of which I am still ashamed today… At the time, I’m quite used to embroidering, inventing prickly details about the history of Paris that would not be found in any book, even if it was romanticized. Why? By laziness. Too many Israeli visitors insist that I show them the Louvre and Concorde, Montmartre and the Russian cabarets. […] I begin to invent an anecdote for each statue, a story for each monument. To rearrange the past of the capital for an hour, a morning, in what way would it cause harm?

One day, the unavoidable happens: a guide, unfortunately professional, is at the Place de la Bastille near the small group (francophone) who listens to me describing the days of 1789; I am in good form, I know the name of the officer who first opened the doors of the prison; and that of the prisoner who, on his knees, implored his mercy. In the neighboring cell a princess was preparing for death; she wanted to die, but the sight of the officer caused her to change her mind, and here she is, who, at the scandal of her friends, claims her love of life and of the living… I could continue embroidering until the next revolution, if it wasn’t for the cry of a wounded animal from an unknown man next to me… He throws himself at me, ready to shred me: “How… how dare you? I, who know this city, the history of each stone, how dare you lie in my presence and pervert history?” We leave rather hastily. “Don’t pay any attention to him, one of my (((passing guests))) tells me. He’s a madman.” Another (((man))) corrects him: “No, he’s jealous, it’s as clear as day.” But Miriam loves the stories. True or imaginary, they entertain her.

Ellie Wiesel, Mémoires, Tome I, p. 271-272.

Fourth Reich Genocide.

Fourth Reich Genocide.

We have a good example of what Whites would call jewish hypocrisy, but to see only the pretense would be both ethnocentric and missing the forest for the trees.

For once, tattoo artist Ellie subtly implies that perhaps, possibly, conceivably, in an alternate universe, maybe, hypothetically, the anger of his “aggressor” could vaguely, and only in the realm of pure speculation, be somewhat slightly justified… only a little.

His (((tribe))), of course, naturally defends him against this rabid antisemitic “persecution”.

“Madman” and “jealous” are the term and adjective used to describe “the Enemy“.

One can easily guess that this is yet another “embroidering” on the part of the world premier HollyCost™ survivor. The actual descriptors would most likely, if we are to believe that these events actually happened, be closer to those that modern (((journalists))) use to smear anyone opposed to the Zionist regime of Occupied Palestine… “anti-something” and “fashmaster” I think.

Do jews lie?


For jews, Bobby Fischer is probably the biggest jewish liar ever.

Not because anything he said was legitimately analyzed to determine its veracity, but because he went against the narrative… “bad for jews“.

Ellie Wiesel is also a jewish liar.

Not because he fabricated story, but because he admitted to doing so (see above)… “bad for jews“.

The Cognitive Dissonance of European Elites

By itself, the jewish mentality, or mental illness as Weininger would claim, is not the issue.

Tired: Paul Joseph Watson. Wired: Paul Joseph Goebbels.

Tired: Paul Joseph Watson. Wired: Paul Joseph Goebbels.

The fact that jews hold their fantasies in higher regards than what Whites consider the truth (i.e. events that actually happened) is not a problem in itself, nor is their willingness to prosecute, jail and even attempt and encourage murder on those whose views they consider “sacrilegious”.

That’s how judaism and jewry have operated for millennia, there is nothing new or surprising there.

What is problematic is for European societies to dogmatically refuse to understand these differences and to persevere in their beliefs that other races, and Semites in particular, are of the same nature as Europeans and possess an identical mental structuring.

This attitude stems from the masochistic and narcissistic ethnocentrism of European elites, who believe that the diverse components of the human “race” are in fact interchangeable and all share the same aspirations, governed by the same vision of the world.

Whites believe in the HollyCost™ not because they have scrutinized the subject but because they see all these jews believing it.

If so many jews believe the in the HollyCost™, it must be the truth.

If I live in a slaughterhouse (or in California), I must be a bull because why else would I be surrounded by all these cows?

It’s this radical negation of racial differences which is the primary nexus of the jewish problem.

Not Israel.

Not the HollyCost™.

Not the Talmud.

Not the FED.

Not a Bilderberg/Alex Jonesian conspiracy.

Not even the racial differences in themselves.

This incomprehension is perfectly enlightened by Spencer’s aforementioned comparison, which can only be addressed to an audience of racial Europeans, or to a lesser extent spiritual Europeans. That is, the bulk of the American population, to whom Spencer’s comments were certainly addressed.

Only one Nigger can save da Muffugahland.

Only one Nigger can save da Muffugahland.

Objectivity, rationality, comparison and the scientific method are not part of Semitic psychology, which is fundamentally built on the rejection of doubt. For doubt implies individual freedom, that is to say a critical distance from the group (i.e. the tribe).

There is no such thing in the jewish world. Anyone who doubts and adopts a critical mind and/or scientific curiosity is immediately perceived as “the Enemy” of the group, a factor of tribal dissension. This breach of social cohesion and its associated obligations – of which “judaism” is only the pseudo-spiritual superstructure – invariably leads to the elimination of “the Enemy”.

This kind of gregarious behavior is not just a philosophy: it’s an ethno-racial atavism that accompanies endogamy and Semitic consanguinity, as cultivated in Occupied Palestine and before that in Polish/Austrian ghettos. jewish tribalism is literally the product of a mode of reproduction which racially conditions the psychology of these populations before, by pseudo-spiritual transmutation, erecting itself as a culture.

“Judaism” is not a religion but an ethno-racial identity with religious accents. This is how jews, in practice, mask their racial determinism in pseudo-religiosity.

Jewry conditions the Talmud, not the opposite.

The “Persecution” of jews by “the Enemy”

Islamofascist is Real. Hide your Lampshades.

Islamofascist is Real. Hide your Lampshades.

This is why, although few jews have ever entered a synagogue and even fewer have any interest in the Talmud/Kabbalism/the Messiah, the reactions of (((Western))) or (((israeli))) commentators are invariably the same: inflamed and fanatical.

They do not distinguish their individual being from what they call “jewry” which denotes indifferently the visible superstructure of racial, tribal and religious collectivism.

Any criticism of the narrative is not understood by them as rational argumentation about a belief but as a psychoaffective impairment targeting them as a collective individual. They interpret it as a “persecution”.

For Europeans, questions about the narrative arise in rational terms.

A typical debate between two Europeans aims to answer a specific set of questions.

For instance, “are jews overly represented in the media/banking/Hollywood/politics?“.

The question is limited to its purpose.

Before providing answers the European seeks to assess the reality of the situation, which in itself will give rise to more questions.

  • What is the proportion of jews in the general population?
  • What is the proportion of jews in the aforementioned fields?
  • Are the ratios comparable or is there a discrepancy?

For jews, the question will not revolve around reality, the definition of “jews”, the definition of “the media”, the proportion of the former in the latter or the existence of a discrepancy.

The question will revolve around whether the jew can subject the European to the narrative (jewish reality).

The question is limited to its subject.

A non-jew who rejects the narrative is responsible, in the mind of the jew, of “persecution”. That is to say psychological domination.

The content itself is irrelevant.

Semitic “Greed” and Personal Merit

A common trope is that of the alleged “greediness” of jews.

White Feminism, Fourth Reich Propaganda.

White Feminism, Fourth Reich Propaganda.

The fact that this stereotype is mainstream, and allowed by the anti-racist brigade to be so, should tell you all you need to know about its relevance and accuracy.

Interpreting jewish behavior as “greedy” is entirely misunderstanding jewish ethnopsychology.

What most people interpret as greed is only ethnocentrism, and even that is just a superficial analysis of the jewish problem.

The reality is pretty much the opposite.

Let me insist on this point: merit is a very devalued notion among Semites.

Personal accomplishments, results of individual talent or autonomous capabilities, are inevitably suspect because they refer to the failures of the group.

But the group can never failed – jews consider themselves perfect, innocent and eternal victims of others – all individual successes are relativized and made to contribute to the group.

The tribal model exerts relentless pressure on its members but even more so on outsiders (non-jews).

This mechanism is important to understand. Since jews define legitimacy on the basis of their ethno-racial kinship and not on personal merit, as is customary in ultra-individualistic European societies, they believe what is yours to be theirs. Starting with your country, your money, your rights, your decisions, your ideas, your words all the way to your thoughts.

Instinctive Unconsciousness and Semitic Hypocrisy

The 666 KKK Quadrality of Neo-Nazi Kristen Stewart.

The 666 KKK Quadrality of Neo-Nazi Kristen Stewart.

Unlike the European man, for whom individual merit, equality, fairness and freedom are the founding values ​​of the social order, jewish collectivism admits only subjugation by dogmatic obscurantism and tribal fanaticism. If this domination is object to or, better yet, abolished by the physical removal of (((genetic impurities))), the reaction is histrionic, irrational and psychoaffective. This is manifested by an attitude of complaisant and hysterical victimization.

Hypocrisy is the basic principle of the social functioning of these groups, especially in European societies where the functioning of the social body inheres within the egalitarian treatment of individuals.

jews understand instinctively that, due to their genetic intellectual and physical limitations, in such a system based on equality and individual merit, organized ethnic cohesiveness is their only salvation.

Considering themselves as “persecuted” – meaning, in their jargon, that their narrative is contested – jews make use of anti-racist, humanist and egalitarian phraseology in order to reinforce the positions of the tribal group vis-à-vis of Whites.

It’s the fabled double standard, or chutzpah, by which jews claim Whites are “privileged” and jews are “oppressed”.

That is jewish reality, the narrative.

Back in European reality, the factual and rational analysis of a situation, it’s precisely the opposite.

The concepts of double standard, hypocrisy and even chutzpah aren’t new when discussing the jewish question.

What’s important is that these notions are manifestations of jewish psychology, and the cause is the incompatibility between:

  • European rationality: conceptual understanding, scientific method, intellectual curiosity.
  • jewish fanatical dogmatism: the tribal parroting of the narrative, historically professed by semi-despotic rabbis (or as Kevin McDonald would say, secular rabbis… aka the media).

These manifestations are unconscious.

The entire concepts of conspiracy, deception and scheming are closer to the European modus operandi than anything else.

The Final Solution to the jewish Problem

Let’s take the example of South Africa, for once, since I tend to always talk about either America or Germany.

Fourth Reich Entitlement. Sexual Supremacy.

Fourth Reich Entitlement. Sexual Supremacy.

Just like in Tsarist Russia, in Hitler’s Germany, in pre-Civil Rights America, in Pétain’s France, in Catholic Spain, in modern day Palestine and elsewhere, jews were “persecuted” in Apartheid South Africa.

Persecuted” obviously meaning that someone, somewhere, didn’t prostrate himself to the narrative and that South African officials on principle didn’t hold jews above the law.

As you probably know, jews were heavily involved in overthrowing the “oppressive” regime.

They financed Black communist organizations that are today recognized as terrorist organizations by even the most fanatical anti-racist historians.

Far from being perceived as terrorists or murderers, it is indeed as “freedom fighters” and “justiciaries” that Blacks terrorists (and today’s anti-White jihadis) are consciously and unconsciously identified by jews in the West and in Occupied Palestine.

Justiciaries” in the sense, as you will have guessed, of what justice means in these groups: the elimination of Nazis/fascists/Christians/antisemites/”the Enemy.

In these circumstances, the “judeo-Western alliance” against the Hollywood choreographed threat of the Star and Striped Crescent is, at best, a pleasant joke.

Fourth Reich Subversion. Malaria Style.

Fourth Reich Subversion. Malaria Style.

To have a judeo-Western alliance, you would need judeo-Western values. To have judeo-Western value, you would need jews to adopt Western values. But values derive from culture which itself derives from race.

What the counter-jihad Breitretards want is, ironically, a moderate jewry.

There can be no “moderate jewry” because there is no moderation in a psycho-racial determinism whose political expression is gregarious fanaticism.

There is no acceptance of criticism because there is an inability to doubt. There is an inability to doubt because in these groups there is a powerful limitation, for genetic reasons, of abstract thinking.

The reason, which normally dominates the affect, is considerably reduced in Semitic populations. The result is an emotionalism which combined with typically jewish histrionics leads to what I’ve just described.

Consequently, these masses are not governed by reason but by conformism and schizophrenic fantasies.

Their cultural system, in which “jewish identity” is nothing but the collective personality of the jewish masses, is radically incompatible with the qualities proper to European societies, the most essential of which is the autonomy of the individual.

The current Alt-Right debate is thus turned upside down, focusing on the consequences and manifestations rather than the causes.

The solution to the JQ is given somewhere in this post where I draw a parallel to the (domesticated) animal world.

And to conclude on a recurring argument used by the Alt-Lite and other Breitards to justify their ridiculous and delusional dreams of judeophilic pseudo-nationalism: No, jews aren’t “the victims of antisemitic muslims.

Jews are the victims of being jewish.

Stop the hate.

Dicks out.

👌 Esoteric Nazi Gesticulation and the Secular Crisis of Orthodox Kekism 👌

👌 Esoteric Nazi Gesticulation and the Secular Crisis of Orthodox Kekism 👌

Subliminal Metacarpal Nazification.

Subliminal Metacarpal Nazification.

As you may have noticed, I’m not much of a fan of what passes for the “Alt-Right“.

Between recycled essays on the Rothschild connection and the immutable, endless circle-jerk, it’s nothing short of a miracle that anything ever gets done.

By the will of Kek, we need a Fourth Reich version of NoFap to address the epidemy of mental masturbation in right-wing movements.

And yet, where there is Kek there is hope.

The Alt-Right still manages, somehow, between two debates on what the Rothschilds looked like or the size of Hitler’s massive 45 inch cock (you thought the Flaktürme weren’t allegorical?), to be effective.

We could name the (((echoes))) or the Taylor Swift memes as means of subversive efficacy. Or efficient subversion. Both are needed.

A more recent right-wing onslaught has been the secret “Nazi Hand Gesture” conspiracy.

What is it about and why is it so effective that it warrants the Official Fourth Reich Seal of Gestapproval?

Secret Nazi Hand Gestures.

Secret Nazi Hand Gestures.

The “Nazi Hand Signs” are pretty self-explanatory.

It’s simply finding NS/Fascist/White Supremacist symbolism in otherwise innocent hand gestures.

Secret Nazi Symbols.

Secret Nazi Symbols.

For now there are three main motions.

  • The “White Power” sign. An “ok” gesture with the thumb and index becomes about White Power based on the letters formed by the fingers. 9/10.
  • The “14 Words” sign. An interpretation of the “thumbs up” gesture that links it to David Lane’s Fourteen Words. Can even be made at an 88° angle. 10/10.
  • The “2 Genders” sign. The “peace” sign becomes about the duality of sexes in human biology. 6/10.

The list we compiled by some Alt-Righter on Twitter.

The Dirlewanger KKKode

The Dirlewanger KKKode.

The “2 Genders” sign is rather weak, as the claim that there are only two sexes is still mostly mainstream and as such wouldn’t require any secret Nazi code, but the idea of co-opting the “peace” sign is brilliant. We just need an interpretation with better shock value.

I suggest the following.

  • The “Hail Victory” sign. It works because the “peace sign” is also the letter “V” in American Sign Language. And guess who liked to talk about victory (“Sieg“).

We can of course expand on it and find ways to hijack every single purportedly innocuous gesture into the realm of hate, bigotry and prenatal ethnic genocide.

  • The dab. Looks like an inverted Nazi salute. Instead of having the second arm below the first, it’s the opposite. Also fits the “young urban racist White liberal” trope as those are the most likely to indulge in dabbing.
  • The quenelle. Not exactly an innocent gesture, as its inventor Dieudonné isn’t by any means the most philosemitic nigger on the plantation, but that’s where I got the inspiration for a “reversed nazi salute”. Also, many people tend to perform the gesture accidentally.

    Islamofascist is Real. Hide your Lampshades.

    Islamofascist is Real. Hide your Lampshades.

  • The “Breivik” sign. A closed fist often associated with “Black Power”. Now it’s just the Breivik sign. It’s also the letter “A” (for “Anders”) in American Sign Language. Retards and disabled are my sexual fetish so I know a bit of ASL and International Sign.
  • The “Dylann Roof” sign. Only the most extreme, hateful and bigoted nazis are allowed to use this signal. You need to be a Grand Wizard Nigger Dragon Mullah of the Fourth Reich to be initiated. Any pose that uses both hands to form a triangle (i.e. “roof”).
  • The raised index. Often associated with jihadis, supposedly meaning “Allah is above”. Know who else is above? Anne Frank on windy days. The Islam / Islamism / Islamofascism connection is easy to make.
  • The “Heavy Metal” sign. Pinky and index raised, others fingers folded. Supposedly it used to mean “cuck” in Mediterranean Europe. Nowadays the meaning is lost but it’s still relevant to the Alt-Right.
  • The Middle Finger. Technically there are two ways to perform the middle finger gesture. There is the standard and most common form where the middle finger alone is raised. And there is the alternative form that we Philadelphia niggerz use, where the thumb is also extended horizontally. Much like the left-side/right-side earring rule, the fact that the two variations exist can be used to redefine their meaning. One form would be a simple “fuck off” gesture while the other becomes a secret KKK nazi code. Because slave owners used to sever the middle fingers of their farming equipment, either to punish runaway niggers, prevent recidivism or simply to mark their property… Don’t be fooled, Black Man!
  • The “Pepe” sign. Any pose in which either hand touches the chin.
The Dab is a Reversed Nazi Salute!

The Dab is a Reversed Nazi Salute!

Add some of your own ideas and the Fourth Reich industry will produce a professional guide “The Secret Hand Gestures of Hate: How Concerned Parents Cracked the Nazi Code of their Racist White Children“.

I mentioned this form of indirect attack on the multiKult was effective.

Here’s why.

Concisely, libtards are libtards because of convenience.

They already have the benefits of being “White”, now they also want the social advantages of being anti-White.

The entire basis of the Tyrone Doctrine is to make it harder for Whites to be anti-White than it is to be pro-White.

This metacarpal conspiracy does exactly that.

Once the threat of being doxxed and potentially fired over a hand gesture is internalized, there isn’t much incentive for anyone to remain on the anti-White side of the politico-cultural spectrum.

Esoteric Kekism or Inverted Nazi Salute?

Esoteric Kekism or Inverted Nazi Salute?

He who controls the narrative controls the facts.

This sends a clear message to White anti-Whites: either join the Reich or walk on egg shells forever.

So how do you get the public to accept the idea that an innocent thumbs up sign can turn them into literally Hitler?

Just call them wayciss.

Not only does it cheapen the anti-White slur “wayciss”, it also works because Whites have been conditioned to forgo any form of critical thinking when facing the accusation of wayciss/hate/bigotry/KKK/doupleplusungood.

In addition, since I’m told that the Alt-Right just loves to cosplay as 1933 PeterPanzers and hold protests against antifa, faggots, fat women and all of the above (i.e. Gavin McIsrael), this is the perfect opportunity for productive LARPing.

The conspiracy deepens...

The conspiracy deepens…

Go dress up as the most ridiculous KKK Neo-Nazi ever and get photographed while doing any of the above mentioned “Nazi signs”.

The second phase of the operation is to get retarded anti-Whites to report every instance of anyone doing these gestures to LEA, the FBI in particular.

LEA are still somewhat close to some anti-White NGOs, though not as close as they once were.

But if they get harassed by anti-White organizations and their lackeys to the point where it impedes their ability to do their job…

You wouldn’t believe how many retarded boomers and cat ladies think goosestepping is against the law.

Similarly, you wouldn’t believe how many retarded SJWs think the “White Power” gesture IS NOT against the law.

Dicks out.

🤡 Retards, Cynics and Hypocrites 🤡

🤡 Retards, Cynics and Hypocrites 🤡

Adolf Hitler vs Retards.

Adolf Hitler vs Retards.

One can essentially divide the Left into three separate (but equal!) factions defined by the rationale of their constituents.

These are as follows: retards, cynics and hypocrites.

The Alt-Right is, in dealing with Leftists, obsessed over the first category while all but ignoring the very existence of the other two.

A Fourth Reich strategy should address and controvert every faction of the multiKult.

Subvert the retards, forgive the cynics and punish the hypocrites.

Retards are the true believers.

Cynics are just cynics… they have little to no ideological ties to the multiKult but parrot their tenets nonetheless.

Hypocrites and their beliefs have been widely discussed on this blog.

They are the archetypal bourgeois liberal with college debt living in a ethnically homogeneous (White) neighborhood.

The method for dealing with them… the Tyrone Doctrine.

In addition to the three contingents of Leftism, we can also define three main political currents to historical and modern Leftism.

Traditional socialism, judeo-bolshevism and the New Left.

Hitler, a true socialist.

Hitler, a true socialist.

Traditional socialism has little to do with what most would associate with the modern Left (i.e. the Democratic Party).

In many ways they are antithetical.

Read George Marchais, head of the French Communist Party from the seventies to mid-nineties, and his work on the threat of immigration in particular… you’ll soon come to the amusing realization that the European Far-Left was and sometimes still is more to the Right than the American “Far-Right”.

Some traditional socialists: Mussolini, George Marchais, Orwell, James Traficant, arguably Stalin, Mao, Hugo Chávez, Phillippe Pétain, most Arab nationalism and of course… Adolf Hitler.

Judeo-bolshevism is the epitome of the anti-worker and anti-White Trotskyist movement.

Unsurprisingly, many of its prominent adherents are from a specific (((ethnic group))).

Taylor Swift vs Leftist retards.

Taylor Swift vs Leftist retards.

And even the fodder of the movement harbors a perceptible talmudic flavor.

The bourgeois liberal, the BLM activist, the feminist teacher, the faggot journalist and the Democratic mayor are, for all intents and purposes, synthetic jews.

They think like jews, act like jews, aspire to be jews and even gravitate towards traditional jewish professions: media, academia, (((Hollywood))).

They often talk about “the rich” as a unitary conglomerate to avoid having to mention the (((bankers))).

The way to deal with them is the same way one would deal with their (((models))).

Some judeo-bolsheviks: Hillary Clinton, (((Bernie Gutman))), (((George Soros))), the Democratic Party, modern “Communism”, Cameron, Hollande, Tsipras, Sweden.

Trigger Nigger. Nazi.

Trigger Nigger. Nazi.

Finally, the New Left is a more recent phenomenon emanating from the beginning of the Cold War.

It’s often conflated with bolshevism, as both forsake economic issues in favor of social engineering, but that’s an oversimplification.

The New Left is characterized by a shift from economic and social policies to societal revendication.

In effect, it managed to fracture the Left’s monolithic nature by transforming what was once a monomaniac fixation (anti-capital for the socialists, anti-White for the bolsheviks) into a loose coalition of divergent claims and interests.

This is also the basis of the Tyrone Doctrine.

Some New Leftists: Benoît Hamon, Barack Obama, Malcolm X, feminism, LGBTBBQKKK+, environmentalism, the hippie movement, most ethnic communitarianism.

Going back to the classification of Leftists based on their mindset and motives, we can entertain ourselves by associating each different type of libtard with the political current they are most likely to identify with.

Retards = traditional socialism.

It takes a particular kind of stupid not to realize that each time Leftists vote for a “candidate of the people” the only tangible result is more immigration, more bank bailouts and more wars for (((Occupied Palestine))).

Hypocrites = judeo-bolshevism.

Leftist bourgeois are synthetic jews. It naturally follows that their beliefs mimic those of their (((models))).

Open-borders for thou, nationalism for me” doesn’t just apply to (((Occupied Palestine))), it also aptly defines Portland, Pittsburgh, Vermont, Orange County and Manhattan.

Cynics = New Left.

We could even add a fourth category…

Fourth Reich = Antifa.

Liberals get the bullet too“, etc.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

Remember the Tyrone Doctrine.

I. Subvert the Retards

Simply make them read George Marchais, watch speeches of Chávez or study some of Stalin’s policies.

Then ask them what contemporary politicians are closest to the positions of actual pro-worker/anti-capital socialists. It’s not (((Bernie Gutman))) and Hillary Clinton.

II. Forgive the Cynics

By definition, those who follow the multiKult our of resignation aren’t the most invested in the perpetuation of the system.

Many would welcome a total collapse.

They are natural allies of the Fourth Reich.

III. Punish the Hypocrites

Make Vermont a Sanctuary State.

Abolish the White KKK Police in Liberal cities.

Hijack the “anti-rich” resentment and turn it into a populist, anti-Zionist, anti-bourgeois (i.e. rich liberals) culture.

Liberalism is the path of least resistance.

The Fourth Reich is the path of least sexual consent.

Dicks out.