πŸ‘Œ Esoteric Nazi Gesticulation and the Secular Crisis of Orthodox Kekism πŸ‘Œ

Subliminal Metacarpal Nazification.

Subliminal Metacarpal Nazification.

As you may have noticed, I’m not much of a fan of what passes for the “Alt-Right“.

Between recycled essays on the Rothschild connection and the immutable, endless circle-jerk, it’s nothing short of a miracle that anything ever gets done.

By the will of Kek, we need a Fourth Reich version of NoFap to address the epidemy of mental masturbation in right-wing movements.

And yet, where there is Kek there is hope.

The Alt-Right still manages, somehow, between two debates on what the Rothschilds looked like or the size of Hitler’s massive 45 inch cock (you thought the FlaktΓΌrme weren’t allegorical?), to be effective.

We could name the (((echoes))) or the Taylor Swift memes as means of subversive efficacy. Or efficient subversion. Both are needed.

A more recent right-wing onslaught has been the secret “Nazi Hand Gesture” conspiracy.

What is it about and why is it so effective that it warrants the Official Fourth Reich Seal of Gestapproval?

Secret Nazi Hand Gestures.

Secret Nazi Hand Gestures.

The “Nazi Hand Signs” are pretty self-explanatory.

It’s simply finding NS/Fascist/White Supremacist symbolism in otherwise innocent hand gestures.

Secret Nazi Symbols.

Secret Nazi Symbols.

For now there are three main motions.

  • The “White Power” sign. An “ok” gesture with the thumb and index becomes about White Power based on the letters formed by the fingers. 9/10.
  • The “14 Words” sign. An interpretation of the “thumbs up” gesture that links it to David Lane’s Fourteen Words. Can even be made at an 88Β° angle. 10/10.
  • The “2 Genders” sign. The “peace” sign becomes about the duality of sexes in human biology. 6/10.

The list we compiled by some Alt-Righter on Twitter.

The Dirlewanger KKKode

The Dirlewanger KKKode.

The “2 Genders” sign is rather weak, as the claim that there are only two sexes is still mostly mainstream and as such wouldn’t require any secret Nazi code, but the idea of co-opting the “peace” sign is brilliant. We just need an interpretation with better shock value.

I suggest the following.

  • The “Hail Victory” sign. It works because the “peace sign” is also the letter “V” in American Sign Language. And guess who liked to talk about victory (“Sieg“).

We can of course expand on it and find ways to hijack every single purportedly innocuous gesture into the realm of hate, bigotry and prenatal ethnic genocide.

  • The dab. Looks like an inverted Nazi salute. Instead of having the second arm below the first, it’s the opposite. Also fits the “young urban racist White liberal” trope as those are the most likely to indulge in dabbing.
  • The quenelle. Not exactly an innocent gesture, as its inventor DieudonnΓ© isn’t by any means the most philosemitic nigger on the plantation, but that’s where I got the inspiration for a “reversed nazi salute”. Also, many people tend to perform the gesture accidentally.

    Islamofascist is Real. Hide your Lampshades.

    Islamofascist is Real. Hide your Lampshades.

  • The “Breivik” sign. A closed fist often associated with “Black Power”. Now it’s just the Breivik sign. It’s also the letter “A” (for “Anders”) in American Sign Language. Retards and disabled are my sexual fetish so I know a bit of ASL and International Sign.
  • The “Dylann Roof” sign. Only the most extreme, hateful and bigoted nazis are allowed to use this signal. You need to be a Grand Wizard Nigger Dragon Mullah of the Fourth Reich to be initiated. Any pose that uses both hands to form a triangle (i.e. “roof”).
  • The raised index. Often associated with jihadis, supposedly meaning “Allah is above”. Know who else is above? Anne Frank on windy days. The Islam / Islamism / Islamofascism connection is easy to make.
  • The “Heavy Metal” sign. Pinky and index raised, others fingers folded. Supposedly it used to mean “cuck” in Mediterranean Europe. Nowadays the meaning is lost but it’s still relevant to the Alt-Right.
  • The Middle Finger. Technically there are two ways to perform the middle finger gesture. There is the standard and most common form where the middle finger alone is raised. And there is the alternative form that we Philadelphia niggerz use, where the thumb is also extended horizontally. Much like the left-side/right-side earring rule, the fact that the two variations exist can be used to redefine their meaning. One form would be a simple “fuck off” gesture while the other becomes a secret KKK nazi code. Because slave owners used to sever the middle fingers of their farming equipment, either to punish runaway niggers, prevent recidivism or simply to mark their property… Don’t be fooled, Black Man!
  • The “Pepe” sign. Any pose in which either hand touches the chin.
The Dab is a Reversed Nazi Salute!

The Dab is a Reversed Nazi Salute!

Add some of your own ideas and the Fourth Reich industry will produce a professional guide “The Secret Hand Gestures of Hate: How Concerned Parents Cracked the Nazi Code of their Racist White Children“.

I mentioned this form of indirect attack on the multiKult was effective.

Here’s why.

Concisely, libtards are libtards because of convenience.

They already have the benefits of being “White”, now they also want the social advantages of being anti-White.

The entire basis of the Tyrone Doctrine is to make it harder for Whites to be anti-White than it is to be pro-White.

This metacarpal conspiracy does exactly that.

Once the threat of being doxxed and potentially fired over a hand gesture is internalized, there isn’t much incentive for anyone to remain on the anti-White side of the politico-cultural spectrum.

Esoteric Kekism or Inverted Nazi Salute?

Esoteric Kekism or Inverted Nazi Salute?

He who controls the narrative controls the facts.

This sends a clear message to White anti-Whites: either join the Reich or walk on egg shells forever.

So how do you get the public to accept the idea that an innocent thumbs up sign can turn them into literally Hitler?

Just call them wayciss.

Not only does it cheapen the anti-White slur “wayciss”, it also works because Whites have been conditioned to forgo any form of critical thinking when facing the accusation of wayciss/hate/bigotry/KKK/doupleplusungood.

In addition, since I’m told that the Alt-Right just loves to cosplay as 1933 PeterPanzers and hold protests against antifa, faggots, fat women and all of the above (i.e. Gavin McIsrael), this is the perfect opportunity for productive LARPing.

The conspiracy deepens...

The conspiracy deepens…

Go dress up as the most ridiculous KKK Neo-Nazi ever and get photographed while doing any of the above mentioned “Nazi signs”.

The second phase of the operation is to get retarded anti-Whites to report every instance of anyone doing these gestures to LEA, the FBI in particular.

LEA are still somewhat close to some anti-White NGOs, though not as close as they once were.

But if they get harassed by anti-White organizations and their lackeys to the point where it impedes their ability to do their job…

You wouldn’t believe how many retarded boomers and cat ladies think goosestepping is against the law.

Similarly, you wouldn’t believe how many retarded SJWs think the “White Power” gesture IS NOT against the law.

Dicks out.


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