From Right to Alt-Right: 🐇Follow the huWhite Rabbit🐇

If he can Nazi, so can you!

If he can Nazi, so can you!

Other authors maneuver their small minds to conjure images of sanctified agrarian ethnoplacid harmony whereas I use big words like NIGGER and OVEN.

Size matters.

The alt-right seems obsessed with converting masses to “the Movement”.

It usually involves one or more of the following:

  • writing essays on the spiritual subversion of Hitlerian dialectics through monotheistic sedevacantism
  • tweeting images of frogs buttraping Nigerian dindus in Disneyland
  • translating the “International jew” in Uzbek
  • dressing up as N-N-NAZI soldiers and “protesting” in the streets against…? what exactly?
  • calling everyone a cuck (“there is only one Führer and I’m his Prophet!“)

None of these actions are, independently, effective propaganda.

It seems that it’s once again up to the Bonobo to beat some sense into the White Man.

The Alt-Right strategy should follow the pattern of a two-pronged attack.

Convert what can be converted, shatter the rest.

If have written extensively on the shatter part, see here and most importantly here. Actually read those posts if you want to know why the current strategies alone aren’t working.

Everyone is a Nazi KKK White Supremacist.

Everyone is a Nazi KKK White Supremacist.

So let’s talk about the convert portion.

The American electorate is already as polarized as it is.

The Right doesn’t care about the Orange Impostor’s scandals, the Left certainly doesn’t care about Clinton’s numerous scandals (or mental retardation).

What was once a battle between liberals and conservatives is now a battle between the explicitly anti-White faction and the implicitly pro-White (or neutral-White) side.

The Left already is as radically as it can be. The Right is not.

The question the alt-right leadership should be asking themselves, if they weren’t so busy tweeting Pepe’s latest negroid sexual conquest, is… why?

The Left is already as rabidly anti-White as they can be.

Why isn’t the Right just as fanatically pro-White?

Everyone be Nazi.

Everyone be Nazi.

Let me employ my superior Fourth Reich Phallic Intellect to answer that question.

The entire right-wing political spectrum should be a funnel.

Closer to a cylinder actually, as you want minimal slant height.

We can divide the entire sum of right-wing politics into four distinct sections.

  • A. Basic Bitch Conservatism: “muh constitution“, most of Fox News, Glenn Bitch, National Review.
  • B. Dissident Republicanism: patriotards, NRA, some Fox News, old DailyCaller.
  • C. Alt-Lite Faggotry: anti-globalist, Gavin McKuck, Paul Joseph Wetback, new DailyCaller, Breitbart.
  • D. ???: ??? .
  • E. White Nationalism: race realist, Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, RamZPaul, PaulTown, anything alt-right.
  • (F. Fourth Reich Necrosodomy: Tyrone J. Trump. pusSelfies go in comments.)

The transition between each sphere should be effortless and natural.

Is it the case?

If no, that means something is clogging the funnel.

Even Jeb! is Nazi.

Even Jeb! is Nazi.

And to determine where the funnel is clogged, all you need to do is measure where the pressure is at its highest (i.e. which segment is getting most attention).

Hint: It’s not Glenn Bitch’s dreams of multiracial constitutional alcohol abuse.

You probably realized it unconsciously yourselves, the funnel is clogged between the anti-globalism (C) and the race realism / pro-White (E) sectors.

Contards are now comfortable transitioning from “we all bleed red” to “Wall Street bankrolls the Dems” but not enough to ask “who runs Wall Street?“.

Even Christianity was Nazied. Can't flee the Nazi.

Even Christianity was Nazified. Can’t flee the Nazi.

Likewise, Trump can retweet the daily outrage platitudes of the likes of Breitbart writers and Paul Joseph Watson but not the works of Kevin McDonald or Jared Taylor, regardless of the intellectual gap between the two groups.

That’s where, as Pope Adolf Hitler would say, the alt-right should build bridges.

It follows that Breitbart / Infowars is where the target audience lies.

How do you reach out to them? Easy.

A news story might run like this:

  • A. Fox News: “Liberal groups call for stricter gun laws in wake of Portland shooting
  • B. Daily Caller: “Soros funded groups move towards total gun confiscation
  • C. Breitbart:Globalist Soros targets gun owners with left-wing media assault
  • D. ???:George Soros wants more gun control in America… but less in Israel???
  • E. Daily Stormer:Filthy Christ-Killing Kike set to Defame Glorious Leader with Bizarre Fellatio Obsessed Gun Grab!
  • F. Tyrone Trump:The Life and Work of Timothy McVeigh, and How You Can Too

This is how you shift the Overton window.

You have to give the average conservative something more extreme than Breitbart / Drudge / Infowars and yet still acceptable enough to not be dismissed as R-R-RACIST HATE BIGOT.

Nigga, no. This is going too far.

Nigga, no. This is going too far.

Don’t write for the alt-right, you’re simply preaching to the choir.

Write for the contards who aren’t red pilled yet, but in a way that doesn’t antagonize them.

No calling people cucks, niggers, shitskins or faggots.

Propagate the truth piece by piece.

Intravenous red pilling, not gas chamber LARP.

Drip by drip. Going only slightly more extreme than what is currently within the Overton window.

Add a slight, nearly imperceptible spin to any outrage porn story run by any of the above-mentioned news outlets.

Dicks out.


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