The Tyrone Doctrine: SWPL gets Enriched😘

Want some enrichment? Guaranteed to make you more VIBRANT!

Want some enrichment? Guaranteed to make you more VIBRANT!

I rarely follow the news. Not even the White Nationalist circle jerk of daily outrage porn.

Yet I can tell you with meticulous accuracy what is going on in “the Movement” as we speak.

Are you doubting me?

Tyrone J. Trump, goatfucker extraordinaire and unisexual Simian supremacist?

Let’s put my psychic abilities to the test.

  • The Dailystormer crowd is raging at some pedofascist (yours truly) using women’s restrooms with little girls.
  • The Right Stuff is pontificating on the esoteric influence of sexual dimorphism on Scandivanian political cuckoldry.
  • The KKK is protesting pension cuts affecting its federal employees.
  • Richard Spencer is getting in a flame war with some unknown libshit/cucktard on Twitter.
  • Kyle Hunt is exposing me as a secret neptuno-British loyalist planning to infect their daughters with malaria and HIV (I plead g… I need a lawyer🤔).
  • Jared Taylor is contemplating the creation of a Euro-Zimbabwean alliance to counter the rise of judeo-skepticism in his audience (Bantus look huWhite to me).
  • RamZPaul is denouncing all National Socialist imagery and urging his listeners to learn Swahili, convert to Mormonism and disavow any form of religion, culture, language and talking points which could be associated with Hitler. I’m mean, he’s never been called a N-N-NAZI, right?

How close am I?

7/7, I don’t even need to check.

Once again, it’s up to the Bonobo male to do all the nigger work for stupid chalkies.

The Tyrone Doctrine

Key concept: SWPL (Stuff White People Like).

What is SWPL? Sports, video games, Feminism, whining, PUA, Taylor Swift, cat videos, (((veganism))), guns, hiking, romance, ethnic food, shoegaze/post-rock/metal/classical/indie music, travel, environmentalism, tolerance, denouncing racism and an all-around leftist bitch.

Notice something missing?

Living next to niggers.

As a blue lipped nigger myself, I am SHOCKED and APPALLED at the indifference these bigoted H-H-HATERS show towards the 6 MILLION YEARS of suffering my PEOPLE endured at the handles of SEXISM, WAYCISSM and WHITE PRIVILEGE.

The trauma inflicted upon my psyche forces me to write the derogatory term “nigger” instead of the proper and formal “proud transgender lesbian woman of color of African descent“.

Avenge me, niggers.

I mean chalkies.

Explicit White Supremacy can only exist once implicit White Supremacy is destroyed.

So how do we destroy White liberal privilege?

I wrote extensively about that subject here.

The easiest method is still, in the immortal words of Adrean Arlott… compulsory diversity.

Forced integration.

Imposed cultural enrichment.

Fourth Reich Supremacy.

White liberals naturally practice racial segregation, it’s what permits them to be liberal and believe in retarded conspiracy theories such as the nonexistence of races.

Imposed physical desegregation should be a goal, especially in anti-Whites hotbeds such as San Fransisco, Vermont, Oregon and Castle Manhattan, but that takes time…

Imposed Internet desegregation however…

The Method

Ladies and gentlefags…

For my libido and your entertainment, I give you…

SWPL meets Tyrone Trump.

"White people are most likely to FUCK THEIR PETS in the ASS".

“White people are most likely to FUCK THEIR PETS in the ASS”.

White people are most likely to FUCK THEIR PETS in the ASS. So happy to be [ethnicity] when I see white trash“.

Animal videos are the quintessence of SWPL.

They don’t expect to find a Gabriel over there… they should.

"White people are not human".

“White people are not human”.

So called white people are Edomites descendants of Esau, NOT humans“.

Would a racist Nazi please come fourth and deny?

I’m itching to play the morally offended woman of color.

The typical nigger israelite is just a too easy role.

"Taylor Swift deserves to die".

“Taylor Swift deserves to die”.

I’m a big proponent of using Taylor Swift to offend MINOs, but you can also use “MINOs” to target Taylor Swift fans.

I’ll admit that the name “Shontavia Johnson” is kek by itself.

Also, notice how I use “OJ Simpson” to go after a white(-ish) woman.

Psychological sodomy, you can’t teach that.

"Taylor Swift caused Trump".

“Taylor Swift caused Trump”.

Just a casual reminder that Taylor Swift is a racist white supremacist who made Trump possible. Next time you see the FASCIST PIG Trump, think of Taylor Swift the white trash whore“.

Alternate ethnicities when sodomizing the liberal mind.

They must feel assaulted by the ENTIRE multiKult, not just one or two street niggers.

A geriatric viet cong bitch whining about Taylor Swift getting Trump elected.

Note the condescending tone “Just a casual reminder…“.

This makes it personal, the insulting jab from the very start forces the audience into using the limbic system (social/emotional) rather than the neocortex (logical) to process the content.

You can then follow with whatever nonsensical assertion you want, the audience is hooked.

"You killed Travyon".

“You killed Travyon”.

This one is more comedy than actual subversion.

But still, trolling gun channels with mentions of “Travyon” is the hallmark of the Fourth Reich.

Get it?

That’s why I’m called the Goebbels of the Alt-Right.

SWPL meets Madagascar, Nigeria, Mexico and Pakistan.

And should they complain => reported to the media.

We are the true anti-racists and will NOT tolerate hate speech.

The good fascist is a dead fascist.

Dicks out.


6 thoughts on “The Tyrone Doctrine: SWPL gets Enriched😘

  1. Well, I am shocked by your racism and white supremacy.
    Is that why our lord Jesus dispatched his only son to dіe for us on the cross and give us life without end?


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