🌻 Tyrone J. Hoover 🌻

🌻 Tyrone J. Hoover 🌻

Tyrone's Banana Face Mask.

Tyrone’s Banana Face Mask.

Maybe yall iz heared diz “charity” organizashun called Alt-Right n sheeit.

Yall fink dey be helpin da niggarz but we finded out dey also be helpin da otha peeple lik da wate wayciss nigga.

Dey be helpin da wate man, dey be helpin da asian nigga, dey be helpin da muffagah homo Ann Frank Coutler n sheeit.

Tel me, after dey help all diz peeple, how much cash dey gat fo da BLACK chilluns in Motha Africa.

Nuffin nigga.

Tyrone Sheeit Nigger KKK.

Tyrone Sheeit Nigger KKK.

If dey wan da Black chillunz die it mean dey be wayciss n sheeit.

We be gonna sue dem fo violatin da civil rites n sheeit.

We promice dat all da money we get fum soon dem gonna go to da Motha Africa ONLY n we iz buy all da stuff dat da Black Kidz be needin, like spining rimz, malt likka, ghettoblasters n sheeit.

We iz magik gypshun superia race it be da wate manz fault dat our chillunz be starv n sheeit, if dey stopp oppresin us with da live aid n food crates (dey be dropin it on da african head to kill em n sheeit) we wuz livin 2302983487 years like we do befo da wate man lynchin us n slavin us n sheeit.

)))A fellow nigga(((.

I'm a nigger just like you people.

I’m a nigger just like you people.

Yall thought I wuz Tyrone J. Trump?

Nigga I iz Tyrone Hoover I work fo da FBI dey paiz ma food stamp n sheeit.

I run da Alt-Right and da Alt-Lite.

You thought Gavin McInnes wuz a real faggot nigga?

Bich I iz da real Gavin McInnes I use banana face mask n sheeit.

I be dildo banana in ma black ass nigga.

1488 muffugah.

)))JK niggerz trust me I’m a black nigger just like you nigger people I love watermelon and KFC(((.

Most White Nationalism reads the same.

Attack every target (i.e. every branch of the multiKult) from a single angle (i.e. White Ethnocentrism/Anti-Degeneracy).

Muffugah I still not gay niggarz.

Muffugah I still not gay niggarz.

So we now have anti-jews WNs, anti-Black WNs, anti-beaner WNs, anti-faggot WNs, anti-feminist WNs, anti-anti-feminists WNs…

The Tyrone Doctrine is slightly different.

Attack a single target from every angle.

Instead of having White Nationalism as the opponent of everyone and everything, we should turn anti-Whites/(((the Cabal))) against everyone and everything.

Cosplaying as PeterPanzers against Antifa in the streets of Berkeley is a dead end.

But if you like dressing up and playing Third Reich Meets Sesame Street, you’ve come to the right place.

Sabotaging judeophilia and anti-Whiteness is what I do best.

Israel is a particularly easy target.

There should be White anti-Zionism, Black anti-Zionism, Beaner anti-Zionism, Conservative anti-Zionism, Liberal anti-Zionism, Libertarian anti-Zionism, LGBBQT+ anti-Zionism, Feminist anti-Zionism, anti-Homo anti-Zionism, Islamic anti-Zionism, anti-Islamic anti-Zionism, the-rent-is-too-damn-high anti-Zionism, fuck-that-rent-nigger anti-Zionism, eco-anti-Zionism…

Give everyone a reason to hate the kikes.

And yes, even jewish anti-Zionism.

Meet Tyrone J. Zuckerstein.

My wife. Michelle the House Bonobo.

My wife. Michelle the House Bonobo.

Why We Must Talk About Jared Kushner’s Judaism

While it has probably not evaded you that Jared Kushner, credited for curbing his father-in-law’s most racist and bigoted aspirations, is Jewish, it hasn’t evaded the Alt-Right’s Neo-Nazis either.


While we Jews should still aim for a White minority, the methods must be more subtle than brazenly parading around in conquered territory as we’ve seen in the recent months from Jared Kushner, George Soros, Bernie Sanders, Rahm Emmanuel and Chuck Schumer before that.

This is what will provoke an anti-Semitic backlash and radicalize the mainstream Republicans further into the arms of the Alt-Right’s Neo-Nazis.

)))A fellow Jew(((.

🤡 Retards, Cynics and Hypocrites 🤡

🤡 Retards, Cynics and Hypocrites 🤡

Adolf Hitler vs Retards.

Adolf Hitler vs Retards.

One can essentially divide the Left into three separate (but equal!) factions defined by the rationale of their constituents.

These are as follows: retards, cynics and hypocrites.

The Alt-Right is, in dealing with Leftists, obsessed over the first category while all but ignoring the very existence of the other two.

A Fourth Reich strategy should address and controvert every faction of the multiKult.

Subvert the retards, forgive the cynics and punish the hypocrites.

Retards are the true believers.

Cynics are just cynics… they have little to no ideological ties to the multiKult but parrot their tenets nonetheless.

Hypocrites and their beliefs have been widely discussed on this blog.

They are the archetypal bourgeois liberal with college debt living in a ethnically homogeneous (White) neighborhood.

The method for dealing with them… the Tyrone Doctrine.

In addition to the three contingents of Leftism, we can also define three main political currents to historical and modern Leftism.

Traditional socialism, judeo-bolshevism and the New Left.

Hitler, a true socialist.

Hitler, a true socialist.

Traditional socialism has little to do with what most would associate with the modern Left (i.e. the Democratic Party).

In many ways they are antithetical.

Read George Marchais, head of the French Communist Party from the seventies to mid-nineties, and his work on the threat of immigration in particular… you’ll soon come to the amusing realization that the European Far-Left was and sometimes still is more to the Right than the American “Far-Right”.

Some traditional socialists: Mussolini, George Marchais, Orwell, James Traficant, arguably Stalin, Mao, Hugo Chávez, Phillippe Pétain, most Arab nationalism and of course… Adolf Hitler.

Judeo-bolshevism is the epitome of the anti-worker and anti-White Trotskyist movement.

Unsurprisingly, many of its prominent adherents are from a specific (((ethnic group))).

Taylor Swift vs Leftist retards.

Taylor Swift vs Leftist retards.

And even the fodder of the movement harbors a perceptible talmudic flavor.

The bourgeois liberal, the BLM activist, the feminist teacher, the faggot journalist and the Democratic mayor are, for all intents and purposes, synthetic jews.

They think like jews, act like jews, aspire to be jews and even gravitate towards traditional jewish professions: media, academia, (((Hollywood))).

They often talk about “the rich” as a unitary conglomerate to avoid having to mention the (((bankers))).

The way to deal with them is the same way one would deal with their (((models))).

Some judeo-bolsheviks: Hillary Clinton, (((Bernie Gutman))), (((George Soros))), the Democratic Party, modern “Communism”, Cameron, Hollande, Tsipras, Sweden.

Trigger Nigger. Nazi.

Trigger Nigger. Nazi.

Finally, the New Left is a more recent phenomenon emanating from the beginning of the Cold War.

It’s often conflated with bolshevism, as both forsake economic issues in favor of social engineering, but that’s an oversimplification.

The New Left is characterized by a shift from economic and social policies to societal revendication.

In effect, it managed to fracture the Left’s monolithic nature by transforming what was once a monomaniac fixation (anti-capital for the socialists, anti-White for the bolsheviks) into a loose coalition of divergent claims and interests.

This is also the basis of the Tyrone Doctrine.

Some New Leftists: Benoît Hamon, Barack Obama, Malcolm X, feminism, LGBTBBQKKK+, environmentalism, the hippie movement, most ethnic communitarianism.

Going back to the classification of Leftists based on their mindset and motives, we can entertain ourselves by associating each different type of libtard with the political current they are most likely to identify with.

Retards = traditional socialism.

It takes a particular kind of stupid not to realize that each time Leftists vote for a “candidate of the people” the only tangible result is more immigration, more bank bailouts and more wars for (((Occupied Palestine))).

Hypocrites = judeo-bolshevism.

Leftist bourgeois are synthetic jews. It naturally follows that their beliefs mimic those of their (((models))).

Open-borders for thou, nationalism for me” doesn’t just apply to (((Occupied Palestine))), it also aptly defines Portland, Pittsburgh, Vermont, Orange County and Manhattan.

Cynics = New Left.

We could even add a fourth category…

Fourth Reich = Antifa.

Liberals get the bullet too“, etc.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

Remember the Tyrone Doctrine.

I. Subvert the Retards

Simply make them read George Marchais, watch speeches of Chávez or study some of Stalin’s policies.

Then ask them what contemporary politicians are closest to the positions of actual pro-worker/anti-capital socialists. It’s not (((Bernie Gutman))) and Hillary Clinton.

II. Forgive the Cynics

By definition, those who follow the multiKult our of resignation aren’t the most invested in the perpetuation of the system.

Many would welcome a total collapse.

They are natural allies of the Fourth Reich.

III. Punish the Hypocrites

Make Vermont a Sanctuary State.

Abolish the White KKK Police in Liberal cities.

Hijack the “anti-rich” resentment and turn it into a populist, anti-Zionist, anti-bourgeois (i.e. rich liberals) culture.

Liberalism is the path of least resistance.

The Fourth Reich is the path of least sexual consent.

Dicks out.

Time for an Anti-Zionist Left 🥂

Time for an Anti-Zionist Left 🥂

Bashar Al-Assad is the new KKK.

Bashar Al-Assad is the new KKK.

It’s been said during the Republican primaries that Donald Trump was a secret liberal who intended to let Hillary win.


We have been fooled!

It’s been the exact opposite.

Think about it niggers.

Any true Black Man such as Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, Michelle Obama or Rick Santorum could have easily defeated the wayciss KKK nazi Drumpf.

Tyrone Al-Assad is Literally Hitler.

Tyrone Al-Assad is Literally Hitler.

Instead, who did they run?

Hillary Cunt and (((Bernisrael))).

They couldn’t have made it easier for the wayciss KKK Drumpf if they tried.

Even the semi-trisomic faggot Joe Biden could have won against Drumpf.

Hillaretard and (((Gutman Sachs))) made even the neo-nazi White Supremacist Drumpf look moderate by comparison.

The Democratic Party was hijacked by islamophobic judeo-Zionists!


It’s up to us to reclaim the party of Andrew Jackson from these anti-Palestinian terrorists.

Terrorism is for Racists and Niggers.

Terrorism is for Racists and Niggers.

The Democratic Party belongs to Women of Color like Barack Hussein Ebola.

I, Tyrone J. Assad, will now explain to you niggers how to arrogate the non-White Party and turn it into a political vehicle for Homoerotic Zyklon Pride.

You can be a true nigger too by following these easy steps.

Time to retake Niggeria.

Or Syria.

Operation Desert Camel Nigger

Phase I: Destroy the (((Democratic Establishment)))

Assadu Ahkbar.

Assadu Ahkbar.


As a Jewish Zionist I want to thank Donald Trump for finally acknowledging the need to overthrow the nazi dictator Assad. Hopefully we will get Iran, Lebanon and Palestine next and even Russia if they continue to interfere.

I also need to thank the Democratic Party who ran the two weakest candidates ever against Donald Trump.

I was really scared the Democrats would run a charismatic anti-war candidate such as Kucinich, Ellison or Obama.

Luckily they ran our man Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, who is basically one of us by marriage.

Either one could have thrown the election for Trump… and that’s exactly what happened.

Now let’s work together to take care of these antisemitic dictators.

Phase II: Associate anything anti-war with antisemitism

The New Führer.

The New Führer.

AKA what the Right should have done circa 2003.

Instead they let anti-Whites play the role of pacifists once their regime change was completed.

Ron Paul, Richard Spencer, David Duke, Rand Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, Stephen Bannon… what do they have in common?

I you thought pathological Antisemitism, you’re only half-right.

They also oppose military intervention in Syria.

Why would antisemitic wingnuts oppose the toppling of an antisemitic dictator and war criminal?

You have three guesses…

Never Again.

Phase III: Deconstruct SWPL Leftism

The True Arab-Right.

The True Arab-Right.

For MINOs use this.

For low IQ huWhites use the following.

(((Bernie Gutman Sachs))) claims to be a Socialist, or “social democrat” depending on his audience.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

He is a Trotskyist, not a Socialist, not a Stalinist, not a Marxist, not even a true worker.

He comes from the jewish bourgeoisie, what legitimacy does he have to speak in the name of workers?

Trotsky, aka Leon Bronstein, was heavily financed by the ultra-capitalist New York bankers. Jews, for the most part.

Just like (((Bernie Gutman))).

Whereas the Socialism of Stalin, Mao and George Marchais were authentically class conscious, (((Gutman)))’s Trotskyism is just another tool for the capital and Wall Street bankers.

Talking about “the rich” in broad terms is simply a way to avoid talking about bankers.

His “social democracy” is archaic at best, harmful at worst.

He is no different from the ultra-capitalist Donald Drumpf, they both serve the save Wall Street bankers.

Reject (((Gutman)))’s fake Socialism.

Phase IV: Attack the Israeli Party

Jewish supremacy meets the MINO machine.

See here.

Fourth Reich Supremacy.

Dicks out.

😹 Danald Sheeeeit 😹

😹 Danald Sheeeeit 😹

Tad Cruz, da real Tea Party Nazi.

Tad Cruz, da real Tea Party Nazi.


I iz Tad Cruz da new God Amperor af da Alt-Right.

Da fagget Danald Tremp iz a cucked fagget

I iz da only true constitutialist nazi u be trust olol

Danald Tremp iz a bich he criez all time when luking at ded person chillrenz photo OLOLOLOL

Niggarz u gat ta jerk ur dik to da dead chillrenz in Siria or u just a fak nigga



U shud af vote fa da REALZ NIGGARZ my frienz ¡!¡!¡!YYEEEEEBBUSSSHHH¡!¡!¡! at leas he realz nigga he kill baby hitler DANALD TREMP he jus cri lik bich lol

Naw iss 2 lat vote fa YEEEEEBBBUSHHHH but yall cun still vote fa TAD CRUZ da fiss niggarz raiziz kkk nassi

I iz mak Muerico grat agin fa da kkk

I iz da nassi u cin TRUST

I iz da only nassi wif da dik big enaf to fok da pressidin in da oval offace

If uz vot fa da pressidin TAD CRUZ u cin fok da wat wimminz in da jizus whole

Naw u cin be nassi penetrator too.

Naw u cin be nassi penetrator too.

Da wat wimminz lik ote lik Karli Fiorinarira n sheeeit

Danald Tremp iz little bich all he do iz cri muh chillrenz LOLOLOLOL

He dan hav da dik big enaf ta fok da wat wimminz so he madd Basharalal Lassagna n sheeeeit


He tell uz da midia iz da liar

Den he see da chillrenz on da midia

Den he belief da media wtf LOL

Den his wife say “fok me Tad”

Den I say “Ok”

Den I becum God Amperor af da Alt-Right

Kristen Stewart iz da KKK.

Kristen Stewart iz da KKK.

LOL pussi nice juice ejaculiz wil da Danald Tremp iz cri about da ded chillrenz niggarz in da Siria n sheeit

Da fagget messicanz… all dey ad to shoz Danald Tremp da ded chillrenz an dey get visa

Da fagget niggarz… all dey ad to shoz Danald Tremp da ded Trivon an dey get ebt gibsmedat

Da fagget russia… all dey ad to shoz Danald Tremp da ded askimo an dey get crimia

Da fagget polrian n insdagraham n sheeit… all dey ad to shoz Danald Tremp da ded boifrend an dey get free candom fckbudi gey

But dey not intellekt lik da (((ISIS)))

Only da (((ISIS))) be intellekt enaf to da ded chillrenz tv

And naw da (((USA))) fagboi jordy dey be lik “fait fa da cuntri”

LOL i daz wha u needz da TAD CRUZ 2020

TAD CRUZ iz da TRU nassi candate

I iz mor egdi dan da fagget Danald Tremp

Tad Cruz "I fok ma dater".

Tad Cruz “I fok ma dater”.

Her iz da tope 5 rizon ta vote fa TED CRUZ 2020

  1. I iz fokk my dater (alfa kokkk)
  2. I iz real kkkonservatvsm
  3. I iz zodik killarz
  4. I iz facelift trigered leftits fagget
  5. Canda > USA

I iz the futurik da wat wimminz fok

Naw u iz to vote TAD CRUZ 2020 an ma frend YYYEEEEBBBBUUUUSHHHH also kkk

CRUZ / BUSH 2020

Wi iz da 1488 kkk nassi

Anz a art. I learnz if ya stab da art, uz mus tak iz plass. An u sailz da sea fa da etarnti. Da Alt-Right mus haz a kkkaptin.

Ok niggarz naw u vote CRUZ Alt-Right God Emperor ok?

wi iz retak constatinploz n sheeeit luk at da frogz meme dag wistling fkken messicunz dey iz krimnalz n rappiz n dey shit gangse in inida

Are you prepared for what comes after? When I carved that traitorous vessel from my body, I cast upon it a terrible geis. If you stab my heart, yours must take its place. The Alt-Right is not bound to the White Race. They are bound to the Alt-Right. And the Alt-Right must have a captain. Will ye serve?

Will you?

😂 Nigger is the New KKK 😂

😂 Nigger is the New KKK 😂

Nigger is the new KKK!

Nigger is the new KKK!

…or how to enrich the enrichment.

Some nigger asked me if porn would still be allowed in the Fourth Reich (for educational purposes).

This is a good question.

I must employ my superior malarial intellect to pass judgement on this issue.

Fourth Reich pornography?

Let’s review what we know.

Nobody had to tell Corrina Mehiel about the white privilege that killed her. It was a major focus of her life as a white Social Justice Warrior disguised as an artist.

Earlier this month, that work took her to George Washington University in the nation’s capital. There she was part of a project drawing attention to one feature of white privilege or another.

This time, lead paint in old houses occupied predominantly by black people.

Just a few days after she was photographed with Nancy Pelosi grinning in approval, friends found Mehiel tied up (😂), stabbed (😂), tortured (😂), and ultimately dead (😂) at the hands of El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure, a black man arrested driving her car and using her debit card.

He said he didn’t do it (😂).

source: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/03/white_social_justice_warrior_dies_at_hands_of_black_killer_.html


El Honorary is INNOCENT.

He dindu nuffin!

He was with me smoking crack whenever that sheeeit happened.

Who’s to say dis WAYCISS WOMAN didn’t INVENT the entire story to DEFAME THE NUBIAN RACE?


"Rape" is a Social Construct.

“Rape” is a Social Construct.


Even the newest practitioner of Critical Race Theory learns that the expectation of safety is a white thing: Black people don’t have it. So why should white people think they deserve it?

This fam gets it.

Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

“Awful,” said Rafer Hoxsworth. “I wonder if the suspect would have spared her had he known how hard she fought for social justice during her life.”


So “fighting for social justice” gives you PRIVILEGE?

It absolve you of the CRIMES of your ANCESTORS?

This nigger thinks not.

She is hardly the first preacher of the gospel of relentless black victimization to die at the hands of black people whom they sought to protect from relentless white racist violence.

In Oakland, David Ruenzel, a white writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center who was among the first to write about that thing called White Privilege, met a similar fate in an Oakland park.

Then there was the Baltimore t-shirt vendor for Black Lives Matter, robbed, beaten, but still alive. And the old white dude who was trying to convince a group of Black Lives Protesters in Berkeley not to loot the Radio Shack. They hit him on the head with a hammer for his trouble. He lived too.

This is a long list.

The racist KKK nazi police is DISARMING unarmed Black Teens and leading them to their SLAUGHTER!

A hammer? The tool of the KKK patriarchy?

We need a BLACK NRA to allow these young kids to defend themselves against racism, the KKK, micro-agressions and HIV.

End Stop & Frisk!


Lol Tyrone is a Nigger KKK.

Lol Tyrone is a Nigger KKK.

Most white allies know enough to do their virtue display a safe distance from the black predators they seek to shelter and exonerate.

Hence the need for the Tyrone Doctrine.

Here’s what she had to say before getting enriched.

“This year has been exciting and terrifying. So many tragedies inflicted on the full spectrum of non-white males in my country.

I have spent many days trying to understand this moment in our history. Feeling so proud of what we have all accomplished.

Sobbing with the country at the death of the young, beautiful people in Orlando. Crying to my father after watching Philando Castile pass in real time in front of the whole world.

His strong and beautiful girlfriend having the strength to show that story to an already grieving country.

And through it all watching the women in my life spend the year in worried apprehension.

Trying to be excited for the future, and all the while listening as others rallied around chants of hate and fear toward people of color, people of other religions, people of the lesser sex, people who don’t check one gender box.

And yet you just sent a non-white male to jail because of your privilege.


Black men, learn your lesson: never trust a White person. And especially not a White woman.

They will pretend to be your friend until they stab you in the back to get their “gender boxes” filled with beaner semen 😘.

Her Facebook page is bursting with the gospel of black victimization, from the death of Biggie Smalls to the white racism of Donald Trump to the white racism destroying schools in Detroit and everything in between.

Donald Trump never sent a Black man to jail.

Her family should be held accountable for her crimes 🤑.

In Spring Lake, North Carolina, a white mother of two was found murdered outside her home. Her black boyfriend is under arrest.

White liberal women… sending the Black man to jail since 1965.

Remember niggers, it’s only “police brutality” if it affects Whites.

Anthropology 101. Race is a social construct.

Anthropology 101. Race is a social construct.

When Whites are smoking weed, rioting, threatening law enforcement and resisting arrest… it’s peaceful protest.

When a Black man is eating and sandwich… he should have been more careful.

Always remember: every White person is racist.

Racist is a code word for White.

The MOST racist White people are the ones who claim to be “anti-racist”. They are the ones who will send you to jail.

White anti-racist is an oxymoron. All White people are racist.

Allah bless El Hadji (Barakallahoufik).

You may not have been a Hadji (Saudi Arabia doesn’t like having niggers on their territory), but you are as of today promoted to the Fourth Reich’s Department of Racial Purification alongside Youssouf Fofana and Dylan Roof.

As for porn, I envision a full 3 hour HD movie about the life of this whore with Harambe in the leading role of El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure, an innocent Black Man persecuted by KKK Leftists and Hillary Clinton.

I call it… ReBirth of a Nation.

Dicks out.