Anne Frank was a Nazi πŸ˜¨

Anne Frank is a Nazi Slut.

Anne Frank is a Nazi Slut.

White people are so ignorant of the HISTORY of the WORLD.

Everything they think they know about the second world war they were taught by Hollywood and the educational system.

And who runs both those industries ?

Neon Nazis.

It’s a known fact that every US president, every Hollywood producer and every public welfare employee has been under KKK influence since Martin Luther King discovered America in 1965, alongside Trayvon “Sheeit” Washington the Black Founding Father.

KKK Nazis like Glenn Beck and Adolf Jones claim that Hitler was a Nazi.

It doesn’t make sense…

Adolf Hitler, Nazi Killer.

Adolf Hitler, Nazi Killer.

If Hitler was a Nazi… then why is he ATTACKED by actual Neon Nazis like Adolf Jones, Ted Cruz and Bill Mitchell?

The Neon Nazis are the ones giving us institutional racism, crack addiction, generational appropriation, watermelon kool aids and cultural poverty.

The TRUTH is that Hitler fought the Nazis in WW2.

He killed a lot of them… about 6 million.

OF COURSE, you never hear about that on TV, in movies, in school, in audio books, in commercials or on every WW2 monument ever.

No one ever mentions the 6 million.

Because it doesn’t fit the Neon Nazi agenda.

Hitler was the original Nazi puncher. Expect instead of punching them he just gave them Zyklon B canisters.

If it’s ok to punch a Nazi, it’s ok to gas a Nazi.

Hate speech is not free speech.

Violence against Nazis is speech, speech made by Nazis is violence.

Fifty Lampshades of Pepe. A Tyrone Production.

Fifty Lampshades of Pepe. A Tyrone Production.

So what about Anne Frank?

According to the media, Anne Frank was persecuted by the Nazis and Hitler.

Again, that doesn’t make sense because Hitler fought AGAINST the Nazis.

The only explanation is that Anne Frank was a Neon Nazi prostitute who gave rimjobs to vagrants in her Berlin trailer park to sustain her crack addiction.

You won’t hear THAT on KKK Fox News.

And yet, she admits so in her own diary.

Everybody teased me quite a bit yesterday because I lay down on the bed on top of Mr Hitler πŸ’—. “At your age!” “Shocking!” and other remarks along those lines. Silly, of course. I’d never want to sleep with Mr Hitler the way they mean.

PS. I forgot to mention the important news that I’m probably going to get my period soon. I can tell because I keep finding a whitish smear in my panties.

That is one dumb trailer park Nazi.

Only one Nigger can save da Muffugahland.

Only one Nigger can save da Muffugahland.

Learn about hygiene or buy a douche instead of blaming your gangbang-induced excretions on biology you cunt.

Anyway, this entry proves without a doubt that, in addition to overcharging her rimjobs on the streets of Berlin, Anne Frank was a hardcore Nazi and a KKK Grand Wizard Dragon Mormon.

When Hitler discovered it, he was appalled as he had devoted his life to peace, tolerance, compassion, diversity, LGBTBBQ+ rights, gun control and opposing the gender pay gap, global warming and the patriarchy.

It’s 1944!” he bemoaned. “There is no place in the Third Reich for such ignorant bigotry“.

So Hitler banged Anne Frank one last time (cuz she was really hot with her underage yet inexplicably oversized Nazi nose πŸ’—) and proceeded to gas, oven, hang, electrocute, resurrect, drown, gas again, fuck one more time (cuz she hot n sheeit πŸ’—), bury, eviscerate and turn her carcass into a sofa to be sold for $29.99 on Black Friday at Home Depot.

Hail Hitler, Death to Nazis!

Hail Hitler, Death to Nazis!

Love is a smoke made with the fumes of your face.

Those were, according to the legend, the last words Hitler spoke to the cum-stained, HIV infected and still somehow nasally protuberant remains of the teenage whore Anne Frank.

This is how ALL Nazis should be treated.

Hitler was a HERO.

How many innocent WOMEN OF COLOR would Anne Frank have MURDERED if she had been allowed to continue to preach her hate and bigotry?

The only reason Hitler is not worshiped as the true defender of the oppressed is that we live under KKK Neon Nazi domination.

Cast away your chains my brothers, the truth will set you free.

As Hitler would say, “A good Nazi fits in an ashtray“.

An attack on Hitler is an attack on anti-Nazis.

TLDR: Hitler freed the slaves, banged a slut, gassed her parents and saved the world from hate, creationists, the NRA, Rush Limbaugh and Mitt Romney.

Simon is dead,
Ellie is too,
looks like Hitler,
won World War II.

Dicks out.


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