The Future of White Nationalism is Gay

Hitler was a Woman!

Hitler was a Woman!

Adolf Hitler was right when he identified the opponents of the NSDAP: the reds and the reactionaries.

The modern-day Alt-Right, and the White Nationalist movement at large, also has its reds and reactionaries.

The reds are just faggots.

The reactionaries are a variation of said faggots in that they exist for the sole purpose of doing the exact opposite of whatever the faggots are doing.

Mirroring the faggots. Symmetrical faggotry (i.e. also faggots).

The don’t win by being the “other side” of an issue, you win by playing both sides.

Transgenderism is one of those issues that the Alt-Right believes it needs to oppose.

In a sane society, men dressing up as women to use little girls’ bathrooms should be institutionalized!” say the reactionaries.

But do you live in a sane society?

Or in a multiKult melting pot that decriminalized bestiality (interracial marriage) over half a century ago?

Why does the Right feel the need to draw a moral line in the sand, when it already knows that such line will be crossed as easily and ostentatiously as every other ideological barrier in the past?

Instead of complaining about every contingent of the multiKult, start exploiting one faction to attack another.

Transgenderism is a natural weapon against feminism.

Feminism works by giving social and economic privileges to women, in addition top exonerating them from any form of societal responsibility, on the sole basis of their possessing a vagina.

Transgenderism redefines “woman” by removing the vagina requirement.

From biological reality to social identity.

Some women have dicks.

Some women have dicks.

That’s right bitchboi.

Some women have dicks.

Some faggots like pussy.

Some muslims eat pork.

Some niggers are blond.

Some neo-nazi KKK racists vote Hillary.

Fourth Reich Supremacy.

Dicks out.


One thought on “The Future of White Nationalism is Gay

  1. Sorry raycisists some anus is vagina. Just deal with it ohkhay! Some semen is man food. Yeah, exactly. Some Jews aren’t only paedophilic rapists. Your smelly old rules don’t apply to us indigo children. It’s 2017 don’t you get it yet.


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