Antisemantic Nigger Nazis 😂

Antisemantic Nigger Nazis 😂

Neon Nigger Nazis.

Neon Nigger Nazis.

We are told, both by Neon Nazis and their (((ethnic enemies))) alike, that the Alt-Right is leading a war against organized jewry and chasing them from positions of power.

Jews are being persecuted and left with no other choice than coercive withdrawal, both cultural and geographical.

Many jews can’t sleep at night, as the peril of a second forty-third Shoah draws nearer.

The semitic merchants learned, too late, that Amerikkka is now the heart of a menace that far surpassed the brutality of the Third Reich… Internet memes.

That’s the fantasy in which many live.

Now, the reality.

For the year 2016 alone, the figures obtained indicate that 26,000 Jews left France. The medias focus on emigration to the State of Israel, the famous “Alyah” (“rise” in Hebrew). Israel has now set up a specific program for French emigration which has become the first source of Jewish arrivals in the country.


All Jewish emigrants, however, do not go to Israel. About 17,000 departed elsewhere, mainly to the United States.

– Institut National d’Études Démographiques, April 2017.

Honestly, I can’t even be a Neon Nazi anymore.

These people are monsters.

The Alt-Right terrorized 17,000 French jews into coming to the United States…

Into the mouth of the 1488 BEAST!!!!

Out of the frying pan and into the GAS CHAMBERS!!!



Pre-American Niggers 😈😈😈

Pre-American Niggers 😈😈😈

Real American Niggers.

Real American Niggers.

Also, fuck the Constitution.

In accordance with the spirit of the Fourth Reich, I will try to be as edgy as possible by employing words such as nigger and camelfucker.

If you are a cuckservative and are offended by my terminology, semiotics, opinions and/or sexual arousal at the sight of Trayvon Martin’s corpse… keep reading.

As would affirm our eminent professor of Iraqi studies, Reverend Doctor George W. Bush Jr., Iraq is a geopolitical construct born out of the colonial expansion required by British imperialism.

The name Iraq itself is not Arabic but Middle Persian.

Iraq is not a nation nor has it ever been one.

During colonial rule, Iraqi territory was divided into several Eyalets (administrative provinces), relics of the Ottoman Empire.

Contrasting with the completely artificial “State of Iraq”, nothing more than a projection of British administrative worldview, these provinces had a concrete basis in historical reality and were often supported by an underlying ethnic constituency.

Kurds, Turks and Assyrians were found essentially in Basra while Arabs shared Mossul, Baghdad and most of the south of Iraq.

Since the invasion of Iraq (for democracy) in 2003, we have witnessed the progressive dismantlement of the artificial Iraqi “nation” in favor of a return to the more organic precolonial territories, based mostly on religious and ethnic identities.

George W. Nigger.

George W. Nigger.

Gas the War, Race Arabs Now!

Tyrone says: Why be a racist when you can be a nigger?

Why be a racist when you can be a nigger?

No one cares about Iraq, muzzies or Arabs, and, as you may have guessed, the point of this post is not to harangue you niggers about the history of a third world state.

The problems arise when “American”, and to a lesser extent Occidental, elites start applying the same theories on the general population.

These elites, candied with hypernomadic cosmopolitanism, understand neither our culture nor that of the MINOs that wish to import.

They reduce African or Oriental immigrants to “Americans of color“.

For a racist, “Americanism” is a binary concept: you’re either American or you’re not.

For an anti-racist, a cosmopolitan or an assimilationist, it’s much closer to a scale.

Americanism becomes subjective, quantifiable and therefore negotiable.

We can thus identify six degrees of Americanism.

  • God Americans: the chosen (“6 million, never forget!“).
  • Hero Americans: military, cops, journalists, homos (“heroJordi is so brave!“).
  • American Americans: Walmart (“fuk faux nuz man!“).
  • Not-Quite-Yet Americans: African cannibals, youth, goat fuckers, literal terrorists (“dey jus need da edukashun!“).
  • Pre-Americans: the rest of the world (“give me your poor!“).
  • Non-Americans: White Racists (“that’s not who we are!“).

As you may have guessed from the title of this shitpost, we will mainly concern ourselves with the Pre-American category.

Paul D. Ryan, the UltraKukk.

Paul D. Ryan, the UltraKukk.

Cosmopolitan ideologues consider every human that ever lived as some sort of “blank state American“, a non-entity on which can be imprinted the complex set of social mores and ethics that define European culture.

These democratic elites, perpetually obsessed with a universalist and egalitarian mysticism, believe that a Senegalese, beaner or Bangladeshi to cross a non-existent border to abjure his racial, ethnic, psychological or religious determinisms.

These “refugees” can’t and won’t abdicate their culture, their ethnopsychology, their genetic predispositions.

On the contrary, they import them in the same way that all invaders import their culture… through conquest, whether military or demographic.

Invaders are never assimilated.

"Rape" is a Social Construct.

“Rape” is a Social Construct.

Russia and the USA became European.

The Maghreb became Arabic.

Detroit became African.

The Philippines were administratively “American” well before Alaska, yet Manila can never be part of our nation in the same way as Anchorage.

Occidental civilizations, whose cultural, demographic and economic dynamism are at a loss, are in no position to counterbalance the global impact of the prolific, conquering, expansionist and fundamentally hostile masses that come from the Muslim, Latin American or African world.

White Women were the TRUE VICTIMS of Jim Crow.

White Women were the TRUE VICTIMS of Jim Crow.

America has initiated the process of destruction of its historic and cultural cradle, developing a “negative identity”, the fruit of radicalized individualism and egalitarianism in which only agents of multiKult – NFL, military, MINO lobbies – are allowed to incarnate a collective being.

The tolerant “colorblind Republic” is unnatural.

In the case of the Iraq experiment, the unnatural proved unsustainable.

There can never be a new Saddam because the re will never be a new Iraq.

The incomprehension of western cattle in relation to what is taking shape, both in the Middle-East and at home in Mexifornia, stems from the same cause: adherence to a delusional, humanist, neo-imperialist, anti-racist worldview.

This cognitive dissonance explains the denial in which Occidental societies find themselves.

What drives them to adopt the most retarded answers (“we need more immigrants to fight turrism!“) is not a desire to solve a specific crisis, of which the causes are usually denied, but to maintain the illusion of the relevance of their delusional ideologies.

Tyrone’s dream

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

Tyrone J. Trump, Professional Nazi.

I, Tyrone J. Trump, have a dream.

Three centuries of progressive optimism and egalitarian mysticism brutally shattered by the alien societies that Western elites thought they could tame with welfare, education, privileges and quasi-theological nihilism.

And to conclude this diatribe with some thoughts in connection to what I started with, I invite you niggers to transpose the reality of Middle-Eastern geopolitics to the “exotic” neighborhoods in your favorite city.

The current map of the United States, with its regions, states, counties, cities and townships, all of which made perfect sense in a ethnically homogeneous country, is about to become as obsolete as the map of Iraq or Syria.

Dicks out.

😬 George the Carpenter 😬

😬 George the Carpenter 😬

Tyrone "Trigger Nigger" Trump.

Tyrone “Trigger Nigger” Trump.

Based on a true story involving niggers.

One man…

One preschool…

Everyday, the same impulses…

The same carnal imperative…

But today, George will take action!

Chapter 1: The First Abduction

George “The Carpenter” Rockefeller is a thirty year old hispanic community watch organizer from Sanford, Florida, but lives alone in a trailer park in Madison next to homeless muslims and obese mudshark mutants like Paul Ryan’s waifu because he’s poor and hispanic.

George was wounded by life.

He suffered three rejections: one in daycare, one in kindergarten and one in preschool (after that he suddenly lost all interest in women).

George is a broken man so please do not judge these acts too harshly.

George was peacefully patrolling his neighborhood, fighting racism and bigotry in the name of MLK the Black Founding Father, when he witnessed a sight that provoked an enticing yet ineffable biological reaction that he hadn’t experienced for nearly three decades.

He saw a 7-year-old African-American walking in a rather effeminate fashion, dressed in bright pink and carrying a Hello Kitty handbag with what he assumed to be his named stitches on its rear: “Trayvon, the Queen“.

This was too much for George who assertively grabbed little Trayvon by the hand like a true hispanic alpha male and disappeared into the mist…

24 hours later an AMBER alert was activated and an abduction notice was sent out to all Seminole police stations.

Chapter 2: The Sequestration

Paul Ryan, "An American Tradition".

Paul Ryan, “An American Tradition”.

George woke up covered in his semen after a short nap in which he dreamed of the SLUT Trayvon.

He hadn’t gone to work today, and instead planned to spend the day with little Trayvon.

Little Trayvon the SLUT of Florida hadn’t been sleeping because this SLUT couldn’t sleep and was crying like a nigger bitch without her weave and banana face mask.

George, being a kind man, begins to comfort the SLUT Trayvon by rubbing his unshaven and oversized hispanic cock over little Trayvon’s SLUT face.

Little Trayvon, being a 7-year-old African-American SLUT, rejects him and begins to scream.

George begged him to stop, claiming that he would alert the residents of his trailer park, but the SLUT Trayvon refused to comply so George only had one choice he pulled out his penis again and put it in Trayvon’s mouth.

As soon as his sexual organ came into contact with little Trayvon’s African saliva, George’s warm cock began to swell and progressively fill the entire buccal cavity of the little SLUT.

Chapter 3: George’s First Time Zimming

Last Time Anal, an Adult Comedy.

Last Time Anal, an Adult Comedy.

The little SLUT Trayvon finally went to sleep and George decided to go to work as any period of prolonged absence would seem suspicious, for he had no social contacts aside for Donald T. Muschigreifer his community watch supervisor.

But the foreplay that he experienced earlier in the morning awakened a deep carnal drive in George.

So powerful were his biological impulses that he couldn’t concentrate on his work and opted to go home early to see his new girlfriend, the little African SLUT Trayvon.

But just as George was entering his trailer park, he saw a vision that nearly froze his blood…

The African SLUT Trayvon had managed to escape from his mobile home.

He was nearly out of the house, it was a matter of seconds.

Distraught and confused, yet forcing himself to act through his stupor, George immediately grabbed the young SLUT by his curly Afro hair, dragged him back into his “house”, pulled out his stinger, proceeded to apply a severe correction to the SLUT’s rectal hole and finished the act by spitting his load on little Trayvon’s SLUT face.

The contrast between his white juice and Trayvon’s dark angelic face filled George with pride and racial bliss.

George was happy.

He had finally taken his revenge on Luciana, the mexican cunt who had rejected his sexual advances in kindergarten.

George wipes the precious liquid from the face of the little SLUT Trayvon and gently caresses his crying face.

Chapter 4: Sexual Interlude

There is only one kek.

There is only one kek.

Back in the Madison city police station, Assistant Commissioner Dylann R. Dächer was interviewing David L. Fahrspur, Lieutenant Colonel of the Sanford police department about a potential suspect in the abduction of Trayvon Martits, 7, African-American, gender unidentified.

The prime suspect was a hispanic man, George “The Carpenter” Rockefeller, who routinely traveled between Sanford and Madison for professional reasons.

He was reported late to his workplace on the day Trayvon Martits disappeared.

In addition, Trayvon’s single-mother (Sybrina, a diabetic African cunt with a lisp and fake hair) described a “brown nigga taco” who was “crossing da border” while frantically waving his dick at her 7-year-old son.


All Niggers Are Like Dat.

Dylann Dächer immediately dispatched a vehicle to apprehend the suspect and bring him into custody for a comprehensive interrogation.

Chapter 5: Last Time Anal

Tyrone says: Why be a racist when you can be a nigger?

Why be a racist when you can be a nigger?

Meanwhile, George was swelling with pride at the realization that he had finally lost his virginity with the barely conscious body of a 7-year-old African child.

– “This is what Anne Frank must have felt when she gassed herself” he thought.

He couldn’t resist bragging about his performance to his friends… I mean to his boss, Donald Muschigreifer.

But let’s not dwell on these insignificant and somewhat exaggerated stories.

The arrival of little Trayvon managed to brighten the morose and splenetic life of George.

Whenever he had free time, usually at work or while commuting, George found himself planning up to the minute detail of such things as their marriage, even going so far as to consider adoption and to ponder whether society would accept the idea of a (apparently retarded) 7-year-old African homofather.

While Trayvon was uncommunicative and rather cognitively impaired, both via his African genetic heritage and the sexual abuse inflicted unto him, he seemed to finally appear more responsive to the great delight of George.

Whenever he saw his captor, little Trayvon started letting out feeble cries and began holding his anus in a near fetal position.

Fifty Lampshades of Zyklon. A Tyrone Production.

Fifty Lampshades of Zyklon. A Tyrone Production.

The sight of this young SLUT holding his already badly damaged rectal hole in such a suggestive manner never failed to send tickles down George’s phallic instrument.

Trayvon progressively became George’s full time homowaifu.

George took that opportunity to test everything on little Trayvon: scat, uro, gangbang, exhibitionism, pyro, asphyxiation, BDSM, CBT.

But one day George brought home a special “Tyrone” dildo (45 inches wide, named after yours truly) he had found in a junkyard while coming home from work.

During the act, George decided to introduce the dildo in little Trayvon’s asshole without his knowledge.

Trayvon stopped making noise.

George was pleased as Trayvon’s constant screaming, while erotic at first, was getting rather distracting.

To reward Trayvon’s silence, George turned on the vibrating function of the dildo.

It was a carnage.

Trayvon’s little guts were sent flying all over the mobile home, carpeting the walls, covering the ceiling.

It was on this day that George earned his nickname, “The Carpenter“.

Chapter 6: Zimmerman of Steel

My wife. Michelle the House Bonobo.

My wife. Michelle the House Bonobo.

George didn’t even bother to clean the pieces of Trayvon’s prepubescent guts hanging from his ceiling fan, he immediately left his home, still covered in cum, blood and bits of African skin which considerably darkened his complexion (unless it was the shit from Trayvon’s bowels).

– “Why don’t you have a seat over there” said a voice from behind George.

George was then arrested by the Madison police department and brought to the police station for interrogation.

Having fucked little Trayvon like a pig for the past several days, George was naturally quite tired.

As soon as he was placed in his holding cell, he immediately fell asleep and dreamed of destroying Trayvon’s anal watermelon once more.

When he wakes up, a man is standing over him.

– “I’m Assistant Commissioner Dylann Dächer. You the pedobeaner?” he asks.

– “Yeah. Why?” George answers.

– “You’re free. Take a shower and go home.

– “Wut? I thought you were going to deport me lol.

The man looks at George carefully and then starts laughing.

– “We have the same pulsions, you and I. I understand you. Each time I bust a young nig for drugs or larceny I make a point to break both his asshole and any gunshot wounds on his firm body” says the man. “This, what’s his name… Trayvon? He was a Nazi. You did your country a service by removing a racist, fascist, homophobic bigot“.

– “Yes, I’m a hero. I’m the Zimmerman of Steel. I combat hate and bigotry in the darkest corners of Florida. I’m the hero niggers deserve, but not the one they need right now. I’m Florida’s reckoning.

– “You either die as a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

And thus ends (or begins?) the true story of George the Pedobeaner and his lust for African meat.

In exactly one week, when they celebrate Trayvon the cadaverous glory hole, be sure to correct the record by sharing the true story of George’s inspiring fight against racism, sexism and pedophobia.

Together, we can oppose the disinformation of the Alt-Right fascists and their fake news.

Dicks out.


Ask Tyrone #1 – “A Nation of Immigrants”

Ask Tyrone #1 – “A Nation of Immigrants”

Tyrone says: Why be a racist when you can be a nigger?

Why be a racist when you can be a nigger?

Kevin A. Hitler: Dear Tyrone Nigger,

I am a homosexual feminist transgender (GtK/RWN/1488 pronouns) rabbi and, during my quarterly syphilotalmudic studies at the Washington DC synagogue, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for those that would doubt my judaic credentials, I came across a conundrum for which my hebraic knowledge has proven insufficient with regards to its resolution.

My fellow rabbis often say that the United States of America, also known by its ATM code number 001 when it comes to the financing of our sociopolitical activities, is a Nation of Immigrants™.

They say that it’s our tradition to welcome immigrants from all over the world (except Europe, South Africa and Palestine).

Is it true?

Should we import Sudan and Somalia into Spearfish, South Dakota to fulfill our humanitarian destiny as a Nation of Immigrants and Colorblind Liberality™?

Tyrone J. Trump: Sheeeit.

You thought you could get away with your racist, misogynistic, homophobic White Supremacy on this blog?

I’ll have you know that I, Tyrone J. Trump, Grand Dragon Wizard of Antifa, President Lampshade of the DeAnne Frankiyah KFC Memorial, have 52 pronouns and that makes me more tolerant than you. Kneel.

Tyrone "Trigger Nigger" Trump.

Tyrone “Trigger Nigger” Trump.

Claiming that America (a racist social construct) is somehow a “Nation of Immigrants” is a common tactic employed by the “Alt-Right” Neon Nazis KKK racists to silence Women of Color such as myself and perpetuate the White Supremacist society that kills 6 million unarmed innocent Black teens every year.

🕊️ First, what is a nation?

Nations are nothing more than vehicles of White Supremacy.

How many African-American Women of Color have been RAPED by the Republican KKK in the name of colonialism and xenophobia?

Every evil that plagues the world, from HIV to misogyny, colonialism, crack addiction, global warming, slavery, rape culture, homophobia, Rush Limbaugh, pedosexual cross-pollination, the gender gap, police brutality and White Supremacists pretending to be niggers on the Interwebz, stems from the racist social construct known as the “American Nation”.

🕊️ Second, what are traditions?

Traditions are nothing more than vehicles of White Supremacy.

How many African-American Women of Color have been HANGED by the Republican KKK in the name of traditions?

We, anti-racist feminists of color, have repeatedly demonstrated that traditions are an ill than must be combated at all cost.

Did we not always attack every American “tradition”, i.e. White Supremacist social construct, such as:

  • free speech
  • heterosexual marriage
  • the Constitution
  • gun ownership
  • the patriarchal social order
  • White majority demographics
  • economic and diplomatic isolationism
  • christinsanity
  • prenatal age of consent

Why stop at immigration?

Every day, 6 million Women of Color are murdered by White Supremacist Nazis in the name of “traditions”.

ALL traditions must be abolish for the New Feminist Anti-Racist World Order to emerge.

And if you think we should make an exception for immigrants, then it’s clearly your White Privilege talking… you should CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE.

🕊️ Third, what are immigrants?

Immigrants are nothing more than vehicles of White Supremacy.

Ultimate Cuck Compilation - Volume 1488.

Ultimate Cuck Compilation – Volume 1488.

How many African-American Women of Color have been INCINERATED in GAS CHAMBERS by the Republican KKK in the name of immigrants?

The very concept of “immigrants”, existing as a distinct social class, perpetuates the myth of White racial supremacy and thereby justifies racial discrimination by fascists and bigots.

Didn’t we PROVE, by means of the Fabius-Gayssot theorem which permits the judicial prosecution of thought criminals, that there is only one HUMAN RACE and we ALL BLEED [REDACTED]?

Immigration is a social construct.

Also, Hitler was an immigrant.

Checkmate, fascists.

As for you, Kevin A. Hitler, I have deemed you too dangerous to live in our antifascist utopia.

I must now develop a time machine to kill rabbi Hitler.

Dicks out.

Tyrone Rodger, the Supreme Niggerman 😏

Tyrone Rodger, the Supreme Niggerman 😏

Tyrone Rodger, the Supreme Niggerman.

Tyrone Rodger, the Supreme Niggerman.

Dis whitechinaboi Elliot Rodger be like crazy n sheeit muffugah.

Ain’t he know when y’all can’t get da whate pussy you suppose to nigger PUA like da broda Bill Cosby n sheeit.

LOL instead he go n shoot da muffugah.

Now he get 72 chinaboi virgin n sheeit.

Apparently Elliot Rodger has attained some sort of cult status within the interwebz and even some Alt-Right circles for reasons unknown.

Tired of having all the “dank memes” about Retribution™ fly over my head, I decided to read the Wikipedia page about his shooting spree and his manifesto.

Elliot Rodger, the Male Feminist.

Elliot Rodger, the Male Feminist.

I never really bothered to follow Elliot Rodger’s trek through the manosphere and latter through the streets of Santa Barbara as I assumed his story had little to do with White Nationalism.

After reading his manifesto my impression is confirmed, albeit it being more nuanced thanks to newfound data.

But while Elliot Rodger had in effect little to do with White Nationalism, for obvious reasons, many parallels can still be made.

Elliot Rodger was part of a community: the “Incels” (Involuntary Celibates).

It’s no exaggeration to say that he saw its members as his people.

Being a mongrel, he did not in the biological sense have a “people”.

His tribalism was therefore projected on some abstract and mostly virtual gathering of similar minded outcasts.

And yet, his tribal identity was built with the same bricks as those of most WNs.

From a thread about lucid dreaming.

If all incels we to start getting sedated by lucid dreaming, incels will become docile and there will be no revolution.

Substitute “Whites” for “incels” and “niggerball/video games/any form of escapism” for “lucid dreaming” and I’m pretty sure you could find this exact same comment on any Alt-Right website at this very moment.

1. The Alt-Right’s response

Can't Dodge the Rodge.

Can’t Dodge the Rodge.

Following Rodger’s “retribution” against the white pussy he was ostentatiously denied, the usual suspects were quick to associate his actions with typical Murkan wrong-think: racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, “climate denial”, White Supremacy and misogyny.

This was a mistake that should have been capitalized on.

It wasn’t.

The Alt-Right is always playing defense, hence their record streak of failures (though this is slowly changing).

Sigh… Once again, it’s up to the Black Man to do the dirty work.

Meet Ivanka Wong Hoo, soccer mom, Democratic voter and member of the “Asian 4 White Genocide” caucus.

Racism is the most evil crime against humanity.

Telling from Elliot Rodger’s manifesto, he was constantly abused by white privileged women and the white supremacist society that taught him to hate himself, his race and his heritage.

And let’s not even talk about his ridiculous self-hating mother that chronically abused him for being of the wrong skin.

The poor kid had absolutely no self-esteem and no hope in his short life.

As an Asian mother, I feel deep sympathy for this young man even though some of his actions were questionable.

I believe selfish white privileged women worsened his mental illness and inflicted incredible pain on him.

It’s time we as a country have a sincere discussion about race and the deep trauma that our white supremacist society inflicts on young men of color.

When I see the white parents of the “victims” crying on TV like they are the only ones suffering… I literally have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

What do these people know about pain? What do they know about being a minority in America?

They have been privileged all their lives, and when the time of reparation finally comes they have the audacity to play “victims”.

May God bless the soul of this troubled young man.

We must not let hate win.

This is effective propaganda.

2. The Manifesto

One thing that deserves scrutiny in Elliot Rodger’s manifesto is the implicit appeal to copycats.

I can’t say how much of it is conscious, but it’s very well done.

Rodger chronologically:

  • builds rapport with the Incel community
  • presents himself as one of them
  • all while positioning himself as a natural superior (qualifies himself as “one of a kind”, “handsome”, rich & connected, “most stylish person in the world”, “more than human”, “a living god” in contrast to the rest)
  • destroys their hopes/delusions (“if even I can’t do X, what hope do you have?”)
  • offers them an alternative (“the day of Retribution”, i.e. following his footsteps)
  • reframes his actions as defensive (“Humanity has rejected me. […] Humanity struck at me first by condemning me to experience so much suffering. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want this. I didn’t start this war… I wasn’t the one who struck first… But I will finish it by striking back.”)

Where pre-Rodger Incels had various branching ambitions, his manifesto attempts to polarize the field into two mutually exclusive paths: the status quo (“a dead end” / “so much suffering“) and Retribution (“the revolution” / “And it will be beautiful. Finally, at long last, I can show the world my true worth.“).

Seems familiar… now where have I seen such a strategy employed before?

Sounds like the Tyrone Doctrine.

“Supreme Gentleman” = “Sexual Supremacy”.

Who knew the ghost of Elliot Rodger would read Tyrone Trump?

I would posit that as/if the Incel community grows in numbers, so will the “Supreme Gentlemen” coalitions.

Perhaps exponentially.

3. The Feminist Culture

"Because the beauty of the asian mongrel must not perish from the earth."

“Because the beauty of the asian mongrel nu-male must not perish from the earth.”

It’s hard to talk about the Incel community without mentioning its catalyst, feminism.

We could talk about the jewish involvement in feminism and modern feminism in particular, but the seeds of social discord go back to a much older (and Whiter) interest group.

The original women’s emancipation movement was mostly a bourgeois fantasy: rich women wanting the benefits of independence from social structures and responsibilities, without the inconveniences.

While it made sense for rich women to long for the freedoms that accompanied emancipation, middle-class women had much to lose in the process.

And indeed they lost much.

The right to “equal pay” has all but become an obligation towards equal pay, as anything less has the potential to bankrupt middle-class families.

Contemporary economic circumstances guarantee that the “1950 fetish” will forever remain just that, as fetish, as few middle-class families possess the financial means to turn it (back) into a lifestyle.

So contrary to what Incels claim about “male persecution”, the hierarchy of values in the current sexual market goes as follows:

  • Yours truly High-status males (10% of population)
  • Hot females (below 10% of population in a multicultural society, up to 20% if homogeneous)
  • Low-status males (90%)
  • Chelsea Clinton Ugly bitches (80% to 90%+)

I intentionally refrain from using the outdated, nebulous and simplistic alpha/beta dichotomy.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

Ugly bitches are the ones who lose the most to feminism but they hold very little social power. Waste of time.

Low-status males however hold almost all the cards in their hands, via their numbers.

But for them to feel the heat of their condition they must preliminarily be convinced that they are at the lowest on the sexual totem pole.

While patently false, the slogan “any woman can get laid anywhere, anytime” is therefore effective to alienate low-status males.

Rodger’s plan for the losers of the sexual market to “rise up” could be viable, if the movement was sufficiently well organized, coordinated and learned how to apply pressure effectively.

Young males + entitlement + jealousy/resentment + sexual alienation + social ostracism + tribalism = radicalization.

Islamic terrorist cells are well aware of this equation, hence their prime recruits are not middle-aged fundamentalist Muslims in mosques, but barely religious young non-White social outcasts from the streets of Europe.

Hipster Racist once said something to the extent of monogamous societies always beating polygamous ones in the long run, which can seem counter-intuitive as polygamy should have an eugenic effect on the quality of progenies. He theorized that in polygamous societies, the bottom 50% of men simply step out of society due to lack of incentives. He gives the example of Sweden.

With lone wolf rampages à la Supreme Gentleman, we can notice something analogous to the bottom 50% of men stepping in rather than out.

4. True Sexual Supremacy, the Tyrone Doctrine applied to Beta Fags

You must think with your dick before you rape with your mind” – Tyrone J. Rodger.

White Feminism, Fourth Reich Propaganda.

White Feminism, Fourth Reich Propaganda.

Had chinaboi Elliot acknowledged the implacable truth in my hyperbolic diatribes, he would have understood the futility of his Retribution fantasies.

  1. The sexual revolution is, in all likelihood, not going anywhere soon.
  2. A “return to the patriarchy” is economically infeasible on a large scale.
  3. A combination of 2 and 3 will guarantee a growing resentment amongst the excluded classes, notably low-status males.
  4. The racial undercurrents of sexual selection cannot be overlooked or understressed, as White women (who comprise most of the “Hot Female” class) remain the most racist group when it comes to sexual relations.
  5. Modern multikultural Murka promotes all egalitarianism as divine… eventually trailing sexual equality.
  6. The original women’s emancipation movement was a White upper-class fantasy which therefore benefits upper class White women (Hot females).
  7. Colored feminism is an attempt to subvert the feminist narrative for the excluded (colored women = ugly bitches).

A comprehensive Fourth Reich strategy must address the concerns of every group.

1 . To White Low-Status Males: A PUA approach with race-realism as a backdoor. The red-coated White Pill.

2 . To Non-White Low-Status Males: Diversionary tactics, funnel their resentment towards White women/society/the jews rather than the Alt-Right/Patriarchal Boogeyman.

3 . To White feminists: Useless, ignore.

4 . To colored feminists: Tell them their suffering is exploited by White women to advance their white privilege agenda. Mention Taylor Swift for extra lulz.

5 . To vindictive Elliot Rodger clones: Hehehe… Officially, I have nothing to do with this. Who left this SWAT Tactical Raids Manual on my Internetz?

6 . To Omega God-Emperors of Mankind: Join the Fourth Reich, faggot!

Phallic empowered.

Dicks out.