The Future of White Nationalism is Gay

The Future of White Nationalism is Gay

Hitler was a Woman!

Hitler was a Woman!

Adolf Hitler was right when he identified the opponents of the NSDAP: the reds and the reactionaries.

The modern-day Alt-Right, and the White Nationalist movement at large, also has its reds and reactionaries.

The reds are just faggots.

The reactionaries are a variation of said faggots in that they exist for the sole purpose of doing the exact opposite of whatever the faggots are doing.

Mirroring the faggots. Symmetrical faggotry (i.e. also faggots).

The don’t win by being the “other side” of an issue, you win by playing both sides.

Transgenderism is one of those issues that the Alt-Right believes it needs to oppose.

In a sane society, men dressing up as women to use little girls’ bathrooms should be institutionalized!” say the reactionaries.

But do you live in a sane society?

Or in a multiKult melting pot that decriminalized bestiality (interracial marriage) over half a century ago?

Why does the Right feel the need to draw a moral line in the sand, when it already knows that such line will be crossed as easily and ostentatiously as every other ideological barrier in the past?

Instead of complaining about every contingent of the multiKult, start exploiting one faction to attack another.

Transgenderism is a natural weapon against feminism.

Feminism works by giving social and economic privileges to women, in addition top exonerating them from any form of societal responsibility, on the sole basis of their possessing a vagina.

Transgenderism redefines “woman” by removing the vagina requirement.

From biological reality to social identity.

Some women have dicks.

Some women have dicks.

That’s right bitchboi.

Some women have dicks.

Some faggots like pussy.

Some muslims eat pork.

Some niggers are blond.

Some neo-nazi KKK racists vote Hillary.

Fourth Reich Supremacy.

Dicks out.

Radicalizing the Colored Left through Taylor Swift

Radicalizing the Colored Left through Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the symbol of hate.

Taylor Swift is the symbol of hate.

Left and Right are somewhat similar factions in their organization, and yet are psychologically very different in their approach to group cohesion.

The Right is about reflection, individualism and social engineering (whether liberal or conservative), whereas the Left is mainly centered around ideological homogeneity, group think and conformism (pensée unique).

It follows that the methods to neutralize both sides differ.

The strategy to politically castrate the Right is not to divide it, but rather to drown it with options and fragment it into a myriad of divergent factions, each with its set of priorities (i.e. every single issue movement ever).

Likewise, the strategy to castrate the Left is not to fragment it, nor to divide it per say, but to purge its various bases from the coalition.

The Left is much like a religion.

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

Centralized, top-down, Manichean and requiring a common dogma to federate its various factions.

Taylor Swiftism is beautifully subversive because it directly attacks a normalized, and by extension, efficient wing of the anti-White coalition with a much less mainstream and prevailing bloc.

The lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq destroyed the credibility of Bush, the (((neo-cohens))), and those affiliated with them.

Taylor Swiftism does that to the mainstream anti-White culture.

It works by exploiting the evergrowing redvendications of the more sectarian segments of the cultural Left to attack the dual privilege of anti-White Whites.

Taylor Swiftism shows White liberals that being anti-White is no longer enough.

To be accepted by the non-White party, you must be… non-White.

So much cannon fodder for the Fourth Reich.

Dicks out.

🤐 Operation Jared Taylor Swift 🤐

🤐 Operation Jared Taylor Swift 🤐

Read these two excerpts.

Don’t be ridiculous! If someone says ‘Can I have a picture’ and puts there arm around her then she can hardly be expected to examine that person for offensive symbols before saying yes can she? I’m not a fan but this is a non story. It’s clearly nothing to do with her.


Come on, a racist? Nonsense. . . . . . Leave this lovely girl alone. My daughters love Taylor Swift and I have to admit it’s the one CD that they have, that I love to play in the car. Taylor Swift is a very talented, and very sensible young lady, with a wonderful, positive message to young girls. Listen to the words of her song “Fifteen”. Those are words I want my girls to remember someday when they are fourteen and fifteen and are trying to figure their lives out! Leave her alone!!!!!!


As you may have guessed, this has something to do with Alt-Right icon Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

Taylor Swift the KKK Neo-Nazi. We warned you, Black America.

These are the two most up-voted comments on a Dailymail article “exposing” Taylor Swift as a secret KKK nazi via the infamous photo she took with someone wearing a swastika painted shirt (see left).

Notice something strange about these comments?

They are defending her.

These aren’t undercover KKK White Supremacists either.

From linguistic pattern analysis I posit that both are women, the first being a moderate / centrist, maybe slightly to the right, while the second is clearly a hardcore liberal who wouldn’t feel out of place in a pussyhat protest.

Pay close attention to her dislocated reasoning faculties and her proverbial common core logic. She is already paying the toll for her mental illness… leftism.

Those are words I want my girls to remember someday when they are fourteen and fifteen and are trying to figure their lives out“.

Smell the single motherhood.

These are the people that cheer on antifa, defend BLM riots and got their menopausal panties wet when Spencer was assaulted.

Try to follow the logic.

  • Punching Richard Spencer is good because he’s a N-N-NAZI… even though he never claimed to be.
  • Pointing out that Taylor Swift has promoted actual N-N-NAZI imagery is bad, bigoted and hateful.


Because Idiocracy.

Because Reality TV Murka.

Taylor Swift proves she isn't racist.

Taylor Swift proves she isn’t racist.

The same people that get doctors, researchers and generals fired over the words “nigger” and “kike” in a 25 year old email will defend their entertainment idols for actions that would cause them to denounce their own children.

You can humiliate, rape and murder Whites but you DO NOT touch their entertainment idols.

This is the premise of Operation Jared Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift supports the popo. Sad.

Taylor Swift supports the popo. Sad.

Taylor Swift is not a nazi or a racist. There is not one ounce of prejudice in her body. Why can’t you leave her alone? Why do haters always attack Taylor Swift? When a White Woman is speaking, minorities need to learn to SHUT UP.

2016 was the year of Pepe, 2017 will be the year of Taylor Swift.

Attack from every angle.

Fan the flames of the neo-fag civil war.

Infect social media, hijack all conversations, relate every issue to the most colossal Internet battle in history.

George Zimmerman issued a statement in which he disavowed the inflammatory statements of pop singer Taylor Swift. “I refuse to be made responsible of this hatred and bigotry. Killing a wannabe gangbanger is one thing, but attempting to normalize hate and prejudice is sickening”.

Taylor Swift is the symbol of hate.

Taylor Swift is the symbol of hate.

Control both sides of the conflict.

Petition your government to ban her concerts.

It’s the current year.

Do you let your Black children listen to Taylor Swift? Is that why Barack Obama fought the KKK in 2008? It’s my duty as a Black Mother to defend our CIVIL RIGHTS in the face of INTOLERANCE. Our children deserve hate-free entertainment.

Fourth Reich subversion.

You must think with your dick before you rape with your minds.

As a White person in America, it’s my duty to confront the fascism and xenophobia of Taylor Swift. Every White person who remains silent is complicit in propagating hate and bigotry.

All White people must come together to denounce Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift on xenoanthropology.

Taylor Swift on xenoanthropology.

If you refuse, you are a KKK N-N-NAZI bigot and probably a rapist.

Those who defend her are: racists, xenophobes, bigots, intolerant, nazi, KKK, white privilege and Trump supporters.

Those who attack her are: misogynists, anti-feminists, the patriarchy, conspiracy theorists, whiners, haters and need to shut up when a White Woman is talking.

To all those who see nothing wrong with listening to Taylor Swift: you are the reason TRUMP got ELECTED. You need to CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE and denounce the racist and white supremacist Taylor Swift.

Humans are tribal.

Once adhering to a cause, they are capable of less and less logic, rationality and discernment.

Black Bitchez need to STFU about their weaves n sheeit.

Black Bitchez need to STFU about their weaves n sheeit.

The outcome of the war is irrelevant.

The only goal is conflict.

The means become the end.

White Women were the TRUE VICTIMS of Jim Crow.

White Women were the TRUE VICTIMS of Jim Crow.

The style is just as important as the substance.

Condescending and patronizing in defense.

Hysterical and paranoid on the offense.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

The dream of every girl is to become a White Woman.

The most important rule: no concession to the other side.

Each iteration leads to an escalation in conflict.

Feminism, “women’s rights”, immigration, religion, gun rights, Trump, racism, Islam, foreign policy, abortion, slavery, faggots, free speech, the police, animal rights, sex, culture, crime… all must be filtered through the lens of Taylor Swift.

Pop sensation Taylor Swift made headlines this week for her derogatory comments about women of color. Now another statement from the pop singer — this time about the black community during the pre-civil rights era — is stirring more controversy.

MINOs are yearning to attack Taylor Swift, for any reason.

Providing them with the WAYCISS / KKK angle is more than they could ever hope for.

This, in turn, will force her liberal fan base to confront the escalating accusations.

Group polarization.

Honestly I used to like Taylor Swift but this is too much racism. EVERY white person needs to denounce this at once and boycott Taylor Swift the white supremacist. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash.

Anti-racism is a double-edged sword.

Taylor Swift only likes White Women.

Taylor Swift only likes White Women.

Beware of those who preach unity in the face of fascism: they are trying to silence minorities into accepting their white supremacist agenda.

Agree and amplify.

Taylor Swift voted for Donald Trump. WAYCISS!

Taylor Swift voted for Donald Trump. WAYCISS!

How dare white women defend the racism and bigotry of Taylor Swift?

How dare MINO sexists attack our idol Taylor Swift?

Liberalism is a game of permanent moral outrage.

The way to win is to polarize the multiKult into two opposite factions.

Black women are uneducated. Sad.

Black women are uneducated. Sad.

From the American Civil War to the (((Dreyfus))) affair to the Cold War to the (((War on Terror))), the hallmark of influential conflict is… neutrality is not allowed.

You’re either with us, or with the Swiftists.

Which side are you on, fashboi? The Swiftists or the anti-Swiftists?

I suggest both.

Anthropology 101. Race is a social construct.

Anthropology 101. Race is a social construct.

Blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Reddit…

Attack from every angle, both MINO and white feminist, both pro-Swift and anti-Swift.

This is an international operation.

Fourth Reich Intelligence already has people working in the French and German media.

You know how to win.

Dicks out.

The Tyrone Doctrine: Controlling the Alt-Lite🤔

The Tyrone Doctrine: Controlling the Alt-Lite🤔

Steven Crowder, the Alt-Lite incarnate... or is he?

Steven Crowder, the Alt-Lite incarnate… or is he?

Why would anyone want to be a White Nationalist blogger/internet activist?

Sure, you get to be a trve 1488 dissident fighting the patriarchy ZOG, but what else?

You instantly become disreputable in most social circles, get banned from almost every platform imaginable and you certainly won’t be making big bucks from your “activism”.

But it’s the only way to advance the cause of 1488 nationalism/traditionalism/ultimate bigotry/Chernobyl denial/WHITE PRIDE WORLDWIDE bro!

And what if I told you… you don’t have to be a 1488 NAZI to be a 1488 NAZI?

You can also be… a 1488 crypto-NAZI.

The essence of Fourth Reich subversion is explained here and here (also here if you want to learn how to smash the patriarchy anti-Whites).

What the Alt-Right needs more than yet another circle jerk on how degenerate (((Hollywood))) is or how Adolf Hitler was right about (((desert people))) is power.

Subversive networks.

Ghost cells.

Alex Jones’ wet dreams of 1488 Illuminati German DeathhKKKults… which is me (and you can join too, if you’re a womanz born after 9/11).

And what better way to control the masses than through the infamous Alt-Lite?

Taking Control of the Alt-Lite

What’s important in propaganda is not how you present your message, but how it’s received.

Fucking KIKES are 1.5% of the population and 50% of the supreme court!!! Hitler was right EVERYONE OF THEM must be GASSED and OVENED and RAPED IN THAT ORDER!!!! SIEG HEIL!!!“.

Of course, anti-semitic bigots will be quick to point out that jews are vastly over-represented on the Supreme Court. While jews make out only 1.5% of the US total population, they comprise 50% of Supreme Court Justices… a 3233% over-representation“.

Controlling the Alt-Lite.

Controlling the Alt-Lite.

These two excerpts get the same point across.

Only one is “anti-semitic”.

"First money, then power, then Zyklon" - Tony Goebbels.

“First money, then power, then Zyklon” – Tony Goebbels.

You need not be the most vocal 1488 N-N-NAZI to propagate 1488 N-N-NAZI talking points.

Any basic bitch conservative news site can be just as effective.

It doesn’t even need to be conservative. You can also “refute” pro-White arguments… in the least convincing way possible.

Conservative, liberal, centrist…

The Alt-Right should be building media networks.

Much more effective, and lucrative, that “niggerspickiking“.


Speaking as a Jew, George Soros needs to stop what he is doing right now. He is a walking stereotype of Jewish racism and he is giving ammunition to the neo-nazis. Don’t think that white supremacist nazis haven’t figured out the role we Jews, and Soros in particular, play in the demographic transition this country is facing. He should either stop or at least be more careful with his media image“.

It doesn’t have to be news.

How about a new and improved Green Party, to “destroy” those racist Republicans and advocate for muh global warming?

Impeach the Orange Führer, donate now!

Fourth Reich ghost cells.


Among African-Americans nationwide, only one-third are at least proficient in English, just 1 percentage point higher than Latino students – many of whom are still learning English“.

Anything influential can be used to disseminate Fourth Reich propaganda, drip by drip, always staying undercover.

Plausible deniability.

Conservative, liberal, political, non-political… everything from The Onion to IGN to Breitbart to ESPN to random clickbait (top 10 ways your mother is your dad) sites.

Build influence, subvert, disrupt.

Fourth Reich psychosodomy.

Dicks out.

The Tyrone Doctrine: SWPL gets Enriched😘

The Tyrone Doctrine: SWPL gets Enriched😘

Want some enrichment? Guaranteed to make you more VIBRANT!

Want some enrichment? Guaranteed to make you more VIBRANT!

I rarely follow the news. Not even the White Nationalist circle jerk of daily outrage porn.

Yet I can tell you with meticulous accuracy what is going on in “the Movement” as we speak.

Are you doubting me?

Tyrone J. Trump, goatfucker extraordinaire and unisexual Simian supremacist?

Let’s put my psychic abilities to the test.

  • The Dailystormer crowd is raging at some pedofascist (yours truly) using women’s restrooms with little girls.
  • The Right Stuff is pontificating on the esoteric influence of sexual dimorphism on Scandivanian political cuckoldry.
  • The KKK is protesting pension cuts affecting its federal employees.
  • Richard Spencer is getting in a flame war with some unknown libshit/cucktard on Twitter.
  • Kyle Hunt is exposing me as a secret neptuno-British loyalist planning to infect their daughters with malaria and HIV (I plead g… I need a lawyer🤔).
  • Jared Taylor is contemplating the creation of a Euro-Zimbabwean alliance to counter the rise of judeo-skepticism in his audience (Bantus look huWhite to me).
  • RamZPaul is denouncing all National Socialist imagery and urging his listeners to convert to learn Swahili, convert Mormonism to disavow any form of religion, culture, language and talking points which could be associated with Hitler. I’m mean, he’s never been called a N-N-NAZI, right?

How close am I?

7/7, I don’t even need to check.

Once again, it’s up to the Bonobo male to do all the nigger work for stupid chalkies.

The Tyrone Doctrine

Key concept: SWPL (Stuff White People Like).

What is SWPL? Sports, video games, Feminism, whining, PUA, Taylor Swift, cat videos, (((veganism))), guns, hiking, romance, ethnic food, shoegaze/post-rock/metal/classical/indie music, travel, environmentalism, tolerance, denouncing racism and an all-around leftist bitch.

Notice something missing?

Living next to niggers.

As a blue lipped nigger myself, I am SHOCKED and APPALLED at the indifference these bigoted H-H-HATERS show towards the 6 MILLION YEARS of suffering my PEOPLE endured at the handles of SEXISM, WAYCISSM and WHITE PRIVILEGE.

The trauma inflicted upon my psyche forces me to write the derogatory term “nigger” instead of the proper and formal “proud transgender lesbian woman of color of African descent“.

Avenge me, niggers.

I mean chalkies.

Explicit White Supremacy can only exist once implicit White Supremacy is destroyed.

So how do we destroy White liberal privilege?

I wrote extensively about that subject here.

The easiest method is still, in the immortal words of Adrean Arlott… compulsory diversity.

Forced integration.

Imposed cultural enrichment.

Fourth Reich Supremacy.

White liberals naturally practice racial segregation, it’s what permits them to be liberal and believe in retarded conspiracy theories such as the nonexistence of races.

Imposed physical desegregation should be a goal, especially in anti-Whites hotbeds such as San Fransisco, Vermont, Oregon and Castle Manhattan, but that takes time…

Imposed Internet desegregation however…

The Method

Ladies and gentlefags…

For my libido and your entertainment, I give you…

SWPL meets Tyrone Trump.

"White people are most likely to FUCK THEIR PETS in the ASS".

“White people are most likely to FUCK THEIR PETS in the ASS”.

White people are most likely to FUCK THEIR PETS in the ASS. So happy to be [ethnicity] when I see white trash“.

Animal videos are the quintessence of SWPL.

They don’t expect to find a Gabriel over there… they should.

"White people are not human".

“White people are not human”.

So called white people are Edomites descendants of Esau, NOT humans“.

Would a racist Nazi please come fourth and deny?

I’m itching to play the morally offended woman of color.

The typical nigger israelite is just a too easy role.

"Taylor Swift deserves to die".

“Taylor Swift deserves to die”.

I’m a big proponent of using Taylor Swift to offend MINOs, but you can also use “MINOs” to target Taylor Swift fans.

I’ll admit that the name “Shontavia Johnson” is kek by itself.

Also, notice how I use “OJ Simpson” to go after a white(-ish) woman.

Psychological sodomy, you can’t teach that.

"Taylor Swift caused Trump".

“Taylor Swift caused Trump”.

Just a casual reminder that Taylor Swift is a racist white supremacist who made Trump possible. Next time you see the FASCIST PIG Trump, think of Taylor Swift the white trash whore“.

Alternate ethnicities when sodomizing the liberal mind.

They must feel assaulted by the ENTIRE multiKult, not just one or two street niggers.

A geriatric viet cong bitch whining about Taylor Swift getting Trump elected.

Note the condescending tone “Just a casual reminder…“.

This makes it personal, the insulting jab from the very start forces the audience into using the limbic system (social/emotional) rather than the neocortex (logical) to process the content.

You can then follow with whatever nonsensical assertion you want, the audience is hooked.

"You killed Travyon".

“You killed Travyon”.

This one is more comedy than actual subversion.

But still, trolling gun channels with mentions of “Travyon” is the hallmark of the Fourth Reich.

Get it?

That’s why I’m called the Goebbels of the Alt-Right.

SWPL meets Madagascar, Nigeria, Mexico and Pakistan.

And should they complain => reported to the media.

We are the true anti-racists and will NOT tolerate hate speech.

The good fascist is a dead fascist.

Dicks out.