😈 Spot the Difference πŸ€”

The Alt-Right 101.

The Alt-Right 101.

If you’ve ever read me, you know I’m just a big-lipped nigger that does the job the White man can’t do due to his intellectual limitations.

I don’t follow WNs on twitter, I don’t post frog memes, I don’t have White babies, I don’t do street protests, bookclubs or whatever the latest fad is, I’m not in any sort of movement and, should you meet me in real life, you’d only ever think of me as a regular (supremely attractive) nigger normie.

I don’t even visit many WN websites, and yet even I can sense the acute cognitive degradation that is progressively gaining all spheres of White Nationalism since the dawn of the Trump presidency.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s take a look at the front page of AltRight.com, the poor man’s The Right Stuff with little of the substance or intellectual depth that made TRS interesting.

We have entire essays about:

  • the death of a Linkin Park faggot
  • Scott Adams debating some leftist homoqueer
  • some Youtube feminist jewess dating an Alt-Right retard (it’s not Mike Enoch)
  • MMA for self-defense and to protect Trump’s family against Syrian kamikaze pedodjihadis
  • environmentalism and the Alt-Right
  • literally “Why women shouldn’t get tattoos
  • and finally, last but not least, some retard complaining that White people aren’t “nobles savages” of all things retarded

So why do you keep reading them, you may ask?

Every crack pipe has a nigger watermelon, and the gradual intellectual impoverishment has led to a rebirth in comment based retardation you would only believe to be fitting to a 400lbs feminist landwhale’s Tumblr.

You can find:

  • the typical Alt-Lite faggot (“Israelis are based man, they don’t take shit from muslims!“)
  • the faux-macho cyber race-warrior (“Say it to my face pussy I kill niggers every Saturday night with my bare hands!“)
  • the hyper-delusional christard (“Saudi and antifa are conspiring with Beelzebub to assassinate Trump! Repent now!“)
  • the obvious Republican plant (“I heard that Paul Ryan is secretly a KKK ringleader who enjoys mutilating black babies in aryano-satanic rituals! Don’t forget to vote!“)
  • the obvious Democratic plant (“Every candidate is anti-white man, there’s no point in voting! Better post frog memes on twitter!“)
  • the homocuck who hides his impotence behinds excessive punctuation and uppercase typography (“Fucking NIGGERS are making me SO MAD!! The day of the ROPE is coming NIGGERS!!!“)
  • the special needs dissident (you know, the one who always ends his sentences with “HA!“)

And that’s why I keep reading Alt-Right publications, I need inspiration for my intellectually challenged fictional characters.

As I said, I’m just a right-wing nigger.

I get off on seeing the Left eat itself, so I devise psychological operations to mentally sodomize the progressives.

So you can imagine my amusement when I discover, amidst the shit known as effete homoLARP, something very similar to my own techniques.

First read this, a comment I posted nearly a month ago in response to some gay nigger asking for sex.

Many believe that removing the patriarchy will mean the automatic emancipation of Women, People of Color and other oppressed minorities.

It won’t.

The patriarchy is only one manifestation of the white supremacist culture in which we live.

Women of Color will never be FREE as long as we live in the very same white supremacist culture that created the patriarchy.

Emphasis mine.

Can you feel the Tyroning?

What is the motivation behind this lecture?

Is it genuine concern for the well-being of sheboons and beanerettes?

Now read this, a comment posted yesterday by a certain “Johnny Fagg” on Altright.com.

Great article, and I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment. Physically removing non-whites and breaking Jewish power structures is all well and good, but modern whites need a deeper sense of meaning in life, which is wholly lacking from modern athiestic [sic], consumerist, capitalist society. We need a cultural and spiritual rebirth. I get that the Alt-Right is a racial movement, not a spiritual one, but I feel our demographic decline coincides with our spiritual decline. People aren’t going to fight to save a genome, or suburbia. They will fight for something greater than themselves, and that gives their lives meaning.

Can you feel it?

The Tyroning?

Can you spot the difference?


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