⌚ The International Kushner βŒš

The International Kushner, a menace to mudsharks everywhere.

The International Kushner, a menace to mudsharks everywhere.


Ain’t dat bitch Donald Trump a nigga wayciss white supremacist and Nazi?

Remember when dat nigga cragga wayciss said dat our PRESSIDENT, LORD AND SAVIOR BARACK OBAMA… ain’t even born in da USA?

Muffuggah, if he ain’t born in da USA…. how come he PRESSIDENT OF DA USA?

It don’t make sense nigga.

Dey claim his birth certicate be forged n sheeeit.

Turns out he real American nigga like Trayvon Jefferson, Byron Franklin n da Black Founding Fathers n sheeit.

Subliminal Metacarpal Nazification.

Subliminal Metacarpal Nazification.

Red, white n blue nigga. But not Black cuz he a homo and we ain’t want nonedatsheeit in our communty.

So Donald Trump be lying when he say dat REVEREND DOCTOR BARACK LUTHER OBAMA KING JR he ain’t American n sheeit.

But what bout da nigga Jared Kushner?

Is dis nigga even born in da USA?

Some niggas say he born in Israel I say hell na we da true israelites muffugah.

Dey say he born in New Jersey.

I say nigga y’all got to PROVE dat sheeit.

The Birther Movement 2.0

Only one Nigger can save da Muffugahland.

Only one Nigger can save da Muffugahland.

Muffugah where yo birth certicate jewey Jared?

Show us where u born nigga.

Donald Trump be a lying hypocrite wayciss nigga.

He ask fo Obama birth certicate…

I say nigga show y’all birth certicate first bitch.

Where you at nigga?

Y’all ain’t talking sheit now.

So liberals are more than eager to paint Trump as a “hypocrite” on a certain number of issues.


Adolf Hitler vs Retards.

Adolf Hitler vs Retards.

I, Reichsminister Tyrone, will facilitate.

Simply point out the double-standard between Trump’s treatment of Obama and that of his son-in-law jewey Jared the Subway Pedo (or is that another jewey Jared? So many jewey Jareds πŸ€”).

Obama’s father was neither a foreign agent nor a convict, and yet he was mercilessly attacked by the negrophobic Israeli lobby.

Some might call it ironic justice.

Others might call it antisemantic.

The mainstream media will never attempt this comparison, because 6 million Treblinka lampshade condoms n sheeit, but the Democratic base will love nothing more than to give the “wayciss white male” a dose of his own (kosher) medicine.

There is nothing libtards want more than to catch Republicans, and the Republican-in-Chief most of all, in an act that reeks of such duplicity.

  • Imagine if Obama had done that, Alex Jones/Fox News/the KKK would NEVER shut up about it.
  • You criticized Obama for the exact same policies! You hypocrite!

Aren’t these the two most common arguments libtards employ against Trump supporters?

Libtards are already idiots.

Let’s make them useful idiots.

Antisemantically useful.

How the tables have turned on jewey Jared… persecuted by antisemantic libtards. Does #NeverAgain stand for anything?

Dicks out.


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