Geriatric Zionist Untermensch Wrecks Republican Faggot 👴

Geriatric Zionist Untermensch Wrecks Republican Faggot 👴

Fuck Trump n Sheeit.

Fuck Trump n Sheeit.


It has finally happened.

The Gweatest Generation™ have risen from their retirement homes to finish the job they started in 1942. Ladies and niggers, I give you the InContinental Air Forces. Semper Fry!

You thought you would be fighting Nazi zombies?

Wrong. You have to fight AIDS, HPV and MSNBC infected anti-Nazi boomerfags.

This morning’s Alexandria, VA shooter has been identified as 66-year-old, never-Trumper and Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill., according to law enforcement officials. As we reported earlier this morning, Hodgkinson allegedly asked Rep. Jeff Duncan whether it was Republicans or Democrats on the practice field before opening fire.

I know, when I started blogging I claimed to want to avoid “Outrage Porn” and “News & Jews” circle-jerk.

Niggers and Diversity.

Niggers and Diversity.

But the outrage just got too hilarious to ignore.

I should just quit WN altogether and turn this into an actual comedy site. The jokes just write themselves.

With a few remarkable exceptions, the Alt-Right only attracts retards and faggots anyway.

A 66-y-o (((Bernie))) supporter wanted to kill Republicans.

Predictably, the Left wants to make this about guns.

Predictably, the Right wants to make this about mental illness.

Both predictably and stupidly, the Alt-Right wants to make this about the Left, the Left’s celebration of the shooting and anti-Trump media hysteria in general.

As with the Elliot Rodger event, that I coincidentally wrote about only a few days before this shooting, the Alt-Right’s response is retarded.

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.

Ok, the shooter was a Leftist.

Now what?

The media is Leftist.

Homos are Leftists.

Colored are Leftists.

Academia is Leftist.

Muslims are Leftists.

NGOs are Leftist.

Most women are Leftists.

Almost everyone is a Leftist.

But they aren’t Leftist for the same REASON.

Attack the CONTEXT not the ACTION.

The WN Narrative

Hodgkinson was a Zionist (((Bernie))) supporter who wanted a race war with Whites.

He worshiped jews and wanted to kill Whites.

Anne Frank Nazi Slut.

Anne Frank Nazi Slut.

Any other talking points involving guns, mental illness, Left/Right politics is at best a waste of time.

Read any article about the attack and count the occurrences of “should” and “must”.

We should do this“, “Trump must attack that“, “We must hold the media accountable“…

Political impotence 101.

You know what the MSM will do tomorrow?

Ignore the context of the shooting, ignore the motivations and vaguely go after “old White men”.

That’s your “must“.

Read the Tyrone Doctrines if you want actual political leverage.

Tyrone the Nigger Intellect Massa n Sheeit

(because apparently I’m the only one with 3 digits in the Alt-Right)

The Kebab Agitator.

The Kebab Agitator.

1 . This attack shows that an appreciable portion of radicalized anti-Whites will perform what amounts to terrorist attacks against anyone who they PERCEIVE to be allied with TRUMP.

Who are Trump’s allies?

The Fourth Reich?

Or liberals…?

Doesn’t Trump describe himself as a “New-York liberal”?

Wasn’t Hillary Clinton a plot to get Trump elected?

Aren’t the Clinton and Trump families long-time acquaintances?

Also, who is Jared Kushner? Is he White?

2 . While the original shooting targeted a Republican politician, subsequent attacks will most certainly be directed against more or less random civilians due to enhanced security measures.

But which civilians?

Those attending touristic locations, on the model of Islamic terrorism in Europe?

Or will they pick targets associated with what is perceived to be a SWPL lifestyle?

3 . This attack seems influenced, if not inspired, by the anti-Russian MSM conspiracy theories.

Boomercucks vs Russian Infiltrators?

But who are the Russians?

Don’t they have names ending in “-sky“, “-stein” and “-berg“?

Tyrone’s Future Niggering

I wrote over 30 political articles since the start of this blog.

Some serious, some less so (to say the least), but I’d still recommend you read them all.

There’s only so much to say about this subject.

LISTEN CLOSELY NIGGERS: Vote and tell me what you want me to write about.

If you have another suggestion, use the comments.

Dicks out.

💣 The Nigger Coalition 💣

💣 The Nigger Coalition 💣

Diversity is a code word for White Supremacy.

Diversity is a code word for White Supremacy.

Niggarz be at it again.

I take five minutes to fug dem bitchz watermelons and the Alt-Right is protesting against some other facet of the MultiKult, this time courtesy of Richard Spencer in Virginia.

They couldn’t save the demographics of the State, can they prevent its history from being replaced too?

In the next episode, Mike Enoch builds his financial empire by selling counterfeit Chinese tacos to mentally impaired mystery meat construction workers in Dubai.

But who is Sue Anglin, the alcoholic sister of a notorious White Nationalist, and what is her relation to Sergei Pedikov, a mysterious Ukranian diplomat allegedly involved in Pizzagate and cocaine smuggling through the KFC underground FEMA camps under Walmart?

To be fair, not of skin but of perusal, the KKK Torch March was for once an interesting performance.

"First money, then power, then Zyklon" - Tony Goebbels.

“First money, then power, then Zyklon” – Tony Goebbels.

The demonstration avoided the presentational hazard that often accompany such movements.

The message itself was clear: You will not replace us.

But that is the problem with Alt-Right politics… everything is reduced to the pro-White/anti-White prism.

It’s not bad in itself, and it’s certainly a net positive for the pro-White/Alt-Right/Fourth Reich wing to have an open advocate.

Much better than the archaic and overplayed Left/Right dichotomy.

But realistically, the goal is not to be another insignificant voice in the ocean of racial identitarian movements.

The much maligned “Deep State” laughs at both Black Panthers and Green Frogboiz alike.

If elections were held tomorrow between Richard Spencer and Obama’s homosexual pastor he might achieve a double-digit score. If pastor butt-Jesus dies of AIDS before election day.

The goal of the Fourth Reich is complete control over cultural, social, legislative, political and military organizations. In that order.

That can only be achieved through total subversion of every narrative.

Enter the 💣 Nigger Coalition 💣.

Most fags normies cucks people non-niggarz have a quite simplistic view.

Multiculturalism is rape culture, the patriarchy and your grandmother.

Multiculturalism is rape culture, the patriarchy and your grandmother.

When presented with two ostentatiously diverging viewpoints they unconsciously give credence to both and assume the norm to be somewhere between the two.

The problem lies both with the faulty reasoning and the inherent subjectivity of the political spectrum.

Capitalism vs Communism? The truth must be somewhere between the two. Democratic (((Socialo-Banksterism))) is the future!

Homo-HIV vs regular sexual intercourse? Dog fucking seems like a judicious choice.

Flat Earth vs Roundfagz? Bitch, the Earth is a cube.

So naturally, when you have the following scenario.

  • Democrats: No nations, no borders!
  • Republicans: We are a Nation of Immigrants™ but we must only accept those who speak English (or like cheeseburgers)!

The “moderate” position becomes.

  • Centrists: We are a Nation of No Borders but we must only accept those who speak at least one language! Those sign-niggers can fuck themselves back to Muteland! No pasarán!
My Rape is my Privilege.

My Rape is my Privilege.

What was a criminal offense 20 years ago is Far-Left today.

What was Far-Left 20 years ago is Mainstream Left today.

What was Mainstream Left 20 years ago is Mainstream Right today.

What was Mainstream Right 20 years ago is Far-Right today.

What was Far-Right 20 years ago is a criminal offense today.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t go full circle… or does it?

Enter the 💣 Nigger Coalition 💣.

Fourth Reich Market Segmentation

  • Alt-Right: Immigrants can never be assimilated to our civilization. They are not American. To be American is to be White. “Post-White America” is Post-America.
  • Alt-Left: Immigration is a tool of the corporations. Immigrants drive down wages and exploit the welfare system. “Tolerance” is a weapon of the capitalists.

And what does the Alt-Center position (cuck) become? I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

  • Pro-White: jews are the intellectual and financial core of anti-Whiteness.
  • Pro-Black: jews were the slave traders of yesterday, and the negrophobes of today (Dieudonné & all).
  • Pro-Arab: It’s not “White Supremacists” bombing Syria and genociding Palestinians, it’s jews.
  • Pro-Beaner: jews hate Hispanics, to them we are just “whites with a different culture”.

Get it, niggarz?

  • Pro-Christian: Hollywood is a christianophobic conglomerate run by jews.
  • Pro-Muslim: The MultiKult is incompatible with Islam. “Radical Islam” is a code word for Islam. To them, the only “good muslim” is a “Westernized muslim” who accepts homosexuality, feminism, “freedom of speech” and apostasy.
  • Atheist: The fantasized Hollywood  “Christian theocracy” doesn’t exist anymore. And where its values remain they do so under other avatars, such as “tolerance”, “equality” or “human rights”. The true theocracy is the MultiKult religion of which anti-racism is the sacred cow.

Fourth Reich sodomy.

Appeal to the resentment of the masses.

It doesn’t matter if Spencer’s torch-wielding acolytes are secret KKK worshiping neon nazi or your typical boomercuck. What matters are their numbers.

And what about anti-White ideological fanatics, you ask?

Gas chambers are so 1976 (birth of the term “Shoah”).

In the Fourth Reich we call it…