☢️ The Children of the Zyklon ☢️

☢️ The Children of the Zyklon ☢️

Penetrated by the Fourth Reich.

Penetrated by the Fourth Reich.

There are two ways to address a problem.

1. You start with what you have and try to make the best of it.

2. You start with your goal and find the best tool to get there.

Inevitably, if applied to pro-White advocacy in the current year, both methods will lead you to Tyrone’s Covert Politicization doctrine.

That’s ok, it just means I’m God.

But there’s also a third method that’s gaining traction in Alt-Right circles.

3. You start with the goal, whine that you’re not there yet and bang your head against the walls in a show of “hardcore activism”.

For example, “protesting” the removal of Confederate memorials alongside the KKK.

The Alt-Right is so obsessed over the result that it fails, predictably, to see the process.

Of course, the result is the removal of Sheila Jackson Lee’s statue or whatever. I’m not from the South.

On the other hand, the process started the very day the media began to fabricate a hollywoodian history of obese redneck Southerners whipping elderly negros while their fat wives Jennifer were being plowed by Jamal the brilliant yet tortured Pakistani immigrant from a country that didn’t even exist in the 19th century.

Again, the Right starts the race when the Left is at the finish line.

It’s not antifa you should be protesting, it’s the hippies. But that was before your parents were born.

So you can bang your head against the wall about being “erased from history” or you can start talking about, I don’t know, a certain shitty little country of the Near-East and how they treat their own slave caste.

Our whips have nothing on white phosphorus… yet.

Dicks out.

🍙 The Retarded Illuminati 🍙

🍙 The Retarded Illuminati 🍙

Jeb Bush is Hitler.

Jeb Bush is Hitler.

Michael Moore is so fat he ate the World Trade Center.

Michael Moore is so fat he’s only a communist because the hammer and sickle remind him of McDonald’s logo.

For the Euros who don’t know who Michael Moore is, he’s a semi-trisomic media celebrity who just happens by total coincidence to be an anti-White zionist leftist.

But while he himself may very well be retarded, or synthetically jewish or most likely both, his handlers know exactly what they are doing with the “blue collar” act.

Michael Moore is himself rich, has always been privileged, has never been part of the working class, and is in fact the very 1% he claims to oppose.

Taylor Swift, a racist White feminist.

Taylor Swift, a racist White feminist.

What’s even more revealing is the picture he paints of the “rich” who are “exploiting the poor”.

His phantasmagorical worldview may seem archaic and even nonsensical to some, and that’s intentional.

If you talk about the real 1%, you then have to address the possible concerns over the conduct of this class.

But if you make up some retarded fantasy about obsolete railroad magnates whipping workers, pissing inside a (now outsourced, thanks to Dems) factory and lighting $900 cigars with Joe the Plumber’s welfare check… then you’re free to define the narrative, and all of its auxiliary aspects, as you go.

Michael Moore’s dream is a plantation of blue collar Whites subsidizing his mansions in israel (“for culture n sheeit”) and hunting for John D. Rockefeller while they are being replaced by Ousmane and José, who don’t care about either “equality” or some chalky named Rockefeller.

Michael Moore is not pro-worker, he is an anti-White zionist.

He is not Hugo Chávez, he isn’t even Tsípras.

At best he is Ariel Sharon parading as Al Gore.

Diversity is a code word for White Supremacy.

Diversity is a code word for White Supremacy.

The financial industry never had a problem with communism because the “enemy” communism opposes, the factory tyrant robber-Barron-Trump, simply doesn’t exist in the way he is portrayed by leftists, whether genuinely retarded or opportunistic parasites.

The 1% are not Hollywoodian Anglo aristocrats who enjoy turning off their cigars inside the mouth of Joe the Plumber at his factory.

Tyrone, however, is a Nigerian autocrat who enjoys turning on his phallic WMD inside the mouth of your 6-year-old progeny at daycare.

Homeschooling it is.

But enough of communist, Michael Moore and my erectile supremacy, though the latter two rarely mix well.

The point is that the official leftist (“pro-labor”) narrative build-up involves four parties:

  • A: the mob (the working class)
  • B: the target (the 1%)
  • C: the diversion (hollywood aristocrats)
  • D: the bullhorn (Michael Moore)

A gets naturally resentful, or at the very least inquisitive, about B.

So D arrives and redirects everyone towards C, saving B the trouble.

It applies to the leftist narrative but also to the Alt-Right.

  • A: the mob (“normies”)
  • B: the target (anti-White jews)
  • C: the diversion (niggers, trannies, faggots, muslims)
  • D: the bullhorn (PJW, the Alt-Lite)

Now help me out…

  • A: the mob (antifa, BLM)
  • B: the target (???)
  • C: the diversion (Spencer/pro-White advocacy)
  • D: the bullhorn (CNN)

I can’t seem to solve this riddle.

Who is Spencer taking shot for?

It starts with Gavin, ends with McInnes and contains both rectal dildos and the letters “israel”.

And finally, what the Alt-Right should be doing:

  • A: the mob (antifa + BLM + bacons + “normies” + political establishment)
  • B: the target (pro-White advocacy)
  • C: the diversion (Alt-Lite)
  • D: the bullhorn (covert Fourth Reich media)

Instead of attending protests and doing stupid marches, we could be the ones imposing the narrative.

Antifa is left-wing zionism and the Alt-Lite is right-wing zionism.

We should be coaxing them to engage in combat and taking bets on who’ll hit the morgue first.

I overheard a cop admit that no arrest will be made as long as there are no firearms involved. Weapons are fine, just no firearms and they won’t see anything. They really hate those [racists|antifa].

Then we can release elaborate statements mourning the loss of “our beautiful Aryan princess Laura Loomer, impaled by the Pride Parade Tank Bulldozer, may her soul rest in peace alongside our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, killed on the cross by those dirty arabs that run Hollywood and the ADL“.

Anti-Racist Hitler.

Anti-Racist Hitler.

We would DEMAND Trump take action to curb the epidemic of Zionist violence sweeping across our nation.

We would adopt the children of the deceased and use them as fleshlights props in our anti-Milo videos.

We would hold prayer sessions with Glenn Beck to convert the souls of the loss sheep of antifa to conservative constitutionalism, or constitutional conservatism whatever terminology their 67 IQ can comprehend.

We would request funding for our NGOs to monitor zionist hate on social media.

We would be a beacon of hope in a world engulfed by darkness, hate and bigotry.

Zionism is at war with the West.

We must fight them over there so we don’t fight them over here.

Freedom itself was attacked by faceless cowards, and freedom will be defended.

The zionists are fighting freedom with all their cruelty because freedom is their greatest fear – and they should be afraid, because freedom is on the march.

Every nation in every region now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the zionists.

You can even use my slogans.

There is left-wing zionism and there is right-wing zionism.
There is liberal zionism and conservative zionism.
There is capitalist zionism and socialist zionism.
There is radical zionism and moderate zionism.
There is progressive zionism and orthodox zionism.
There is religious zionism and political zionism.
There is christian, muslim and atheist zionism.
There is the zionism of John McCain and the zionism of Jonathan Pollard.
The zionism of Steven Spielberg and the zionism of Jeffrey Epstein.
The zionism of the AIPAC and the zionism of antifa.

But all zionism is anti-White terrorism.

Of course, none of that will happen.

None of that will happen because Spencer and Alt-Right leaders are more concerned with their Internet image than with results.

If he can Nazi, so can you!

If he can Nazi, so can you!

It all went downhill for Spencer when he was punched by an effete antifa.

Since then all he’s ever done is pick twitter fights with SJW retards, demand MMA matches against (((Cernobitch))) and other homos, protest on the streets like an obese Tumblr incel feminist and whore himself for the most pathetic shitskin Democrat cunt who was, predictably, dragged back to her plantation island and taught proper manners by her owners.

Why is Richard Spencer using pro-White advocacy to reclaim his long lost manhood?

Do we really need to go there again?

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

I know how you feel Richard.

I know where Demetrius touched you back in summer 1997.

I know how you sweared you would become a neon nazi to “gas that fucking nigger”.

I know how no one believed you, how your parents laughed and said “Richard, you know there are no black people in Massachusetts”.

I know how when you were punched it reminded you of memories you thought you had forgotten, often painful memories involving African genitalia and your not-yet-cicatrized prolapsed hole.

I know how each time you see antifa’s black and red flag it reminds you of Demetrius’ nubian tent pole covered by your ruptured blood vessels.

I know how you take your pain out on your twitter critics, how each time you threaten a SJW with internet violence you feel like you are redeeming the honor you lost alongside your rectal virginity.

What did you feel when Demetrius penetrated you?



Or was it just a typical Saturday night (🌈)?

I should start charging you faggots for therapy.

So if an Illuminati is someone who lives in the shadows and controls everything, what is a retarded Illuminati?

Dicks out.

Only Whites Suffer From Racism 😘

Only Whites Suffer From Racism 😘

Taylor Swift, a racist White feminist.

Taylor Swift, a racist White feminist.

Want to sully a concept, such as say rape, feminism, racism or even sandniggers blowing up your watermelons, to render it ipso facto socially and culturally harmless?

😘 The Left claims you have to abide by it: “We must all address our White privilege“.

😘 The Alt-Lite claims you have to deflect it: “Niggers are the real racists“.

😘 The Alt-Right claims you have to embrace it: “Lol yeah we racist hardcore KKK also one time I smoked a cigarette“.

😘 The Fourth Reich claims you have to Tyrone it: “SUCK MY RETINA!“.

Oh… you don’t know what Tyroning is?

That’s because you’re a noob.

For shame.

It’s rocket science but my dick is big like a rocket so thanks to Tyrone’s Radikkkal Ethnotherapy™ you can both be a racist and priapic.

Miley Cyrus, the racist feminist.

Miley Cyrus, the racist feminist.

Tyrone’s Radikkkal Ethnotherapy

There are three ways to psychologically vandalize an impeding notion.

You can:

  • Invert the narrative
  • Inflate the prejudiced
  • Abstractify

You must think with your dick etc…

1. Invert the narrative

Neon Nigger Nazis.

Neon Nigger Nazis.

Every societal concept has a certain narrative.

Male rapes female, White oppresses black, muslim blows up nightclub.

Let’s examine these claims.

Take slavery for instance.

Whites are the true victims of slavery. While some blacks were oppressed a long time ago, the black race as a whole has always been very complacent both with the act of slavery and its spiritual ramifications. In fact, blacks still practice slavery to this day.

But slavery damaging for whites. White people have more emotional intelligence than blacks, therefore they still suffer to this day from the genetic consequences. Every horror of slavery still affects modern whites in a way that black “people” can only imagine.

Get it niggers?

  • Rape ➡️ Cunts get over it, males suffer forever
  • Feminism ➡️ White cunts oppress young men of color
  • Racism ➡️ Only Whites suffer psychologically for racism
  • Muslim terrorism ➡️ Muslims are the first victims of terrorism

Most trees are blue.

2. Inflate the prejudiced

There is only one kek.

There is only one kek.

Remember when cunts tried to gain social advantages over us men humans via “feminism“?


Remind me how that ended.

Our special LGBBCTQ+ team simply redefined woman from a biological reality (sex) to a social identity (gender).

Today, anyone is a woman.

You’re welcome.

Expand the criteria to be considered victims of whatever concept you want degraded.

A wide base is a fragile base, “minorities” can only be truly united against a monolithic majority.

White males suffer from White privilege too! Don’t think you’re the only victims of our patriarchal, bigoted and xenophobic society! When we see a person of color being oppressed by White supremacy and micro-aggressions, it’s like we are the ones being assaulted! You can’t imagine our suffering!

Get it niggers?

  • Rape ➡️ We too suffer from micro-rapes
  • Feminism ➡️ We too suffer from the patriarchy
  • Racism ➡️ We too suffer from White privilege
  • Muslim terrorism ➡️ We too suffer from radicalization

You’ll notice neither “micro-rape” (😆), “the patriarchy“, “White privilege” or “radicalization” can be properly defined.

This directly ties into the next point.

3. Abstractify

Look at this definition of rape.

Keep in mind the word initially meant “forceful penetration“.

Rape is a word for sexual assault — usually a man rapes a woman. Rape can also mean to plunder or strip something of resources. There are few words more powerful than rape, which is a horrifying crime most often done by a man to a woman. To rape someone is to force them to have sex with you.


Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

Dassome crazy nigger sheeit to send my brothas to jail.

Regardless of your opinion on this new definition of rape, the fact remains that it still describes an act (sexual assault).

It’s both concrete and physical.

Thankfully, the Fourth Reich’s Nairobi division developed an innovative solution: rape culture.

Rape culture is abstract, speculative and immaterial.

Sure we can complain all day about the uneducated bigots that voted for Trump. But it’s not just a matter of tolerance, education or even modernity. There is a moral component lacking from those who would vote for a backwards, misogynistic and hateful candidate such as Trump. Human morality is what makes us who we are.

You can literally touch your (soon to be erect 🍆) phallus all day while lucubrating about rape culture without ever addressing Jamal’s brutal penetration of Ashley’s prenubile and callow cunt (told you 🕶️).

  • Rape ➡️ Rape culture
  • Feminism ➡️ Intersectional LGTBBCQ+ afropride
  • Racism ➡️ White privilege
  • Muslim terrorism ➡️ Islamic obscurantism

Get it stupid black people?

You can agitate your dick impotently at “the liberals” or you can agitate MINOs against their masters.

I need the KKK because I’m a White woman.

– Tyrone J. Trump

Dicks out.

Don’t Call Them Normies 😕

Don’t Call Them Normies 😕

Death 2 Nubz.

Death 2 Nubz.

Call them noobs.

The problem with the normie appellation is that it just doesn’t work.

For it to become a slur, normie has to be context dependent: no one cares about being a normie or not without knowing the topic.

Noob is better.

It implies involvement, probation and is actively comparative.

I have thus updated the Fourth Reich Hierarchy of Swag to better reflect the present state of fashitry.

From best (me) to worse (you):

  • Tyrone/God/Supreme Führer
  • Colonel Sanders
  • Fashlord
  • Elliot Rodger
  • Harambe
  • Neon Nazi
  • Based Nigger
  • Noob
  • Cuck
  • Lampshade
  • Leslie Jones
  • Paul Ryan

Why be a nub when you can be a nigger?

Dicks out.

㊙️ The Protocols of the Niggers of Tyrone ㊙️

㊙️ The Protocols of the Niggers of Tyrone ㊙️

Niggers Must Unite Against the Faggot Menace.

Niggers Must Unite Against the Faggot Menace.

Look at the image to the left.

What do you see?

WHAT do you SEE???

Obviously, based White Hispanic Orange Nigger God Emperor POTUS of all Niggerdom is channeling the powers of ISISauron and his armies of orcish goatfuckers from the shrine of King Abdullah Théoden of Saudi Rohan.

Within the help of the seven Islamic Palantíri and several rectally prolapsed sacrificial goats, the Fellowship of the Cube declares total war on mystery meat slut whore vegan faggot woman Ariana Grande in Manchester.

Also, resurrecting Adolf Hitler and purging Mecca of infidel slut fag vegan camel blowjob comprehensive niggers.

Don’t mess with the Cube.

Also in the news, some White Hispanic Neo-Nazi went on a vehicular rampage in New York city killing one and injuring 22.

Special Needs Nazis.

Special Needs Nazis.

They call him “White Hispanic” but at this point he might as well be Asian with such a weak body count in one of Israel America’s most densely populated cities.

I hesitate between the Honorary Aryan medal or the Dishonorary Asian discharge.

At any rate, he gets a new car for his service in the Fourth Reich motorized forces.

The Alt-Right isn’t that much different from every other political organization, it wants to appeal to the largest number of constituents.

Their strategy is to turn pro-White advocacy into the best possible option for everyday Whites (normies).

The Fourth Reich strategy is to make it the only option.

Naturally, at each non-white terror attack or crime spree, the Alt-Right goes out of its way to supplicate themselves into the mainstream: “our policies could have prevented that“, “look at the dead bodies“, “will you listen to us now?“… or my favorite, “the day or the ROPE is coming niggers!!!!“.

Bitch is dying for da Big Blak Kokkk. I mean she already dead lol.

Bitch is dying for da Big Blak Kokkk. I mean she already dead lol.

Not only has that never worked, it also provides libtards with the necessary catharsis to alleviate their cognitive dissonance without realigning their worldview.

The issue is no longer about “non-White kills X innocents” but “wayciss KKK nazis exploit the deaths of X innocents to spread their hateful ideology“.

I will suggest an alternative.

Instead of rushing to the defense of those who never asked for it nor implied they had any desire to hear (pre or posthumously) your political opinions, do the opposite.

The answer to Richard Rojas (the “White Hispanic” driver) is not to get into an endless debate about his race.

㊙️ Yes, LEAs will label anything and everything as “White”, in some cases even inflatable-lipped niggers.

It’s pretty common knowledge already.

㊙️ Yes, the media won’t report the race of the attacker unless he’s White.

And…? Even the Alt-Lite knows this.

㊙️ Yes, when a White (or “White”) commits a crime it becomes the fault of every White that ever lived. The reverse doesn’t apply, that would be wayciss.


Penetrated by the Fourth Reich.

Penetrated by the Fourth Reich.

The answer to Richard Rojas was to turn the entire situation into a big joke by mockingly revering his “Whiteness”.

Claim he had poster of Hitler in his car.

Invent a story about his latina slut/niece (there is no distinction between the two in mestizo culture 😆) leaving him for da Big Blakkkk Kokkk.

Derision kills Zion.

White privilege fagz, don’t h8 your betters.

The Tyrone Protocols

The entire “White Left” is reminiscent of a pseudo-rebellious teenfag who hates his parents but nonetheless goes back crying to his prostitute mother at each sign of conflict.

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

The Alt-Right is the prostitute mother.

It’s not that libtards don’t have skin in the game, it’s that they have skin on both sides.

Spread betting.

They have the racial/identitarian privilege of being White, and the social/institutional privilege of being “anti-racist”.

Whichever side wins, they profit.

All the Alt-Right does when they unconditionally defend “all Whites everywhere against Islamic barbary” or some similar nonsense is to reinforce the teenfag complex.

No matter how much I oppose them, harass them, denounce them or call for violence against their adherents, the Alt-Right will always accept me because of my skin color.

That’s why you lose.

Dealing with Feminists. Propaganda Poster to be shared with MINOs.

Dealing with Feminists. Propaganda Poster to be shared with MINOs.

You’re not a car dealer trying to get some midlife millenialcuck to buy your stolen Escalade with fake plastic rims.

The alternative for normies is not to go see another car dealer, it’s what you call White Genocide (which you stylize White GeNOcide for some a[u-r]tistic reason).

Don’t waste time trying to make pro-White advocacy the best option, make it the only option.

White anti-Whites take their Whiteness for granted.

AntiFa is basically the “Kill all Whites expect us” party.

The Fourth Reich is the “We pick the targets” party.

Only when White anti-Whites are completely isolated, both politically, culturally and physically, can the Alt-Right shatter the “progressive” wing of the rainbow alliance.


Through Ethnotherapy.

LOL wayciss Nazi ROFL.

LOL wayciss Nazi ROFL.

Read the above text as many times as you need.

That is the future.

㊙️ “You’re either with us or with the Nazis” – George “NaziKiller” Bush.

㊙️ “I’m a nationalist and a globalist” – Donald J. Trump.

㊙️ “I’m a Fascist and an anti-Fascist” – Tyrone J. Trump.

Dicks out.