Homoerotic White Supremacy 不不不

Also not a White Nationalist.

Also not a White Nationalist.

People (faggots) ask me why I’m a White Nationalist.

Except I’m not a White Nationalist.

White Supremacist? Yes.

Sexual Supremacist? Yes.

Fourth Reich Gestapo Chief Commander? Bitch my name is Tyrone Trump.

But White Nationalist? Certainly not.

The clowns that compose the White Nationalist scene are precisely what should dissuade you or anyone to associate with “the Movement”.

Rather that reinvent the wheel and partake in yet another exercise of recycling talking points, the national sport of the Alt-Right, I’ll simply refer you to the brilliant analysis by the equally brilliant Adrean Arlott of Compulsory Diversity News.

He’s the inventor of the “MultiKult” appellation, so pay attention.

Finding Grace Through Treason to Humanity, A Response to: “How a White Trash Girl Stumbled on Grace”.

Since I found this article on the Daily Beast, I knew the answer to how would be by the power of the MultiKult. I was correct. The “girl” was an aspiring authoress who was despondent that no one showed up to her book signings. But she found grace after a brown girl, a homeless faggot, and an old woman trying to kill time shared their experiences with her.

Now, grace in this sense is meant to evoke thoughts of being saved from something. And I agree that White people need to be saved from the state of White Trashery. But what we have instead been offered are two polarized options:1) MultiKulturalism, which is anti-White, and 2) White Whateverism, which excuses the worst in White behavior and shifts the blame to darkies. Between these two extremes, you will find every White person on the planet – except me. And, I hope beyond hope gentle readers, you as well. I am hoping that there are a few of us who realize that Multi-Kulturalism destroys White people by making them hate themselves, and White Whateverism destroys White people by letting them hate everyone else as the cause for White decline.

I don’t have a term for those of us who reject this spectrum. But it starts with the realization that Whiteness is an effort to escape the human condition. And that requires rejection of human weakness, foolishness, corruption, and delusion. Both MultiKulturalists and White Whateverists claim they don’t hate anyone. The former claim they love others as much as they love their own kind, and the latter claim they love their own kind first and foremost. But – here’s the key – neither are worth of love. They are both wretched. That is the human condition – wretchedness.

White Whateverism has never understood that its fundamental characteristic, Whiteness, not just of appearance but of behavior, is unnatural and inhuman. It exists to give you a way out of the human condition. You cannot vote your way out of it. You cannot kill it on the battlefield. You cannot escape it by love or hatred of the other. You must aspire for your mind and soul to be as White as your hide. Furthermore, you mustn’t fall victim to the delusion that Whiteness of soul means love for the other, or that Whiteness of body makes you the purest blooded human. Quite the contrary. Whiteness, in both senses, means you are inhuman, because humans are mud in body in soul. Grace is salvation from that mud.

Yes – and humanity is unworthy of loyalty, so don’t be a race traitor.

source: http://compulsorydiversitynews.blogspot.com/2016/09/finding-grace-through-treason-to.html

Simple and eloquent, and that is exactly the problem with so-called White Nationalism.

But other writers aren’t as edgy and iconoclastic as the simian predator Tyrone Trump, so let’s briefly expand on the idiocy of the movement denounced by the author.

Far from being an alternative, White Nationalism by itself is simply an ethnocentric adaptation of the “Human Rights” religion.

A Cisgendered White Nationalist Faggot.

A Cisgendered White Nationalist Faggot.

With all its codes, with all its dogmas… all its defects.

White Nationalism opposes nothing, it’s a more rational and less dogmatic version of the exact system against which its adherent pretend to rally.

To the ludicrously cosmopolitan “all humans are created equal” it substitutes the no less retarded “all Whites are created equal“.

But the foundations of the dogma remain identical: tolerance, equality, consumerism, liberalism… in other words, the exaltation of all things anti-hierarchical, unnatural and… anti-supreme.

To see evidence of this phenomenon you just have to look at how rapidly all the pro-White activists denounce the term “White Supremacy“.

We just want a place for us to live peacefully“.

I’ve never heard anything more homobitch than this.

No wonder you end up with crap like “No Child Left Behind“, the seeds are at the root of your political philosophy.

White Nationalism is stupid.

White Nationalists are no different than basic bitch conservatives: obsessed with the past, incapable of foreseeing the future.

America WAS a White Nationalist nation until roughly the 1930s, it ended with the election of the faggot FDR (although the 1965 Immigration Act by KKKenedy and LBlowJob was the definitive nail in the coffin).

What good is going back to the very system that brought us to where we are today?

The Future (Greatest) Generations won’t commit the same mistakes!!!“.

You mean the retards that can’t tie their shoelaces without welfare checks and consistently vote for their demographic replacement?

Good luck.

“Only those who secretly propagate the admiration of beauty conspire effectively against today’s world.” Nicol獺s G籀mez D獺vila

The future belongs to the Fourth Reich.

Dicks out.


One thought on “Homoerotic White Supremacy 不不不

  1. One very important thought occurred to me as I engorged these powerful simian expultigations… Perhaps instead of ‘LBlowjob’ it should be: ‘El B.J.’

    No on second thoughts I defer to your righteous black epidermis and otherwise identically Chinese physiology. Yo jive is much mo funky nigga.

    Oh and that old photo dawg how fukn hawt was Ayn Rand when she was young yo!


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