🖕 Nigger PUA 🖕

🖕 Nigger PUA 🖕

"Rape" is a Social Construct.

“Rape” is a Social Construct.

PUA (Pick-Up Artistry) is shit.

Not even “sheeeit“, it doesn’t deserve the additional vowels.

Just shit.

The entire MRM movement and everything associated with it, be it PUA or the utterly ludicrous MGTOW is a train wreck.

I’m here to save you all before the crash.

Just kidding, I’m here to make fun of those idiots still aboard.

A lot of you have been asking me to write about game ever since something I said was apparently misinterpreted as implying I’m a PUA of sorts.

It’s not the case.

I have very little positive to say about what is being sold as “game”.

I can, however, offer rectal degradation to self-proclaimed PUAs who feel like Casanova after having fucked their grandmothers in the dark for Valentine’s day.

Tyrone’s Erectile Gigantism

The Alt-Right 101.

PUA faggots.

Let’s start with Tyler Durden (Owen something from RSD), a rather influential PUA judging by how many faggots recycle his (already unoriginal) material.

He’s also the only PUA I know well enough to legitimately criticize.

Observation: Tyler speaks to faggots and retards.

That’s not a problem in itself, one could say I’m the biggest offender in that regards given how often and openly I mock stupid people (you).

The problems begin when Tyler and his RSD crowd pretend to be advanced master tactical PUA experts who create teen cunt geyser each time they remove their (dollar store) sunglasses.

You’ll find my skepticism disturbing, but I never got into game to get good with cunts.

I got into game to get better with cunts.

As such I, and anyone with minimal skills in actual social dynamics (the irony), will tell you that Tyler pulling anyone more than average 6/10 or 7/10 is pure fabrication.

The Fantasy

A true PUA.

A true PUA.

The illusion could have worked in the last decade, when PUA was quarantined to message boards and DVDs, but “infield footage” signed the death of his charade.

I want to draw your attention to something important.

There was, to my knowledge, no imperative for him to start releasing video footage of his “feats”.

He did it of his own volition, knowing full well that it would destroy his credibility.

In addition, he was I believe one of the first major PUAs to do so.

Do you know why Nigerian scammers are so obvious in their email baits? The logic is that they only want the most absolute retards (you) to answer them, hence even the moderate idiots (RSD tards) must be filtered out.

Tyler applies the same rationale to both picking up cunts and, most amusingly, to getting and audience for his Youtube sales pitches.

Remember this while reading the following.

1. The cunts

The way to deal with white feminists.

The way to deal with white feminists.

In all of his “infield footage” videos Tyler conveniently blurs the face of the cunts he is approaching.

Fair enough, except he most likely knows (one can hope) that facial recognition isn’t the only way to determine a cunt’s social status and attractiveness.

Proxemics, social group, agitation, situational and spatial awareness, social role, orientation…

All these tell a very different story than the evocative clickbait titles he uses on his videos.

Pay close attention to the orientation (two cunts facing away from the entrance in his latest footage), the male to female ratio and most importantly their barely concealed enthusiasm at being approach by men.

In another video he tries to “intimidate” (lol) some loser faggot. I sense he’s trying to look cool, but he mostly just highlights the fact that he willfully associates with losers to make himself look good by comparison.

He is not pulling hot women, hot women do not react the way the cunts in his videos do. He is pulling the sewers that barely get noticed in nightclubs.

2. The nightclubs

Taylor Swift on xenoanthropology.

Taylor Swift on xenoanthropology.

A word about said nightclubs.

Just how retarded do the RSD crowd believe you are?

They pretend to frequent the most high-end nightclubs while dressed in Habitat for Humanity shitwear.

The Red Cross Fashion Week meets Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Do you really need me to tell you why that’s delusional? You know very well these aren’t “high-end” anything, most of the time they are barely even urban.

Those aren’t nightclubs they’re village fair for promiscuous goat herders to blow their load without contaminating the livestock.

They’re not banging cunts they’re fucking cowboys and cattle.

Their VIP corners are surrounded by electric fence.

They make their booze out of bison piss.

Their only DJ is Billy Graham.


3. Booze

Tyler will teach you how to bang drunk cunts for a $9,999 bootcamp.


Tyrone will teach you how to bang drunk cunts for free.

Make her drink more.

Where’s my medal?

4. Tyler’s wife

FFS his wife is George Zimmerman.

Why do you take dating advice from Jeb Bush?

Because you’re stupid.

5. The content

White Women were the TRUE VICTIMS of Jim Crow.

White Women were the TRUE VICTIMS of Jim Crow.

The four above points were just gratuitous malice directed at PUA faggots that take the RSD scam seriously.

The real issue with PUA is the professed advice.

I’m no fan of the original PUAs, Mystery and his brood, but to their credit they actually applied the scientific method to a subject once shrouded in primitive mysticism.

Their conclusions were shit, but the method at least had some validity.

But modern PUAs, under the impulsion of RSD tards, do away with scientific analysis completely and crawl back into the sewers of eastern pseudo-spiritual mysticism and aboriginal self-help.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

It’s much more convenient to have immeasurable criteria to judge success, particularly when you have nothing of value to teach.

A dick in a cunt is concrete and measurable. “Nirvana” is not.

RSD inspired modern game claims it wants to do away with gimmicks to replace them with… nothing.

Sure, that’s going to work.

The only thing you’re going to do away with is your sphincter because you have to be a homosexual nigger to believe any of this.

Modern PUA caters to a teenage fantasy, the Hollywood dickwaving special snowflake.

If you believe you can make any cunt swallow, particularly a 10 with what likely amounts to a stock of over 200 male clitsuckers, simply by “being yourself” and smashing your macrocock through prenatal hymen like in the movies (the good movies), you’re a delusional faggot.

The conflation of competence and confidence is laughable.

Competence is an ability.

Confidence is a state.

No wonder Tyler Durden uses the latter to compensate for the former, which he doesn’t have, he needs at least that much to cope with the fact that he married Xristina from Taco Bell.

He even made a video in which he denounces the idea of a “batting average”.

I understand why.

6. The cargo cult

My Rape is my Privilege.

My Rape is my Privilege.

There’s a pervasive cargo cult accompanying the PUA community, mostly stemming from the fact that self-proclaimed game gurus really have no idea what they are doing, why what they are doing doesn’t work (or rarely, why it does) and how to teach it.

I recently discovered Heartiste, a site many recommended to me as a less retarded version of PUA.

I didn’t even know they were affiliated to WN.

This is exactly what I’ve been demanding since forever, just read covert politicization.

We need more Heartiste and less crusade LARPers.

But their game advice?

Just read the “Sixteen Commandments of Poon“.

IV. Don’t play by her rules

If you allow a woman to make the rules she will resent you with a seething contempt even a rapist cannot inspire. The strongest woman and the most strident feminist wants to be led by, and to submit to, a more powerful man. Polarity is the core of a healthy loving relationship. She does not want the prerogative to walk all over you with her capricious demands and mercurial moods. Her emotions are a hurricane, her soul a saboteur. Think of yourself as a bulwark against her tempest. When she grasps for a pillar to steady herself against the whipping winds or yearns for an authority figure to foil her worst instincts, it is you who has to be there… strong, solid, unshakeable and immovable.

They forgot:

IV-B. Use your larynx to vocalize words.

IV-C. Use your lungs to inhale dioxygen.

And of course.

II. Make her jealous

Flirt with other women in front of her. Do not dissuade other women from flirting with you. Women will never admit this but jealousy excites them. The thought of you turning on another woman will arouse her sexually. No girl wants a man that no other woman wants. The partner who harnesses the gale storm of jealousy controls the direction of the relationship.


V. Adhere to the golden ratio

Give your woman 2/3 of everything she gives you. For every three calls or texts, give her two back. Three declarations of love earn two in return. Three gifts; two nights out. Give her two displays of affection and stop until she has answered with three more. When she speaks, you reply with fewer words. When she emotes, you emote less. The idea behind the golden ratio is twofold — it establishes your greater value by making her chase you, and it demonstrates that you have the self-restraint to avoid getting swept up in her personal dramas. Refraining from reciprocating everything she does for you in equal measure instills in her the proper attitude of belief in your higher status. In her deepest loins it is what she truly wants.

How to fly a plane (Polynesian style).

  1. Use a helmet.
  2. Have a good trip.

I don’t know much about the other PUAs, they may be better or worse.

The Reality

There are certain subject that never appear on the Internet without their share of macho posturing.

These are:

  • cunts
  • violence
  • lifestyle

This macho bravado is a teenage fantasy.

Get it, faggots?

Get it, faggots?

Whether the keyboard warrior that stares down a freight ship of indolent manacled niggers or the keyboard Casanova that believes all that stands in the way of  his 10/10 domesticated harem is insufficient belief in his preternatural pick-up abilities, it’s a fantasy.

One very often driven by the pretense of perceived “manliness” and, being a matter of personal identity, having very little basis in reality and a lot to do with emotional coping.

If it were anything else than a delusion, your gurus would have done it.

The fact that they can’t tell you all you need to know.

The reality of banging hot cunts is this: you’re alone vs a cunt you don’t know, in a social setting likely more familiar and favorable to her than you, and the potential 200+ male slaves that form her social circle, without even mentioning those actually present on the scene.

What you need isn’t feel good mantras, bigger muscles or herbal supplements.

  • In cultures where hot cunts are at the top of the social hierarchy -> they have a choice.
  • In cultures where they aren’t -> they are subservient to whatever is and have no impetus to change.

That’s the reality of the sexual market when playing at high level.

And I see absolutely no one in the pick-up scene mentioning any of this or any of the skills necessary to manage it.

What I do see is either delusional or dishonest PUAs selling their recycled therapies to eager and stupid believers in vapid self-soothing magic.

I guess even incels have a better grasp on the reality of pick-up than self-proclaimed game gurus.

The PUA Trainwreck

Fifty Lampshades of Zyklon. A Tyrone Production.

Fifty Lampshades of Zyklon. A Tyrone Production.

The real problem isn’t even with the leaders, it’s with the followers.

We have an entire generation progressively buying the idea that you can get any cunt you want without any skill required.

Competence is nothing, confidence is everything.

In modern PUA, there is no benchmark, no barometer, no hierarchy, no quantifiable criterion for success.

So naturally, young aspiring PUAs won’t be forming families since the 10/10 harem is just around the corner.

To the tards obsessed with White babies, please reread that sentence as many times as necessary.

And that is still nothing compared to what happens when the delusional retards wake up from their dreams of unrestricted everlasting cunt.

You get rid of hierarchy, you get equality.

Nature doesn’t like it, so it repairs.

In ways amusing to niggers like I.

Start da fambies?

Hav da chillunz?


Wat u takin bout?

We youff got da BIGDIK ready 2 XPLODE!

We gun ejakultate man, we gun MAGNUM .357.

Dems kunts gun com sukmadik when I learn PUA “non-needy” n “self-actualized” n sheeit.

It be lik in fiv mintes, for mintes, free mintes…




Dicks out.

🖍️ The Six Words 🖍️

🖍️ The Six Words 🖍️

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

I spread HIV to white women.

I give HIV to white women.

I infect white women with HIV.


We must gas the nigger patriarchy, right?

Read what some cuck wrote on the DailyStormer.

It’s the men’s fault. We aren’t fighting for our women. That picture brings a tear to me eyes. A poor aryan princess in need of rescuing! Where are all the white men to save her?!?!?!?! Who here would LOVE to marry this aryan princess and have little vikings and queens with her???

Tyrone, Housni and "Princess".

Tyrone, Housni and “Princess”.

To the right is the incriminated “aryan princess [sic]“.

I’ll admit that the post was most likely sarcasm (“aryan princess” n sheeit) but this doesn’t detract from a pervasive trend I observed in WN communities: the irrational and seemingly sexual obsession with mudsharks.

Irrational because statistically insignificant.

If you see mudsharks everywhere, you’re either a cuck or you live in Mudsharkia.

If you live in Mudsharkia, move from Mudsharkia lest you become that which you hate.

Everywhere I turn I see crazy niggers complaining about Black on Blonde n sheeeit.

Since I consider yall either my bitches, cunts or feudal subjects, and that I detest seeing my servants in sexual frustration pain, allow my genius intellect to guide you towards the path of Elliot Rodger counter-Simian salvation.

But first, I will reiterate: mudsharking is a joke.

No serious White advocate obsesses over mudsharks.

Tyrone on Blonde

The multiKult narrative is not a cultural imperative, it’s a sales pitch.

It has a certain story attached.

A great deal of effort is put into branding that story, notably the miscegenation aspect.

Here are some of the qualities ascribed to mudsharking.

  • positive: mudsharking is framed as an act of love extended not just to the progeny, but to humanity.
  • natural: a great deal of propaganda is exerted to mask the social engineering velleities behind the narrative, implied inevitability and uncontrivedness of the “fall in love with anyone” fairy tale.
  • normal: a large part of this conditioning is focused on making it appear normal (see movies, adverts…) and accepted.
  • liberating: if the traditional (i.e. White) social setting is oppressive, then it follows that any societal model diverging from it is liberating.
  • laudable: the “proper” (conditioned) response to GMO children is respect and admiration. In Weimarika, genetic flotsam is to be commended.
  • educated: only backward bigots believe in race and would object to love.
  • socially enriching: the belief instilled is that GMO children will raise the cunt’s social status.
  • holistic: in the sense that mudsharking is global, literally “bringing the world together”.
  • progressive: breaking down the taboos of race relations one GMO child at the time.
  • compassionate: a more extreme example of African child theft adoption, the cunts are meant to believe they are altruistically saving a shitskin from poverty and dysfunction.
  • healthy: hybrid vigor.
  • personal: a spiritual journey against the racism of our biology.
  • futuristic: if the world will inevitably come together in a brown sea of mud, why not take the first step?

Your assignment: for each quality, find a rhetorical mantra that refutes the assertion and reframes mudsharking as the opposite of what it was initially meant to evoke.


I already did that for you.

And I didn’t need 13 talking points for 13 qualities, I only needed 6 words.

I infect white women with HIV.

– Tyrone J. Trump

All in one nigger.

  • negative: HIV, virus, infection, spreading… semantic field of disease.
  • deliberate: “I infect”. Active form, simple present, implies premeditation
  • aberrant: pretty obvious, reinforced by the fact that it’s articulated as a provocation.
  • confining: closes relational doors, sexual market value crash.
  • shameful: for White (i.e. rich & privileged) heterosexuals to have HIV, they must be really stupid and deranged. Africans get a pass, not Oregon cunts.
  • ignorant: everyone knows about STDs, how stupid can you get, woman? You brought this upon yourself.
  • ostracism: immense loss of social status, ostracism from peers due to botyh revulsion and incompatibility of activities (no more nightclubs for infected whores, it lowers the status of the group of cunts).
  • targeted: the race of the cunts is explicitly mentioned.
  • regressive: HIV, while still occasionally in the news, evokes images of 1960 homoniggers. It’s the current year.
  • greedy: literally controlled by her sexual impulses. When you hear a cunt say she has HIV, the first thing you ask yourself is her number of partners.
  • diseased: pretty self-explanatory.
  • societal: HIV is a societal and sometimes legal issue, it poses a health risk for the community. The emphasis is shifted from a personal journey to a social struggle, with a potential share of humiliation and inquiries.
  • archaic: even including Africa, the share of HIV seropositives is sharply decreasing worldwide. Reformulating, the number of infected in relation to the general population is declining. A smaller and smaller minority means less and less coverage, etc…

That’s raw genius for you.

That’s why people worship me.

I can teach you if you’re an underage cunt 💗💗💗 aryan princess 💗💗💗.

Dicks out.

Only Whites Suffer From Racism 😘

Only Whites Suffer From Racism 😘

Taylor Swift, a racist White feminist.

Taylor Swift, a racist White feminist.

Want to sully a concept, such as say rape, feminism, racism or even sandniggers blowing up your watermelons, to render it ipso facto socially and culturally harmless?

😘 The Left claims you have to abide by it: “We must all address our White privilege“.

😘 The Alt-Lite claims you have to deflect it: “Niggers are the real racists“.

😘 The Alt-Right claims you have to embrace it: “Lol yeah we racist hardcore KKK also one time I smoked a cigarette“.

😘 The Fourth Reich claims you have to Tyrone it: “SUCK MY RETINA!“.

Oh… you don’t know what Tyroning is?

That’s because you’re a noob.

For shame.

It’s rocket science but my dick is big like a rocket so thanks to Tyrone’s Radikkkal Ethnotherapy™ you can both be a racist and priapic.

Miley Cyrus, the racist feminist.

Miley Cyrus, the racist feminist.

Tyrone’s Radikkkal Ethnotherapy

There are three ways to psychologically vandalize an impeding notion.

You can:

  • Invert the narrative
  • Inflate the prejudiced
  • Abstractify

You must think with your dick etc…

1. Invert the narrative

Neon Nigger Nazis.

Neon Nigger Nazis.

Every societal concept has a certain narrative.

Male rapes female, White oppresses black, muslim blows up nightclub.

Let’s examine these claims.

Take slavery for instance.

Whites are the true victims of slavery. While some blacks were oppressed a long time ago, the black race as a whole has always been very complacent both with the act of slavery and its spiritual ramifications. In fact, blacks still practice slavery to this day.

But slavery damaging for whites. White people have more emotional intelligence than blacks, therefore they still suffer to this day from the genetic consequences. Every horror of slavery still affects modern whites in a way that black “people” can only imagine.

Get it niggers?

  • Rape ➡️ Cunts get over it, males suffer forever
  • Feminism ➡️ White cunts oppress young men of color
  • Racism ➡️ Only Whites suffer psychologically for racism
  • Muslim terrorism ➡️ Muslims are the first victims of terrorism

Most trees are blue.

2. Inflate the prejudiced

There is only one kek.

There is only one kek.

Remember when cunts tried to gain social advantages over us men humans via “feminism“?


Remind me how that ended.

Our special LGBBCTQ+ team simply redefined woman from a biological reality (sex) to a social identity (gender).

Today, anyone is a woman.

You’re welcome.

Expand the criteria to be considered victims of whatever concept you want degraded.

A wide base is a fragile base, “minorities” can only be truly united against a monolithic majority.

White males suffer from White privilege too! Don’t think you’re the only victims of our patriarchal, bigoted and xenophobic society! When we see a person of color being oppressed by White supremacy and micro-aggressions, it’s like we are the ones being assaulted! You can’t imagine our suffering!

Get it niggers?

  • Rape ➡️ We too suffer from micro-rapes
  • Feminism ➡️ We too suffer from the patriarchy
  • Racism ➡️ We too suffer from White privilege
  • Muslim terrorism ➡️ We too suffer from radicalization

You’ll notice neither “micro-rape” (😆), “the patriarchy“, “White privilege” or “radicalization” can be properly defined.

This directly ties into the next point.

3. Abstractify

Look at this definition of rape.

Keep in mind the word initially meant “forceful penetration“.

Rape is a word for sexual assault — usually a man rapes a woman. Rape can also mean to plunder or strip something of resources. There are few words more powerful than rape, which is a horrifying crime most often done by a man to a woman. To rape someone is to force them to have sex with you.


Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

Dassome crazy nigger sheeit to send my brothas to jail.

Regardless of your opinion on this new definition of rape, the fact remains that it still describes an act (sexual assault).

It’s both concrete and physical.

Thankfully, the Fourth Reich’s Nairobi division developed an innovative solution: rape culture.

Rape culture is abstract, speculative and immaterial.

Sure we can complain all day about the uneducated bigots that voted for Trump. But it’s not just a matter of tolerance, education or even modernity. There is a moral component lacking from those who would vote for a backwards, misogynistic and hateful candidate such as Trump. Human morality is what makes us who we are.

You can literally touch your (soon to be erect 🍆) phallus all day while lucubrating about rape culture without ever addressing Jamal’s brutal penetration of Ashley’s prenubile and callow cunt (told you 🕶️).

  • Rape ➡️ Rape culture
  • Feminism ➡️ Intersectional LGTBBCQ+ afropride
  • Racism ➡️ White privilege
  • Muslim terrorism ➡️ Islamic obscurantism

Get it stupid black people?

You can agitate your dick impotently at “the liberals” or you can agitate MINOs against their masters.

I need the KKK because I’m a White woman.

– Tyrone J. Trump

Dicks out.

👚 A Cunt for Every Nigger 👚

👚 A Cunt for Every Nigger 👚

Feminism is for niggers, cunts and racists.

Feminism is for niggers, cunts and racists.

We know that in the current year, all things and their antipodes are racist (if done by White people).

For example, the only people that object to feminism are evil racists.

With small dicks, no white babies, a Hitler homofetish, obese jewish wives and they’re probably virgins anyway.

Just like you, nigger.

But did you know that feminism is equally racist and bigoted?

Yes, it’s problematic.

Put away your jewish wives and I’ll explain all you need to know about the vaginal peril.

After reading my superior Afrocerebral conceptual decomposition of White feminist racism you’ll know enough about cuntology to lose your virginity on an actual human and finally dump your oversized pre-lampshade.

You can’t just grab the pussy like some low energy Wall Street primate, you need Dr. Tyrone’s ethnotherapy.

Tyrone’s Advanced Cuntology Studies

I went to a swinger bar and met a somewhat homosexual man named Tyrone. He tried to sell me something called “Advanced Cuntology” something, got pissed when I told him I was broke, told me to gas my jewish wife, pressured me into giving him buccal sex and buying his course. Long story short, his program is shit, it’s written in ebonics, it cost me $1,499 and now I’m broke and had to sell my jew wife to Neon Nazi pimps to pay off my mortgage. Sad.

– Mike Enoch


Met a man on a dating site. He calls himself Tyrone. Promised me his “Advanced Cuntology” course would cure my yellow fever, give me 3 inches and grow my hair back. TOTAL SCAM STAY AWAY!!!

– Andrew “Shanghai Stallion” Anglin

Tyrone says: Why be a racist when you can be a nigger?

Why be a racist when you can be a nigger?


Every WN loves to whine about how “people are sheep that need to WAKE UP n SHEEEEIT!!!!“.


But that’s what pretty much everyone has been saying forever.

The working class rarely has the time to be inquisitive about politics and cultural issues, so they naively believe what they see.

They believe what they see on TV, i.e. anti-racist multiKult propaganda, but they also believe what they see in their daily interactions, whether virtual or physical.

If their life experiences don’t match the fantasy utopia they are being sold, MSM propaganda will be much less effective amongst the popular strata.

Race is a social construct.

Race is a social construct.

As Vox Day would say, people will defend the sacred cows of the multiKult more often and aggressively so long as it remains some abstract pseudo-spiritual concept that doesn’t affect their own lives.

Once there is a cost to virtue-signaling, the average individual will back off.

Us )))social justice warriors((( on the other hand must double-down.

That’s who we are.

We just love )))equality((( too much to leave it to insincere hypocrites.

The entire premise of the Tyrone Doctrine can be summed up as such: it’s much easier to establish a negative relation than a positive one.

Prolapsed Cuntology

Want some enrichment? Guaranteed to make you more VIBRANT!

Want some enrichment? Guaranteed to make you more VIBRANT!

What is feminism anyway?

I’ve said it before, feminism is the weak link of the rainbow coalition.

It can’t stand on its own and needs to borrow its rhetoric from surrounding causes (anti-racism, faggot rights, Islamophobia).

Thus, feminism simply becomes an extension of whatever causes it’s adoptive group defends.

White feminism is about egalitarian liberalism, black feminism about slavery and illuminati weave styles, lampshade feminism is about anti-whiteness, etc…

Can you feel it?

Can you niggers guess where this is going?

Cialis and viagra are for boomers and (hot) children, real niggers take Tyronol 5000.

Guaranteed to make your BBC explode like a smashed watermelon.


– The crowd

A.N.A.L.D., all niggers are like dat.

Feminism meets the Big Black KKKoK

Follow the procedure closely, deviation is not permitted in the Fourth Reich.

If this is your first attempt at psychological sodomy, remember the immortal words of Tyrone J. Trump: “You must think with your dick before you rape with your mind“.

We define five distinct types of feminism.

These are:

  1. White feminism
  2. Racist feminism
  3. Colored feminism
  4. Islamic feminism
  5. Trans feminism

You are to pick one and proselytize.

Here are their specificities.

1. White Feminism

Taylor Swift, a racist White feminist.

Taylor Swift, the White feminist.

Name: White feminism
Target: Stupid white cunts
Leaders: Taylor Swift
Mantra:All women suffer from the patriarchy!
Strength: Mainstream acceptance
Weakness: Egalitarianism
Goal: Federating the multiKult under a unified banner
Subversion: Arrogant disdain towards ethnic minorities

White feminism aims to be the glue that holds the rainbow coalition together, under a feminist banner, targeted against some imaginary patriarchy.

It’s weakness lies in its conformity, and the fact that it must juggle dogmatic egalitarianism, ethnic victimology and the attempts from every component of the rainbow coalition to hijack mainstream feminism for its own sectarian purposes.

Demonstration: My sexist co-worker just assumed my gender at work. Oh my god, so this is what it’s like to be a slave. I literally feel like Harriet Tubman on a plantation. Misogyny is worse than racism.

Modus operandi: A typical )))white feminist((( will be as oblivious, disdainful, contemptuous and dismissive as possible towards the plight of minorities. Never openly hostile.

)))White feminists((( tolerate MINOs, but demand they comply to the codes of feminism rather than the opposite.

MINOs detest nothing more than being ignored and/or seeing their concerns snobbishly dismissed.

Much more so when the dismissal happens on their turf, whining about oppression.

2. Racist Feminism

Miley Cyrus, the racist feminist.

Miley Cyrus, the racist feminist.

Name: Racist feminism
Target: Upper-class white cunts
Leaders: Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson
Mantra:Those people are the reason feminism fails!
Strength: Historical relevance
Weakness: Excessive segmentation
Goal: Freeing feminism from the shackles of retarded minorities
Subversion: Open hostility towards minorities

If White feminism ostracizes MINOs through subtle ignorance and disregard, Racist feminism openly attacks the they perceive to be an impediment towards the achievement of feminism’s goals.

Emma Watson vs Ebolafricans.

Emma Watson vs Ebolafricans.

It’s strength is it’s historical accuracy as well as it’s relevancy with regards to the modern economic context.

The original woman’s emancipation movement was about upper-class (bourgeois) women wanting the excitement but none of the inconvenience of the working class lifestyle.

Let’s make feminism about rich White women again.

You don’t make 2.5M a year? You don’t live in a gated community? You’re not White?

Who are you to call yourself a feminist?

Demonstration: Ok. For all those who preach racial tolerance, female solidarity and what not, explain something to me… How exactly are we supposed to fight for equal pay and free contraceptive when you have a low-IQ Black woman right next to you yelling about the KKK putting cocaine rocks in her fried chicken? Those people cheapen the movement and make feminism look like a joke.

Katy Perry, borderline racist feminist.

Katy Perry, borderline racist feminist.

Modus operandi: A typical )))racist feminist((( will tie every failure of feminism to a non-White source.

Clinton could have been the first woman president… if she hadn’t gone full nigger native and alienated rich White women.

We could have free tampons… if the mayor didn’t prioritize beaner welfare.

Equal pay? That’s Islamophobic.

Inherent to )))racist feminism((( is a lingering superiority complex, a festering resentment towards the lower classes and MINOs in particular which eventually turns into outright detestation.

Feminism is about us rich White women.

While our foremothers were courageously fighting the patriarchy, against all odds, to provide us with the hope of equal opportunity… where were they? They were complacently accepting male supremacy from the safety and comfort of their mud huts. Feminism is NOT for illiterate jungle people.

3. Colored Feminism

Maya Angelou, the colored feminist.

Maya Angelou, the colored feminist.

Name: Colored feminism
Target: MINOs, both male and female
Leaders: Michelle Obama
Mantra:Only women of color know true oppression, only we can be true feminists!
Strength: Symbiosis with anti-racism
Weakness: Rhetorical devolution
Goal: Black/Beaner/Yellow pride for all cunts
Subversion: Highlighting leftist hypocrisy

Colored feminism is the answer to the two aforementioned types of feminism.

It consists of MINOs nominally adopting feminism to pursue their own ethnic interests under a different banner, generally by projecting their own ethnocentrism onto other races.

Migrants Dindu Nuffin.

Migrants Dindu Nuffin.

Demonstration: While so-called white feminists were busy protecting their privilege, we were suffering true oppression at the hands of the racist and white supremacist society. For us women of color, feminism isn’t about wages, bathrooms or the color of children’s toys. It’s about life and death, hope and oppression, freedom and slavery. That is something white privileged women cannot understand.

Modus operandi: A typical )))colored feminist((( correctly identifies the main flaw with traditional non-aligned feminism: the concept of “patriarchy” is vague, abstract and mostly left undefined.

MINOs seek to exploit this flaw by turning the patriarchy into a synonym for white privilege.

This in turns forces white leftists to address these concerns, thereby highlighting the hypocrisy of open tent feminism: anti-male doesn’t mean pro-MINO.

4. Islamic Feminism

Islamic Feminism, Fourth Reich style.

Islamic Feminism, Fourth Reich style.

Name: Islamic feminism
Target: n/a
Leaders: Linda Sarsour
Mantra:Only sharia law can truly set women free!
Strength: Jihad
Weakness: Retardness
Goal: Imposing sharia
Subversion: Hiding behind Islam

Who needs White sharia when you can LARP online as an actual honest-to-Allah Muslim jihadi?

Admit it, the Fourth Reich is superior to Alt-Right cuckoldry.

There isn’t much depth to Islamic feminism, it’s just Muslims hiding behind feminism to attack… feminism.

"Rape" is a Social Construct.

“Rape” is a Social Construct.

They are somewhat antagonistic in western context.

As Thor Daddy from Eradica once said: “the logical progression of any entity seeking maximum autonomy is its anti-entity… So NFL –> anti-NFL…“.

Islamic feminism = either 1) anti-feminism hiding behind the shield of religious tolerance/anti-Islamophobia or 2) anti-Islam hiding behind the shield of feminism.

The Fourth Reich just takes things a little further.

Neon Nazis hiding behind Muslims hiding behind (cultural, not religious) Islam hiding behind feminism to attack feminism.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

Demonstration: Western “freedom” is simply the perpetuation of the enslavement of women to the patriarchal capitalist society. Instead of selling their wombs, they sell their labor. Only Islam can guarantee true equality amongst people of all races and genders by imposing religious limits on the racist and sexist capitalist society. Don’t believe the lies you hear on the media, Islam is a religion of peace.

Modus operandi: A typical )))Islamic feminist((( will use feminist lingo to attack actual feminism disguised as “western oppression”.

This feeds into the civilization clash conspiracy theory, but also accelerates the emancipation of Muslims from the multiKult coalition.

Just as evangelical cucks will believe anything as long as it carries the “for Jesus” label (ex. sodomites for Jesus), so will leftists give anything as pass as long as it’s “for Islam“.

Islam, not Allah or the Quran since we’re talking culture rather than religion.

Haloufa Akbar.

5. Trans feminism

Some women have dicks.

Some women have dicks.

Name: Trans feminism
Target: Neon Nazis
Leaders: Yours truly
Mantra:Real women have (big) dicks!
Strength: Terminological flexibility
Weakness: None
Goal: Transgender entryism
Subversion: Excluding cunts from feminism

The BBC of anti-feminism.

You’ll understand why they call me 45 inch wide Tyrone.

You’ll also understand why I call myself a feminist woman of color.

I am the alpha cock nigger.

Black Bitchez need to STFU about their weaves n sheeit.

Black Bitchez need to STFU about their weaves n sheeit.

Demonstration: Only women with dicks can call themselves feminists, in fact only women with dicks can call themselves human beings. The cunt is the symbol of male oppression. Those “people” who still possess cunts in the current year should be prosecuted for hate crimes. How many women died for the cunt? We don’t allow people to have swastika tattoos, yet what the swastika is to lampshade the cunt is to women: a relic of our persecution. Either renounce the cunt or your right to call yourself a woman and a feminist.

Modus operandi: As I once said, transgenderism moves sexual differentiation from the realm of biological reality to that of social identity.

As such we, Neon Nazis of the Fourth Reich, not God or nature, get to define what is and what is not a woman.

Trans feminism is what you might call my Trump card with regards to sex relations.

I won’t use it just now and you’ll need a special authorization from the Fourth Reich Gestapo to indulge in trans feminism.

But feel free to LARP as any of the other four.

You can even attack each other.

Set up the scene, polarize the cattle, force them to pick a side in a battle between their dual executioners… the winner getting to tie the noose around their slender necks…

Also, 12 y/o cunt tastes like watermelon.

Dicks out.

No More White Babies 👶

No More White Babies 👶

White Babies are Racist!

White Babies are Racist!

Since day one of this blog I’ve been sounding the alarm on the reality of Alt-Right inactivism.

You can’t escape it, the Alt-Right just loves internet posturing to an imaginary audience.

They need a ruler to measure their Internet cocks to impress their 12 twitter followers.


  • How many PEOPLE did you convince to VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY?
  • How many STREET PROTESTS did you organize in WICHITA, KANSAS?
  • How many NAZI FLYERS did you send to GEORGE BUSH’S MOM?
  • How many WHITE BABIES did you make with your GERIATRIC INCONTINENT WIFE?

Notice the pattern?

Inventing a process barely related to White advocacy in order to justify their inaction.

Baby Hitler was a Nigger and a Nazi.

Baby Hitler was a Nigger and a Nazi.

Because actual White advocacy is boring, and not as easy to quantify, thus harder to establish a hierarchy of TrueFash™, so we’re better off jerking off around a non-verifiable validation in the form of “White babies”.

Every White Nationalist could stop procreating tomorrow and there wouldn’t be any significant impact on the state of White demographics worldwide.

And what are they proposing exactly?

That they and their 12 twitter fags start outbreeding 1.2 billion Africans and their 7 nigs per cunt?

Do I really have to explain why it’s retarded?

But the real problem isn’t even with the practical application of this dogma, it’s with its strategic ramifications.

The White baby mental fellatio is just a moral justification for inaction.

“The future generations of White HeroJordies will take care of our pensions White Nationalism!”

It’s the ultimate capitulation to SWPL passivity and the Murkan spectator mentality.

For all their legitimate grievances against boomers, White baby fags are their perfect heirs and spiritual progenies.

Migrants Dindu Nuffin.

Migrants Dindu Nuffin.

They are the literal trans-temporal boomers, keeping the spirit of the 60s alive… and within the confines of White Nationalism of all places.

I once claimed to “[…] have 52 pronouns and that makes me more tolerant than you“, referring to the retarded dogma of gender identity embraced by SJW faggots.

But the Alt-Right SJWs are no better.

I have 14 White babies and that makes me more fashy than you“.

I really abhor having to point this out but given the trend of White demographics, White Nationalism will become MORE, not less, difficult/marginal/stigmatized for each successive generation.

Tyrone is the new KKK.

Tyrone is the new KKK.

If you can’t produce any results besides whine on the Internet about White babies, I would consider it a bit optimistic to expect your special needs children (via banging a 45 y/o with your fashy Tinder game) to do anything better.

78 IQ trailer park nazi meets 2/10 social science professor, have children, take over the world” is fiction.

Having White babies is normal human behavior, not an elaborate political scheme.

I thought it was obvious, apparently not.

How to be Fash 101.

Step 1 – Breath air.

That’ll show those kikes/cunts/niggers.

I you really need a ruler to measure your Internet dicks, forget White babies or Mitt Romney votes and do this instead.

Also, White babies suck.

White females teens tho 👌

Dicks out.