🚨 Zyklon Burnout πŸš¨

Zyklon Burnout KKK.

Zyklon-Burnout KKK.

Roy Moore is a nigger and his supporters have small penis.

Also a racist and probably a pedonazi or a muslim.

I don’t involve myself in cuck politics but apparently the Alt-Right does, so I can either assist them or mock them in their erectile misery.

Or do both, in the form of a post.

Roy Moore was accused of sexual misconduct on a minor or something.

I thought he wuz based nigga that sodomized a 8-year-old cunt in front of her dad (Paul Ryan), niggaz I wuz ready to abdicate as the Ultimate God-FΓΌhrer of the Fourth Reich but the truth was much milder, thus morally indefensible.

If you want sphincter you go hard nigga, let this be a warning.

Anyway, he was accused of sex and his followers had to:

  1. look up the definition of “sex” on the Internet
  2. watch a few videos of the BBC in action (for science)
  3. ???
  4. construct elaborate stories to justify “sex”
  5. blame media double-standards
  6. lose
Tyrone Trump, rule 63.

Tyrone Trump, rule 63.

Bitch, this Alt-Right sheeit is full of homos.

I thought we wuz building an army to invade KKKanada, instead we get homocuck pussies who can’t even grab the pussy.

The Alt-Right is mostly composed of millenial ex-leftists who “woke up” during Obama.

That would explain why they keep losing, they are literally born losers.

They voted for:

  1. Ari Gore (lost)
  2. John Kohen (lost)
  3. John McCain (lost)
  4. Mitt Romney (lost)
  5. Donald Trump (won)
  6. Roy Moore (lost)

That’s pretty weak niggas.

Be Nazi, Be Happy.

Be Nazi, Be Happy.

So allow me (God) to explain to you (not God) how you win against accusations of HIV transmission.

You don’t defend against accusations.

You don’t justify the accused behavior, whether real or fabricated.

You don’t accept their arguments.

You don’t infirm their arguments.

You don’t mock their arguments.

You don’t counter-accuse unless you can draw blood.

You simply wear out the patience of the audience.

Witch-hunts get tiring, which is why basic-bitch Alex Jones anti-Illuminati outrage culture is so unpalatable… there’s always something new those Aryan Illuminati are doing to FUCK WITH YOUR DONUTS.

After chemtrails, fluoride, GMOs (an actual issue), death panels, US imperialism, gun grabs (not so Aryan tho), etc… it all just gets irritating.

When faggots say “muh six million“, you don’t win when normies answer something out of Mein Kampff or David Lane.

You win when they sigh and say “it’s a jew, whatever“.

It’s the beauty of the Zyklon-Burnoutβ„’.

The Zyklon-Burnout

White Genocide Party.

White Genocide Party.

Roy Moore may have molested some cunt in Alabama 50 years ago…

But why y’all not talking about that time he SODOMIZED ME IN A CHURCH???

My half-Mexican daughter is scared of WHITE MALES thanks to Roy Moore’s predatory antics!!!

And what about Shontavia Tshiken, a Nigerian woman who claims to have been gangraped by Roy Moore, his horse, Harambe and Jesus Christ???

What about that time when he asphyxiated Mike Enoch’s fat and jewish wife with a Hugo Boss belt and vomited pork ribs in her fat and jewish cunt?

My Rape is my Privilege.

My Rape is my Privilege.

Or that time he told Paul Ryan’s six-year-old daughter to “show him her tax cuts” while malaxing his racist cock?

Or when he wrapped bacon around his cock and throatfukked that Syrian cunt on Twitter??

And that time he opened Taylor Swift’s stomach with a box cutter and started penetrating her “Bad Blood”?


Face it, we all know someone who has been a victim of Roy Moore’s sexual predation.

Why has that cunt been given so much media coverage?

Is her story more important than ours?

She admits herself that she wasn’t even raped.

Is it because she is White?

Dat White-privileged bitch needs to step aside.

We wuz raped in the ass.


Dicks out.


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