The Tyrone Doctrine: Controlling the Alt-Lite🤔

Steven Crowder, the Alt-Lite incarnate... or is he?

Steven Crowder, the Alt-Lite incarnate… or is he?

Why would anyone want to be a White Nationalist blogger/internet activist?

Sure, you get to be a trve 1488 dissident fighting the patriarchy ZOG, but what else?

You instantly become disreputable in most social circles, get banned from almost every platform imaginable and you certainly won’t be making big bucks from your “activism”.

But it’s the only way to advance the cause of 1488 nationalism/traditionalism/ultimate bigotry/Chernobyl denial/WHITE PRIDE WORLDWIDE bro!

And what if I told you… you don’t have to be a 1488 NAZI to be a 1488 NAZI?

You can also be… a 1488 crypto-NAZI.

The essence of Fourth Reich subversion is explained here and here (also here if you want to learn how to smash the patriarchy anti-Whites).

What the Alt-Right needs more than yet another circle jerk on how degenerate (((Hollywood))) is or how Adolf Hitler was right about (((desert people))) is power.

Subversive networks.

Ghost cells.

Alex Jones’ wet dreams of 1488 Illuminati German DeathhKKKults… which is me (and you can join too, if you’re a womanz born after 9/11).

And what better way to control the masses than through the infamous Alt-Lite?

Taking Control of the Alt-Lite

What’s important in propaganda is not how you present your message, but how it’s received.

Fucking KIKES are 1.5% of the population and 50% of the supreme court!!! Hitler was right EVERYONE OF THEM must be GASSED and OVENED and RAPED IN THAT ORDER!!!! SIEG HEIL!!!“.

Of course, anti-semitic bigots will be quick to point out that jews are vastly over-represented on the Supreme Court. While jews make out only 1.5% of the US total population, they comprise 50% of Supreme Court Justices… a 3233% over-representation“.

Controlling the Alt-Lite.

Controlling the Alt-Lite.

These two excerpts get the same point across.

Only one is “anti-semitic”.

"First money, then power, then Zyklon" - Tony Goebbels.

“First money, then power, then Zyklon” – Tony Goebbels.

You need not be the most vocal 1488 N-N-NAZI to propagate 1488 N-N-NAZI talking points.

Any basic bitch conservative news site can be just as effective.

It doesn’t even need to be conservative. You can also “refute” pro-White arguments… in the least convincing way possible.

Conservative, liberal, centrist…

The Alt-Right should be building media networks.

Much more effective, and lucrative, that “niggerspickiking“.


Speaking as a Jew, George Soros needs to stop what he is doing right now. He is a walking stereotype of Jewish racism and he is giving ammunition to the neo-nazis. Don’t think that white supremacist nazis haven’t figured out the role we Jews, and Soros in particular, play in the demographic transition this country is facing. He should either stop or at least be more careful with his media image“.

It doesn’t have to be news.

How about a new and improved Green Party, to “destroy” those racist Republicans and advocate for muh global warming?

Impeach the Orange Führer, donate now!

Fourth Reich ghost cells.


Among African-Americans nationwide, only one-third are at least proficient in English, just 1 percentage point higher than Latino students – many of whom are still learning English“.

Anything influential can be used to disseminate Fourth Reich propaganda, drip by drip, always staying undercover.

Plausible deniability.

Conservative, liberal, political, non-political… everything from The Onion to IGN to Breitbart to ESPN to random clickbait (top 10 ways your mother is your dad) sites.

Build influence, subvert, disrupt.

Fourth Reich psychosodomy.

Dicks out.


9 thoughts on “The Tyrone Doctrine: Controlling the Alt-Lite🤔

  1. You are far too clueful to be hanging out with the dimwits at the (((Daily Stormer.))) What about a good write up of this strategy for Aryan Skynet, the political wing of the secretive Hipster Intelligence Agency? We’re all about black ops.


    • The dimwit Stormers are numerous, like flies on the carcass of Conservatism, Inc.

      Numbers produce mass, a component of power.

      Feel free to repost my work, no copyright for niggers.

      “[…] as part of our collection of articles for Black History Month, Drake University’s Shontavia Johnson describes how American slaves were shut out of the U.S. patent system – they could hold no property, including patents on their own inventions.”

      I’m the blackest op there is.


  2. Talk is cheap. Propaganda without force is NOTHING. The enemy is using words, but they have biological weapons to attack you. Xenomorphs too dumb to control or be useful and therefore eminently expendable. The xenomorphs are just a dumb animal that could be put down easily. The enemy is a weak and half-witted half-pint. We all know by now, all they got they stole from us. They get nothing through brains, hard work or skill but merely was their momma a big nose goblin. Why mince words? The enemy is small and weak. The have no friends. The mongrel boys are just bio-terror dropped close enough. Like xenomorphs these dumb animals kill and destroy everyone. Stop playing games. The enemy is scared. This could be over quick if all would stop talking and just do what needs doing. You know its true. If you disagree you must be enemy yourself. Hitler didn’t talk the enemy out. Strong men with guns, marched them out at the point of guns.


  3. Hilarious work! I swear you almost had me convinced at…..Never. You use pictures with quote never made by the person I picture and think yourself to be intellectual. Yet speak not one word about the subject in the picture. Come again stupid? Have a great day dummy!


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