Time for an Anti-Zionist Left πŸ₯‚

Bashar Al-Assad is the new KKK.

Bashar Al-Assad is the new KKK.

It’s been said during the Republican primaries that Donald Trump was a secret liberal who intended to let Hillary win.


We have been fooled!

It’s been the exact opposite.

Think about it niggers.

Any true Black Man such as Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, Michelle Obama or Rick Santorum could have easily defeated the wayciss KKK nazi Drumpf.

Tyrone Al-Assad is Literally Hitler.

Tyrone Al-Assad is Literally Hitler.

Instead, who did they run?

Hillary Cunt and (((Bernisrael))).

They couldn’t have made it easier for the wayciss KKK Drumpf if they tried.

Even the semi-trisomic faggot Joe Biden could have won against Drumpf.

Hillaretard and (((Gutman Sachs))) made even the neo-nazi White Supremacist Drumpf look moderate by comparison.

The Democratic Party was hijacked by islamophobic judeo-Zionists!


It’s up to us to reclaim the party of Andrew Jackson from these anti-Palestinian terrorists.

Terrorism is for Racists and Niggers.

Terrorism is for Racists and Niggers.

The Democratic Party belongs to Women of Color like Barack Hussein Ebola.

I, Tyrone J. Assad, will now explain to you niggers how to arrogate the non-White Party and turn it into a political vehicle for Homoerotic Zyklon Pride.

You can be a true nigger too by following these easy steps.

Time to retake Niggeria.

Or Syria.

Operation Desert Camel Nigger

Phase I: Destroy the (((Democratic Establishment)))

Assadu Ahkbar.

Assadu Ahkbar.


As a Jewish Zionist I want to thank Donald Trump for finally acknowledging the need to overthrow the nazi dictator Assad. Hopefully we will get Iran, Lebanon and Palestine next and even Russia if they continue to interfere.

I also need to thank the Democratic Party who ran the two weakest candidates ever against Donald Trump.

I was really scared the Democrats would run a charismatic anti-war candidate such as Kucinich, Ellison or Obama.

Luckily they ran our man Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, who is basically one of us by marriage.

Either one could have thrown the election for Trump… and that’s exactly what happened.

Now let’s work together to take care of these antisemitic dictators.

Phase II: Associate anything anti-war with antisemitism

The New FΓΌhrer.

The New FΓΌhrer.

AKA what the Right should have done circa 2003.

Instead they let anti-Whites play the role of pacifists once their regime change was completed.

Ron Paul, Richard Spencer, David Duke, Rand Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, Stephen Bannon… what do they have in common?

I you thought pathological Antisemitism, you’re only half-right.

They also oppose military intervention in Syria.

Why would antisemitic wingnuts oppose the toppling of an antisemitic dictator and war criminal?

You have three guesses…

Never Again.

Phase III: Deconstruct SWPL Leftism

The True Arab-Right.

The True Arab-Right.

For MINOs use this.

For low IQ huWhites use the following.

(((Bernie Gutman Sachs))) claims to be a Socialist, or “social democrat” depending on his audience.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

He is a Trotskyist, not a Socialist, not a Stalinist, not a Marxist, not even a true worker.

He comes from the jewish bourgeoisie, what legitimacy does he have to speak in the name of workers?

Trotsky, aka Leon Bronstein, was heavily financed by the ultra-capitalist New York bankers. Jews, for the most part.

Just like (((Bernie Gutman))).

Whereas the Socialism of Stalin, Mao and George Marchais were authentically class conscious, (((Gutman)))’s Trotskyism is just another tool for the capital and Wall Street bankers.

Talking about “the rich” in broad terms is simply a way to avoid talking about bankers.

His “social democracy” is archaic at best, harmful at worst.

He is no different from the ultra-capitalist Donald Drumpf, they both serve the save Wall Street bankers.

Reject (((Gutman)))’s fake Socialism.

Phase IV: Attack the Israeli Party

Jewish supremacy meets the MINO machine.

See here.

Fourth Reich Supremacy.

Dicks out.


2 thoughts on “Time for an Anti-Zionist Left πŸ₯‚

    • Facts are irrelevant.

      Who controls the media controls the narrative.

      If Assad is overthrown, the neo-cons & leftists will simply reinvent themselves as the true pacifists who tried to stop the neo-nazi KKK Drumpf from bombing poor Arab children.

      Just like they did post-2003 when Bush’s (((regime change))) was blamed on white racism & islamophobia.

      Protesting is useless and honestly holding up signs like faggots never worked even when the Left did it, and they had the MSM on their side.

      What you can do is point out who is pulling Trump’s strings now that Bannon is out/demoted/tokenized.

      (((Kushner))) is Trump’s foreign policy.

      Why does (((Kushner))) want to genocide Arabs?


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