Taylor Swift is a Symbol of Hate and the KKK!

Taylor Swift, Neo-Nazi Icon.

Taylor Swift, Neo-Nazi Icon.

I will easily concede out of modesty that I, Tyrone J. Trump, am the most talented and subversive element that the alt-right, the right-wing and all of politics since the great Minister Joseph Goebbels himself.

Yet, there are times when even my ignoble perfidious creativity is toppled.

These instances are few and far in between. My ego is thankful.

The (((echo))) symbol was a masterwork of propaganda.

Having dumb jews not simply popularize it by their incessant whining, but adopt it was even more impressive.

Even Goebbels didn’t dream of having jews put on yellow stars by their own volition.

Generally speaking, anything from Bob Whitaker is grade A material.

In case you wondered where “Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White” comes from.

Meet my 14.88 inches of Panzer IV.

Meet my 14.88 inches of Panzer IV.

Getting Pepe the F-F-Faggot into the mainstream was also a tactically brilliant move.

Getting Hillary Clinton, not to mention the (((ADL))), (((SPLC))) and other (((Wall Street))) organizations to obsess over a cartoon frog seriously discredits their thesis that secret Neo-Nazi networks run Hollywood studios and Wall Street banks… rather than (((Hollywood directors))) and (((Wall Street bankers))).

And that theory is a central component of getting the rainbow coalition (aka mud people and fags) to obediently follow along with the party platform and keep the infighting to manageable levels.

Lastly, Donald Trump himself, the Orange Imposter, can be added to the list with his masterful troll on (((Holocaust Remembrance Day))) in which he accidentally forgot to prostrate himself to the ALTAR OF THE 60 TRILLION.

The act in itself was mundane, but as with all things Trump it rapidly took implausible proportions when the media went on a crusade (pogrom?) and the faggot Tim Kaine even declared Trump a Holohoax denier.

Paint the most powerful man in the world as a Holohoax denier… talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Taylor Swift will destroy liberalism.

Taylor Swift will destroy liberalism.

Kind of when they used to claim Barack Ebola was a secret muslim who wanted to gas 60 billion jews but who ended up… giving over 60 billion USB to Israel, in addition to release the Israeli spy (((Jonathan Pollard))).

But the very best of all alt-right memes, the one to which I, Tyrone J. Trump, personally grant my malarial seal of approval, the chosen one, the one to rule them all, the one which will restore balance in the kek is undoubtedly the Neo-Nazi Taylor Swift meme.

Simply reading her opinions on the elections of the aforementioned Barack Hussein Ebola, it becomes pretty clear to anyone that we’re not dealing with the average race realist… let alone White Supremacist.

I’ve never seen this country so happy about a political decision in my entire time of being alive. I’m so glad this was my first election.

Hint: She makes the mistake of using general terms. This can be used for unscrupulous purposes, particularly when prefix the word “election” with “true”. HWIH, Hit Where It Hurts.

This quotes summarizes quite well her level of judgement: vapid regurgitation, conformism, herd mentality, style over substance. All of which are the default mental processes of… liberals.

Not nationalists, not supremacists, not even of conservatives. Although some are indeed quite dim.

Dumped by every SS officer, she turns to the Gestapo.

Dumped by every SS officer, she turns to the Gestapo.

So Taylor Swift is a liberal, and not just any liberal. She is the archetypal urban liberal / hipster type which I referred to in my previous Fourth Reich propaganda hit piece (if you haven’t read it yet, go read it now – The rest of this post will make a lot more sense once you understand the basic concepts).

While the political doctrine of the original hippie / new left libtard culminated in the “Make Love not War” style of idiocy, the modern urban liberal credo can be summarized as “Diversity for thou, not for me“.

And sure enough, Taylor Swift is not a mudshark, she doesn’t live in proximity to her beloved coloreds, she even goes out of her way to associate her image with that of christian morals and faux Southern propriety… even though her audience is none of the sort. Quite the opposite in fact.

Taylor Swift is therefore, at heart, a racist.

Does that make her pro-White?

If every racist person was pro-White, the entire world save for Sweden, Oklahoma and Toronto would be pro-White.

It’s clearly not the case. I would venture to say that most racist individuals, even most racist White, are in fact… anti-White. Just like Taylor Swift.

While she isn’t personally involved with the coloreds, and she will probably never be as evidenced by her net worth, she nonetheless repetitiously, incessantly, invariably defends all forms of anti-whiteness from feminism to magic MINOs to faggot buttseks (so much for christian morals) without forgetting the anti-fascist cornerstone.

Taylor Swift vs the Semito-Patriarchy.

Taylor Swift vs the Semito-Patriarchy.

This is exactly the type of liberal that would throw every single White person in America under the bus to preserve her lifestyle. And of course her dual White/liberal privilege.

She plays the 1950 rural type to cement her credibility as White while parroting the MultiKult talking points to climb the ranks of the anti-White totem pole (the entertainment industry, run by Ecuadorians probably).

As such she benefits from both worlds. White when necessary, anti-White when convenient.

The feminist pretense is just as fake as the rural housewife act.

She looks like a sub. She probably gets on her knees without being asked. And yet she plays “grrrrl pwr” to get brownie points from her MultiKult supervisors.

You see her talking down her man? Or anyone for that matter (except for R-R-RACIST White HuMales on Twitter)?

Even when basic bitch Kanye took her award she dindu nuffin. But “grrrl pwr” and stuff.

Fourth Reich Sexual Tourism

This may read like a hit-piece but it’s not.

Realize that what makes Taylor Swift such an improbable White Nationalist make her the perfect icon for Fourth Reich media baiting.

The MINOs know full well that Taylor Swift isn’t one of them despite how much she tries to act conformist.

They are completely conscious that she’s milking her “White Privilege“… just not in the way the term is most commonly employed.

They also realize, if not consciously than on an instinctive level, that she also benefits from her anti-White / pro-MultiKult posturing.

As with most modern liberals, she plays ball in both courts. She bets on both horses. She plays every team. One foot in every pot.

Use whichever expression you want, the phenomenon is the same and MINOs know it.

Which is why Taylor Swift is such an alluring bait.

Sadly, true. Dindus dodged a chicken bullet.

Sadly, true. Dindus dodged a chicken bullet.

They can’t resist the temptation to smear her, and what better way to smear someone in 21st century Weimarica that to associate them not just with White Supremacy, but with 1934 National Socialism? Doubleplusungood.

In addition, most MINOs being quite intellectually limited, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if a fairly substantial number of them actually believed there was a secret KKK conspiracy involving Trump, Leopold II and Taylor Swift.

I mean, we all know the music industry is run be secret Klansmen, right?

I can’t think of any other female that could provoke the same animosity and enmity as Taylor Swift.

Miley Cyrus? Maybe. She could have been plan B.

Katy Perry? Looks dumb enough to be a mudshark, and should she burn the coal it would ruins the “secret KKK” angle.

Don't be a Race Mixing F-F-Faggot.

Don’t be a Race Mixing F-F-Faggot.

Adele? Obese and irrelevant.

(((Lady Gaga)))? Likely a mudshark.

Star Wars bitch? De facto multiKultist via association.

Kristen Stewart? Doesn’t seem political, doesn’t have Taylor Swift’s appeal to masses. Kind of has-been.

Emma Watson? No appeal, little name recognition, likely to be a dumb whore who actually believes in the multiKult thereby ruining the dynamic.

Justin Bieber? Most people see her as a man so why bother.

The bitch from 50 shades? 🤔🤔🤔

It just doesn’t work without the combination of:

  1. obvious European phenotype
  2. appeal to implicit Whiteness
  3. obnoxious virtue signalling via archaic liberal constructs (i.e. 2nd wave feminism vs 3rd wave sheboonism)
  4. hipster mentality / dual identity

MINOs and colored feminists in particular are aching to write a “Neo-Nazi Taylor Swift” hit piece in any of the mainstream media’s top publication.

We will facilitate.

Effective Fourth Reich propaganda. Tyrone Trump approved.

Effective Fourth Reich propaganda. Tyrone Trump approved.

For now they are resisting the urge, throwing a few jabs from time to time but maintaining plausible deniability.

Any incident could push them over the edge.

A wayciss joke from 15 years ago, an “insensitive” Facebook post, some Twitter sheboon harassed by Taylor Swift’ personal “Neo-Nazi Army”…

Journosluts are dumb a apes and will swallow anything. The pepe episode proves it.

Only this time it will be much more damaging to their credibility, and to the multiKult machine in its entirety and of which media outlets are only one of many arms.

The Pepe stories still had an element of believability to them.

Sure, it was stupid and borderline autistic.

Nazi Frog cryptography? That’s plausible. It wouldn’t be the first or the last time that underground groups used symbols to either communicate or identify each other.

But Taylor Swift as the secret ringleader of a radical White Supremacist H-H-HATE group? That would blow the entire media apparatus out of the oven.

The Fourth Reich Solution

The solution is to ramp up the damage until the media goes all in.

HWIH: Hit Where It Hurts, a key Fourth Reich concept. Not where is most impressive, not where is most noteworthy… where it hurts.

Phase One

Each time a MINO female or what passes as such starts whining about something, which they do remarkably often (usually about “discrimination” and “wayciss-m”, rub it in their faces.

When a MINO female is celebrated and acclaimed by the media, which they often are and for the most customary and unimpressive feats, simply add “yeah but Taylor Swift is so much better“.

Keep it simple, keep it obnoxious, keep it disruptive and keep it antagonizing without overdoing it.

You want to come across as a delusional white Feminist who unintentionally crosses the boundaries of what is permissible behavior/expression within that circle. NOT as a racist / bigot / agent provocateur.

Alt-right trolling, simian style.

Alt-right trolling, simian style.

This is proper trolling procedure.

The goal is to disrupt and sabotage any social dynamic within the community (sports niggering, in the example).

Note that the Taylor Swift mention is subtle.

Adolf Taylor Swift.

Adolf Taylor Swift.

Avatar and screen names might be sufficient if you don’t want to overdo it, but you should always go for maximum effect.

White feminism vs colored sheboonism is a perpetual conflict, and Taylor Swift represents the worst out of SWPL white feminism.

Using the face of white feminism to attack, always indirectly and always with deniability, colored women and colored communities in general will bring violent backlash against the “instigators”.

Some sheboon might start tweeting about Taylor Swift and her fake “third world feminism”, another will Tumblr it and via snowball effect it will end up on the Huffington Post… thereby ending the Huffington Post.

Women journosluts always copy off each other.

Phase 2

Phease 2 will require much more subtlety as you won’t be dealing with MINOs.

Dealing with Feminists. Propaganda Poster to be shared with MINOs.

Dealing with Feminists. Propaganda Poster to be shared with MINOs.

It’s the opposite of phase 1.

Rather than using the white fems against the colored you used the colored cunts against the chalkies… and Taylor Swift in particular, who is portrayed as a caricatural Allied WW2 propaganda poster villain.

Whites won’t react the same way as aggressive MINOs and will try to use diplomacy… i.e. explaining their positions in Facebook or Tumblr post.

These can be trolled ad nauseam.

Cementing the schism between white fem / colored fem, whose positions are mostly incompatible.

White feminism will die as colored replace them with their brood… and their agendas with their own.

The remaining cunts will either leave by themselves or convert to absolute ethnomasochism.

Either way, win / win.

Full speed.

Fourth Reich.

Sieg Heil.

Dicks out.


8 thoughts on “Taylor Swift is a Symbol of Hate and the KKK!

  1. I like the idea of pitting each side of feminism against the other. Their coalition is such a fragile thing.

    Also, in the successful alt right meme lists the CUCK term should be one of them no?


    • It’s not just White vs colored feminism, it’s every faction of the multiKult / rainbow coalition.

      The only thing keeping them together is the fear of the KKK boogeyman, and to a lesser extend the relative lack of independence of each faction.

      Decentralize the Left, amplify animosity and it will dislocate itself.

      The above post shows the method.


  2. Hitting on Taylor Swift lol, I like it.

    Can the media fall for it though? Calling pepe the frog a WN symbol is one thing, painting Taylor Swift as a WN icon as you said is a step above.

    Particularly if her public persona is based on promoting completely opposite views.


    • White feminism is SWPL, it’s why it works.

      Taylor Swift is SWPL, it’s why it works.

      These are the targets we exploit.

      Can the media fall for it? They will.

      “Particularly if her public persona is based on promoting completely opposite views.”

      That’s precisely why it will work.

      The Left is obsessed with “secret racism”, the idea that one group is the most tolerant and anti-White possible in public while harboring deeply B-B-BIGOTED views in private.

      They are obsessed with it because it’s common, it’s the default white liberal / hipster behavior.

      Nothing will validate the “anti-racist is a code word …” mantra more than having the media destroy, or attempt to destroy, the career and image of Taylor Swift.

      Precisely because she is NOT a White Supremacy / neo-N-N-NAZI.

      There is nothing she can do to avoid it, and that is precisely the message we will convey to normies.

      There is nothing you can do to shield yourself from the “WAYCISS” accusation.

      It WILL destroy you whether you want it or not.

      Because anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

      Corollary: racist is a code word for White.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. “Getting Pepe the F-F-Faggot into the mainstream was also a tactically brilliant move.”

    That’s “Kansas City Faggot,” I believe


  4. Take that one back about Justin Beiber you fucking nazi coon! And yeah everyone hates kikes, so what? They deserve respect becuz they have been gassed so many times over the last decades, what are you an ANIMAL??? And no I’m not just saying that becuz u r a nigger.

    P.S. Have up watched any good Woody Allen movies lately that you could recommend? I’m doing an assignment on high functioning, tragically misunderstood, slightly child-molesting film directors who are being raycistically persecuted by white-trash, red-neck, nazi scum! I thought I might do Roman Liebling ‘Polanski’ (#CRYPTODOUCHE) but I think what the fascist patriarchy has done to poor Woody is WAY worser.


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