Alt-Right: “We Be Presidents n Sheit”…

Fourth Reich Molestation. Done Right.

Fourth Reich Molestation. Done Right.

It has been said that White Nationalism suffers from the “too many chiefs, not enough Indians” trope.

To find a more accurate idiom we would have to abandon American geocentrism and look to the latest obsession of Conservatism Inc., Mohammedan antisemitic homophobes (and make no mistake, that’s the only reason Conservatism Inc. opposes muslims).

We have on one side the Imams, theo-intellectual preachers lamenting the fall of a Western Civilization into a cesspool of MultiKult ( and . The three digit IQ equivalent of Mike Huckabee.

And on the other the Muminun, obeying fatwas by engaging in Outrage Porn on the Interwebz and posting frog memes on Twitter… before getting banned 😦

You might have noticed a certain (substantial) category of muslims has been omitted.

You know, the ones doing the actual jihad.

That’s because there is no such equivalent in White Nationalist circle(jerk)s.

And we all know that a religion without fireworks is boring 😦 😦 😦

It's not cheating if you're a White Supremacist.

It’s not cheating if you’re a White Supremacist.

White Nationalism, and its variants, suffers from the eternal curse of recycling.

No original ideas, no plan, no intelligence, no subversion.

Just recycling the same old concepts if not the same words, whether in the form of daily Outrage Porn or pseudo-spiritual essays on the eschatological rectal proselytism of homosexual Mormons (is there any other kind 😕) in pre-revolutionary France.

In their defense they are far from the only victims of this affliction, as it affects pretty much every media outlet/personality from Ann Coulter to homoqueer tabloids.

Myself, God.

Myself, God.

But wasn’t the entire purpose of the Alt-Right to influence these pundits and tabloids, rather than what we have now… the opposite?


Alt-Right televangelists copying everything down to their redundant and barren style?

Alt-Right followers believing getting banned from Twitter constitutes a credo of efficient activism?

In the words of the Orange Impostorsad.

Luckily, I’m the superior (supreme) defiler of all things Bolshevik starting with Michelle Obama’s sphincter.

I am the God,
among Kek…
among White Supremacy.

Forget Pepe the F-F-Faggot, I am your new idol.

Simian Subversion.

Phallic Entitlement.

Fourth Reich Supremacy.

Dicks out.


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