😈 Getting Raped to Fight the Patriarchy πŸ˜ˆ

Adolf Hitler was a Liberal WAYCISS!

Adolf Hitler was a Liberal WAYCISS!

So there was another epidemic of White women being raped by excessively lascivious MINOs somewhere in the USA.


I couldn’t even tell you where it happened or who was involved (it wasn’t yours truly, for once).

What’s more interesting is the reaction to this event from the Leftist crowd.

Every one of their arguments can be summarized as such.

White racists don’t really care about White women being raped. They are only offended because minorities are taking what they perceive as their property!!!!

By virtue of Poe’s Law, I can’t tell if the Left has gotten even dumber than most thought possible or if the Alt-Right has finally started following the Tyrone Doctrine.

According to these retards, White women are supposedly viewed as property by their owners (White racist KKK bigots).

So the solution is to emancipate themselves by having sex with MINOs.

But here is where I, Tyrone J. Trump, Worldwide FΓΌhrer and Grand Imperial Propaganda Minister of the Fourth Reich, must use my Simian privilege to interject.

My Rape is my Privilege.

My Rape is my Privilege.

What makes you believe you are REALLY combating White privilege and the patriarchy?

The very concept of consent is built on the exploitation of minorities and women of color.

There is no “consent” in India or Africa.

You are just a cultural White supremacist, imposing your morals on people of color.

No means no” means no MINOs.

How dare you use your WHITE PRIVILEGE to (sexually) silence the PEOPLE OF COLOR who BUILT THIS COUNTRY???

There is only one solution for White women… atone for the sins of your ancestors by being gang-raped by 35 niggers, 27 arabs, 4 asians and 2 dogs everyday for the rest of your live.

It’s not rape because you provoked them with your racism, white privilege and cultural appropriation.

Also HIV is racist because it’s predominant among nigs but race is a social construct anyway so STFU white trash racist KKK nazi.

"Rape" is a Social Construct.

“Rape” is a Social Construct.


That makes you a racist White supremacist.

Welcome to the Alt-Right.

Dicks out.


4 thoughts on “😈 Getting Raped to Fight the Patriarchy πŸ˜ˆ

  1. even being raped is racist…

    and so is not being raped…

    and so is raping…

    and not raping…

    how can you still be an antiracist today?


  2. Not anal raping is an anisemitic hate crime you homophobic, transexual, fascist, self-hating, nigger monster cunt.

    Reason is easy you just have to THINK!

    If I have to explain to another jew molester wannabe why semen belongs in the lower intestine I think I’m gunna cry of existential frustratedness.


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