They all Bleed huWhite…

...unless they Neo n sheeeit.

…unless they Neo n sheeeit.

Imagine two boxers standing face to face.

They could hit each other for days while inflicting minimal structural damage.

That’s because the human body is designed, through the shape of the skeleton, to withstand impact from the frontal plane.

Without a sharp and shiny object, there is not much you can do to cripple someone from the front (think damage, not pain).

Worse, the fact that you are standing in a symmetrical position and that he is in your range means… you are also in his.

Despite its popularity for sport entertainment purposes, the head to head position is the last one you want to find yourself in.

And yet, this is what the Alt-Right constantly engages in.

Ineffective and retarded.

Just look at any “debate” between a WN and an anti-White.

– “OMG u WAYCISS intolerant bigot KKK
– “no u WAYCISS u hate White
– “NO u real WAYCISS u kill MLK also 6 million jew
– “LOL u anti-White WAYCISS also HEIL HITLER

That’s because what I described for physical bodies also applies to political bodies.

Attacking from the front doesn’t work.

"First money, then power, then Zyklon" - Tony Goebbels.

“First money, then power, then Zyklon” – Tony Goebbels.

Calling the Alt-Right “WAYCISS” doesn’t work.

Calling the Left “anti-White” doesn’t work.

It’s what they expect and it’s what they want.

So what do you do?

We can once again use our human anatomy parallel.

While the body can receive and deliver considerable amounts of damage along the front, it’s incredibly susceptible to anything coming from another direction.

Kidneys, pancreas, vertebrae, spinal cord, intestines, abdominal aorta, almost every nerve on the lower body… can be reached quite easily through the dorsal plane.

The human body is just not made to withstand force, much less concentrated force, from the direction.

Worse, it can’t deliver anything either. Making “behind enemy lines” the least, not most, dangerous place to stand.

How does that translate into politics and Fourth Reich subversion?

Right and Left, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat, White and anti-White… all political bodies are constructed much in the same way.

They are very good at resisting attacks from one side, but completely collapse when assaulted from the opposite direction.

The best example is (((Bernie Gutman))) getting humiliated by Black Lives Matter activists.

This is also one of the tools described here.

Stop defending your positions and their attacking theirs.

By any means necessary.

Don’t call Hillary voters anti-White, attack them for being anti-semites and racists.

Don’t call (((Bernie Gutmann))) voters anti-White, attack them for being sexist, misogynist, zionist or bigots.

Attack from behind.

“Behind” meaning “from the direction opposite to that which they are facing“.

Remember, if racist is a code word for White…

…then “sexist” is a code word for zionist jew.

Dicks out.


4 thoughts on “They all Bleed huWhite…

    • …and that summarizes the continuous failure of White Nationalism.

      Substituting inefficient ideological extremism for nonexistent practical extremism.

      It’s not “their” language.

      Whites invented tolerance, compassion, moral universalism and pathological altruism.

      Now, we weaponize it.


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