🌻 Tyrone J. Hoover ðŸŒ»

Tyrone's Banana Face Mask.

Tyrone’s Banana Face Mask.

Maybe yall iz heared diz “charity” organizashun called Alt-Right n sheeit.

Yall fink dey be helpin da niggarz but we finded out dey also be helpin da otha peeple lik da wate wayciss nigga.

Dey be helpin da wate man, dey be helpin da asian nigga, dey be helpin da muffagah homo Ann Frank Coutler n sheeit.

Tel me, after dey help all diz peeple, how much cash dey gat fo da BLACK chilluns in Motha Africa.

Nuffin nigga.

Tyrone Sheeit Nigger KKK.

Tyrone Sheeit Nigger KKK.

If dey wan da Black chillunz die it mean dey be wayciss n sheeit.

We be gonna sue dem fo violatin da civil rites n sheeit.

We promice dat all da money we get fum soon dem gonna go to da Motha Africa ONLY n we iz buy all da stuff dat da Black Kidz be needin, like spining rimz, malt likka, ghettoblasters n sheeit.

We iz magik gypshun superia race it be da wate manz fault dat our chillunz be starv n sheeit, if dey stopp oppresin us with da live aid n food crates (dey be dropin it on da african head to kill em n sheeit) we wuz livin 2302983487 years like we do befo da wate man lynchin us n slavin us n sheeit.

)))A fellow nigga(((.

I'm a nigger just like you people.

I’m a nigger just like you people.

Yall thought I wuz Tyrone J. Trump?

Nigga I iz Tyrone Hoover I work fo da FBI dey paiz ma food stamp n sheeit.

I run da Alt-Right and da Alt-Lite.

You thought Gavin McInnes wuz a real faggot nigga?

Bich I iz da real Gavin McInnes I use banana face mask n sheeit.

I be dildo banana in ma black ass nigga.

1488 muffugah.

)))JK niggerz trust me I’m a black nigger just like you nigger people I love watermelon and KFC(((.

Most White Nationalism reads the same.

Attack every target (i.e. every branch of the multiKult) from a single angle (i.e. White Ethnocentrism/Anti-Degeneracy).

Muffugah I still not gay niggarz.

Muffugah I still not gay niggarz.

So we now have anti-jews WNs, anti-Black WNs, anti-beaner WNs, anti-faggot WNs, anti-feminist WNs, anti-anti-feminists WNs…

The Tyrone Doctrine is slightly different.

Attack a single target from every angle.

Instead of having White Nationalism as the opponent of everyone and everything, we should turn anti-Whites/(((the Cabal))) against everyone and everything.

Cosplaying as PeterPanzers against Antifa in the streets of Berkeley is a dead end.

But if you like dressing up and playing Third Reich Meets Sesame Street, you’ve come to the right place.

Sabotaging judeophilia and anti-Whiteness is what I do best.

Israel is a particularly easy target.

There should be White anti-Zionism, Black anti-Zionism, Beaner anti-Zionism, Conservative anti-Zionism, Liberal anti-Zionism, Libertarian anti-Zionism, LGBBQT+ anti-Zionism, Feminist anti-Zionism, anti-Homo anti-Zionism, Islamic anti-Zionism, anti-Islamic anti-Zionism, the-rent-is-too-damn-high anti-Zionism, fuck-that-rent-nigger anti-Zionism, eco-anti-Zionism…

Give everyone a reason to hate the kikes.

And yes, even jewish anti-Zionism.

Meet Tyrone J. Zuckerstein.

My wife. Michelle the House Bonobo.

My wife. Michelle the House Bonobo.

Why We Must Talk About Jared Kushner’s Judaism

While it has probably not evaded you that Jared Kushner, credited for curbing his father-in-law’s most racist and bigoted aspirations, is Jewish, it hasn’t evaded the Alt-Right’s Neo-Nazis either.


While we Jews should still aim for a White minority, the methods must be more subtle than brazenly parading around in conquered territory as we’ve seen in the recent months from Jared Kushner, George Soros, Bernie Sanders, Rahm Emmanuel and Chuck Schumer before that.

This is what will provoke an anti-Semitic backlash and radicalize the mainstream Republicans further into the arms of the Alt-Right’s Neo-Nazis.

)))A fellow Jew(((.


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