๐Ÿ”– The Price Tag ๐Ÿ”–

Famous Racist Homosexuals.

Famous Racist Homosexuals.

I’ve said it since day one at this blog, the only way pro-Whites will make any progress whatsoever is by attaching a price tag to anti-Whiteness.

As long as it’s free, you lose.

There needs to be a repercussion for anti-Whiteness.

It can be social, physical, political, judicial (good luck), psychological or economic, but it has to exist.

Otherwise, you lose.

The coward Richard Spencer who’ll only fight against women and children, and only when cops are present, but runs like a bitch when he gets punched in the face by a man (see, we can both play the ยกmuy macho! game) doesn’t get it and doesn’t even care about pro-White politics.

He’s only a fag on a quest to redeem his “manliness” after he got humiliated by the MSM and violated by an obese jewess in his own gym.

His “street warrior” antics have nothing to do with pro-White advocacy.

Even if he won his war against antifa, how would that benefit Whites?

Tyrone's Covert Politicization Course.

Tyrone’s Covert Politicization Course.

People don’t form their political opinions based on who “wins” the most “street battles” (btw, when anti-Whites say “win” they mean kill, when the Right says it they mean “stab with a flagpole” or something… I give up).

Was it Spencer getting punched or the gif/video spreading worldwide and eventually becoming a meme that dealt the most damage?

Richard Spencer raping antifa will have little to no effect on the political dispositions of the masses.

Antifa attacking moderate libtards for being “not extreme enough” on the other hand attaches a price tag to anti-Whiteness.

That’s why calling White celebrities, such as Taylor Swift, racist works: it shows that, for a White, there is no shield against the accusation of racism.

At this point we don’t even need White Nationalism, what we need is a counterfeit ADL, whoring soccer moms for donations, attacking every moderate anti-White facilitator as a WAYCISS KKK and “accidentally” having its “hate watch” list shared on antifa facebook groups.

“Mistake” after “mistake”, none dare call it intentional as long as its head is named Jonathan Rosenberg.

Dicks out.


One thought on “๐Ÿ”– The Price Tag ๐Ÿ”–

  1. what we need is a counterfeit ADL, whoring soccer moms for donations, attacking every moderate anti-White facilitator as a WAYCISS KKK and โ€œaccidentallyโ€ having its โ€œhate watchโ€ list shared on antifa facebook groups.

    Now you’re talking.

    I assume you know the significance of “price tag” in occupied Palestine. The price is paid NOT by Palestinians, but by the IDF when they defend Palestinians from the Zionist settlers.

    Read the section about “unthinging.” “Anti-racist whites are not a thing. There are only POCs and white racists.”

    The (((Daily Stormer))) either got it really wrong (if they are pro-white) or got it really right (if they are anti-white) because they have always declared that “pro-white” was not a thing. You are either (((Hollywood Nazi))) or Cuck. So no one was allowed to be pro-white; they moved the Overton window to the anti-white side (as Frame Game notes explains in the section on White Identity.) The (((Daily Stormer))) was always attacking “moderate” pro-Whites.

    What we need to do is to un-thing moderate anti-whites. There is no space for “anti-racist” soccer moms or Taylor “some of my best friends are POC” Swift.

    The (((Daily Stormer))) always punched pro-whites who are not Nazis. We want to punch anti-racists who are not Communists.

    That guy in Norway didn’t take out Muslims, and he didn’t take out “moderate patriots who were against Muslim immigration.” He took out the future ruling class – all white – who were the ones that were pro-Muslim and anti-white.

    Of course we are against all violence and all terrorism and our battle is rhetorical, and rhetoric is all we need.


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