🤔 I am Joseph Goebbels with BIG KOKKK! ðŸ¤”

Fourth Reich Entitlement. Sexual Supremacy.

Fourth Reich Entitlement. Sexual Supremacy.

I am Tyrone J. Trump, the albino Simian theocratic super-predator.

Imagine a political movement built around the exaltation of my genius intellect.

The Fourth Reich.

Aryan Imperialism.

Worldwide plantation.

I am Alex Jones’ fantasized Aryan DeathKKKult.

Now you can too.

The alt-right is obsessed with their image of underground rebels fighting the “establishment” from their rural strongholds.

Where does this fetish come from?

(((Hollywood))) and entertainment.

Revolutions are always top-down, never bottom-up.

Tired: Paul Joseph Watson. Wired: Paul Joseph Goebbels.

Tired: Paul Joseph Watson. Wired: Paul Joseph Goebbels.

Bolshevism? (((Wall Street))) banks.

The French Rev? Masonic lodges and the upper middle-class (bourgeoisie).

The American Rev? Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson weren’t exactly proles.

Arabs Springs? You have one guess.

Alt-righters are just a breed of right-wing niggers.

Anything nigs do they seek to imitate.

MINOs having more chillunz? We must increase our birthrate.

Anti-fa protesting and rioting? We must counter-protest and counter-riot.

Non-Whites openly champion their interests? We must be even more open in the advocacy of ours.

Taken at its paroxysm, this mentality produces nothing different from the cucks they claim to despise (anti-Whites have their own colored lesbian minstrel? We will have our own MILO!). HIV leading the blind.

What the alt-right fails to understand is that rioting blacks and hysteric whale feminists are the symptoms of anti-White cultural domination, not the cause. Much less the method behind it.

Anti-Whites achieved cultural domination through control of political, judicial, educational, legislative and media institutions. In other words, through power.

The sixties riots were merely the tip of the (((iceBerg))), and yet this is what the alt-right is attempting to ape.

Aim for power, not some fleeting and artificial internet celebrity status.


Bitch, I am show you the methods of colorectal domination on my blog.

Start with this and this.


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