😹 Danald Sheeeeit ðŸ˜¹

Tad Cruz, da real Tea Party Nazi.

Tad Cruz, da real Tea Party Nazi.


I iz Tad Cruz da new God Amperor af da Alt-Right.

Da fagget Danald Tremp iz a cucked fagget

I iz da only true constitutialist nazi u be trust olol

Danald Tremp iz a bich he criez all time when luking at ded person chillrenz photo OLOLOLOL

Niggarz u gat ta jerk ur dik to da dead chillrenz in Siria or u just a fak nigga



U shud af vote fa da REALZ NIGGARZ my frienz ¡!¡!¡!YYEEEEEBBUSSSHHH¡!¡!¡! at leas he realz nigga he kill baby hitler DANALD TREMP he jus cri lik bich lol

Naw iss 2 lat vote fa YEEEEEBBBUSHHHH but yall cun still vote fa TAD CRUZ da fiss niggarz raiziz kkk nassi

I iz mak Muerico grat agin fa da kkk

I iz da nassi u cin TRUST

I iz da only nassi wif da dik big enaf to fok da pressidin in da oval offace

If uz vot fa da pressidin TAD CRUZ u cin fok da wat wimminz in da jizus whole

Naw u cin be nassi penetrator too.

Naw u cin be nassi penetrator too.

Da wat wimminz lik ote lik Karli Fiorinarira n sheeeit

Danald Tremp iz little bich all he do iz cri muh chillrenz LOLOLOLOL

He dan hav da dik big enaf ta fok da wat wimminz so he madd Basharalal Lassagna n sheeeeit


He tell uz da midia iz da liar

Den he see da chillrenz on da midia

Den he belief da media wtf LOL

Den his wife say “fok me Tad”

Den I say “Ok”

Den I becum God Amperor af da Alt-Right

Kristen Stewart iz da KKK.

Kristen Stewart iz da KKK.

LOL pussi nice juice ejaculiz wil da Danald Tremp iz cri about da ded chillrenz niggarz in da Siria n sheeit

Da fagget messicanz… all dey ad to shoz Danald Tremp da ded chillrenz an dey get visa

Da fagget niggarz… all dey ad to shoz Danald Tremp da ded Trivon an dey get ebt gibsmedat

Da fagget russia… all dey ad to shoz Danald Tremp da ded askimo an dey get crimia

Da fagget polrian n insdagraham n sheeit… all dey ad to shoz Danald Tremp da ded boifrend an dey get free candom fckbudi gey

But dey not intellekt lik da (((ISIS)))

Only da (((ISIS))) be intellekt enaf to da ded chillrenz tv

And naw da (((USA))) fagboi jordy dey be lik “fait fa da cuntri”

LOL i daz wha u needz da TAD CRUZ 2020

TAD CRUZ iz da TRU nassi candate

I iz mor egdi dan da fagget Danald Tremp

Tad Cruz "I fok ma dater".

Tad Cruz “I fok ma dater”.

Her iz da tope 5 rizon ta vote fa TED CRUZ 2020

  1. I iz fokk my dater (alfa kokkk)
  2. I iz real kkkonservatvsm
  3. I iz zodik killarz
  4. I iz facelift trigered leftits fagget
  5. Canda > USA

I iz the futurik da wat wimminz fok

Naw u iz to vote TAD CRUZ 2020 an ma frend YYYEEEEBBBBUUUUSHHHH also kkk

CRUZ / BUSH 2020

Wi iz da 1488 kkk nassi

Anz a art. I learnz if ya stab da art, uz mus tak iz plass. An u sailz da sea fa da etarnti. Da Alt-Right mus haz a kkkaptin.

Ok niggarz naw u vote CRUZ Alt-Right God Emperor ok?

wi iz retak constatinploz n sheeeit luk at da frogz meme dag wistling fkken messicunz dey iz krimnalz n rappiz n dey shit gangse in inida

Are you prepared for what comes after? When I carved that traitorous vessel from my body, I cast upon it a terrible geis. If you stab my heart, yours must take its place. The Alt-Right is not bound to the White Race. They are bound to the Alt-Right. And the Alt-Right must have a captain. Will ye serve?

Will you?


8 thoughts on “😹 Danald Sheeeeit ðŸ˜¹

    • i iz da black man militant

      i in da army as well n i cant wates for da call up to kick sum ass holes at home

      i join kfmc cuz da bitch get da chillunz n sheit i say i aint gt time fo dis sheit

      ares chef of staffs says we needz da marshell law in da homelands here cus all da raciss cragga rednek n teroists from canda nigga

      wee needs to rounde ups da rednek kkk round dem ups now befors day can kauss trobles

      obama willing we make da usa free and holesum again fo da black man like befores we can makes it better likes we did in iraq and afganastan and libeya

      i discuted da way eyes in treeted in walmart yasterday.we iz heroes marines we daserve respek n sheit fores ares sacrafice

      i ready to fight fo my contry in my contry israel

      i ask da chef if i can bee drafted to californica cos i wood like to rapes da wat wominz dere

      eye is exsited about californica as eye hot for da young actris scarlet johanhanhanssonson she nice ass pussi bitch

      semper fry


  1. I assume this has something to do with the airstrikes in Syria. I don’t get what you’re suggesting to do. Seems to me like you’re just trying to act like you know more than everyone else.


    • There is no point, either to this post or to the Alt-Right.

      The Alt-Right crowd is, ironically, filled with ex-Leftists.

      As such they bring their herd mentality, group-think, personality cult and superstition into right-wing politics.

      Instead of idolizing MLK they worship Donald Trump.

      Instead of hating “white wayciss” they hate coloreds.

      Instead of seeing a KKK/Koch brother conspiracy at every corner they impute the CIA/(((George Soros))) with the responsibility for every event imaginable.

      They never rejected the Leftist religion, they merely swapped its icons for more edgy ones.

      From https://tyronetrump.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/once-go-nigger-get-trigger/

      Irrelevant of my opinions on president Danald Tremp, and I have absolutely none, the messiah worship was ridiculous.

      What is even worse is how quick they dropped him once they realized he didn’t live up to their standards.

      What will be even more embarrassing is how frantically they jump onto the next messiah.

      Hence the joke of Cruz/Bush as the new Hitler.

      What the Alt-Right should do, and won’t, is documented on this blog.

      Throw Trump under the bus, call him a zionist warmonger… there are very few goys left in his admin.

      He even (supposedly) is in the process of outing Bannon.

      Turn him into GWB 2.0, only this time DON’T FORGET to mention the Israeli connection.

      What we need at the moment is an anti-Zionist left, not an Alt-Right.

      (((Kushner))) / (((Cohn))) / the rest of the (((neocons))) have nowhere to hide.

      Syria can’t be blamed on the KKK.
      Syria can’t be blamed on Russia.
      Syria can’t be blamed on WMD.
      Syria can’t be blamed on oil.

      What’s left is the Israeli lobby.

      Of course the Alt-Right will do the exact opposite and either double down on Tremp or find themselves another messiah.

      Right after publishing this post I saw Spencer retweeting Tulsi Gabbard a barely white mud lover from some flyover shithole begging her to run in 2020.

      Can’t argue with religion.


  2. Libs sure are enjoying every bit of it. “We tried to tell you Trump was a liar you wouldn’t listen” while at the same time beating the war drum for overthrowing Assad.


    • “We tried to tell you Trump was a liar you wouldn’t listen”

      Technically all they told us was that Danald was a wayciss KKK neo-Hitler.

      Which none of us believed except a few DailyStormer tards… AND Leftist media outlets.

      So what they’re saying is “you’re stupid for believing something you didn’t believe in but we did, and that also makes you a wayciss for not believing it”.

      Assadu Ahkbar.


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