The White Supremacists of the Future will Call Themselves… Anti-Racists πŸ˜†

White Supremacy, the future of all politics.

White Supremacy, the future of all politics.

As I mentioned in my first blog post, White Nationalism can be divided into two main categories.

You have the academics, who live and breathe for writing essays on judeo-Bolshevik culture and its infection of Western civilization, and on the opposite side you have the activists, who praise comrade Dylan Roof (alayhi as-salam) and dream of overthrowing the Zionist Matrix riding Panzer IV tanks (hence their moniker, “PeterPanzers” via Firepower) and what not.

The first side seeks mass conversion of cohorts of liberals, libertarians, conservatives and overall faggots.

They just need to write ONE MORE ESSAY and they will take over all academia, media outlets and government agencies. By magic.

The second side believes in the inevitability of a violent confrontation, a global race war between Tea Party pussies and OWS pussies which will lead to the unprecedented annihilation of… what exactly? The only thing these two groups managed to annihilate was their respective movements.

There is a third group that’s even more retarded and, thankfully, unpopular is the secessionists. They basically want to live like Featherheads in reservations. Worked so well for the Injun.

We can safely ignore this last one due to its insignificance and focus on the two main factions fighting for influence within the WN community.

Both parties are somewhat correct in their assertions.

The alt-right is the fastest growing political movement since perhaps the end of WW2.

Converting people to the cause works. And it will work increasingly as more and more of the electorate becomes polarized not between Repubs vs Dems or liberals vs conservatives, but as pro-White vs anti-White.

The true Alt-Right, Racist and H-H-Hateful.

The True Alt-Right, Racist and H-H-Hateful.

At the same time, the other side also has a lot of valid arguments.

Getting people to “join the movement” for the sake of inflating their readership is quite different from effective subversion.

When does blogging, trolling and tweeting translate into actual political action?

When will alt-right leaders decide that they are satisfied with the number of adherents?

In other words, when do we reach critical mass? At 40%? 60%? 99% of the electorate?

You know those numbers are unattainable, not least because of the demographic shift brought by the (((anti-racists))) and their enablers.

So the manufactured need to reach mass consensus amongst not just the movement but the electorate at large becomes the justification for more pro-White inactivism.

Inactive activism. Often of lucrative nature. Lay off, tweeting ain’t cheap 😭

As you’ve probably guess, both parties rely on a flawed strategy: attempting to convert Whites.

The problem is that no one really thought about any of this (to my knowledge), and so no one ever tried to develop a pro-White political strategy.

We need less Gobineau and Wagner, less Chris Cobb and PeterPanzer… and more Goebbels, Himmler and operation Werwolf.

And that’s exactly what Fourth Reich Industries and it’s glorious Affirmative Action Bonobo CEO Tyrone Trump shall provide.

A new Strategy for Next-Gen B-B-Bigotry

One side wants to convert Whites, and ALL Whites (No Child Left Behind), to White Nationalism.

The other wants to exterminate “the fucking commie faggots” via terrorism and negro powered ovens. Negrovens πŸ€”

The former is impossible, the latter unnecessary.

Adolf Pwnz Liberals... and Teaches You His Secrets!

Adolf Pwnz Liberals… and Teaches You His Secrets!

What the alt-right needs is actual undercover efficiency: intelligence, infiltration, subversion… conspiracy.

The reason you CANNOT convince the “self-hating Whites”, particularly the liberal crowd, to join the pro-White movement is that they gain no benefit in doing so.

Liberals are already pretty much as segregated as you can get.

Your fantasies about a White ethnostate in Utah? They have the urban version in Manhattan, San Fransisco and every “safe city” (meaning little to no coloreds) around America.

Sure they see a few coloreds from time to time, but they don’t live near them. Their only interactions are through the prism of patron / employee. Jigaboo barista from (((Starbucks))) has little opportunity to “keep it real” if his job is on the line.

Gentrification, white flight, self-segregation? All these phenomenons are little more than the manifestations of liberal double standards.

Uncle Adolf says: "Before gassing jews, you must hone your skills on liberal vermin"

Uncle Adolf says: “Before gassing jews, you must hone your skills on liberal vermin”

Everyone knows of the jewish double standard: “Palestine for jews, White Countries for everyone“.

Well now you also know the liberal double standard on race: “Vermont for us hipster Whites, inbred redneck MISOGYNIST R-R-RACIST Texas for every beaner and his anchor babies“.

The motivations are different, the results are the same.

There is nothing “self-hating” in their behavior as they don’t consider themselves as part of the same group as “inbred racist KKK Whites” (aka you).

Castle Manhattan, Fortress San Fransisco and Isolated Vermont are White liberal bastions. Hawaii is taking the same path.

Liberals hate cops even more than convicts for some reason (“death to the pigs” and all that) yet they always have 911 on speed-dial. Watch any liberal argument, even the most mundane, and you’ll invariably see one or both participants threaten the other party with the police.

Same argument for gun control while they live either in gated communities or in areas with little to no crime (because segregated, see the points above).

And have you ever seen a colored in a (((Starbucks))), where they congregate?

These are the single biggest impediment to White Identity politics making any sort of progress whether culturally or electorally. Yes, even bigger than the (((bankers))) and their media apparatus.

HWIH. Hit Where It Hurts.

HWIH. Hit Where It Hurts.

I hate to admit it but contards were right with their infamous “dems are the real racists“.

They aren’t overtly racist in the KKK / “lynch the nigs” sort of way, and they certainly aren’t pro-White, but nevertheless they don’t practice what they preach. And they will preach ad nauseam about the vibrancy of an enrichment they won’t have to partake in.

As long as they are permitted to share both liberal privilege and White privilege, betting on every team and changing the ante when convenient, they will NEVER be pro-White.

Just as jews switch between jewish identity and (((white identity))) when convenient (usually when they get busted for child porn or low-level fraud), liberal Whites switch between liberal identity (“feed the poor”, “black lives matter”, “we all bleed red”) and White identity (segregation, cultural imperialism, gentrification) when convenient.

It was the people of Vermont, the whitest state in the USA, that elected the Zionist jew (((Bernie “Sanders” Gutman))).

Similarly, white liberals will keep demanding more immigration/invasion, more privileges for non-Whites, more forced assimilation into neighborhoods they don’t live in. And cognitively impaired retards like Bill O’Reilly and Paul Joseph Watson will keep on wondering… why won’t liberals join us?

They have no incentive to do so.

The Fourth Reich Final Solution

Gas the liberals.

Seriously, look at antifa.

They spend their time assaulting those (on the Left) which they deem “too moderate”. Conveniently vague and subjective enough to apply to everyone, including (((Soros)))/(((Zuckerberg)))… and their brood.

Who honestly believes that 2017 antifa is anything other than the terrorist arm of the far-right?

Anti-Racist Hitler. Calls himself "Britney".

Anti-Racist Hitler. Calls himself “Britney”.

They spend their time vandalizing (((banks))), (((Starbucks))) and even trashed the limo of some mudslime immigrant (and the CUCKpublicans paid for the reparations).

How is that not right-wing? They will deny it to their bitter end but actions speak louder than words.

They even killed some MINO who just “happened” to be leftist provocateur. Yes, killed. He just happened to be a Mestizo protesting for “immigrant rights”. Complete coincidence.

Make no mistake, if Adolf, Heinrich and Goebbels were reincarnated today, they would be leading various factions of the radical left (nigs, colored feminists, transgenders, antifa) in their war against moderate liberals (progressives, white feminists, anti-racists), not LARPing about the physio-spiritual nature of talmudic temptation to sin via buttseks within trve pagan anti-modernist communities.

The final solution to the liberal problem is to use the different faction of the rainbow coalition as a battering ram against white (liberal) privilege.

They wanted the benefits of belonging to both worlds? They will be ostracized, and attacked, by both instead.

The institutions and means of repression already exist. Media, NGOs, even laws can be leveraged against them.

These are the Protocols of Elder Zyklon, read them well.

Infiltrate, disrupt, punish.

Leftists barely conceal their racism and the media machine is just starting to catch on to the phenomenon of “those progressives who really aren’t”.

Anti-Racist Hitler. Your Future.

Anti-Racist Hitler. Your Future.

And even if they are in the minority of those who really believe in their ideology, the media has taught us that “every White person is a racist, not matter how he acts“.

This will be used against white traitors.

Attack from the LEFT, never the RIGHT.

They can defend against “right-wingers”, in fact the entire media apparatus and justice system is set up to do just that.

Attacks from the Left, however, are DESIGNED to be un-counterable.

The biggest rifts are between colored feminists and their white counterparts, but such conflicts exists everywhere once you start scratching below the surface.

Once the white traitors start to lose their double privilege, and thus their grip on liberal politics, they will retaliate against the coloreds who they feel usurped their movement. You saw the beginning of this during the (((Bernie))) vs Hillary segment.

The winner of this strife will be considerably weakened… and facing a vastly superior White Supremacist movement.

Love is hate, hate is love, war is peace, peace is war, left is right, right is left… pro-White is anti-white, anti-White is pro-white (note the capitalization).

Only a true racist bigoted KKK HATER would claim to be anti-racist, as we all know every White person is racist.

Therefore the only true anti-racists are… us, racists, who are open about our racism.

And it’s our duty to ensure that every racist bigot is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Are you not entertained?



11 thoughts on “The White Supremacists of the Future will Call Themselves… Anti-Racists πŸ˜†

    • You misunderstand.

      Adolf Hitler was the real anti-racist.

      The allies are exploiting the suffering and humiliation of African-Americans to further their White Supremacist propaganda.

      Haven’t we suffered enough?

      #StopTheHate #ResistTrump


      • But jews are the ultimate racists who rape women of COLOR and exploit Africa our MOTHERLAND with crack, HIV and Kim Kardashian.

        Hatred of the jewish race is loyalty to humanity.

        We have suffered for 70 trillion years under the yoke of SLAVERY!!!

        Haven’t women of COLOR suffered enough?

        Why do you hate minorities?

        You are the real racist and you should be in prison for HATE SPEECH.


  1. It’s racist and sexist to say that only a white man can become Literally Hitler. This implies the inferiority of women and nonwhite people.


  2. Bernie Sanders is the only true raycis. I heart him hard. In fact if I were to go tranny it would be 4 him… I hope sum day I may.

    Gutman. Is that rilly his name??? CUTE! Y did he change it? Is it because he is ashamed of being Germanish. Don’t be ashamed Bernie, I hate Nazi people, they are gross but I would be Nazi 4 U. I would totally gas six million homos 4 u Burnie my lil yiddy bunny.

    Heil GΓΌtmann!
    Burnie 4 Furry FΓΌrer 4 six million thousand years.


  3. Oh and to Yahwee or whatevs that first bitch whome posted up upon the top of this important intellectual thread is called, it was SIX TRILLION that Aldous Hitler starved with rat poison u Ignarent f–k–g Fβ€”β€”K!

    C–t !

    Byeeeeeeeexxoo : )


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